Solving A Puzzle Filled with TRAPS!! (Genius)

Solving A Puzzle Filled with TRAPS!! (Genius)

Solving A Puzzle Filled with TRAPS!

I challenge my best friend to build me a one-of-a-kind puzzle. This is wes barker, he’s known for building some pretty crazy things over on his channel definitely go check him out last puzzle. He built me was hilarious and he wanted to up the ante on this one. [, Music ], the problem is, i don’t get to see what’s going on in this puzzle, you do so. I will attempt to solve this puzzle completely blind, while you guys see exactly what’s going on on the inside yo, what’s up guys and welcome back okay.

Today, obviously, a very special puzzle – i am extremely excited about. This is a unique one of a kind puzzle box built by none other than my neighbor best friend and co-podcast host at bottom of the barrel, linked below uh wes. Barker wes basically had this idea a long time ago and he said i want to build a puzzle where the audience gets to see what’s going on, but you don’t. I wish immediately intrigued my interest and i was like yes, please, that’s a brilliant idea, underneath this little red velvet cloth, we have whatever monstrosity he’s concocted uh before we get into solving this. Do me a favor and go follow.

Wes go subscribe to him. He’S got a video coming up of how he built this on his channel. You can check it out, probably right now and yeah and like this video and let’s just get into it, you want to come. Take this off. I have no idea what i’m looking at.

Like what you guys are looking at, i’m not allowed to peek on the sides i can stay here. This is about it. Oh wow! This is nice. Good luck!

Oh i’m kind of nervous. Do i just wait through here? Why is there a cold breeze? Why is there a cold breeze? There’S a lock here?

What’S this it’s like some okay, there’s this little peg. I okay there’s a fan here. This is a ring. What okay there’s a fan somewhere – and i know my i’m gon na hit my finger on there. It is oh, i stop it.

That’S right! It’S okay, [, Music, ]! That’S so terrifying! What is this? What ew, i’m really afraid.

There’S like like a small critter in here? Oh, what is that [, Music ] lint? This is lint ugh! Okay! Here we go.

Okay. We got this little tube here. What do we got over here? What is this? The hell is this [ Music ]?

Oh okay, something some tags of some sort here: uh, okay, we’re feeling around! Oh, we got a string here, [, Music, ]! Oh, what does that? Do [ Music ] the hell? Is this a baby hand it’s a baby?

Why is there a baby hand? Wait baby hands have magnets, that’s good, so i need this baby hand to go somewhere, [, Music, ]. Ah, aha, no did i pull this. Ah, what is happening, what what is on my hands right now, this sand? What is this, what is this?

What the hell? Oh my god! Oh what’s this huh? Ah jesus [, Music ] that sounded dangerous. Oh, my god!

This thing’s freaking booby trapped. What is this? What is this, what am i touching here? [ Music ]? Oh [, Music ].

It says no, there’s a red, oh, what the hell is that. Ah, this is purple slime. That’S disgusting, [, Music, ], so disgusting. It says no! I think it means.

Yes, oh my god, this is the worst. What is happening? Oh now, my hands are full. Ah, okay, wait. So there was a hole earlier where you could put a bead through right.

Maybe no that’s where the sand came through all right. That’S where the sand came through this, i pulled there’s a baby hand on this end right here and there’s this [ Music ]. This pin [ Music ]. Is this the mouse trap? What is this sounds like this feels like a mouse trap: oh [, Music.

]. What’S going on, oh, oh there’s, some type of switch mechanism here where’s this lead too [, Music ], the key: oh, no, [, Music, ]! Oh, no, the key where the key go. The hell! Is this thing?

What is this where’s? The key? I dropped the key. That’S bad! I need the key back, that’s the key i needed.

Did i drop it or did it yeah? It dropped 100. It is somewhere here, [, Music, ], ah where’s the lock [ Music ] where’s the stupid baby hand out of the way [ Music ]. Okay, where’s, that lock, where did i have here here? Let’S go: let’s go what is the wrong key [ Music ], as if this isn’t hard enough without slime and sand on my hand here, [, Music ], you just block the keyhole – is the keyhole just full of stuff that i can’t put this in [ Music.

] [, Music ]. This is stupid. Why doesn’t this key fit this salt? Ah, it’s salt. Just imagine something in here like cut me and there’s salt pouring on the wound.

Why doesn’t this fit huh? This should fit. There’S something up here. This isn’t the right key! You hold on to this, for a sec there’ll be another key here, somewhere [ Music ].

What is this, what is this [? Music ] seems phallic. Okay, oh oh, i got another key. This is the right key! Oh and it goes through.

Oh, what the this is stupid can i just use this bend. This drop the other key, we’ll get back to it later. Okay, this has to come here. How does that work? There’S got to be an opening.

There’S got to be an opening somewhere. I just imagine how torturous this is for people watching this at home. There’S a screw here. So that’s the end of that line. [ Music ].

This goes here: [, Music, ], that’s the end of that road, [, Music, ], [, Music ]. It doesn’t come out. [, Music ]. It’S so focused right now, so we’ve got this key. We dropped a key here somewhere that cute.

I should keep it aside: [ Music ]! Oh here, oh, oh, this one comes down to the other one guaranteed. What the hell the hell’s going on. Okay, keep this one aside. I think the key that’s around the uh it’s around this thing here it goes in here.

Yes, no. What how’s that? No for sure, that’s it ah come on all right hold on. You stay there, ah well, where’d that go she’s gone cool cool all right, so we got another one here. Oh this one comes down.

Okay, this one goes with this. Yes, yes, how long did you say this would take me to figure out wes 25 minutes. This is gone too. Okay, so that’s that’s done so we just got this one left where’s, the last key. This is so much fun by the way.

This is like. I feel like i’m on a game, show all right. We got a feel everywhere. What is this thing? This was, i can’t pull it out, but that’s okay.

Oh maybe i put the beads in here. No tell me, no don’t ruin my puzzle, please the hand where’s. The baby hand [ Music, ], okay, that’s not going through there. Is that oh wait. Oh, that was this [ Music ] [, Music ]!

What’S going on okay, this goes through here, but there’s like some type of mechanism, stopping it this mechanism, namely [ Music ]. That has nothing to do with anything. This has to do with everything. So this is inside. The lid comes down here goes through this contraption [ Music ] won’t move [, Music ], and this comes out.

That’S cool all right! Now we use this guarantee. This goes down here: [, Music, ]. Let’S go baby, [, Music ]. What now [ Applause, ] [ Music ]?

What does that say? [ Music ]? What is that i did it? What does it say? Hot dang, let’s go yo?

Is there a bagel, [ Music ] little salty, wait, there’s more! Oh holy cow come on come here. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s more fun for me than it was for you. That was like 20 minutes a little longer longer you should see. What’S in here, oh, i want to have a look hold on.

It’S hilarious! Oh my god! This is weird you! You felt the fan right away, then you kept asking what is this little leafs? That’S, like you just said it was a fan yo.

It felt like i’ve ever knocked. You i’ll, take it yo and you hit all my booby traps. That’S all i cared about. I love it. The salt early, i felt bad for you actual mousetrap chris come here.

I got ta hurt myself. No, no i’ll show you i’ll show you, because i set a mousetrap look underneath here. I set a mousetrap under there for the sound for the sound wow you sick bastard. I just want to scare you. You did great different man.

This was fun buddy thanks for watching my life. If you guys like this video, you appreciate what wes did here. Please go give him a follow. Go subscribe to his channel. Like this video comment below i mean wes.

Honestly, i’ve did himself since your last puzzle. This is so much better thanks man, i like this one and the concept is so genius of the viewers at home. Getting to see the puzzle versus me knocking, i think it’s one of the greatest ideas you’ve ever had i’m impressed by you dude, because, like i try to solve it, knowing where everything is, and i still couldn’t figure out that one mechanism you were stuck in with A baby hand yeah. I couldn’t how do you open that so? But man, this thing is dope.

Thanks for watching we’ll see our next video we’re gon na clean this up, yeah all right, peace,

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