Solving the Reactor Puzzle to prevent a Core Meltdown!! | Puzzle Advent Calendar

Solving the Reactor Puzzle to prevent a Core Meltdown!! | Puzzle Advent Calendar

Solving the Reactor Puzzle to prevent a Core Meltdown!! 

Puzzle Advent Calendar

Hi and welcome to another episode of Mr puzzle and welcome again to the Advent calendar 2023.. If you haven’t heard about it, a collaboration between several puzzle, reviewers and designers, here on YouTube and every day during December from the first until the 24th, a separate puzzle will be reviewed. If you would like to check out the other puzzles, you can check the playlist in the video description so be sure to check it out. If you like what you’ve seen today’s review today is my turn tomorrow, gon na be presented to you by cubes Made Easy.

This is what today’s puzzle looks like: the reactor. The reactor itself is 3D printed, made and designed by core mods, and this is like the box where you need to fit all of these pieces inside. So it’s a packing puzzle. This was the initial design and you can place the pieces in several ways. Okay, there are four different types here of those pins.

Overall, you got a 25 by 25 grit and they have a different depth so same as the pins. Here you got small ones. You got medium ones and you got big ones, and they also include magnets, so you got three different lengths and, in addition, the magnet which cannot be put in each hole. So here you can see it’s pushed out again, which indicates, of course it’s in the wrong position. This is limiting, of course, the amount of positions you can put the pieces which is making it easier.

Definitely, otherwise it would be a plain, Trine error. With these features, you have these nice additional hints, which helps you solve the puzzle and come to a logical or more logical conclusion. These sets here you have these five additional sets have been some in expansion pad packs that have been released already in the past. I will not take care about those today, but today I will take care about those, I’m not sure. If I solve all of them, you can see they look completely different from the previous ones.

So here you do not have these geometric plain straight geometric shapes anymore, but you got something like this: okay, when this enables the pieces to somehow fit together in different ways. Yeah, it looks interesting to me. I never tried one of these puzzles. That’S it for the introduction and after the spoiler break you can see my first turn trying to solve the reactor. Expansion pack number two.

Okay, and here we go by the way. All the pieces need to be placed inside and the lid must be closed. Okay. So, let’s just check this out: how should this be placed? Okay, so this one can be placed here. There are many positions where this can fit so first I would.

I would like to figure out if there is a piece which I can place only in one position: okay, maybe something like this one here, so this one is pushed out here you can see it won’t remain inside. It can’t be placed here and by the way, it’s not a mustard, a long piece or a small piece must be placed in a small hole. Okay, A Small Piece can also be placed in a long hole or the deep hole to let’s see how difficult it is so yeah this. This looks quite good here. This looks like this is right.

I also don’t know if there are multiple Solutions. No, you can’t can’t stay here, you could stay like this, but you would waste a lot of space. Let’S see what happens okay for now, this does not convince me here, maybe like so mm-hmm, oh puzzle, one solved this quite quickly. I think it was only like. I don’t know three or four minutes: let’s, let’s start with another one, let’s see how difficult this one is and by the way, I’m also interested to know which one is your favorite. It looks quite interesting and I’m pretty sure everyone has it here.

His favorite designs – let’s see if I find a piece which fits in here, would be a hint I think yeah, maybe yeah, whoa snap someplace. This looks pretty good yeah. This could fit in here. Oh this looks so this looks so right um. What about this?

One down here, ah no, what about this one? Oh yes, oh okay, oh, but this one is getting difficult. I think oh maybe like so. Yes, oh look at this man! Second one!

So all the pieces look so strange, but still it’s organized very, very well and clearly: let’s try this one. This is. This is quite fun. I’m not a big fan of packing puzzles to be honest, and I was not sure what I should think about this puzzle, but I really like it. I got really triggered now.

So maybe this one goes here because I put this here because there is a long and a medium depth hole and it seems to fit so I will keep it there, maybe like so um, let’s see if this maybe goes somewhere else. It fits very well in this place, but you never know what some of those crazy puzzle makers have on their minds. Maybe like this. Okay, let’s try this. I think there are some red herrings here because I’ve one two three four five six of these semi-circles, but I have like only one two pieces that could fit them.

Okay, here we go. This is nice. Okay, oh got another one. Here is this? Maybe oh, this looks good.

You see this. Oh bam, wow, that’s so nice. Also nice cut me for a second here. Hmm, oh those! Oh those look strange man, hmm, oh and they are double layered.

The pieces are crossing each other. You see some of them have cutouts on the bottom and probably some of them on the top like here and they are crossing each other or they can theoretically cross each other. I mean this piece is probably a main piece because it’s like yeah okay, so this is too long to fit in here, so it can only fit diagonally and I think it can fit over here could fit over here over here and over here. So on all corners, but what piece could also be this piece, the same size? Okay, so this piece is long enough to let’s check out where it could fit in here.

If I put this one in here and this one in here yeah, this looks good, okay, so other pieces. Where could I place other pieces like here, not like over here? Yes, oh, this fits in so well. Yes, ah here maybe like this wow, I haven’t seen that before, but this one can’t get in um, I’m not sure about this one, because you see this, oh of course like this and now one like here and the other one like here this. This must be right this slightly.

Maybe this piece, I think, okay, okay, this piece is not perfectly flat. You see, okay, here we go. I think this is the only piece. Oh no, this one also could fit in here. I will keep this one for now.

Where is it this way? No! No! No! No!

No! Oh here we go wow. This is also cool. This was also a cool one. Oh looking looking very interesting here, oh every piece got only one one connector.

This makes it hard, I think, okay, this one can be only somewhere in the center. It cannot be placed on any of these side holes, so it can only be here. It can be here and here, okay, so three possibilities for this piece: oh uh! Oh, oh, you see this. This looks like it belongs together.

So this piece oh look at this I mean I knew it could only fit in here, I think, or in here, and look at this. It even turns at the right angle. Wow perfectly. Maybe this one here is not sure? Oh, yes, so one after one, one after one right now, here we go.

Ah, the first piece was: oh. I never thought about this one. Okay, wow! This is the solution. This one was quite tricky.

It was quite tricky and the hint that finally made me solve it and understand how it works was to place this piece here in the right position. After this one it was a puzzle that solved all of these six puzzles. Let me know in the comments which one was your favorite. I think for me, it’d wear these two, these two I like the most. Let me know which one was your favorite. I wish you much fun with the rest of the episodes of the advanced calendar.

2023. That’S it for today and until next time keep on puzzling. Thank you.


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