Solving a $30,000 Puzzle!! – BEST PUZZLE EVER!!

Solving a $30,000 Puzzle!

You have been chosen by our investigation as the heir to this package. Throughout time our firm has been specialized in the safekeeping of sensitive documents and objects of all sorts. 30 years ago, this box was entrusted to us by your grandfather with instructions to keep it safe. We were to deliver this box to him or his heir, when the time came. As your grandfather has passed, the box is yours henceforth.

Do understand, that we respect our client’s privacy and cannot divulge information on how this box arrived in your possession or why he choose to hide it for such a long time.

What’s up guys and welcome back. Today a very special puzzle, the saga continues, saga future meat. So as you know, in part two my grandfather left me a box, I had to solve it. And then this key was left at the end which now apparently is part of this puzzle.

This is made by Labsterium, everything they do is pretty much crazy. One difference today that you’re gonna notice is that I’m wearing a GoPro, this camera for this angle, I got that camera, but we’re gonna be looking through the eyes of the GoPro we’re shooting 4k.

So hopefully we get all the footage that you guys require. First things first, this is the letter that we read in the intro talking about how he was part of this type of culture something, that’s all we know. Now let’s take a look here we got this side and oh, we got a key here. I’ll just give you guys a little 360 here. And by the way, you can see my entire office right now, it’s so wide.


So you got Antoine over there, if anything goes wrong Antoine is gonna be there to help me sort it out, if the puzzle decides to malfunction. We’ve got a button here, we’ve got what looks like a family tree. “By their names you shall know their order,” Okay, and chest piece, you’ve got a little bunny here. You’ve got a symbol, you got this here, it says something there. We got this, another symbol, more buttons over here.

Here we are, another Knight, more Knights with keys in their hand. The bunny playing chess was so many things to look at, plus this diagram on the top, which I guess I’ll have to solve as well.


But let’s start with this, let’s start with the key, I think this is where it all begins ’cause that’s where we left off. Ooh, ooh, look at this. Look at this Seems to move, we’ll leave that there for now.

We’ve got this little diagram. It says this is the place where I found this mysterious box, this place here. There might be some clues to look at here. Oh, there’s numbers, you see that one, two, three, and four. And there are four switches here.

So let’s do that first, one, two, three, and four. And we got it, very nice. Something’s happening. Whoa! Over on this I wanna make sure we don’t twist this puzzle too much.

Lugs kind of yanking on it and we don’t want this unplug. So we’ve got these lights going around, we’ve got buttons.


Okay, so we’ve gotta figure out the sequence here in order for the buttons to, in order for the lights so I’ll just do this until I find it. There we go, we got one. Wow, okay, this is gonna take forever, if we have to find it ’cause I’m guessing if I press another one, yeah, they go away, okay.

So we got one, is there a simpler way to find the order here? This looks like this by the way but it doesn’t really help us. Oh, unless it’s those ones at the top that are missing ’cause that seems to be the case here.


Oh, we got two. And no, it’s gonna take us a very long time to figure this out, I’m sure there’s a system here ’cause other than that, it’s just a game of memory, so let’s have a look around.

See if we can find any clues here. Maybe on this, the same diagram, so this diagram keeps popping up everywhere. Oh, it’s this, it must be this, Can I take this out? Is playing like a little beat. So some of these pegs are coming out, I think all of them are.

Yeah, I just gotta pull on them. Okay, oh. It’s a button. That dose nothing. Okay, maybe this is the diagram we need however, maybe there’s another diagram that’ll help me.

Oh, these things slide open as well, and they slide both ways, oh great. Okay, that does not look like fun.


We’ll take care of you later. How cool is this, by the way, very cool. That’s how cool.

Is that okay, I didn’t break it. These come off. – Yeah. – They’re supposed to? – Hmm.

– Oh my God, I was so scared. I looked over at Antoine in horror. Okay, so we have these little pegs as well, we’ve got to play somewhere I’m guessing.


Because I literally spend all my time doing this diagram but I feel like that’s not what they want me to do. Is there any?

These look like they move. Hello? “Once upon a time, there were two men, Knight and Poet. “One had no thought while the other wondered ceaselessly. ‘The Knight died before the seventh seal had broken, “yet the man who had known of life a half past merrily.



“As the poet stood pondering at the midnight gate “he did not see riding toward him for…” This is a poem and there are numbers in here and that’s what it is. And what’s this?

All right, we’ll get to this in a second. Oh my God, so many things to discover. This is it, this is what I’ve been looking for. Here we go. “So once upon a time, there were two men, “Knight and poet, one had no thought.

” So it’s almost like two, one. So if this is two and this is one, okay.


Two, this is actually a genius, so this is it. One, okay, “Knight and Poet one had no thought “while the other wondered ceaselessly, “Knight died before the seventh seal broken.” So one, two, seven, so this one here.

Yes, oh, this is so dope. “Yet the man who had known of a half life, “of life a half past merrily.” Life, half. Okay, “As the Poet stood pondering at the midnight gate,” Midnights up here. Okay, so we missed one here and then this one.

“No thought while the other one wondered ceaselessly, “Knight died before the seventh seal had broken, “yet the man who had known of life a half past merrily,” What does that mean, life a half? Is that like six, ’cause six half a 12. So that’s one, two, three, four, five, six, six is right there. It’s gotta be it, yes. So midnight now.

Yes, four horseman. Yes, quarter, nor quarter. Quarter is three. No, ah, two, one, seven, 12, wait two, one, seven, six, 12.


“The man who had known of a half-life past merrily “as the poet stood pondering the midnight gate.

“He did not see riding towards him four horsemen.” So that’s four now, that’s one, two, three, four, that one there. “Four horsemen doue “it is no good thing being too,” No “Being too removed from one.” Two remove from one is negative one. That’d be 11.

If one’s here, two removed is 11. Yes, oh my God. And then the quarter past this hour, is it, okay, I’m guessing that’s three. So we’re gonna go for a, hopefully it’s three. Yes.

(Bell ringing) Okay, this is so cool. We’ve illuminated this light right here. The sound of a church bell has rung. Here we are now. That’s locked and we have this.



We have two holes here, which look like they fit those little pegs that we got and we got a die, oh my God, this is, let’s read it. “I’m writing this letter in case this box, “doesn’t find me back. “Whomever merits it, I hope you prove yourself “clever than me. “There are things hidden here that I haven’t found yet, “I will share what I know in the hope it is some use to you.


“This box is some kind of machine “and I believe it holds some sort of secret or item “belonging to the society of Argus.

“Now the society itself, I do not know much about “apart from the fact that it’s supposedly an order “of a cultist specialized in divination founded “in the middle ages. “I have been receiving threatening mail lately “and my assistant Pat is worried about a masked person “she has seen creeping around our yard. “Her security and my children’s “comes before everything else. “So I guess I will have to postpone opening this box, “I hope someone, if it can’t be me “we’ll find a way to crack it’s secrets.” First of all, it’s a letter sus, okay I’m just looking, so we have this.

We have this diagram here which corresponds to the letters that are there.


Okay, we’ve had these dials. We’ll open this. We also have those pegs, these pegs. I don’t know if I should be doing this, but oh, oh, oh, oh, something’s happening, I’m pushing something.

I’m pushing something. Something’s happening. Oh, there’s a drawer. Oh my God. Oh my God.

We have a little tablet here that will give us quotes. Are you seeing this? This is insane. Okay, we have chess pieces, which are magnetised that have symbols. And we have this box in which we have a small ball, and we have this, ooh.

“Now my eyes are yours.” What does that mean? “Now my eyes are yours.” We’re taking a look at the, there so many things to do right now, I’m quite confused.


Okay, it looks, I don’t know.

I’m just trying to find something that will trigger this augmented reality here to start. We’ve got this thing. Oh, this is so cool. This is actually insane. Why is there a hand and a trumpet pointing?

Oh there’s trumpets here. There’s a trumpet there, everybody’s got a trumpet, “My eyes are now yours.” Let me know in the comments, what you guys would do right now, I’m kinda stuck.


Okay, so we have this as well, it’s got a hole in it. Okay, we’ll leave that here for now.

Let’s open this letter that we got. Leave a like if you haven’t already, by the way. “Initiate of the Oculus, “you are reading this, good you have passed “the first of your trials. “You are under orders never to talk about them “to other initiates. “And of course even less outsiders the society.

” Well, we broke that rule, didn’t we. “This machine is not to leave our headquarters, “I should not have to explain to you what the eye of Argus “you’ll find with this letter does.” There are symbols here. I am going to take this and scan the symbols. I don’t know what to do with this augmented reality thing.

This tablet, this eye of Argus yet but we have this, which has letters. P, F, L, U. We have this here, which gives us some kind of cipher as a button, which does nothing. Button does nothing. Button does nothing.

It’s gotta be this and this and that.


I don’t know. (laughing) Oh man, this is insane, this is actually insane. Oh, hold on, there’s like some type of beat. Get out of here, no freaking way.

Look what he’s holding. Look what they gave me. How do I know where to hit it, How many things are there? One, two, three, four. Is it these things here?

Oh, I have to bang it there.


Ready, here we go. ‘Cause there was a beat playing. I’m guessing I have to follow that beat. Oh, okay, hold on.

Whoa! The second light lit up. Ah, this is crazy. All right, next step, let’s go. So we have this though, even though there’s nothing on this screen, there is a pattern here with like a constellation and clouds.

There clouds here. That buttons still doesn’t have, so many buttons all around. This button. These buttons do nothing. We’ve got one, two, three, and four.

Okay, here we’ve got four dots here too. (upbeat music) So one thing if you notice here is these stars are on lines, two, three, two, two. There are four lines of stars. There are four buttons and those buttons are at four different heights. This one being the highest, then this one, then this one and this one.

So one, two, three, four. So it would be two, one, two the lowest one being this one, four. (laughing) That is insane. We have a letter, A. (laughing) I’m freaking out.

Okay, so the A, we must place on the A somewhere.


Is there an A, we’re on this, no. This is by far the coolest puzzle I’ve ever solved, hands down right now I’m telling you this is it. There is no question. So I’m looking for it, that’s an actual boom box.

What the hell? Some time travel stuff going on here. Okay, we’ll leave this aside for now, we’ll get back to that. We still have this to decode. There’s a word here we’re looking for.

We’re looking for a word, a four letter word. Oh, the letters are here. P, F, L, U. Oh, right here, so you have four letters, one, two, three, four, and we have four positioning. So the first one here has to be P which is the line.

F is here, which is actually it could be the line or it could be the double line, F is, oh, is it a mixture of both? It’s a mixture of both PF, oh, it’s a mixture of both. So it takes both the symbols together. So P is this one with an arrow, so this one.


And you would be these two.

Wait, use over here, sorry, use over there. L is two lines and the dot, this one. Yes, oh, it was that one. We got another chest piece and we have a little Knight in there, wait, does this go here, no. Okay, we’ve got another chess piece, we’ve got three chess pieces.

That’s a Knight, we’ve got the king and queen. All right, let’s… We’ve got three of these lights lit up.

I think we need all four, but let’s try and solve the top, maybe that’ll give us the letter here. So this top part’s pretty cool looking actually. (suspense music) Doesn’t seem to make sense really. Oh, there we go, that fits, is exactly like the room game, that fits. I’ve got to line it up to the middle, so that it lines up but not.



Oh, I got to find the A maybe because this middle piece I don’t think makes a full image but I do think it, oh, you got these dots too, that need to be aligned maybe. Like that, there’s so many little hints here, that looks correct. ‘Cause let’s make this thing here, this one here.

That’s correct. And now that one, (upbeat music) that one, that’s an A, that’s an A. (chuckles) Now we’re looking for an R. Oh my God, this is cool. It’s gonna spell Argus guaranteed.

Now we can look for the letter R, it’s very hard to see. It’s so confusing, we can look for the letter R, this looks like an R. This is like the start of R here actually this piece here, this is really clever, like insanely clever. It doesn’t look like it’s, well, maybe this over here. Okay, this corner.

Boom, boom, oh, but they have to line up to the middle. Okay, so far we’ve got like the rough shape of an R here.


We just need to find where that middle lies. What are we missing? We’re missing a small corner, here it is.

(upbeat music) Now, it looks like it. Oh, wait, the outer part. There, that is now an R. Yes G, now we need G, oh my God. So again, it has to be in the middle somewhere.

They went all out on this one, they really did. What does that G look like, it looks like that, okay. It’s really hard to see. It’s just hurting my eyes right now. G, G, G, G, G.

Where would that start? Oh, here, there’s like a corner here. That corner looks like it could be heart of the G, because if you look at the G it looks like that. And so that corner that’s there, looks like that. No, that’s the R, that’s the corner from the R.

So it’s this one right there. That’s a U, that’s gonna be the U for sure, that’s the U. That’s the R, that’s the U, that was the A, this looks like an S.


So this one here, that’s it. This line here is the one we have to fall off that candy cane pattern over here.

Just looking for a small top line. It’s right there, so this all has to shift here, right about there. I’m so lost, it goes like this then it goes there and then it comes here like that.


That is done. Now we’re looking for U.

Let’s go, U I think was the easy one. U, U. Now the S and we had the S, the S was this one here, the big curvy one I think, I think. S. (bell ringing) (laughing) The final chest piece.

This is hot, it is hot in there. Final chest piece. We have all four, and you know what, look at these little triangles on the side here, that’s where they go. The Knight, which is the Knight. No, that’s a rook, this looks like King and Queen pawn, No, that’s a Knight, sorry, and Bishop.

So we gotta look at the symbols here, well the symbols underneath too. I don’t think any of them match up though. No, these symbols do not correspond to those. Okay, that definitely looks like a Bishop. I’ll just randomly put him here and see what happens.

Oh I have to use this. Yes, oh my God, “I have a nickname, “Among my generation was a person of faith,” I mean, clergyman, a priest.


“Among my generation was a person of faith.” A Bishop, obviously a Bishop. “I am uncle to another chosen, okay.

“I am forefather of two other chosen, “I have less than three children. “I have the same as a first degree relative. “One of my in-laws is named Mary.” Oh, that’s this thing the names like they said, okay, hold on. “I have a nickname among my generation “I have a person of faith.

” So father Willfrick and father John but he has a nickname and of my generation which is this line here, it could be this guy, is that his generation or it could be Godfrey, I thing we’ll go with Godfrey.


Godfrey the elder. “I am uncle to another chosen.” That’s pretty broad. “I have the same name as a first degree relative.

“One of my in-laws is named Mary.” Same name, first degree relatives. One of my in-laws is named Mary. We got Mary here, Mary here, Wilhelm can’t be that because that is not. We have Robin and Lady Robin, so the same name and the in law is Mary, Is it that, is the in-law Mary, Same name as a first degree relative, one of my in-laws is named Mary.

So Robin, Robin in laws, oh, in law would be here, ’cause this is a different family. And I have the same name as the first one degree relative. So it’d be one of these two. Well, there’s a Mary here too.


So it could be either one.

It could be either one. “I’m a forefather to two other chosen,” Is that a grandfather? “I have less than three children, I am a forefather.” Oh, I am a forefather. Well, it could be Wilhelm.

“I am an uncle to another chosen.” So if sir Godfrey, so one of them would need to have a sister or a brother. Okay, so even if we have this, what does it help us? How does this help us with the order? I don’t understand how this helps us with anything.

It’s gotta lead up to this crest here. Oh, that guy we have, and that’s an order somewhere. Okay, so that one was that guy. We have a crown. We also have that there too, oh, the order of three and so.

That’s one, no, wait, one would be crown, it would be that, that, so again, these symbols correspond to these, but they can only be placed in a certain order.


So this is there, which means I can have that, I can’t have that symbol. So it has to be either that symbol or the other one. Let’s say it’s that one which means this one would have to be with that. No, no, that one, no.

Oh, if it’s this one and that one, oh, that has to be that one ’cause there’s only one symbol on that. Okay, so that means if that one’s there let’s say we put that one there, this works out, that would have to be with that and then we’re good. All of those work. So now this symbol is this symbol which means the King goes here. This symbol is this one, which is this one would go here.

This symbol is this one, which is this. And this one is this, nothing’s happening. But unless there may be in the wrong order, what does this say? What does this even say? “By there names you shall know their order.

” I’m pretty sure everything’s good here “By their names, you should know there order,” By their names, maybe we’d have to put them in order from top to bottom.


The first one was the crown one. This is really tricky to figure out, the crown one was this one, which is over here. Okay, so let’s take them off here. So they go in the right place.

I just had to maybe place them. So this one would be first ’cause he’s the crown, he’s on top. Yeah, one, the hammer which was the next one is number two, is what we did though. Then we had this one or was it this one first? It was the other one.

It was this one first. So that’s this one now. Oh, hold on, this one’s definitely one by their names and other orders. This was, oh God, I lost them all though.


I think Wilhelm was at the top at the W, so he should not go in first.

We had Robin, we had Everard and Godfrey. E would be ever Everard, that would be first, so it’s this one. So that would be one. This is I’m going out on a limb here, I don’t know if this is.. Godfrey will be two, Godfrey was this guy, which is over here, two. Then we have Wilhelm, which is W. Godfrey, Everard, Wilhelm and Robin who are, so Robin would be next. So it’ll be this and then this. Still not, so Godfrey is one.


And Godfrey was this guy, which is this which is this, so Godfrey is one. Robin would be two. Robin was…No, the GoPro just died for like the fourth time. It keeps dying at this point. So I’m using, I’m gonna use this DSLR to finish this off. So we had one was there and then we needed Robin. Robin which was this symbol, which is that symbol, which was over here.

So that’s Robin. And we said instead of keeping, instead of going with Everard, we’re gonna change his name to Younger, so he’ll be the last one. So the last one is that symbol, so it’s this one.


Get out of here. What!

Is that a severed finger? It’s a secret compartment here, oh there is. Oh, there is a secret compartment with a deck of cards. Joker and the thief playing cards, very nice playing cards. But what is this?

Literally, you got a severed finger here. Oh my God. All right, let’s read the final note before we end this chapter right now. “The initiative, Oculus. “This is the end of your road as a student, “you will soon be knighted and joined the ranks of those “in the know, in the name of your brothers and sisters “allow me to congratulate you.

“You’re now a real member of the society of Argus “thereby gift you Saint Oculon’s Holy signature, “attached and attached knuckle as a proof of your abilities, “please bring this to your initiate master, “not a word to any other.


“Stygia of the Oculus.” I was charging this over here and the tablet says, “Congratulation initiate. “Now your eyes are ours.” It says more.

So, last time we did this, we put this over the deck of cards. “Inside you will find a gift from the future on the card “that looks like you.” This is a seal deck, the severed finger on my desk right now. “Card that looks like you.” What is that?

Oh my God, and you guys can’t see this. That looks something very cool unbelievable. These guys know how to mount mines, look at that thing. What a ride, this has been absolutely insane. I don’t even know where to begin, looks like we’re not done with this story.


Let’s talk about this. Labsterium continues to not only amaze me, impress me, impress the audience that’s watching these videos, that they continue to up the level of quality, of ingenuity and cleverness and all that stuffs into their puzzles. I mean, the fact that I now have this on my desk I don’t know if that makes me happy or worried about what lies in the future from labsterium.


This video was a bit different using the GoPro. I do think that it did offer some insight into the puzzle solving, will I be using that for every puzzle, definitely not, but for the ones that are very complex where there’s a lot going on and I don’t want you to miss anything sometimes stagnant camera angles won’t capture every single little moment.

In this case, we were able to capture, I think most of them. So if you like that, let me know in the comments I am headed out to British Columbia to film a TV show.


We got nine weeks of shooting to do, I’ll be back in the office every now and then to film more videos and upload more videos for you guys. But do you expect some content to come out of the West Coast from me and my friends. On that note, thanks for watching.

Consider subscribing, like this video. We’ll see you on the next piece. (upbeat music).


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