Secret Earth Puzzle Box!

Secret Earth Puzzle Box!

Secret Earth Puzzle Box!

Hi and welcome to another episode of Mr. puzzle. Today with the earth the earth puzzle a puzzle box with a hidden compartment that need to be opened up made in designed by Juris Stroud’s from Latvia. I think this is the first puzzle. I’ve ever reviewed from Latvia came also with this letter here saying in the Box, the brain teaser. I have created I’m new in puzzle creating – and this is my first called Earth. My idea was to create planetary models which can be used as small gift holders, but with locks.

So it’s interesting to open. This is first, but already have ideas for next. I hope you enjoy it and succeed. In opening the box, there are some Facebook channels, Instagram Tick Tock available, and yes also. I think he is also an Etsy shop where you can get this one.

If I can find it, I will link it to you in the description, but now, let’s open this thing up and let’s have a first look or it’s not the first book. I have to admit, because I took this thing out and um I twisted it. I couldn’t resist you see you can twist this and when you twist it it comes to a different position and what happened to me is I twisted it and then it got stuck in this position and I can’t get it back. Okay, so imagine initially it had been here a lined, of course, with the continents but yeah. It’s already shifted.

Okay, just in case you’re wondering why this looks a bit strange. As you can see, it’s 3D printed seems to be not printed into colors, but painted here the continents are painted in gold and there’s also something inside not sure what this is sounds a bit strange cannot pull, it cannot push, it can only twist it gonna, Be interesting to see how this thing opens up. Some coordinates written down here and yeah. That’s it pretty. Much will not check it in detail right now, but after the spoiler break, of course, you’re going to see my first attempt as usual, trying to open up the earth puzzle, and here we go first try.

So, as I mentioned before in introduction, you can twist the thing, but you cannot twist it all around, but someone gets stuck in certain positions, not sure where this is coming from, but there is this line here showing some signs and I can find some of them Here, like this is circled over here, there’s a square, some ellipse and triangle, and another Square over here, big one, anything else. No, I think that’s it pretty much. There are. These coordinates saying 5 degree. 96.

137. Is it maybe where I have to move it? The question is, though, oh, oh, it just made some move. I had to slightly pull it and twist it oh, what’s going on now, let’s see it’s. Ah it really seems to be amazed.

Huh makes sense, I mean the name is maze Latvia, so there seems to be a Mason site and I have no idea where I’m now in this maze, I will try to somehow get back. Oh another step, oh wow, okay, didn’t expect that. To be honest, you see this everything is hidden here inside. I cannot see anything from The Maze, maybe, but it seems I’m in in a one way somehow so maybe I used the wrong entrance and I need to get back into the initial position, but this is. This is quite cool.

Oh, where did I start? I mean I have no idea how to get back. It’s like I’m here in a in a trap or something you know you hear this clock noise. The only way I can back and get back is from over here, but how can I get out of there? Yeah, I can ah okay, okay, you see this can go in this direction here like so, but once you hear this noise, I cannot get back.

I only can back get back to a specific position which is over here. Oh, oh, okay. Oh! What is going on inside there? I tell you okay, but how can I use these coordinates here?

So what is the reference point you go to? Ah, yes, okay, I think I got it. You got ta do this sign here, then you go to the no. I would really like to solve this one, not randomly but um where’s, the starting point, where’s, the reference point where I can use the sequence Circle, so North North means sloped in this position. Now I don’t know upright position and then you move to okay.

This must be this one, because maybe me North means this sign, and then you go to the circle, which seems to be this one another time over here. What does this mean then, to the square so north south north south? So you need to go up down up down, probably through the maze I think. First, I need to get back into the initial position because I’m currently not in the starting position here here. I would need to close it down.

Um, oh I’m through. I got it. No idea how oh there’s a little gift would foreign instructions. Oh okay, here is the maze inside you see where it was running and how to assemble it is so. I need to remove the plug, insert the ball and pluck so.

There is a plug down here, but there is no metal ball inside the metal wall. Let me just check this out. Is there a magnet or something inside? I don’t know. I don’t understand why I should remove this ball.

There is a ball down here. A steel ball, no idea what why how it get there. I can imagine it maybe came out here of this hole and it’s like as soon as you start rotating it. It gets in this position pulled in here by a magnet or something and remains there forever. But don’t ask me I maybe it closes the path after you make the initial move.

I don’t know: okay use the ball. Put it in here in this hole. It’s quite. It’s a bit complicated. If you ask me: oh okay, I see the trick.

I see the trick okay, so I um you are kept in this Infinity infinite Loop and you can only Escape in by using this ramp. Here you see this ramp. There’s a small straight piece on the top, and you need to use this to slide up and before you drop down again, you need to move to the left and then you can escape okay. This is what I’m gonna try to do. Okay, now it’s I go down all the way, rotate it, and now it’s in the initial condition.

Okay, I have still no idea what this ball is for. You can hear it. I cannot pass this okay. I cannot pass this first. I need to get this ball in two plays on this Magnet or whatever this is.

I just noticed. Maybe it was already solved during shipping now now it’s kept by the magnet. Don’t ask me why, and this is feels a bit random, okay, but as soon as it’s there, I can twist it over this ball and I’ll continue. And now I will start moving through the maze. Don’t ask me about these signs here, but you actually don’t need them.

You only need to go up step by step until you hear, and now you can only move in these Circle conditions, so you can move down over here and then up again. Okay and you need to go to the ramp, where you go down again, like here, slide up the ramp carefully and at the top of the ramp. You can twist it before you drop in and, if you do so, you will end up in this position where you can slide up the ramp and open it up quite interesting for The Maze, but with this ball this is, I think, it’s too difficult to reset To be honest, so and that’s it check out mace, Latvia or mace Elvis, and if you like what you have seen of course, hit the like button subscribe and comment below. Let me know what you think about this puzzle. Let the Creator know about what we think about this puzzle and until next time, keep on puzzling.


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