Puzzle Competition Swag Bag Haul 🧩

Puzzle Competition Swag Bag Haul 🧩

Puzzle Competition Swag Bag Haul 

Let’s take a look at everything you get in the swag bag from a jigsaw puzzle, competition. First up of course it’s a classic. We’ve got a t-shirt. Of course, this bag is full of puzzles. This is a hundred piece puzzle from Ebu.

This is the big boy. It is a wooden puzzle from artifact puzzles it’s 116 pieces and look at how cool those are. We’ve also got this little jigsaw, brain teaser. Oh, what’s this? Oh wait!

No, I know what this is. This is a timer, so you can keep track of your time. While doing a puzzle, we’ve also got a bottle of puzzle, glue which I will not be using, because I never glue my puzzles, but look at the the bottle is shaped like a puzzle. Piece I mean sort of looks like we’ve got some coasters from completing. Ah, completing the puzzle and the usual like business cards and flyers with other discounts, and that’s everything also you get this Ravensburger bag.


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