Next Level Fidget Device!

Next Level Fidget Device! #shorts

Next Level Fidget Device!

Whoa just got me a new fidget device, the so-called Helico. So basically, it consists out of two gears. Herringbone gears. As you can see, the core is made out of brass with a magnet inside in the outer gear is made out of 3D printed nylon, and that’s it pretty much just two gears and due to the magnets, they will stick together with interlock and interact, and you can twist it you can smoothly play around with it, it will always adjust according to the magnets, you can even throw it onto each other as usual for future devices. No, no use no sense, it’s just for satisfaction, and if you twist it you can feel the vibration the gears create when they’re interacting with each other. As an engineer, I can tell you this is the fidget toy. I waited for in needy yeah


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