Reviewing the Top 10 Most POPULAR Wish Magic Tricks!!

Reviewing the Top 10 Most POPULAR Wish Magic Tricks!!

Top 10 Most POPULAR Wish Magic Tricks!

I went on yeah, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this site, but it’s great, it’s got everything a cheaper, it’s more like the things you wish for. It’s like the wish version of a wish.

I bought the ten one. Two, I’m gonna, say ten I’ll say ten cause It makes for a better thumbnail. The ten best worst wish magic tricks on wish, ranging from visual magic to yeah, just mostly visual magic, really uh, but it’s great it looks good a lot of this stuff. I was really surprised to find on wish.

om floating things and really crazy illusions that uh they’re giving away and I’ll just uh. This video is not brought to you by wish by the way. Ever since I went on, I started getting like: scam calls, don’t know if they’re related, but I feel like they are prices here of everything as well. This list is not in any particular order, we’ll just kind of take it as it goes.

I’ve played with some of them, I haven’t touched others and they all look like I mean in the right hands. They can be pretty deceptive, so you’ll, you know I’ll, show you how they work because wish sells them right. So we can do that. These are uh, notably cheap, knockoffs of good magic tricks, but some of them are just as good, so you know you make the call very first trick. I want to do.

Ah man, I’m torn a lot of these – are really good. That’s it! Oh! There goes three bucks uh that actually is a pack of 17 and I really feel like I have to disinfect my mouth.

The packaging came covered in dust and smelled like an old mattress, and I still put it in my mouth, so sick uh check it out. All right, let’s go to the next one. Oh, this is cool, so this one here, you could inspect by the way. If I do this – or if I ever do this, it’s because you can inspect it, not necessarily, but this time it is, you could inspect that lee inspect it. This key does not fit in the bottle right.

Look at that get some b-roll of that that dark green bottle that you can’t actually see through. If I get out of the way, can you see through it better? Anybody have a really bright flashlight it’s in there, folks, okay, but I pocketed the other one. So they give you two of these one of them folds and, as you can see here by the b-roll, we’ve actually got it out, because I probably had to break the bottle one of them folds one of them. Don’t they come with these little rubber bands that you sort of loop around these tiny bands that, like stretch out and you sort of loop them around there and then, but you have to be uh sly like I was you have to show them this?

Let them let them see that for a second and then have the other one in this hand, and then just slam it down. In the bottle hand, the bottle out walk away, come back later, retrieve your prop. How much was that? How much you’d think that was Antoine? How much do you think that was twenty-four two dollars?

It’s a wish baby, and this is actually the key to someone’s house. That’s how wish works steal your key replicate it sell it. Don’t trust them put a good prop for two bucks. This is probably my favorite, because it’s one of the most simplistic ones and this one I’ll tell you the price after I’ll try to make you guess I like this game. We got a quarter here and we got a glass that is a real glass.

It’s all glass, all right, we’re gonna take the quarter and we’re just going to cut that out. This is a real glass slap it through the solid glass ready. Third time’s a charm, we got this quarter, take this quarter and we’re actually going to slap it through the glass get ready. One two that looks so good and this you can hand that out. I don’t know why you just give someone this be.

Like here and they’re like no thanks, I have that so that’s how that works, pretty cool trick. My favorite thing out of I think everything I bought and it was two dollars. The price is here without shipping shipping’s, probably like 100 on this – I don’t know you get this little saucer. It’s got felt on both sides and the bottom pops. So when you press down on it, it pops right and someone’s sitting down.

Obviously – and you put the quarter towards them, because if I had it here, you’d see it quarter towards them super easy trick. You hold the uh, you hold the coin boom false transfer still here, gotcha all right, you’re, probably you’re, probably freaking out right now quarter goes here hand grabs the cup places the cup gently, nothing in his hand, but I’m going to pretend and as soon as I Slap down as soon as I add pressure it pops up and it looks like it comes from the top down, which is crazy. This was well worth what I paid for, and I’m going to be using every chance I get every time I go to a place that smokes indoors, I’m going to be like. Could you have that a really clean ash tray over there point through glass? One of my favorite ones: next, this is a classic.

I think everybody who’s ever been to a magic shop. They’ve like tried this prop, I think, there’s a bolt and a nut and a screw right if you concentrate enough and if you turn the volume down, if you ask spectators to just turn the volume down it’s gonna get such good reactions. If you’re like hey, can everybody turn down the volume of everything making noise right now and then you’re gonna have such a magical experience? Do this in a club bring a nut and bolt to a club? You know and you’re really gonna impress people with uh your collection and be like hey.

So I’m I carry this around in noisy places and uh. I do this, it’s a miracle. It’s just a little magnet and there’s a motor in here. So you got a battery in here. If you unscrew it, you got a battery in there.

They give you the battery, which is nice when the magnet is introduced to this part, it vibrates, so it doesn’t actually like spin, because the spinning technology is really fooling. That’s what fools people is like: how does it spin? It’s not actually spinning it’s just vibrating the bolt and then it does the spinning as a side effect, but the bolt is vibrating, as you can clearly hear, but if you’re around people yeah, it’s deafening. How much you think that is lee. How much you think that is uh I’ll go for a dollar on that one four dollars come on man technology!

That’s the crazy thing, though. The advancement of technology that we have things should be four dollars now. Well, they are until they get marked up, which doesn’t do that. I feel like I’m shilling for wish. Now.

This is cool. Give me a second to set up ready. Oh, what’s this, what’s this: what’s that’s not what you think whoa, oh, it can sort of like come on. That’s kind of fun, right uh! Oh!

Oh! I’M! Just looking at the monitor right now – and this is like the most magical thing like I’ve ever seen. That’s how that works, zombie ball 16 well worth it right, goes here again on wish on the public website they’re giving away zombie ball for 16, so magic uh can only be learned if you spend money. Otherwise, it’s hours, you can’t have it unless you spend four dollars on wish and then you can have it, you can have all of it.

Here’s all of it uh for four dollars. So that’s that actually a good zombie ball. The gimmick is really pretty solid and it’s just uh there’s a lot of there’s a lot. You know what buddy uh Eric and Alex they have like good handling on this, like the one thing is like: don’t move, don’t move your body if the thing’s moving move after right? Don’t move your body if the thing’s moving?

Are you getting a focus lee you having a focus problem? Well, that’s how that works. Fun, though right it looks like a dementor. The zombie ball. Clearly, magicians have a different uh definition of a zombie than I do.

Ghost ball would have been fine, an appearing cane. I thought it was going to be a metal appearing Kane because I only paid what did I pay for the appearing game. Boys two dollars for the appearing cane and I was like that’s a hell of a bargain because appearing canes, like good ones, are like 30 bucks. This garland that it came with, though you can just oh, my god. No, this is bad.

I really am disappointed. It looks like what it is. In fact, it looks like rubber. That’s a freebie for you, so yeah, that’s a disappointment, this one’s cool. This is uh, this one’s a little dice in a box and no matter how you shake it.

You can like violently shake this thing, still one which is pretty crazy, because if you’re a magician you can, you can be like, ah five and it’s just a little magnet same magnet as before, very useful, magnet and uh. There’s there’s a little uh, there’s a little magnet inside that thing, and so you can just kind of rotate it with the magnet, which is cool, really really dope fun for mentalism, because you can predict the outcome of a dice or it can be a feat of Skill um four dollars, and it’s called in in as magicians know it as badlands bob four dollars on wish. So there you go sorry bob. Let me just whoa right. This is this is a good investment.

These things are like my favorite to play with, because uh it looks really dope. What else can we make disappear? Oh scissors, dangerous, but I like your style. Let me see if I can uh, is it real and reels are real cool honestly one of the dopest magic props ever is a real soup. You can do anything with reels.

A lot of things are done with reels, but this particular one is really strong, which I love. The wire is fishing wire, so it’s kind of see-through, it’s not so bad for certain angles and so like the metallic ones or like the black ones might be. I don’t know black one’s actually, probably better, but there’s a really strong magnet at the end of this. I wouldn’t suggest holding on to this well, because that’s that’ll really get you, but if you hook it up to your belt, you can literally, you know again. Uh ask them to turn the volume down when you’re performing and should be fine uh, but you can make anything disappear with these things, so these things are really really versatile.

I highly recommend, if you’re, getting into magic, you’re becoming a magician uh one of the best tools you can have to create other illusions, especially vanishes, but even uh. You know moving things like telekinesis effects. They are. How much was that? What a dollar that was a dollar that was a dollar: how are they making money there?

Somebody help we need to donate to wish is what we need to do. We need to start sending them money, so they can keep doing what they’re doing, because they’re doing us all really good, I’m shilling for wish now one side of me, the magician side of me hates wish right, because you go to great lengths to preserve secrets and Buy expensive things at the right places from the right people like drugs, um sounds like it, but that’s the thing you go to you go to wish and they just give it all away: they’re losing money they’re, like ha secrets here, take my money and my Secrets and it’s crazy, but the other side of me, the consumer side, that sympathizes with 99.9 percent of people watching these videos is like oh cool one more. Let’s show the last one here. This one’s gonna be pretty cool, bought this one for fifty dollars and uh the thing the thing about this illusion is: this usually costs thousands of dollars right and although the quality of the table itself is uh like questionable at best, the quality of the illusion Isn’t that bad, not bad right, then you come down and then, when you, when you when it goes to land when it wants to land um, we’re all good nothing to see here, it’s the same as a zombie ball.

You figured it out already. It has this hook that you hook into the table, and this is fifty dollars. Dude lozander sells his tables for like thousands of dollars. However, the quality of his uh products are insane and, if you’re a performer and want to do something on stage, I highly do not recommend that you buy this uh. This is merely for tick-tockers, like myself.

In order to pump out views, we show you a really cheap magic tricks, poorly executed and we get all the views. So, if you’re a seasoned performer, not for you uh, but if you’re, if you’re a guy like me, who’s just making videos on the internet. This is for you, so that goes into there and then this just and there’s a lot of little subtleties to this whole thing that makes it really amazing subtleties that have obviously eluded me. The floating table, not bad, pretty cool. It’s made like balsa wood or something so it doesn’t weigh anything I mean for 50 bucks.

You can’t go wrong, so in total I don’t know how much I spent here – probably 100. I don’t know not much but well worth every penny I paid, except for this thing. For this thing, everything else is worthwhile, especially this I don’t know all right. Well, that’s it for me, ladies and gentlemen, if you liked this video, I do highly recommend that you, let me know by hitting that like button, otherwise I won’t know, and if you want to subscribe, let me know by subscribing otherwise I won’t know if you want to see more reviews on wish, let me know, and if you’re a magician and you do not absolutely do not want any more of these out there. Let me know in the comments as well, we’ll see on the next video.

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