Solving The ANCIENT Mayan Sundial Puzzle!!

Solving The ANCIENT Mayan Sundial Puzzle

Today I am so excited to attempt a solve on the Sundial Puzzle box by Jesse Born. This thing looks AWESOME!

So, under this hat new hat by the way is gonna drop soon. I have a wine glass and in that wine glass i’ll, let you take a peek. I have a single playing card. You see that single playing card in the wine glass, but if I just give the hat a shake, it is now a different playing card. I can do that again and it’s back to the six of spades ready back to the ten of hearts.


Now there’s this completely impossible puzzle, like I mean, there’s no way that I should be able to do that. What do you mean turn the glass around? What do you mean? I was just turning the glass that doesn’t make any sense.


How does that make any sense? No, I said there was a single playing card in this glass. Let’S get into the video baby yo. What’S up and welcome back today, a very exciting puzzle. Look at this beautiful, absolutely gorgeous puzzle box.

This looks like an ancient puzzle box from like the mayans um jesse bourne he’s a really really good puzzle, crafter uh. So this is number two of three. He had three puzzles in this series that he’s gonna make in the voyager series number one being the sea chest number two being this one, the sundial, which is amazing. It has a beautiful little gem in the middle and number three is the alien which we’ve not seen yet there’s only 400 of these. This one’s numbered 102 of 400 


It’s a sequential discovery puzzle, meaning there will be tools in this puzzle.


Boxes that’ll help us to solve it once we find all the clues and solve all the riddles and that type of thing. So if you’re excited for this as much as I am , leave a comment without any further ado, let’s solve the sundial puzzle all right. Well, here we have it. This thing is beautiful. As you can see, I mean it literally looks like an ancient mayan relic.


Uh Jesse did a great job with every puzzle he creates, he gets better and better. They get more and more interesting. Now there are a ton of symbols everywhere and not only like i mean because this thing moves underneath as well. The outer ring here moves; these parts seem to be not connected and then on. The outside you’ve got some engravings, which I don’t know if those will help us and then upside down on this side, you’ve also got stuff, and then on the inside of this sort of tube, you also have more engravings.


We got like a cool gemstone here which I suppose we have to get out eventually um, so I think we could line these up in some way. Let me have a look here: I’m gonna line these up somewhere because there’s this as well. Oh so these things here, it’s kind of hard to see, but you’ve got some. What looks like one, two, three, six, seven, eight. Okay.


So a line means five. You can see what i’m what i mean here. There’S, like the circles, go from one to four and then there’s a line, there’s a line of circles. That must be six, so that gives us something we start at one put that to one. Maybe one goes up here: huh huh, so this middle part is not sure what to do here.


Oh, oh, this moves as well how cool it looks like the only panel that actually moves here. Oh and there’s like a secret compartment right here. Oh and oh look at that. The button whoa that was an oh jeez, what how sick is that? What is it there’s a little thing in here that is the coolest there’s symbols in there as well, and what looks to be like right here.


I got a little light here. It looks like this tool that I have here and it’s giving me some other engravings on the top and on this side and on the bottom. First, let’s uh, let us open this little little letter we got that is so cool here we go. This is amazing to all who wish to possess, to pos, to passeth, sorry to all who wishes to pass this passeth this way to recover the gemstone? The jaguar to slay i’ve stowed this note last, the lest thee, should die by the scorpion’s poison and perish as i, the spear shall aid thee in thy quest to double the power of the sea chest so to recover the gemstone, the jaguar i have to slay.


I have to slay the jaguar to recover the gemstone I’ve stowed. This note, lest these should die by the scorpion’s poison and perish as if he died by the scorpions poison and then the spiritual aid me in my quest double the power of the sea. Chest so first we gotta slay, the dragon okay. This is, I am here for all of this. This is absolutely I’m already ex, like so ecstatic and taken aback by the mechanics that just happened here: wow, okay, amazing.


This is going to help me somehow. This is going to help me slay, something maybe the jaguar, so the image that i get here, let’s have a look at that inside it’s a little wonky, not sure exactly what i’m looking at there’s some leaves there not sure what those are. Ah, there’s like jaguar markings there. There seems to be a hole. This is all very exciting. Oh there’s a hole here.


Oh that’s meant to sort of turn and there’s a hole under here. You have to line those two holes up. No, they don’t even line up. I don’t think, oh look at that, so if i go here and spin it around it all of a sudden drops into its separate hole, see if that happens over here too now, i’m in a hole here, something here, something’s happening down here, slay that jaguar where’s, The jaguar, by the way, this is incredible, i’m having so much fun. This literally feels like oh, this is so cool, so it feels like I can go a little lower here in this section.


Then it stops there for what reason I don’t know, there’s also the hole that’s underneath, so maybe I gotta like now go from underneath another place. I can place this spear doesn’t look like it but again here we have this hole right there. That sort of only pushes the inner layer, but that inner layer is sort of blocked here, and i have this hole that i can go from here to here in that’s about it there to there and it stops otherwise. This gets raised and it goes all the way around now. What does that mean?


What does this section represent here? I’M sure I gotta line this up with something else. Somehow, maybe we have to match this picture and the outer ring maybe and there’s also these symbols here – that we don’t know how to use yet it’s really interesting. So what’s that on? Okay, so over here i’m going to wet my finger, so you can see that a little better right there, these two symbols here they seem to appear.


I think they are the same two symbols there. Well, I thought they were the same symbols. Oh, they have like numbers, I think uh, there’s like three circles and remember this thing. We had the three circles and there’s also three circles here. I think about this now . I don’t know why there’s a gap here that would allow me to do this.


Don’T know why I am confused. I gotta line up the symbol. Somehow something’s gotta add up here right the game plan, so there’s this symbol here as well. It’S kind of hard to see, but this symbol right here, which does appear on the bottom of there, like those two symbols are that I don’t know what that is either why this man, this is cool. Oh look at here there’s like a button.


Huh what’s happening. Okay, I pushed the button here. Oh and it popped back up. Oh what this is insane, oh, so that locks like that. That’S a cool little thing!


It’S a neat little feature, okay, so on the bottom of this look, we’ve got another hole there. Oh and it’s almost like a tiny little maze. You see that it’s gonna be hard for you guys to see in there, but okay place this in here. Can this rotate? It cannot.


There seems to be a maze on this side or like a path that may be a clue. This is definitely some type of clue, some type of cipher over here. Okay, these things are identical. Man, the sliding of the sides is so sick with the hidden buttons that is the coolest. This guy makes some cool puzzles, so that is a maze and it’s kind of showing me that there’s like a path that I have to take somehow somewhere.


Maybe it’s showing me at the top, where I need to place things, here’s something going on in there. Oh, this thing seems to want to come out here. Let me at the bottom. It looks like it wants to come out at the bottom out here, sorry about the shaky camera. Oh, what do I do with this?


Why does it have a square cog there? The other door does this one, only open when that one’s closed? Okay, so to close that one back where the button was so, i think it closes this one huh. This side looks like it can rotate. If you look at this, if you look up there, this is the first initial place where that paper was.


But if you see that, because this side closes it right like that, and so that rotates something is gonna rotate that i don’t know how i’m sure it has to do with like lining up something. Oh right there. I don’t know if you can see that. I don’t even know if you can see that um you see. Okay, look at that hole for a second here, guys see that hole. Do you see inside that hole?


There’S another hole right there like. If I keep going it’ll go past it and then there’s another hole. I think that’s our pocket. Oh look at here. Let me get a light here on, for you guys.


Ah scared. The crap out of me holding on ah looks like we got. Ta find it. I don’t know where that was. Second, it’s right there, boom.


So I can’t let that go. If I let that go, that’s gonna spring back, but right now, we’ve got this here and I’m guessing. The coin goes in there. Okay! Does that give me the symbols that I need?


I think my spear also broke a little bit. I shouldn’t have let that snap back so easily, I’m afraid to leave it in there and it’ll break. So it looks like it’s giving me a path or like that, those circles there lead into the middle. Why would there be a hole there, though, I feel like that’s where this needs to go right. Wait.


So, oh, that’s turning the middle that middle’s! Turning do i need to reposition this somehow probably need to find that symbol. That’S on it there, which is like this circle type amulet. I don’t see it anywhere here. This thing right there is another one. So it’s this symbol here, that’s so we have to line that up.


What do I line it up with? There Are two of them, there’s two of them right here, there’s no other ones, so maybe I’ll line that up with that and then push this in. No, maybe line those two up with something else. I won’t let this go. I gotta keep my finger on that.


Oh all right, these, the only two ones on the entire ring that have these symbols here, these little sort of amulets, these two here, that’s what we found on the inside of that disk, and that gives us the number uh seven. I don’t know if that means anything. If i line up those cc, what i mean, if i line two of them up, it gives us like the middle cog there, which is seven, which i don’t know how that really helps us nope wait what i’m kind of stumped right now keep opening this thing. Maybe this needs to be lined up elsewhere, but I feel like because there’s two of them and there’s one cog in the middle, I feel like that’s the right place for that wait. Is that going that way, so this door right here normally opens?


If I flip this switch this way, it opens like this, and that gives us the first compartment that we had with a little paper that was inside, but I’m noticing now that once this one’s closed, okay, it’s stuck there. If I slide that it starts moving this way, there’s another opening here, I’m doing something right here and this again, oh got it. What is the oh, my god, it’s a scorpion! Look at that thing. How cool is this box?


There’S like a button here? Oh now, I can rotate this piece. Okay. What does that mean we have to? We may have to find like the symbols that are the same by the scorpion’s poison, the jaguar to slay, maybe the jaguar, but that’s the scorpion, that’s the scorpion’s poison, but the scorpions poison and perish i so this note the scorpion’s poison.


That’S a scorpion! Oh there’s! Symbols here, oh over here, we have like a pyramid, two arrows, pointing to a pyramid over here we have two arrows pointing to this symbol right there, so maybe the pyramid and then that symbol, no there’s the pyramid is that that symbol. I think that might be it, no there’s another pyramid, all pyramids, that’s got to be it. What does that do all right, so i found the pyramids which the arrow tells me.


If you see it, the arrow tells me to find the pyramids with this symbol here. However, you see that middle symbol there. It’s kind of a weird symbol, it’s hard to make out. Let’S see if I can find it. It’S got like three, it’s this one here. This one sees once again the symbols right here, there’s two of them and that’s the other side here.


So my guess would be logically just like the other one we did is to put them in between where’d. It goes, you’re there right here, so that is now there. Can I go the other way? Oh, oh, let’s go, what the heck, look at this. This thing is just full of surprises. Can I take this out?


Oh this thing’s heavy. This is like an actual coin. What is that that is so cool and you got like a sun back there? Okay, we got some symbols, more symbols, but then we have a hole where I think this goes. Oh wow dude wait.


What does this do? Dude? This is nuts. This is like an actual treasure hunt happening, and this comes off. Ah, look at this cool little gem.


This is so cool dude. This is such a cool puzzle. Dude holy, I am blown away by this puzzle. This is so cool. Is that it?


You think what does this do? Is there a magnet in here? I think I think that is it folks, unless this does something I’m not sure, but we got the gem out. This was an adventure. How and this doesn’t look that hard to put back together like if we put this, where to put this back, that locks in?


Oh, it’s all right. That’S such a cool mechanism! By the way, the spear comes back up a bit loose because of what happened earlier. I guess I put the coin back. That’S got a place to sit um which way did this go.


This went this way. Click. I gotta open this back up. Right, get my other coin. Wait.


Where was my other coin? I think it was here that I got this coin back. That goes back. The paper goes in here. That’S where the spear was too was the spear here.


No, the spear was somewhere else. Was that just in there like that? Where did I find this? This was in a compartment. Well, i had to have found it in there because then, after that, i couldn’t have opened anything else without this like because there’s a button here, but that button i already had this in hand.


It was here. Oh this locked it in. So that was like that and then that was locked in there wow and then this was closed. That came to lock it that came to lock into place. I’M gonna turn that around and that’s now locked as well and that doesn’t open and we are back in the beginning, and that is an incredible puzzle.


Are you kidding me dude Jesse, I gotta say you’ve outdone yourself. This is the best puzzle. You’Ve done i’ve solved a few of your puzzles and they’re always getting more and more intriguing, more and more satisfying, smarter, simple, but yet still brilliant dude. This is such a work of art, so cool um, as i mentioned, if you guys want to check it out left the link below he’s only made 400 of these, and this is a treat. This is exactly what anyone getting into puzzles would think like a sequential puzzle should be.


This is exactly it. It has all those parts, equal parts, adventure, equal parts, surprise, discovery, uh satisfaction, i mean the cogs and everything else. It’S just a really really nice piece hand. Crafted dude: this is a stellar 10 on 10 review, jesse bourne, outdone yourself and he’s got a third one on the way. This is the second of three.


The first one was the pyre chest, which was also awesome. This one my favorite so far and we got third one coming up uh in the future, but dude amazing job uh. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments. Well, hot dang. There you go, that is the sundial puzzle.


We figured it out, we solved it. We collected the gem and put it back. Um, I gotta say this: this puzzle was a lot more fun than I ever thought it could be. I thought it looked fun, but i mean fun. Level was 10 


Uh discoveries were awesome, the clues were cool, the mechanics were dope, the fact that things swung open and and flipped and pushed out and popped and the cogs so satisfying such a dope puzzle. So if you want to get your hands on this, you better hurry up.


They’Re going to probably sell out quickly, these are hard to come by jesse bourne. Did it again look forward to the next one? If you guys want to see more leave like subscribe, we’ll see on the next one?


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