Racing my sister at a 9 Piece Puzzle (Who can solve it faster?)

Racing my sister at a 9 Piece Puzzle (Who can solve it faster?)

Racing my sister at a 9 Piece Puzzle

Hi everybody welcome back to karen puzzles with my special guest katie puzzles. So the puzzle that we’re doing today is called the nosy puzzle. It is only nine pieces, so here’s what happened. I shot an entire video of me doing this puzzle and then i remembered that katie was coming to visit and i thought it would be so fun to have us go head to head and see who can solve it faster, so fun right. That’S why you flew all the way across the country exactly so, let’s cut to just me solving it and then we’ll be back to see if katie can do it any faster than i did.

[ Applause, ], [, Music ], look at all the different colors. These are so pretty so this is a level nine puzzle, it is nine separate pieces and essentially all we’re doing is making all of them fit into the square base. This was designed by alexander hallroid this time i feel fairly confident going into it just because i have done three other puzzles from puzzle master where you are fitting. You know pieces into a base like this, so i feel like i sort of know what to expect. So i’m going to start my timer right.

Okay, now i’m getting nervous! Okay right now! Here we go here. We go okay, so first thing to do is maybe to not even use the base, but to just like look at the pieces and sort of see how they put together. It looks like we have two separate types of connectors.

We have this long guy and then we have a shorter kind of more squat one here and it looks like those are probably all the same yeah so, whether it’s long or short, you know one or the other, these all for perfectly fit into each other. Also, it looks like the corner here perfectly fits into the corner: oh the corner of the tray, okay yeah. So some of these are corner pieces. It looks like um, but there are not four of them. The rest of these are basically edge pieces.

Okay, i feel like there must be some kind of trick where maybe the three corners don’t actually go in the corners um that might be there to throw us off. Maybe these actually go like in the middle, like that, let’s see if i was to just randomly start putting these in looks like they fit three across, but only with flat edges on both sides. If there’s an extra little connector, then they don’t fit in the tray. So i mean this probably isn’t right, but let’s just put these in randomly and see what happens so yeah. It looks like they should fit in three by three in the end, because that’s kind of the only way that you can get all nine pieces on this tray, it’s going to have to be a three by three square: okay um, but okay, [ Music ].

So i think i need to count how many long connectors there are. So we have one two three four and then we have one two, three four. So all of these definitely have to connect to all of these, because if these don’t connect together, there just isn’t space in the tray for for them to be so. I’M gon na leave these two until the end and i’m gon na see what tricky little tricks. I can make out of these guys.

Is this? No? That’S not quite it. Okay, we’re close we’re getting close. We just have one little tab.

I don’t know if you can really see it on the camera, but we have one little tab. That’S not quite fitting in, but we’re so close like okay, okay, i got this. I got this. I mean all of these sections that i have put together right now. Definitely go like that unless well that one could be flipped.

Ooh close, this might be the exact same thing i just didn’t, except rotate it a little okay, wait. What if this one went here or or here, okay, wait, maybe i’m not, as close as i thought. Okay, i’m only like eight and a little bit minutes in, but i feel like i’m now understanding the extent of this brain teaser, because i keep ending up with one little tab, but not quite fitting. So i think i want to go back to having this guy. In the middle, because i feel like that’s a tricky tricky trick that they would love to pull on us, but maybe maybe it can’t be in the middle, because we can’t have a tab up here, because then nothing fits down here.

Okay, now scratch that that’s not gon na work, wait. How do i keep ending up with the exact same arrangement? How does this work? I was so confident going into it and now i don’t know what else what other options there are: [, Music, ], [ Applause, ]! Wait!

Oh, wait, wait! Wait, wait! Wait, wait! Wait! Okay, hang on brainstorm.

What, if these fit in? Oh? What? If that fits in diagonally like that, look at how little space we have between all of these pieces, that’s beautiful, okay! I think i might be on to something: okay wait.

Maybe it’s just one that fits in like that and then and then what and then what um. So then we have that. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

Oh my god. I think i did it. I think i did it hang on. Are we there did i do it? No, i almost did it okay.

I have to be close, though this is not a coincidence. I have to be close. Okay, maybe it’s this one that goes in diagonally. Wait, no, hang on wait, i’m not quite there. I didn’t quite do it [ Applause ].

This is so stressful, i’m so close, i’m so so close. Anyone at home who has already solved this puzzle is seeing how close i am, and it’s just like yelling at their screen. I know it. I i know it: why am i not seeing how this all fits together? What is wrong with me?

How did i get so close and then get stuck at like the very last part? Okay, maybe maybe this one does? Maybe it is actually one of these guys that goes in the middle, like that maybe [ Music ]. I thought i was so close. I was all set to be like bam.

Did it in like 15 minutes, but you know apparently not oh wait. Wait hang on! Okay, wait. I did it, i did it. I was so close for so long there.

I don’t know why it took me that extra, like five minutes, just to rearrange them correctly, all right there. It is there’s the solution. I really like this. I think that’s really elegant. I do think i had a little bit of an advantage after doing some of the other brain teasers, and i won’t say specifically why?

Because i don’t want to spoil those, but you know i knew to look out for something that wasn’t immediately like what it might seem. I wonder if chris ramsay has done this puzzle, let’s see, oh, he did okay, he did it two years ago. All right, he did it in 50 minutes and i did it in what was it um 17. So i am very happy with those results: [, Music, ] and we’re back. So now it’s katie’s turn.

How are you feeling a little nervous? I do not know how long it took karen, so i’m just racing against the clock and no idea what time i’m actually trying to beat here. So once we hit my time, then i’ll tell katie that she did it slower than i did or maybe i will win hey. Are you ready sure i’m so excited, okay and and and start all right, so i’m going to lay out all of these pieces and see what i’m working with i’m going to assume at this point the colors don’t mean anything. Maybe the colors are the types of pieces.

Okay, you got that faster than i did and it looks like we have the same number of these little skinny outs as skinny ends. [ Music ]. Does that fit? I don’t know why? Don’T you try it in the trash actually in the tray, did i do it?

Did they fit? I don’t know, do they does everything fit within the black border? Oh that one’s sticking out. You did not do it in a minute and 50 seconds. I tried.

I pre-watched all of the other ones of these before coming here. Knowing i would have to do this to see if it would try to spark some sort of inspiration and i’m not sure that it helped [ Music ]. So the other thing i told katie before we started is that the longer it takes her, the warmer and warmer, this room is gon na get because of all the lights i have on, so that that’s her motivation for getting it done quickly. You might just see us get a little sweatier as the video goes on [, Music, ], so close again so close or is it? Is it close, [, Music ]?

So how are you feeling about five minutes in? Oh i i know there is some trick to this and i have not figured out what it is yet and i’m so curious how long it took [ Music ] cares can go diagonally, [, Music ] moving on. Oh, almost though that seems promising. Oh my god. Wait you did it did.

I win. Is that the same answer that i got it all fits yeah? No, you did it. That’S the trick. Six and a half minutes was your time.

My time was a little over 17 minutes wow. You did it way faster than i did, i’m so impressed i feel so accomplished right now, i’m so happy. We don’t have to sit in this hot room any longer. Okay, wait i feel like when i did it. It was entirely symmetrical.

I think i had these two wait: [ Music ], so i guess there’s more than one solution: weird yeah! I guess once you turn that orange piece, then there are a few different ways that the ones around the border could rearrange sure. Well, i’m so impressed. Thank you. You have earned your spot here in the karen puzzles.

You are um now the master puzzler great. Also you blew chris ramsay out of the water. I feel like i forget how long it took him, but way more than it took me and then six and a half minutes. That’S pretty good! That’S really good [ Music ] all right.

So we would love to know if you have ever done this puzzle or if you thought of the trick like before either of us did. If you want to get this puzzle, it is available on puzzle master. So i will have an affiliate link right down below. If you use my link, i get a little bit of money, so if you want to get this or anything from the site, um use the link down in the description and thank you to katie for being in a video with me. If you want to see her other videos that we’ve done together, i am going to link those right down below as well.

Clearly, you are just like better at puzzles than i am because in the post 3d you finished yours before i did. You finished this way before i did. I do have two years of puzzling experience over you. Well, i am just constantly being shown up here on my own puzzle channel. Sorry, so do you want to pick the code word for everyone if they’ve watched all the way to the end, let’s go with six, because it took me six minutes of change to finish it well, thank you, everyone for watching, and we will see you all in The next one well, i will maybe not katie i’ll be here.

I was actually really impressed when you immediately started putting these like that, because i didn’t even think of that. I never did that. I remember that from the other brain teasers like these and then to immediately go diagonal, i wanted so bad to be like think about the other ones. What was the trick in the other ones i did and then you did it. I remembered the other ones also when i did it, i had figured out that this turned and then it took me another full, like five minutes to get all of them to fit around it.

It was so frustrating and especially now that i know that there are multiple solutions that i could have hit. Okay, that’s enough.

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