Solving a $500 Pair-o-Dice Puzzle! – So many TOOLS!!

Solving a $500 Pair-o-Dice Puzzle! - So many TOOLS!!

Solving a $500 Pair-o-Dice Puzzle!

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What is up and welcome back today we’re looking at a very cool puzzle that i bought at an auction. This cost me about 500 uh. It is a 3d printed, sequential discovery puzzle called pair a dice. Little little word play there uh. This puzzle was designed by ty, stalli and produced by ryan sinatra.

Basically, the goal here is to find the secret coin. Within these two die. Is it die for multiple dice? One dice two die. I never really liked that.

I’Ll be honest, i always thought that was stupid. I know i’m gon na get a lot of hate in the comments, but i always don’t like it. Don’T like cacti, either just say: cactuses stop making stuff up every time. I say hey hand me those two dice over there. You don’t have to be the person to be like it’s die all right.

Just don’t be that guy just hand me the dice. You know what i’m saying i don’t say hey. Can you get me some ice? I don’t say: can you get me some eye? I think i make a valid point anyways without any further ado like this video subscribe and let’s get into solving the paradigm.

All right here we go we’ll go back. Everybody, as i mentioned, is a sequential discovery puzzle, which means there are clues and tools, hidden tools to discover which will need to solve the puzzle. Here are the rules. Your goal is to locate the lucky dice and find the coin, so you can place your bet, but you’ll have to obey the rules. House rules no spinning around.

So no spinning which is okay, security will toss you up for being drunk no banging on the machines. Again, security will toss you out for misbehaving, no external tools. The house will not appreciate it. If you bring your own tool belt, everything you need is provided in front of you and no children. You do not want them.

Picking up. Who knows what off the floor and choking okay? So first thing we can take this off now. The thing is, i don’t know which one to solve. I don’t know which one to solve first so well there we go we’ll start with this one.

I guess any differences here by the way, so some of these have little money symbols on them, as you can see, and some of them do not that’s pretty much all we’re given here. Oh there’s like a tool here, hello. How do we get that out? This one doesn’t even go to the other side. Interesting looks like there’s a little spot for a tool here as well.

Okay, that now seems to be stuck, and now it’s turning. Okay, i have no idea what’s happening on the inside here. Okay, maybe we just try our luck with this one or not wondering okay, there’s some type of internal maze. I know i have to get this tool. Oh see that little thing it kind of moves in there.

Some of these turn. So i think, maybe if i turn one this one’s got like as soon as i pull on this one. I feel it tugging at this. I want it somehow attached didn’t say no shaking so no spinning and banging. So i think shaking still in this one here see this.

Oh, oh, this one turns okay, so this one here turns and then this one stops. So i think this has to be unscrewed. We shall see – and it looks as though i might be right or maybe this one has to be unscrewed. Maybe i need a tool to unscrew this, however tricky tricky. Maybe this comes out the other side, though maybe that’s what it is.

How do i get it back in there? Oh, it does come out the other side. Okay, no, okay, there’s something loose in there as well. Guessing that’s the pin, oh so the pin probably gets like stuck up there. Somehow this one that is here doesn’t seem to do anything huh.

It’S really this one wiggles a bit and then this one turned, and none of the other ones do anything on this. So my guess is that i probably need a tool to start dabbling in this. One i’m guessing that tools right there. Unless there are more tools, it’s definitely a gravity thing this one. Oh, that came out a little bit or did it was it always like that did not start a timer.

It’S been seven minutes so far. So, let’s just add that to the total time start my stopwatch is this: would this be considered an external tool? Probably right, yeah, i’m guessing i’m guessing it’s an external tool. Okay, that’s really far out now crazy that the first step is taking me this long. This is any indication if this is any indication of where this puzzle is going.

We might be here for a little while aha got myself a tool, got myself a tool. Now, does this one have to come out, or can i just leave it in in there? Like that, oh it was here: yeah, okay, nice. Ah, let’s go okay! That one was screwed into that one, oh screwed into this one here, there’s a little pin there as you can see a little sneaky little pin get back down there.

You see that sneaky little pin. Okay, that being said, is this now something i can use? Oh look at that pin it’s all the way up now. Okay, maybe i can move something else now that that pins out of the way it does seem to come out a little bit more than it did before. Just push on this hmm, this one has a round hole.

It’S not square comes out a little bit more. Aha, it’s magnetized, it is magnetized. Do we have a magnet now very cool yeah? Maybe this is all we need on this side huh. Should we maybe should we maybe travel to the other side here, because we do have this?

Okay, that doesn’t open anything else. Oh there’s a really strong magnetic force right here. There we go clever little bead. Does that come out hello! Bead!

Do you come out? You go in. What do you do there, mr bead? What are you up to okay, there’s another magnet here, wait! Aha to be there, what are those for them?

What are those for that magnet? The other side of that magnet, that was, there, is actually holding that rod into place, and i’m not sure if we’re supposed to hold that rod into place. I kind of want to get in there and move the rod, but there’s no way of getting in there. Oh, i can’t push this one in because of that rod. That’S there can i there’s absolutely no way.

Am i supposed to circumvent that rod because you can see this one, you can’t see, but this one this one here wants to go through here and push uh push in as you can see that rod dancing around but that rod stuck to the magnet. So, what’s the uh? What’S the solution here? What do we do? What are these for?

Oh wait. It’S attached to the rod now this comes out, ha ha. Okay, oh and now i can. I can push it in all the way is that good? Do i need to push it in or i need to pull it out, pushing it in with the right call?

Okay, so we’ve got another magnet here. We’Ve got two now, maybe this and this maybe this i don’t know i don’t know. Oh all right that just fell out wait. Oh jesus, the dice came out. I’Ve got two miniature dice that came out they in here.

What is this? What is this tool? What is this tool? Look at this tool. It’S just uh.

I don’t know what it’s for. I don’t know what that’s for okay. Am i done with this cube? Please, sir, am i done with this cube, so my little dice? What do you do?

What do we do with the miniature dice? Do they fit in the squares they do not they do not. There’S one square: that’s a little bit like like that, one that one’s completely scuffed up. What am i doing? What am i supposed to do here?

Oh wait. This opens up this opens up. Does this one open up this one does not open up. I don’t think this one certainly opens up, there’s something preventing it from opening. Okay, this is the latest tool we were given.

I don’t know if it just. I don’t know like why we were given this tool at all, making zero sense to me right now, um. Where would this go? Maybe this wasn’t actually meant for the squares. Maybe it was meant for those little dollar signs there there’s like.

Ah, ah, oh yes, actually, let’s go because there’s nothing in there and what is this for this open up? Why would this is completely irrelevant? There’S nothing in there! Oh wait is there? Ah, it’s one of the things preventing it from ah okay, so i need to find the other ones that are blocking it, not that one, some of them have like a wider s.

Symbol, like you notice here, like the line that passes through, is super thin versus this one, which was like chewed up and eaten out, as you can see, hold on. Oh no, oh, i busted a little part off of it very fragile. I guess i don’t know. I keep breaking those, oh my god, it worked once. Why?

Wouldn’T it work again? What did that give us it? It just made it so that this one could maybe open right, because where was it here, it was going all the way through i’m guessing there’s another one. That’S going all the way through maybe from the other side like that, would make a lot of sense but and again just going through all my tools, one at a time. I don’t think anything’s really helping oh wait.

Does that screw in somewhere wait a minute! Wait! A minute this holds a little bit bigger like this. This hole goes a little bit deeper than this one. Here i don’t know which one of them is sus this one as well as deep, they’re all kind of deep, except for this one.

So maybe this is the outlier, so many tools right now look at all this. How much time we on almost half an hour, maybe i’m missing a tool. Maybe i’m missing a tool somewhere pretty sure this one has to screw into some place. Why else would they put round holes everywhere? You know what i mean: nope like the square, one doesn’t fit in any of them.

This one turns a little bit this one as well. They all kind of wiggle a bit something up with this one. It’S not deep. It’S weird, but it’s also not magnetized, so i don’t know what to do about that. There’S a pin, because if i push this, it goes deeper.

This one has to be unscrewed. Yes, yes, yes, let’s go! Oh my goodness! Oh, my goodness, all right now we’ve got another pin. I think blocking this from exiting wait.

Can i just oh that came out nice, oh i’m so close. I am so close right now. Hmm, this pin here seems to be preventing everything from because if i turn it that pin gets retracted. So there’s something attached to this. Pin yeah something’s happening with this, pin, that’s preventing it.

So maybe this pin has to be in the proper orientation and then i twist it open i’m noticing now that there is a small dip in this rod. You can’t see it there, but there’s a tiny hole. Maybe i have to catch some type of bead there. It is okay, well that was just the this being held in place, i’m guessing! So if that’s holding that in place it’s preventing it from opening, then that needs to clear this side.

Probably, oh, that’s a lot more now, i think. Oh, let’s go! Oh my goodness. Oh there’s my coin thousand dollar chip: let’s go, we got the coin. We got the miniature dice.

Well, we got one of them. Anyways we got the miniature dice wow. That was really difficult. I took uh what did that? Take 41 minutes total.

That’S actually pretty difficult. Now the harder part would be to put everything back together now. Oh that’s what was stopping that earlier and this little thing here, mmm tricky. Ah, so it was a rod that was stopping that that rod was right there and that’s what would prevent it from moving side to side. Is that what was going on?

That’S really that is really smart, like ideally, would have to fall into one of those holes right. Would that be enough dip? It would not? Oh yes, it would okay, i see, and then it would screw closed kind of like this. That is the pear.

A dice paradise puzzle by tai stalli, produced by ryan sinatra, art by jared peterson. Look at all these pieces. What an interesting sequential discovery puzzle definitely difficult. I would say level nine. You know a lot of a lot of cool concept in this uh and especially there isn’t so much of an internal maze that is invisible.

Some of it is actually visible, seeing the rods and everything else, i’m not going to lie to you. It’S going to take me probably more time putting this back together and i’m probably going to have to look at the footage just to make sure, because this looks like an absolute nightmare to put back together. If you do not remember the correct order, you get one of the pieces in the wrong places or at the wrong time. It might just prevent you from putting another piece in. You might not realize that until a little bit you know until it’s too late.

So i’m gon na have fun putting this back together, but guys if you enjoyed this video, i would really appreciate it. If you left a like and consider subscribing thanks for watching well hot dang, it better work there we go, that is the paradise puzzle solved uh. What a journey almost an hour long solve, if you consider the seven minutes that we didn’t have the timer at the start, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. That is definitely a difficult puzzle. Wasn’T expecting so many tools.

I don’t think i’ve ever had a sequential discovery puzzle with that many tools uh. That being said, i still have not put it back together and i am very reluctant to and for good reason, anyways guys, thanks for watching once again consider subscribing liking, we’ll see on the next video

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