Opening A Box FILLED With Magical Items!!

Opening A Box FILLED With Magical Items!!

Opening A Box FILLED With Magical Items!

Thank you. What is a curiosity box? Well glad you asked, because today we’re checking one out. This is from art of play, who sent us amazing things throughout the year and uh they’ve put out this holiday release, there’s a curiosity box and we’re about to find. What’S in here, limited to 500?

So if you want to check them out, I don’t know if there’s any left, but if there is it’ll be in the link below we’re, also checking out something called Sans Sarah in a bit which is a cool package and we’ll get to that one. But first I want to go through. What’S in here, use my little Shank there we go epiphanies await the Curious mind, whoa, how cool? How cool is this? Look?

How pretty that is? We have Duck and Bunny game piece: Vanishing elephant, eraser, ladybug brass dye, playing card, bookmark miniature playing cards, hypnose spinner, skeleton, key puzzle, Lilliputian literature and a wood pyramid puzzle all right. So, let’s start with one item at a time we’re going to be reviewing these items. One at a time, starting with start with this one, this is a duck bunny game piece and what a game piece is. If you uh are an avid board game player, you can play with one of these.

Is it a bunny or is it a duck or is it both so if you’re playing Monopoly, this can be your little uh, your little Monopoly player very cute, very cool. I like this very much. It’S got the art of play logo on the bottom. Next up the vanishing elephant eraser, what a great gift idea! This is for anyone who loves, puzzles or playing cards or anything in between this is perfect.

No one’s going to be upset that they got this they’ll be happy, there’s something in here that they will love guaranteed and this a Vanishing elephant, eraser uh. What is a Vanishing elephant eraser? Well, it’s exactly that. It’S an eraser in the shape of an elephant and as you uh as you erase things with it like, let’s say I was erasing something right now right, you would erase it and it would just disappear because it it would be gone, but obviously I didn’t erase It but there you go very cool. I guess, based on the uh, let’s read the little paragraph here for the Duck and Bunny game piece.

The classic optical illusion has been reimagined as an adorable sculpture, cast and Brass Vanishing elephant eraser edit and refine penciled Works in an eraser that performs a time-honored Vanishing act in super slow motion. Clever ladybug brass die. The spots on this six-sided die. Six-Sided counter are replaced with imprints of a ladybug, a good luck, totem for gaming decision making and even fidgeting ooh. It is nice well that is heavy check.

That thing out two four, five, three six four yeah where’s, the one there. It is very cool, very heavy. As well made in brass cool three items: take a look now at the playing card. Bookmark, the four suits are all represented in the elegant page maker, which clipped securely in place as you shuffle through your pages of your favorite book. I have one of these in uh in like a gold color.

This one is more of a chrome finish. It does have all the suits. Doesn’T it it has diamonds, Hearts, clubs and Spade and how this works uh. Well, we got a little book so we’ll try that out right now, oh, my goodness, ature Larger than Life tale a larger than life tail. That fits in the palm of your hand.

This tiny leather-bound book contains the Full unabridged contents of a fantastic famous story. So I guess there are different ones to collect. That’S really cool! This one happens to be Sir, Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles. How cute and elegant all right get out of here there we go.

It is leather bound that is leather. Look at that! Well, this is a full book dude. Could you imagine how insane you would look on the subway just like chapter one, Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mr Sherlock Holmes, who was usually very late in the morning. This is a full book, that’s crazy and while you’re reading this on the subway don’t forget to take your bookmark, which is literally bigger than a book, you can actually mark down a few spaces or just the one page very hard.

These pages are incredibly thin, but if I go like this boom now you have essentially a weapon if you ever get robbed on the subway or a bookmark, very cool, indeed beautiful. I want to get to the key puzzle. I don’t know what this is yet, but we’ll get to that last. I feel this next one. This is one of my favorite two-piece puzzles.

This is a pyramid puzzle. Now, although it looks simple, you give this to people and I’ve stifled people for quite some time. Most people won’t solve it very quickly. The reason for that is because we tend to do things like this huh. How does this?

How come it’s not wait? Is it not huh what the heck? Why isn’t it and we just don’t, do it properly? There is a solution there. It is it’s very, very simple.

You just take the pieces boom like this. Most people won’t find that so it’s cool to have a two-piece puzzle. That’S actually a brain teaser. What a funny premise to be like hey! Can you solve this Puzzler like, of course I can in like five minutes later they’re like I give up it even says here, you may be surprised how long the solution evades you.

Not only do we have a miniature book, we have a miniature deck of cards. Flea circus playing cards – this is so pretty it even has a little a little stamp. A little seal. Oh part of me, doesn’t want to open this, but I’m going to murder that part of me, because we must open over here, look at that come on! Oh beautifully made: oh, these are cool they’re ticket stubs to the flea circus and the quality is great.

These are actually regular size. I just have the world the biggest hands. These are great. They feel fantastic they’re hard to handle because they’re not used to handling. I guess I got ta.

Do it here like this yeah wow, there’s the Ace of Hearts, Cannonball, flea, Dan and Dave. Had the two-headed flea, amazing, cardistry fortune, teller, flea, Teeter board act, the fire, breather, flea concession, flea, ventriloquist, flea, light, bulb, eater Bam, Bam, flea Hercules, Fleet, she devil, Fleet, levitating, flea and it goes on and on and on. These are all different fleas. Wow there’s another game here for sure that you can come up with and the ace the Ace of Spades is actually very nice. Look at the Jokers here.

This is a classic. Looking deck of cards really love this, oh beautiful, beautiful deck, beautiful box. I love it. So much well now that we have all of these out of the way. There’S one thing left in this box, and it is a beautiful, beautiful little key and engraved on here.

Epiphanies await to the Curious mind. This brass key can be locked into place with the loop of ribbon attached inspired by one of her favorite topological puzzles you’ll, be delighted at the counter-intuitive solution, not sure I understand what’s happening. This brass key can be locked into place with the loop of ribbon attached. I don’t understand what that means under here. This is the hypnose spinner, oh, oh, it has a solution right here: Loop, the ribbon into position shown and type that opening your first finger thumb untying the knot, remove the key from your hand.

Oh okay, this this is the okay. Here we go. Skeleton Keepers Loop, the ribbon like this. Oh we got ta Loop. It hold on wait what I have to Loop it like that.

What’S the revenue position shown, then without opening your first finger or thumb or untying the knot, remove the key from your hand, huh. I don’t even understand the objective here, but here we go, arrange the key, as shown the key may be pointing up or down depending on the original direction of the loop and the ribbon. Okay got it pass your fingers and then your entire hand. Through the loop see thing is, I have really big hands and I don’t think it’ll even yeah. I can’t do this puzzle.

Okay, maybe like this. Okay, that’s as far as that goes. Oh, I see something like that, not quite sure, and here’s the uh, the solution to the pyramid puzzle, oh wow, what a cool solution! This is cool, so it has the solution here, but the only way you’d see it is. If you hold this up to the light, this is for the pyramid puzzle check that out.

It’S got the the one on the other side, so it shows you not cool. Very clever. These guys are full of surprises. Every single time love it pyramid puzzle got some stickers here, which we love, oh cool. You got little Snakes and Ladders board game in there as well perfect for your little bunny or duck and you can roll hey.

I rolled a six one, two three, four, five, one, two, three, four: five six boom. How cool is that this is the Hypno spinner. Ladies and gentlemen, spinning discs and whirling spirals are well known to Mesmerize, but this design inspired by genius inventor Jerry Andrus, creates a particularly potent visual illusion. Okay, let’s have a look whoa. I do not feel okay whoa.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re gon na stare at that for more than like 20 seconds immediately afterwards, look at the back of your hand. Oh, that is weird and slowly even look into my eyes. You are getting very sleepy that looks wild. That looks absolutely insane all right that was sick link below amazing, so much fun. I definitely want to read this in this format.

Uh. What’S your favorite item? Out of all these, I got ta say mine, toss that between the book and the game piece, I like the game piece, a lot as well. Let me know in the comments and now, let’s check out this thing called sansara. This is a wild package.

They sent me check this out all right, so this is Sans Sarah. This is actually the Halo by sancera available at Art of play, and this is a cool mesmerizing. I guess sort of meditation device sort of like to reduce anxiety, rip her open right now. I haven’t uh unpacked it so Christmas morning, if your parents were art of play nice box. Oh, I need to plug this bad boy into whoa, all right.

Okay, we got a nice little glass sheet in here all right. So what do we have here? This is the plug: do not eat you’re not supposed to eat these throw away do not eat. If ever you were hungry and you bought one of these products. Uh don’t eat these fair warning.

This is sand. Oh look at that base. Isn’T that pretty um? So here we go, I think, that’s, I think, that’s it. I think we just placed this here.

Where’S the bead there’s a bead in here found the bead. I guess we put the glass over plug it in. I don’t know I don’t know if there’s an on button, I don’t know anything sounds like it’s moving. Maybe it’s looking for that magnet! Ah here it goes such a tiny movement you want to get in here, there’s no sand on the outside there.

The ball starts its Journey. It’S never ending Journey around the sand pit and there’s a whole bunch of different designs that this is capable of, and once it completes one of these designs, it begins another alright. So this is the app that you get with it. So you can browse, you have all sorts of different designs that you can choose from and then in a second you can just download those and you can either play it or add it to queue or make a playlist and it’ll just run through these things. So let’s go ahead and choose one.

I think I’ve chosen one already that one looks cool here, maybe this one. So if I wanted to play that right now, I can just go play and it’ll stop the other one now watch look here: can you see that it’s gon na go find the beginning, and now it starts his journey meticulously and tediously onto the next design? Now, if you look, can you see these tiny little lines here? It has to shove the sand, the smallest amount, so it overlaps literally dozens of times just to make a tiny little line and that’s how it’s possible to make these intricate designs. So they’re, not just broad strokes but very fine, calculated lines so much fun.

To look at all right, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed this video. If You did leave a like subscribe comment, let me know which one of these items was your favorite and if you’re looking for gifts over the holidays or even something by yourself head over to Art of play, I got the link below where you guys can check Out their shop, it’s a Whimsical magical journey to discover thanks art of play. Thank you guys for watching we’ll see on the next one. Peace.


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