Only ONE of these Puzzles Exists!! – Hand Crafted Pirate Puzzle Box

Only ONE of these Puzzles Exists!! - Hand Crafted Pirate Puzzle Box

Hand Crafted Pirate Puzzle Box

You got my attention baby. If you run away baby, hey, what’s up guys and welcome back, I got an email from a guy by the name of Garrett. Garrett had told me about this puzzle that he’s been building by hand for ages and wanted me to try it out and here’s a letter that he sent me with the puzzle Chris. I hope you enjoy solving this puzzle box and I would appreciate your honest opinion on the overall project. It is not the most complex, but I was inspired to create it.

After watching many of your YouTube videos, I spent quite a bit of time coming up with a story: designing it and building it. Things are not perfect because I created it all by hand no cnc machine. The only thing I used was a laser burner for the images, since this is solid wood, it was sometimes it sometimes had issues due to the wood swelling from humidity. If it is humid in your area, just keep it inside a day or two before attempting to solve it, everything should open easily. If it’s solved correctly, when testing with my friends, the final puzzle can sort of be forced open, but please try to solve it without doing so.

There’s nothing on the bottom and no need to flip it upside down. If you think you figured out a puzzle, but it isn’t working, try it again. I hope you have as much enjoyment solving it as I had creating and building it. I’ve sent a playing card and I was hoping you could sign it for me check. Of course Garrett I will sign that and I look forward to solving this puzzle.

It has intrigued absolutely everybody who stepped into my office since it’s been here, laying on my ping pong table over there, and people have just been eyeing it and wondering what it was, and today we’re going to find that out. So without any further ado like this video subscribe and let’s get into solving the lost hand of Midas. Ladies and gentlemen, here we are look at this: the lost hand of Midas. How beautiful is this puzzle just a really captivating looking puzzle uh, I love that it has a swivel on the base, makes it much easier to solve without destroying my table. I like this.

I like this part here. This is like uh. What looks like bone? You know, and it’s just a lot of attention and detail, went into this, which is great and I really love the look of it so excited to get started here. We go let’s, let’s have a look and uncover some of the things that we find on this puzzle.

First of all, on the top we have this panel says los Andes on this face. Here we have a wheel and a skull and every cog in this sort of wheel points to a different picture. All right. So we got like a hurricane here, a boat, a mermaid, lady barrels, a skull island, a lighthouse, a message in a bottle and a skull with an arrow through it or a spear over. Here we have a few things.

We have uh. We have this center sort of piece which is separated from this piece. We have a dotted line map and we have these things here, which also have tiny symbols on them, one, two three and four, so they got numbers from one to four: a turtle, an octopus sharks and a crab, and then an x marks the spot over. Here we have this compass, this compass turns a little bit. I can actually pull it out and turn it a bit which is interesting, has a skull here, a bunch of arrows.

Here we have two identical skulls, except one of them as a whole. We’ve got this square which looks like a button to be pushed in and it is made of several pieces. This piece on top seems to be loose as well and finally over here we have what looks to be multiple doors here. Over here looks like it could. Uh hold a key, then we have other panels here, one with screws.

Maybe we need a screwdriver eventually and then back to the start. So that being said, I really don’t have any idea where to start with this puzzle um, I guess we can start here. This uh so one two three and four, and we have this middle knob here. What and I’m guessing this whole middle piece should rotate to fit uh the sort of map and line up here, I’m assuming now, when I do this, it gets stuck right. There yeah – I don’t know where to go from here.

Maybe we start here, so this thing moved okay, this can come out a bit. Oh here we go there’s a bit of an internal maze here. I guess oh, I can push it in okay. So there is like this internal maze happening here. If we go in, I’m wondering whether or not I have to remember the coordinates on which it comes out, because this looks like it, it is amazed like I have to pull out turn push back in, etc.

Um. I’M gonna try to figure that out right now, but looks like it comes out south and then southwest now, once I’m here it stops turning here. I can push it back in and go all the way back in. If I wanted to know that stops there. Okay, do feel like there are different uh levels here.

This is a really tricky internal maze. Maybe the coordinates are really to help me remember, which order I did this in seems to be little traps here. So this is where we started. This is the beginning. We can pull out on south.

Are there any other? We can also pull it here and then it stops rotating. So if we pull it on east, it stops rotating. I really feel like this is the first move that we have to do, but it’s proven to be a little tricky. It’s quite easy to get lost in this internal maze.

All right I mean there really doesn’t seem to be anything else I can do here. Oh, oh hello. Aha, we now have an arrow which is interesting. We now have an arrow and we have this. This aha look at that.

How clever beautiful, oh, so, cool third steer to the right so third and then we’re giving this small little panel here, not sure what that is. If we look at the inside here we have a turtle, oh and that gets pushed out. Oh that’s cool! So we got a turtle there and it says third steer to the right, so that probably has to do with this. So, third being three, maybe steer to the right all right.

Well, we’re given one thing: how interesting, okay, I’m gonna keep that pushed in just in case it does something else, that’s kind of all we’re given right here. Why is this? What is that? What is that? What do you think that’s for okay?

Third, do we need a first and second, okay, still think we’re on this here? Oh whoa, would you have a look at that? That is amazing? Oh my god, oh cool second steer one full turn to the left. One of those grid things again.

We also have a small portion of what looks like a map which I’m guessing uh. The card is full sorry, but that my card filled up okay, so on the top here we now have this beautiful map. We have this, which is second, we have the third one. I have a key now we have one of these puzzles one of these sort of sliding puzzles here which I’m guessing we have to create this shape. I don’t know if that makes sense, maybe we’ll see, but first and foremost we do have a key.

So we do know where that key goes we’re going to do that right away. So that was a button. What did that? Oh? That button pushed this up here?

Oh, how cool is that all right, this key huh, oh cool, this other map here with the shark here notice that there’s the uh? I don’t know if you can see that there’s the shark there and I’m not seeing oh in the crab down here. Okay and the octopus, now we have all the animals. I tell this tale for all to see of a glorious treasure lost at sea. The words spread across the land that our crew possesses a golden hand.

French privateers are right behind us intending to steal the hand of Midas gaining fast with our options low. We drop the loot to the depths below creating a map and leaving clues. The adventure awaits for those that choose. If this risky reward is what you hanker, navigate the ship and drop the anchor navigate the ship and drop the anchor oh by the way, just notice this – the shark is right there, so we got the shark there. We got the octopus here.

The shark is here again: we got symbols up here, okay, what and what is this a second nice steers? This has something to do with that wheel that we’re gonna have to turn. But let’s, let’s focus on the top part of this uh. Let’s focus on the top of this puzzle here, so this definitely looks like it has to go. Oh, this definitely looks like it’s like bottom right, oh and the turtle’s right there.

What does this mean everything’s a little tight due to humidity? This one looks like it goes top right, that’s bottom left there’s the crab. This might be a little difficult due to moisture. Sometimes wooden puzzles get a little swollen and we do have a map. Don’t we is this?

The map we’re looking for like this portion here is actually this portion here should be up here, makes sense to me this might take a while. We might want to time lapse. This part is that it that’s done. I got it. Oh, my god, okay, ah, finally, moving on now.

What does that do? Gives me a map? I guess all that work. Oh, that worked for what for what good? Sir, now we had those symbols underneath which were turtles which keep repeating.

Maybe I have to count the amount of turtles I see. Oh all right well hold on. There was one turtle was that it just one turtle just make sure here a turtle and a crab was a turtle and a crab. That’s what we have to do. We have to count them over here.

As you can see, we have another crab as well as a shark, so we’re at two crabs with this. That makes two sharks two crabs: two sharks, one turtle, two turtles, two crabs, two sharks, two turtles, one, one octopus, are there any on this map here that I should be aware of this. However, maybe this being north, the arrow being north, if arrows the north to the west, is the lighthouse I don’t know, okay hold on one thing at a time. So if we look at this drawing here once again, two sharks, two crabs, one octopus, I mean: let’s try that we got two sharks. One octopus two crabs.

Two turtles am I missing something we have the third and the second, which are these little panels, steer one full turn to the left and that’s second: we still need the first move, which we don’t know what that is either. Maybe it’s three including this: oh, this is coming out, okay. Why is this coming out now because it looks like it wants to turn, but I probably need the right sequence here to make that to make that turn properly and I think we’re missing a few clues. I think that might be the final clue, so I think next what we have to do is figure out this wheel, but we only have two out of the three clues. So if that’s north steer one full turn to the left, okay, so there are 16 squares on this uh grid which matches up to the 16 squares here right.

So third would be this symbol. Maybe I don’t know. I have no idea you guys picking up what I’m putting down here, I’m trying so second steer one full turn to the left. What am I looking for? Navigate the ship and drop the anchor this panel is also loose, and it’s bugging me this as well.

There’s still so much left to figure out on this puzzle. Having a great time, though, oh hold on what an awesome discovery moment. That was, we got a coin here, which is exactly the coins. I have on the table cool and we have this, and this here says first yeah steer two full turns to the right. We got this coin and I know what this coin is for we’re going to unscrew these screws.

Here I was waiting for a tool to unscrew these little did. I know I had those tools like thrown across my table, the anchor and another crab. Let’s just drop the anchor right, steer the ship and drop the anchor. I got. Ta steer the ship and drop the anchor steer the ship and drop the anchor right, navigate the ship and drop the anchor, and we got a third crab here: great navigate the ship and drop the anchor first, two full turns to the right now.

What does that mean two full turns? So, let’s start, let’s say we start at the ship with two full turns mean like one two one full turn to the left: okay, that’s not it, but we’re getting somewhere. Two full turns two full turns to the right. What does that mean two full turns to the right so like one full turn to the left and then steer to the right all right before we do that? Let’s do this.

We have an extra crab here. That brings us to three crabs um. Unfortunately, I think we’re still missing some information, so maybe I have to hold the anchor down. What does it say, navigate the ship and drop the anchor? So maybe I drop the anchor and then start turning two full turns to the right.

Was it two full turns to the right? There is some resistance here when pulling the anchor one full turn to the left, then to the right on the drop anchor, and it has something to do with these grids, because the amount of grids, the amount of squares that are on the grid are the same Amount of squares that are on here, so it has to do something with that as well. Oh there’s another crab here, so wait, one two three and then four so four crabs, four crabs. Now, let’s try this! Oh, oh!

That did something huh, oh cool! It’s a periscope, I mean I already had one very cool. I can’t really see much out of this hold on what would this be for I’m guessing it might be for like these things here, I need more light. The periscope just kind of acts as a magnifying glass. Oh, oh, that square is darker.

Oh, I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to see that through the camera, one of these squares is not like the other. Let’s see if you can see all right. It’s not really working, but at the right angle, at the right angle, this bottom one. Ah I get it now, so this is the first one, this bottom, one being the lighthouse over here, the same square, the lighthouse. Second, one.

Aha, this square right here, which is the boat and finally, third, one up top here, which is the bottle. Oh, it went down. What does that do? What does that? Do?

Oh wait! A second, oh, so cool! Okay! Here we go. This is an extra little puzzle box, maybe a spinning one.

Aha, it was a spinning one and we do now have the hand of Midas yo ho ho and a bottle of rum yo. That is so much fun. Oh, my god, I’m actually here’s my setup by the way. Well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it uh. That is the hand of Midas the lost hand of Midas treasure puzzle.

Adventure solved um, unbelievably fun incredibly well thought out beautifully crafted just a smart, concise puzzle filled with filled with tactile logical puzzles, some secrets, some hidden gems keys treasure. It has everything you want um this. This is some like honestly, one of my favorite puzzles. This was amazing Garrett. Thank you so much.

I think this is uh. You should definitely mass produce this. I I’m pretty sure this is only one of a kind, but man like people need to get their hands on this. You are good at this, sir uh. All right, I think I’ll leave it at that guys, thanks for watching and we’ll see on the next video.

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