Revealing Exactly How I Fooled Ellen!!

Revealing Exactly How I Fooled Ellen!!

Revealing Exactly How I Fooled Ellen!

Have you ever wondered how magicians perform their jaw-dropping tricks on TV? In this exclusive behind-the-scenes look, we unveil the captivating process behind the magic trick we performed on the Ellen Show. Join Wes Barker, Chris, Eric, and Alex as they break down the four-phase trick and reveal the intricate details that made it a reality.

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The group initially met at a magic convention and decided to work together to create astonishing tricks for audiences worldwide. During their appearance on the Ellen Show, the host was asked to pick one of the several buckets displayed on stage, each containing a different magic trick. This seemingly random choice set the stage for a truly unforgettable trick.

Ellen ultimately selected a card trick, and the group seamlessly adapted to her choice. The trick involved Wes locating a specific playing card—chosen by Ellen—by throwing a knife at a target while blindfolded. But the real magic lies in the behind-the-scenes work that went into making this trick possible.

With less than a week to prepare, the group relied on their own ingenuity, creativity, and technical skills. They managed to create an incredible trick without the assistance of a Hollywood production team. Their simple but effective setup included cameras propped up on books and mirrors reflecting screens to monitor the action.

The trick required precise timing and coordination, as Wes had to leave the stage and then reappear on the other side to throw the knife. The group also added subtle touches to prove the trick was live, such as Ellen providing a random word for Wes to repeat during the performance.

The secret behind the trick’s success lies in the extensive preparation beforehand. Every card on the target board was the same – the Ten of Spades – with 52 decks of cards being used to create 26 double-sided panels. The group had these panels carefully organized backstage, ready for any scenario.

This fascinating look behind the curtain showcases the immense effort and ingenuity that goes into creating unforgettable magic tricks. From the meticulous planning to the seamless execution, it’s a true testament to the skill and dedication of these talented magicians.


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