Removing Inventory Control Tags FAST!



Removing Inventory Control Tags


This is the lock-picking lawyer and today we’re going to talk about a security device that I’m called upon to defeat with some frequency. It seems that every couple of months, my wife or I come home from the clothing store to find one of these inventory control tags. Still attached to the garment, my wife is usually the victim, probably because she buys a lot more, but today it happened to me now. If you search on YouTube, you will find dozens of removal techniques, the most common of which is burning it off. But if you mess up these little vials of ink will break and the garment is destroyed.


Fortunately, there is a fast and easy way to remove these. If you want to avoid a trip back to the store, it only takes a few moments, and all you need is a powerful magnet, simply hold the magnet to the bulging portion of the tag, while squeezing the two halves together. As you can see, it comes right off. The mechanism inside is very simple: it’s just a spring-loaded plunger that locks on to this serrated pin. In fact, if I put the magnet on it, we can hear that plunger going back and forth.


Let’S lock it on one more time, you can see that’s attached and we got it off so next time. The store forgets to remove its tag. Now you know how to do it yourself and avoid driving back. In any case, that’s all I have for you today. If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put them below.


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