Solving The Incredible GRAMOPHONE Puzzle Box!!

Solving The Incredible GRAMOPHONE Puzzle Box!!

Solving The Incredible GRAMOPHONE Puzzle Box!!

No matter how far no matter the way, no matter – the pain – Nordic – I promise all of those Lonesome nights apart, you’ll be back in my arms, no matter the way, greetings and welcome. Back. Today we got a really cool Lego puzzle. I love Legos. I love puzzles.

This is a gramophone. It is made by Lego, puzzle, Lego, nerd puzzles you can check them out on Etsy and they make for great gifts during the holidays. If you know someone that likes a puzzle box, a sequential Discovery, puzzle box, but that also loves Legos – is a perfect gift and they and they’re always very dope. So I left the link below to definitely check it out, but this is a gramophone. I was looking forward to getting this.

This is an actual beast and in the picture it’s so small, I thought I’d be getting like this little gramophone. So I’m very pleasantly surprised one more thing before we start these hats or as we call them in Canada, tooks, okay, they’re tooks, not hats, not beanies, they’re tooks. We got red and black available right now at, while supplies last head on over there go check it out uh without any further Ado like subscribe comment. Tell your friends to kiss your mom and let’s get into it.

Oh here it is, look at this beauty. What a giant Lego puzzle I like, Lego puzzles – and I especially like them when they’re this big. This is so much fun. This is a gramophone Grandma, not Grandma. Is it Grandma?

I think it’s Grandma um, probably a sequential Discovery puzzle uh, and I do believe that he’s glued the pieces down which uh, I think, yeah, because he asked me he’s like do you want me to glue them down? I can do it for an extra charge and then I said yes because I didn’t want this busting in the shipment or while I solve it, because I am a menace when it comes to these puzzles. But that’s what you get on this channel. I know a lot of you think. Oh Chris you’re, the you’re, the puzzle, God you’re, the puzzle, goat uh, that’s not true.

That’S not true. There are people out there who are better at solving puzzles than I am my quality. Is that I’m an average brain and you get to see what it would be like if you or someone less smart than you were to solve a puzzle, and that’s therein lies the fun. So we got volume, we got RPM. Oh, that is definitely attached to something.

There’S a sound coming out of there all right over here. What do we get? We got it. This little square out looks like a drawer, possibly the final drawer. Oh hello, we got a couple holes here, a little hole here, and then we got the top here.

This doesn’t turn, oh, that is so cool. How cool is that you can just lift that just turn up. Oh, it does turn into Lego now. Let’S turn the fall, maybe the RPM. Maybe we got ta turn the RPM okay, maybe I’m looking?

Oh there we go. Oh, you can see, there’s a tiny little hole, something there. Something I need to attach to that hole. Is there another hole? That’S the only one.

I always say this, but with these puzzles, there’s always something hidden, because it’s like a little secret uh door or sliding thing uh somewhere, I’m just gonna massage the heck out of this puzzle until it reveals something that I may need. Oh, I didn’t start a timer all right, we’ll take my word for it. Then all right I’ll give you the time when I’m done just checking the bottom to see a quick little look-see on the bottom I’ll be I’ll be frank. My name is Frank right now, and I don’t know if I was supposed to take that out. So I’m gonna leave it in there for now.

But if things get sticky, rest assured, I will take this puzzle apart. Oh here is that just the Box? Oh, oh, look at this. Oh, how satisfying is that look? Oh, that is cool, no freaking way, dude no way dude!

Oh my God! I have never! That is a Lego me. He even put the First Merch on what and Tattoos dude he’s got tattoos as well check this out yo. That is the coolest surprise ever that is so sick and then this was in there and it’s got a little thing.

Look. It says Chris Ramsey. How amazing is that dude? I am flabbergasted and we got our tool. Let’S go um actually don’t know if that’s the tool that doesn’t seem to fit.

Oh wait. Maybe it goes in here or the other hole which is here. Aha, oh Yep, this RPM thing Wiggles something on the inside by the way, so that only fits halfway there, but it fits all the way in here. I don’t know what that’s supposed to do. This was so satisfying to take off.

I want to. I want the other sides to come off now, not gonna happen, not gonna happen. Something’S up with this RPM clicker, I see a cog wheel, sort of on the inside, so let me grab this is doing it, it’s not doing it. What would you try right now, guys at home and girls and others? What would you try?

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. This thing comes off and it is not glued to an interesting conundrum. I really feel like this has to go here, nothing’s happening when I insert that I feel like this volume button has nothing to do with anything because it really feels loose, but this one, however, has something to do with something it’s shaking in there something’s blocking it.

Oh, oh, oh tool doesn’t fit. Oh these kinds of slides, but not really. Oh there we go. Oh look at that there. You can’t see it but there’s a little hole in there, something on the inside huh.

I’M wondering if I should take this pin and put it here. Instead, oh something on the inside there, and here oh, they were Stoppers check that out. Can you see that over there look at the fact that these little Stoppers were preventing this box from exiting because of the holes that were so clever? What’S this crank? This is what we needed um the crank actually won’t go in.

I feel like uh. The tip of this little thing is to push it too far for the crank to hook onto it, but we’ll try, but it isn’t doing anything. Take my sweater off a little hot okay. So this crank, maybe it fits elsewhere as well. Oh, would you look at that?

That is pretty neat. What do I get out of doing that so now I have to do something with the uh, the RPM here. Well hello. There I got a little stick out of that, so that’s cool! I had to because that’s really cool.

I had to play with the RPM to get it to a certain point to where then the volume knob would turn up and I’m guessing. Oh, I don’t think I was supposed to do that. Oh no, oh, let’s go! We’ve got our treasure. Look at that check that out we got a little treasure, Grandpa’s treasure, hey what that is so sick.

I accidentally pushed in this thing, though, but it didn’t affect anything very well. Well, that was incredible. That was incredible. What a genius puzzle dude! This is Lego Wow.

I am floored, let’s see if we can get it back together, Chris Ramsay back in there. He also needs this tool, but we might need that um. First, we got ta put that poker back. We got the poker, it’s cool. How I push in here, yet somehow it comes out here – that is just a cool mechanic, and it clicks in like that, like how cool is that it has like a straight up secret drawer that goes in there great brilliant, the crank the crank was in here.

This guy wasn’t here um this volume button was here, and that should be good. We close these Bam Bam. We put the wall back a satisfying little thing here: boosh restore this over here boom. We are now reset to stage one. That reset was so nice. I love it when I can reset a puzzle easily and I don’t have to spend more time than I did actually solving it.

Um lovely puzzle, super fun, brain teaser. I highly recommend you check out this guy’s shop if you’re looking for a puzzle for the holidays uh for Christmas. Obviously I’m gonna put out a video soon, so you guys can check out maybe the best gifts, but this is huge. This is like handcrafted. So if you know somebody that loves Legos and loves puzzles, these are sturdy, they’re brilliant, they always work and they have neat little surprises and stories to them so check them out on Etsy, Lego, nerd puzzles, absolutely brilliant, great job.

There you go, that is it. That is the gramophone uh. What an incredibly exceptional puzzle! I had a tremendous amount of fun. Solving this is not too difficult.

I would give it like a six or seven out of ten. However, the solution was very, very enjoyable and a few little secret compartments, so that, if you pick this up, you can even stash something in there yourself. If you enjoyed this puzzle, leave a comment. If you’re so inclined and we’ll see you on the next video peace, hahaha 


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