Solving Harry Potter’s Briefcase?! – Escape Puzzle

Solving Harry Potter's Briefcase?! - Escape Puzzle

Solving Harry Potter’s Briefcase?! – Escape Puzzle

Solving Harry Potter’s Briefcase?! – Escape Puzzle

This fantastic beasts escape puzzle was made for Chris Ramsay by the good people at Eco Decor. It is an absolute marvel of craftmanship but with this kind of hand-crafted quality comes a hefty price tag of $2,980

Story: You found strange suitcase, something is making noise and shaking inside, you have to save it, hurry up! Portable suitcase inspired by Fantastic Creatures World.

Theme: fantastic/ fairy tail style, adventure
Duration: 35-45 min
Audience: 10+
Number of players: 1-4 players
Difficulty: medium/hard
Tech. details:

  • There are 9 puzzles inside – 5 with electronics, the rest are mechanical ones.
  • Puzzles are located inside and outside suitcase.
  • Size of suitcase: 60*45*30cm, weight: 17kg
  • Effects: sound, motion and vibration effects
  • Easy charging — just use USB cable
  • Rechargeable battery (built-in), 14h battery lifetime

What will you get?
You receive all necessary parts (including spare parts) plus main suitcase.
We provide you:

  • Main suitcase,
  • All external game elements (including spare parts): magic wand, gears x6, medallions x6, key-holders for maze x6, shawl x2
  • All locks (mechanical and electromagnetic locks) with spare keys
  • Special fast USB charger with necessary cable (110-240v AC input — use anywhere in the world!)
  • Detailed instruction how to operate the game

Transcription from Solving Harry Potter’s Briefcase? Youtube video

My friends, the great gift of your applause, is not for me, It is for yourselves. We came today because of the craving that the old ways serve us no longer. You came today because you crave something new something different. It is said that I hate the magu magic blooms, only in rare souls.

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What’s up and welcome back today, we are looking at something I’ve been looking forward to for a little while now, I’m a big fan of all the harry potter movies, the whole franchise, the fantastic beasts and this this Harry Potter Briefcase. This magical suitcase resembles the suitcase that you’d see in fantastic beasts.

This is an harry potter escape puzzle inspired by that very movie, as you can probably tell by the intro. Let’s get into it. We got one lock right Here: okay, we got these that come undone. How does this one open?

Oh there we go. No, this goes up and down. Oh wait. It goes side to side too. Oh, it’s a combination, lock, okay, we’re looking for clues, we’re looking for clue!

There’s an r here. It’s America, New York city, I’m looking at the little stickers to see if I can find any clue. I don’t think the stickers have to do with anything, there’s nothing under okay. So what’s the uh? What’s the combination of this we got to get in here?

We got a red s here, that’s got to be here, I’m sure it’s here, oh turns. Looking for words hits start. Maybe another word here somewhere turns start turns the. I really don’t know. I mean that doesn’t can’t spell south like that.

Oh turns west. All right start: north east west, northeast west starts north east, west, east south. Let’s try that north uh east west east, south yeah, okay, that took a little longer than I thought it would but we’re in you ready for this. Oh cool okay, so we got some type of labyrinth up here. Uh with this thing, this is cool uh we’ve got a cog wheel with a Hogwarts emblem on it and this I’m guessing.

I guess that’s right, that’s really cool! I love that that it’s interactive and as soon as I do something it makes noise. What’s this escarbatto? Oh, it’s a little magical creature.

It looks like it’s got lines on it. Maybe the lines have something to do with something, maybe a path somewhere. We also got this. We got a combination lock here we got a lock here. This looks like it needs to be lock picked by the way.

I recognize this. These are uh. These are locks that are used for practicing lock picking. We have another combination here and then we have this here. We got these okay, so for now, okay, that symbol was on that cog by the way.

Let’s start with this, let’s start here: okay, this is a maze here right, so we want to. We want to get through the uh. The maze comes down here. This goes here. This goes here and down here up here, uh yep, this way actually yep booms.

What have we here? What is this thing? I don’t know what that is. Oh, maybe here okay. I guess I’ll….

Just this thing, vibrates like crazy. I guess I’ll just leave that on there. For now, it really is uh. Is there any other clue? Are we given any other clue what’s on the back of this?

Maybe is that something escarbotto? What is this guy and what does he want? Hmm, wait this one here: okay, that one just doesn’t come out: huh, I’ll.

Just leave that here I don’t know what that’s doing okay, so we have this symbol. We have the nine and three quarters that was on the box very intriguing, because this no okay. We know that this goes there right. We put this back in there and find a different uh, maybe a different path or something. Nothing else really does anything.

Okay, it’s got to be something if I could find some lock picks. I could definitely open this that doesn’t open either hmm, so the only clue that we really have is this escarbotto fella over here this guy and the lines look like they’re doing something. Oh you know what. Maybe you got to like fold it in a way that gives you a number.

I think, because it looks like there’s like pieces of numbers right. That makes sense. That’s like you guys see what I mean. There’s got to be a way to fold this like here huh you see how that lines up sort of – maybe that’s not a bad idea. Oh wait.

There is a number here. Wait is that 07 feels like that’s a number ah see this line here on the back of it is like drawn in the back of it. It’s not even drawn on this side where there’s these ones are drawn on the front of it. So that tells me there’s a fold there somewhere, like I fold this like this, which then becomes part of this line here, that’s actually looks like it might work, okay, that becomes part of that line. There fold it on that line: good um, oh now we got ta fold this one over here and watch.

These lines connect. That’s actually working out here. These lines are connecting good okay. Now, maybe this line folds or this one this one this one this one. This is the folded line ah, which connects this line.

Ah we’re getting a number and then this one folded wow. How cool is that? That’s actually really cool boom. Okay, that goes here. That’s a four that might be a two yep see if that goes there.

That’s a two wow. How cool is that that I’ve never seen something like that? That’s a two! That’s a four and that’s a five. Four two boom baby.

Let’s go! That’s huge! That’s probably this here, five, four, two yep, okay, there’s a little cauldron in there. I don’t know if you guys can see that it’s a little cauldron bubbling and in here, okay, whoa that just popped open. That is wild.

All right. We got these keys. There we go, we got lock, picks knew we’d have lock picks. We’ve got another set of keys, so many keys whatever these wires are: oh, my god, so many of these wires, more lock, picks, maybe they’re all part of the lock picking kit and we’ve got what looks to be a magic wand. That also has a key inside of it: okay,

The hell did I just do. Ah, let’s get these aside here, so many so many items so looks like the magic wand. Uh. We got an owl here. We got a cauldron, but the first thing we had was the symbol, so we had the Hogwarts symbol, the cauldron, the owl and it’s probably more simple.

Aha, because I already touched it twice, so there’s probably more symbols that we have to. That is really cool and we got us. We got a secret key here as well. That is really cool ooh. I, like this escape game quite a bit quite a bit very, very, very cool, okay um.

So we got all these keys and we got all these lock. I think we’re just going to go ahead and lock pick give you a little 101 on how to lock pick here uh. We need one that’s going to act as an anchor and one that’s going to be a rake, and I think the rake looks like this. As you can see, it has like a little rake on the end of it, because we need one attention. Rod like one that keeps the tension on oh got it whoo these anymore, my goodness good thing.

This was an actual heist or something what’s in here. Oh great, more keys, oh, but we have one of these little buttons. Also on this side, there’s like a slot here. I don’t know a little slot on the side, maybe just for the lock or something yeah. Now we’re looking for a combination for this bad boy right, that’s the next step, and we have one two three sets of keys here without a lock in which to put the keys in we’re gonna need some type of combination here, and they didn’t give us A little picture on this one, no picture, there’s a number here.

It says: 861. Oh, it says 861 on this key. I don’t really feel like that’s a combination to that eight six one. This says: eight one, eight! Oh yeah!

I think those are just random numbers for the keys, eight four and there’s a magnet here. It’s a pretty strong magnet, actually wait, there’s a magnet here. Oh it’s, a hat, there’s a hat under this one. Okay, so we had hold on. We had the crest, the owl, the cauldron, the hat, nine, three quarters so we’re missing one symbol: we had the nine three quarters on the box, so I don’t think cause the nine three quarters was on the box here right here, but that’s got to be part of it.

That’s got ta, be part of it because it’s written the exact same way. I definitely think it’s part of it. So maybe we’ve got the order mixed up. Nine three quarters: Yes, let’s go!

Oh, there goes the keys, and this goes here: mirror mirror on the wall. We have a mirror in a box that didn’t rhyme, but that’s okay, okay! So yes, one! Where are my keys at two? Don’t know why there’s so many keys?

Three and four okay they’re all unlocked they’re all unlocked, but now what now we have a mirror? What the hell is going on? What do we need a mirror, for we have nothing left, okay? Yes, we do. We have a box here.

We got a box here. We got one of these things left. Everything else has been used. Does the order in which the keys open make a difference, because the order in which the keys open make a difference? I’M looking for hints for this keys and I believe there might be a sequence here.

I don’t know what the sequence is, but these keys definitely have a sequence. I’M looking for over something number 906

There’s numbers on the keys. I don’t think that matters. I don’t know if that’s that might just be a coincidence. Honestly, 1861.

that’s what’s written on the key! Hmm! Ah, what about this right here? Have you guys been staring at that? The whole time by the way is that why you guys get so angry at me in the comments, because you’re seeing things that I’m not seeing like you guys, are getting a whole vision on everything I’m looking at like this is my vision right now doing this.

That’s what I’m seeing right now when you’re looking at things, you look at things like this. You don’t see everything all at once, like I’m, not a chameleon with the eyes and the sides of my head. It’s just you know what I mean, so you guys might have seen this earlier. Shouting it out good for you good, find actually good for you. So what that means is that’s pretty simple!

That’s gonna go there Okay! Now what Oh, can you guys see that in there 37 27 25? Oh 25, 27.

37 yeah What’s in here, ah the final puck Oh we saved our little beast friend: wait. Is he stuck there we go.

We’ve saved our little beast friend, but he looks like he’s uh stuck in a hole down there. So we’re gonna leave him there, but that is the end of this dude. This is so cool. No lie like this mirror bit actually like freaked me out for a second, it’s like a one-way mirror had some really cool elements. The wand waving was really dope.

Keys were okay, all in all so much fun and definitely fun for uh anyone who’s a harry potter fan. I think this is a really cool game. What do you guys think leave a comment leave a like below? If you did enjoy this uh, maybe tag a friend that you’d uh solve this with. I don’t know time to clean this up.

We’ve solved the Harry Potter Briefcase escape puzzle over here at Hogwarts, guys, uh thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you guys on the next video


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