On The Rocks Puzzle! (This is NOT Real Whiskey)

On The Rocks Puzzle! (This is NOT Real Whiskey)

On The Rocks Puzzle! (This is NOT Real Whiskey)

What’s up, welcome back, I hope you guys are doing well today we’re looking at the Toyo glass on the rocks puzzle. Look at this vintage packaging and here’s what it looks like look at this there we go look at that. They look like little pieces of amber. Basically what this is uh, you get a glass, and this is basically a glass of whiskey that you have to assemble and uh. It’s just a vintage Japanese puzzle.

I thought it looked really cool. I found it at an auction online. I paid a couple hundred bucks for it and uh yeah. So here we are. I thought it would be nice if I enjoyed a little glass of whiskey while solving this, put some jazz on and then you and I can both chill and watch a puzzle solve a puzzle.

Maybe you can solve your own puzzle. Maybe just watch me solve this. I don’t know I don’t know what you guys are doing during these videos. I remember one time I asked you guys what are you doing while I saw these videos and the amount of answers I got back were so different. Anything from cooking.

You help my dog fall asleep. I just study. I got you, I got you in the background at work, I dropped everything uh. This is an after dinner ritual whatever it is I’d, love to know what you guys are doing while watching these videos, because it’s always surprising to me – and it might be surprising to you how other people consume this content, anyways uh like subscribe, and let’s get into This video here we go. This is the on the rocks puzzle, which has quickly aesthetically become a favorite puzzle of mine uh one due to the fact that I’m a big whiskey fan. I enjoy glasses of whiskey here and there just like I’ll be enjoying this video and, secondly, uh.

It’s just really pretty to look at these pieces individually, kind of like molded, epoxy or whatever it is. Even the ice looks like the most delicious ice. You’ve ever seen it. It’s all plastic and this glass is real uh, and this is the vintage packaging. Let’s have a look at this for a second here.

This is a series of glass-made puzzles for the new generation. You will find it interesting and practical as well. Various puzzles are available and you may want to become a collector made in japan, glass collection puzzle on the rocks, toyo glass. There, you get a nice vintage vibe to this very cool. So I have a few of these.

I had one where there were a whole bunch of people crammed into a subway. I like this little glass. I have one where there’s like orange slices or peach slices or something like that, and then I have a beer um, a beer one where it’s just like a beer mug, but those are plastic like they are kind of hollow cheap out plastic. This is really nice. So I really really like this all right.

So, although there’s only eight pieces here, this can be quite difficult because we have to fit it into here and if you notice in the glass there’s a round bottom in there, it’s not a square bottom. So the pieces will be kind of like clunking around, so I think personally, the best way to build this is sort of upside down and then finish it with the glass on top. Hopefully, you know that’s kind of the game plan here so we’ll see how it goes when I receive this. By the way this was all in bubble wrap, so it was not um solved uh, but I can’t wait to see what it looks like solved. I’ve seen pictures of it, it looks really pretty so here we go uh should we start a timer, it’s been a while boop all right. So first things, first uh flat pieces are probably going to be on the top.

So let’s get those out of the way. There’s this one, this one, this one yeah these three! Oh, that looks good, hey. That looks really good for those of you who are also whiskey fans, I’m just having a glass of auchentoshan single malt, scotch, 12-year whiskey and the glass here. This is actually from Pete’s pirate life uh peter McKinnon, these are hand or glass blown, just beautiful, glasses, very heavy nice little whiskey, glass, just thought.

I’d enjoy a little glass of whiskey while solving this puzzle, there’s no one in the office right now. I’m just kind of this is my own time right now, so I’m enjoying it with you. I hope you enjoy the solved big piece and a big piece looks to be here. Let me bring this in a little bit for you, so you notice there’s like a large flat surface here and I’m guessing that’s where this goes. I think this might be better on a different colored surface. Actually, I’ve got a few close-up pads here that I can interchange, probably to help out with the colors a little bit so like this like there, we go like that all right.

So again, I think this one is going to end up on this flat surface here, maybe like this, it’s got to kind of fit seamlessly and it’s hard for you to see with the angle right now, but that’s definitely not seamless, I think I’ll, just rotate them On every side, until one of the sides just starts to make sense, there’s also going to be a piece of ice protruding through here on one of these other pieces. I know it looks easy but it’s not. It’s not sort of fitting in the grooves as much as I would like it to, and it can’t be protruding past the side either, because it’s going to be laying flush with a glass of whiskey all right. This one’s a bit of a mystery to me, um, I’m guessing that’s a piece of ice that goes in here, so we’ll try to figure out which piece sort of I guess. The problem is to constantly apply pressure on these uh, because you know we’re also going to start splitting apart. So I gotta find the perfect grip here and then just start rolling these pieces around. It’s kind of a fun part because it’s not good.

Until it fits like right there, I believe that that is a perfect fit, hard to see from that angle, but it kind of just yeah kind of just falls into place like that, which means there’s a piece missing here. So I like this, we’re going to keep that there’s a piece missing here and I don’t think uh could that be an ice piece. Maybe it could be a nice piece, it doesn’t look too bad. Oh there’s a big hole there. Actually, looking for this, like triangular ice piece, um, not quite not quite what we’re looking for now, I forget how this piece fits in.

You know what, let’s get this piece back in here and it’ll probably give us a good idea of what the next piece might look like in terms of shape, and we can hopefully just figure out through the negative space. What that shape is going to look like it’s very dark on the camera. I wish you guys could see it like this. I can go there so that goes. That’s pretty much it.

I mean like that. Yeah that looks all right. Okay, it does look quite all right. It’s hard to tell it could also be like that. Just any way you kind of roll it it kind of fits in, but does it fit in flush?

Not really. I got to tell you. This is very relaxing for me just chilling here and doing this puzzle like it’s a very satisfying puzzle and I’m not frustrated at it at all. I look forward to solving it, I’m taking my time if you enjoy these videos and also find yourself relaxing to drop a like. Maybe it’s this little one, this one, this one goes here, so this one goes here somehow and this one in here somehow I mean honestly just trying all sides until it sort of flops in is the call here for sure I think that’s it.

Hmm, almost a pretty good fit there, except for this big dent on the side. Oh, I do like it. Let’s keep that there for now. There’s this nice uh cylindrical groove right here kind of looking for something to match that could be an ice piece, could be a whiskey piece, maybe a little ice. Actually that might work uh.

This is on the edge of the glass, because it’s like rounded kind of reminds me of that uh amber from Jurassic park. This is on the edge of the glass it looks like because here this is like rounded, and I think this as well has to be sort of rounded in that way, this is the bottom of the glass. So I’m thinking this way. Ah, it actually fits super nice right here, but has nothing to balance on currently, but what, if I can hold it there and that might help me find the piece that goes in here, which I think is this one kind of like that: it’s not bad. It’s not bad, but it’s not perfect.

So let’s just keep going. Maybe that’s the way it has to be ice blocking here for darn sure I don’t know when the pieces fit perfectly. It’s very difficult, looks easy, but it’s very difficult, there’s so many little angles to consider and like they kind of plop into place, and you feel like. Oh, that might be it, that’s actually it. I think that’s actually yeah.

Oh, that’s a good fit right there. I believe that’s a good fit. I believe. Oh, this looks like it kind of fits there’s like a bit of a. I see that shape there.

That’s kind of like that. that’s the outside of the glass yep, don’t lose it now, don’t lose it now. Foreign. Okay, we’re very close, but you know close whiskey, but no cigar feels like this little one’s, not sitting right here. It’S like protruding, it’s protruding, quite heavily out of the it’s very hard to see.

I’m looking at the camera angle – and you guys must be so confused and I apologize for that. It’s hard to get a good angle on this because everything’s so translucent there we go. Ah, I think that’s all right, moment of truth, uh a flat surface here, maybe just like catching a bug. Oh, is that how we got it? It’s not quite oh, no!

It’s this last piece here, hold on. Maybe we can solve it from here. She doesn’t look too bad, but there are some pieces that are just floating around a little bit too much all right from here. I think we can just perhaps take out the big piece and just clunk it in afterwards. That might be it.

Oh, I think that’s so close and still has a pretty large gap here. So it’s still this one here that needs to uh roll around somehow in a different position. Let’s take that big chunk out again, just keep toying with this one. Oh, maybe like that. No still, no everything else is uh.

I think I am in the right position. It’s one of those things where, as soon as you get it, you’re like, ah that’s and oh, is that it sees just me going is that it, I probably should know better as if puzzles like this aren’t hard enough to solve, without having to do it. In a glass that’s round at the bottom, as soon as that piece falls in though it’s gonna be a good day. That’s what we’re looking for here. Come on. There’s too many angles to consider, too many variables to actually look at the piece and wonder just spinning it.

It feels like the right decision here again. This just might be completely wrong. At this point, I’m considering that I may have made a grave error along the way, but I don’t think so, because everything else seems to be quite seamless, except for this little bugger. I think we have conquered it’s like an it protruding at the top. I think that’s, I think, that’s as close as everything gets yep see.

If I like, let it fall, everything falls flush and plumb. That is it. Let me uh, let me give you guys a good look here. Give me one sec, probably a better view actually um. So here you go now tell me that doesn’t look like a delicious glass of whiskey like look at that or a glass of soda whatever you’re into, but that definitely looks like liquid real whiskey puzzle.

The very satisfying puzzle solved took me longer than I thought, but glad you guys were here to enjoy it with me. I had a lot of fun solving this. I got a big chunk of ice, very, very cool. Unfortunately, these are really hard to come by. I paid like 300 for this um because I really it’s got to be one of my favorite packing puzzles because it sits so nicely on um.

You know, a coffee table. It looks like a glass of whiskey. You can also pour it out and your friends can have a go at it. So really really dope yep there. Cheers, well hot dang check that out.

That is the uh that is on the rocks. Whiskey puzzle is beautiful the way that it looks once it’s solved right now. I got the face focused on so it won’t uh there. We go. Look at that.

That’s cool. Doesn’t that look cool there you go um. I didn’t think it would take me that long honestly, it took me a little longer than I thought I thought. Maybe five ten minutes um turns out. It took me like a half an hour.

A lot of fun, probably like I said, my favorite type of packing puzzle, uh, because it’s classy and looks good on the table. Um. It was fun to do so. Leave a like if you enjoyed this video subscribe and we’ll see on the next one.

next one.

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