Solving a $40,000 Puzzle!! (The Holy Grail)

Solving a $40,000 Puzzle!! (The Holy Grail)

Can someone get that? Oh man, you scared me. I’ve got your puzzle, uh wow. I thought you were coming later.

How did you know where I was being careful with this? Okay? Thank you. I got it. What the hell is!

This hey me hey: where do you want this whoo here? We are the much anticipated holy grail now. First of all, hope you enjoyed that intro, the longest intro we’ve ever done on this channel uh. 

By far the most work we’ve put into one of these intros special thanks to bonshare caves near ottawa, if you ever looking for a dope place to go cave dwelling, I left the link below this is the work of master, fine furniture craftsman, craig thibodeau and robert Yarger who’s a famous puzzle, crafter I commissioned this about a year and a half ago and uh. It finally showed up the idea that I had for this was I wanted the holy grail of puzzles, the literal holy grail of puzzles, and – and here we are so – the wood here is uh.


The dark wood here is wenge and the other sort of lined wood. Here is machor mccor mackor, so very rare uh woods hard to work with beautiful pristine jobs. It’S also sort of adorned with all of this beautiful brass work. That’S all custom-made as well, and the chalice here in the middle. The grail is, I believe, made of steel made in Italy, and here you go.

This is it. This is what forty 000 of puzzle looks like by far the most expensive and probably the greatest puzzle to ever be solved on youtube uh, I’m rather I’m rather excited. I don’t want to just get into it right away, because i’ve been waiting so long for this. We got multiple angles by the way we got over the shoulder. I’m gonna be grabbing this one.


If we need any close-ups of anything, we got the gopro as well as we got this main camera here so uh. If you, if you’re willing to drop a like right now, maybe just comment, maybe tell some friends to get this trending. That would help me a lot to help pay, for this puzzle would mean, would mean the world to me uh, so do that, if you can also, if you guys, would like to see how this was made, I’m going to do a follow-up video in the next Couple days, it’s basically going to show a little bit of the inner mechanics a lot of the inner mechanics, we’re going to go into detail. How this is made, we’re going to talk to Craig and we’ll uh. We’Ll give you some more info about this puzzle, because today it’s all about the solution, so we’ve found the holy grail.


We’Ve brought it back and now it’s time to get this thing going. Oh so there’s one feature in this that I asked Craig to include. It was the only thing I asked to include when you lifted the bell jar. I wanted the chalice to retract into the puzzle. That’S all I asked for.


I don’t know if Craig also gave me one clue. He said without this clue he’s not sure I’d be able to manage uh. He said uh 90 degrees four times. That was the clue, 90 degrees four times. That’S all we got, that’s all I know here we go.


Are we rolling? Are we rolling here? We go, this is it oh, my god that was awesome, didn’t even make a sound. That was like wow, nothing to be seen here. Wow all right, I’m going to put this aside so, as you can see on the top here, you’ve got these pieces of wood that just came in and sort of closed off, close it off and now we’ve got to go, get the grail uh, okay.


So what I’m thinking is these brass things here. Some of them probably have to uh have to shift we’re just gonna go around the puzzle here and if I find anything of interest all right, so this whole part shifts here a little bit. Oh, watch this. So that goes in you got like a button here. This is well seems to oh, oh hello, hello.


We’ve got a little uh little piece of brass that came off. It looks to be like a lever of some sort – this interior, here’s a bit wiggly, there’s something here, this lever, there’s like a switch here. Oh there’s a button, there’s a button. Maybe if I can push the button. Ah, okay, I’ve unlocked something.


There’S a small button in here that I had to push and then turn on the back side here. Looking at the oh here we go. What i’ve just discovered is that, right here, this thing pushes in not sure, oh, not sure what that does so it pushes in. But oh, I feel like this can slide over this little bit. I feel like this can slide when that’s pushed in, I’m not sure.


Yet not sure what that does. I know that over here, so we got this piece out. This is the piece that we uh we got out of there and then here was the little. There was a small button that we had to press, which is up here, and we had to turn this uh. This knob is pretty dark.


You can’t see that so far, we’ve got a few things. Moving, we’ve clicked something. This thing here tends to almost rotate. I’m thinking this button might be connected to something else. It’S so well made that it’s virtually seamless like any any type of like uh any type of clue or seam is just hidden in the craftsmanship, which makes it that much more uh inconspicuous see this one.


Here is loose this little brass. Oh this one slides up. Okay, there we go. We got something here: okay, oh hello, hello. What is this?


It’S a key! Oh look at that. That is cool. Okay, we’ve got a key wow uh, there’s a hole down here. Maybe now what could this key be?


For? What could this key be, for these corners want to come out they all like nudge ever so slightly. I can’t uh. I can’t seem to move them more than just wiggle them around, like you can hear them wiggling and there’s a reason they wiggle. Otherwise they wouldn’t wiggle.


These ones don’t move at all. So we have corners on these sides on the bottom, the little brass parts they don’t move at all, but the ones that are over on this side. They tend to move. What is this key? Give us?


It’S a square key okay, put a little light down in the front, so you can see a little bit more what’s going on here now this part here this pushes in a little bit now. If I push this in, I can slightly shift that to the side which stops that from coming back out a little bit then over here, I can pull this out just a tiny bit like ever so slightly just like that, and then that leads me over here To where this one, I can just slightly move it over to the right just watch, that’s it this whole part in the front um looks like it wants to shift outwards almost like a drawer or some cat, some type of little compartment here, that’s where I’m at With that, it’s so subtle these little movements they’re like tiny little movements, so I’m not even sure, if that’s what I’m supposed to do here. What’S that key for this one looks like it moves too. I didn’t move that one before I thought. There’S got to be something to do with this, I’m at a loss, kind of stuck right.


Now, it’s not uh. Nothing moves anymore, nothing uh, nothing moves enough for me to do anything and there’s little levers and little buttons, but they don’t go anywhere. They don’t lead anywhere. This kind of reminds me of when I just finished watching um, one of the greatest movies ever made. Uh national treasure and when he’s in the uh, when he’s in the oval office, I think his national treasure too and he’s playing around the desk and things are popping.


That’S kind of what this reminds me of, except Nicolas Cage will be done by now. You know there’s something to do with this compartment here. It shifts a little these little pieces shift ever so slightly. Oh, oh, okay! That just shifted the foot here, just shifted.


What does that do? Okay, that came out! That’S cool! Oh now! This thing shifted all the way over.


This comes out. Let’S go to this corner here. Just came out, I feel like it wants to turn okay, so this thing comes out. This thing moved over. Oh, we got like a button here.


Oh oh hello, look at this! We found another part of the key check this out, ah check this out. We now have a look at that key. There’s a little hole in there. Oh that’s the clue, 90 degrees four times, that’s two okay. That seems like it’s at the end of it.


So wow come on. How amazing is that here is the holy grail, very solid, very heavy and underneath we’ve got a little bag of coins. Now this is uh. This is Craig’s signature coins, craig and uh, craig and uh, and robert yarger. So you got the uh.


You got the stick: man coin there, which is robert yarder’s coin, and then you have cut fine furniture which is uh craig thibodeau. First of all, I’m really really intrigued to see the inside mechanisms of this uh, so underneath what we’re left with is a key, and this key here actually opens the door which antoine has seen, and we have not seen yet so it opens this door and it Shows you exactly how the mechanism is made uh if that’s something you’re into stay tuned for the next video we’re not going to be opening it now, I’m going to do a whole separate video on the mechanisms of this and show you guys how interesting it is Because I think it deserves its own video, but for now what I really want to do is I want to put everything back and I want to go through the solve from a to zed in one fell swoop, for you guys alright so now moment of Truth, this is locked into position. How cool is that? That’S pretty magical, that’s pretty magical first thing is first, what we’re gonna do we have this which doesn’t open here. It opens here right so that lifts up that slide in that slide in this opening.


We have a key one key now we come down here boom. This can come out that moves out over here boom that comes out now that we’re in that position uh we need the second key, which is here push this in here. Pulling this out gives us the second part of the key which we assemble. This key then goes in here. Can you see in there all right?


So the key is in. We turn that now it unlocks this now you can hear it’s winding. One. Two three four sounds pretty good wow I mean that’s pretty brilliant. This is entirely mechanical.


There are no electronics in this is one of the reasons it makes it just an impeccable amazing piece normally puzzles of this I mean just even anything. Anything I’ve done in the past just pales in comparison to the ideas behind this. The quality of this, the craftsmanship, obviously but just the r d that went into this is incredible and for it for it to slowly gradually come up like that and for the things to open up for it to come out and then go back down in such A I mean, there’s like a tiny bond in here and it’s everything works. So precisely, it’s really really incredible! So guys, if you guys want to see uh what’s going on in this puzzle, which I highly recommend stay tuned to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe, hit the notification bell to get notified appreciate you guys watching this and uh special thanks to craig and uh robert Yarger for putting this together we’ll be talking a lot more about them.


On the next video we’ll see you then


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