Solving The SMARTEST LEGO Puzzle!! – Barracuda Island!!

Solving The SMARTEST LEGO Puzzle!! - Barracuda Island!!


The pirates ruled the waves until a maniac showed up lego mania, [, Music, ] yo. What’S up and welcome back look at the size of this treasure. It’S massive uh. This is a lego puzzle. If you can’t tell i’m a lego pirate okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me just a very hard time reading this paper, it says to chris ramsey.

Thank you so much for trying out my puzzles, i’m a big fan of your videos and the amazing effort you put into your content hope my latest creation will be an enjoyable and challenging experience, lego, maniac or legola maniac. Oh no. I have to turn the page here hold on it’s very difficult, [ Applause, ]. I think i got it. No okay, treasure of barracuda.

You did it. You actually found it using your grandfather’s amulet and the ancient map to guide you. You discovered the location of captain redbeard’s last legacy, hidden deep within the soil, after hours of digging is finally yours, the treasure of barracuda. Now, if you can only get it open, this is a sequential discovery. Uh.

The goal is to find the golden crystal secondary goal. Find the neon green crystal do not detach any pieces. It is currently on lego ideas. Where, with your vote, it can become an actual official lego set available in stores. So i left the lego ideas linked below as well as legolomaniac’s channel uh in the link in the description check that out without any further ado.

Let’S solve this puzzle, okay here we are look at this look at this. How is this? Oh? Is this so heavy? This is made of lego.

How crazy is that it looks like it’s so heavy by the way i don’t know, what’s inside, oh a little skeleton on the bottom uh. So my guess is this map we’ll put aside for now. Oh, i guess that was here a little lighthouse and a boat. The detail here on this map is really cool. Look at this going here all the way to the x just really beautiful, and it’s like a topographical map, something you can’t see from the top.

But look at that. How great is that so cool also can’t uh? It came with this. I don’t know what this is, but uh, the back of it does this, and i also noticed, there’s uh. This is kind of like uh to know what north is here bit of a compass, so that will go somewhere.

I presume, but i think everything revolves around this treasure chest so, let’s get into seeing if anything moves these handles kind of turn, they don’t do anything. The tricky part of all this is not breaking it right because it’s lego, i guess these are the hinges here. Oh we have a button. I said thought it was a button and it does not go in nope. Okay, oh see these blocks here, look kind of independent.

You can kind of see them sticking out. There’S a lot going on the inside too. Here try pulling no! Oh here we go that goes in [, Music ]. That goes in.

Oh, it’s like a button. All right: well, what does that button do? My guess is i got ta press this button and then [, Music ], maybe press another one somewhere. Oh the bottom here. Also this moves, so we got ta get the skeleton out of there.

Oh so, when i press this and i press the other button, it push. Oh okay, now that came out how cool is that? That’S spring-loaded? Okay, that’s cool um! Oh here, there’s all these little squares everywhere.

We don’t know which one! Oh here we go. This one moves now this one here: okay, so that one’s done. Oh it pushes that from the other side, you can pull it out. No, oh, this handle looks like it can come out check this out kinda.

I don’t believe it can come out yet, but i believe eventually it might be able to come out how about this side probably same thing very clever, very clever, all right. Well, so far, that’s pretty much! All that it’s given me hmm and uh. The rule here is that i can’t take anything apart, so you know i’m thinking, maybe there’s something on the map that i need to use, but maybe it opens now. Oh, so i push that back in and something happened, okay, so that one and that one pushes that one out – okay, something’s good!

Oh here we go here. We go [, Music, ]. Oh, it’s a cannon, [, Music, ] and the cannon comes out and the cannon can spin okay be right back. I just launched something into my office. There’S a cannonball right here.

I went in here and that could fire out. But what is that uh? What does that do? Maybe no man, this is so cool. Just this whole contraption over here.

The way that it perfectly like seamlessly slides in looks like there’s another one here now i can’t open that one yet. So what are we supposed to do with the cannon ball or the cannon for that matter? Maybe uh. Maybe this has to go on here somehow and all right or maybe just a prop who knows cool. Nonetheless, we move forward.

The thing is, everything can be a piece like because everything is made in pieces, so you don’t know which ones are lodged and which ones are. You know, let’s shift side to side, but nothing moves down there. That opens eventually now this part pushes in which okay, which takes out this part here on this side. So that’s good to know. Oh, and now i’m able to push this one in which takes out this side.

Okay good to know now, i’m just like there’s this labyrinth going on in the inside with these uh little boxes. So i guess now it’s just about finding which one! Oh there we go! That now opens up [, Music, ], okay, underneath oh get out of here. Look at that a little scroll, that’s so cool wow!

Okay, let’s read it very clever puzzle you wish to find my treasure. Listen up here is there is no x marks the spot. We pirates are simple men with little care for books and precision. We use our bodies to measure by our strides and feet after each decision journey at dusk, a fathom and a half. This is where you start head three fathoms north beware: your crew may fall apart journey at dusk, a fathom and a half.

This is where you start add three fathoms north, be where your crew may fall apart. So this is this is where this comes in, probably to the blood red fields. You must hurry up else. More could meet their end, the in the pitch black of the night, with a frozen star at your back scurry to the river’s bend the dawn of the day. You have traveled far half a fathom.

Still, you must walk away. The treasure lies beneath dig for your life. You have no wish to stay yarg now you scallywag landlubbers, lock the plank off my ship okay, so it has something to do with the map. I presume unless this thing will yield more uh gifts for us here. Somehow doesn’t look like everything looks to be now lodged into place.

This eventually might shift over like the other side who knows journey at dusk, a fathom and a half. This is where you start i’m guessing. This is the start right, a fathom and a half. That’S like one and a half of these things or fathom and a half, that’s where we start right. That’S where you start head three fathoms north.

How do i know? What’S north there’s like one two three to the blood red fields, you must hurry up else. More. Could be thrown in the pitch black the night with a frozen star at your back just great for the reference to the river’s end. A frozen star.

You’Re back is that the north star, the frozen fields at the dawn, you’ve traveled far half a fathom, but he says x, is not where the treasure is right. By digging, does he mean just like take this thing apart, interesting, interesting, very cool, nothing going on over here, nothing going on under here on the sides here, perhaps ooh, there’s something in the map. I know that i just feel it feel it in my bones. Something in the map doesn’t open. Why the cannon?

You know why why why anything really what’s going on here? Should this go in the cannon, probably not there’s a place somewhere to put this down. You know why look there’s different colors here as well. We have yellow gray, green and sort of dark blue, like this check this out, yellow gray, dark, blue and green. So this is the way it’s supposed to be: oh, how clever, okay, so that has to go there like this okay, so this is good.

This actually gives us some type of like direction. Now. Pirates are simple men with little care for books and precision. We use our bodies to measure by our strides and feet after each decision, so their body, so pirate body like a lego body – oh so one square is probably one stride and how much is a fathom one fathom in feet. One fathom is six feet.

So six strides is one fathom. Oh, that makes sense. So we start on the boat journey at dusk, a fathom and a half. This is where you start: yep look one fathom and a half, no, no one fathom would be six feet, so it’d be nine feet right. Nine feet would be a fathom and a half journey at dusk, fathom and a half.

This is where you start pitching tonight, with a frozen star at your back so north, is there head three fathoms north, be where your crew may fall apart, three fathoms north, so that would be 18 feet north from where, though, from this – or this like this little Lighthouse here, 18 feet: north, oh north – is this way right, because the north star is pointing that way. So i’m not sure if we should count from the boat. Let’S count from the boat because i feel like that’s, but it says a journey at dusk, a fathom and a half. This is where you start so right here is where you start, but a father and a half would be nine feet. One two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight nine by the flower, maybe by the flower; okay.

So let’s start on the boat, one, two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine! So let’s say we start there, let’s say and now head three fathoms north. So that’s eighteen! One two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight nine 10, 11. 12.

13. 14. 15. 16, 17 18, which is here. It then says to the blood red fields.

You must hurry up else. More could meet the rent in the pitch black of the night. With the frozen start, your back scurry to the river’s bend at the dawn of each day. You have traveled far half a fathom. Still, you must walk away at the dawn of the day.

Dawn is what um dawn is when the day ends sun sets in the west. West is uh. West is now at the dawn of day. So this is west wait. No, we got that mixed up.

Oh i’m so terrible uh dusk is when the sun sets dusk. Is west dawn is east? My bad you’re, probably roasting me in the comments right now uh deserve. I deserve this, so we start again. We’Ll start here.

Journey at dusk, sun rises in the east dusk. That is down right, five of them and a half yeah yeah. We did that: okay, a fathom and a half, i’m all confused one, two, three four: five: six: seven, eight nine and then we go north 18 steps. One two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight: nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen. Sixteen seventeen eighteen we’re on this little river bank here frozen dirty back scurry to the rivers bend i mean, i think we’re at the rivers bend the dawn.

So now we’re talking um now we’re talking east, oh no. We had to go west first, that’s that was that was a problem. Dusk dusk is sunset, dusk is west, so that would mean up from here, which makes no sense. So, let’s start from here then i’m having such a hard time with east and west and dusk and dawn right now, a fathom and a half, so nine feet: dusk, nine feet to east uh west, one, two: three: four: five: six, seven, eight nine we’re here! 18.

17 18 to the blood red fields. You must that’s over here, scurry to the river’s end to the river’s bend. I i don’t know, what’s scurrying how many paces scurrying is so i’m just gon na stay here to the blood red fields. You must hurry up hurry up up hurry up: okay, we’re going to the blood red fields right here in the pitch black of the night, with a frozen star at your back scurry to the river’s bend okay hold on. Is it this side or this side uh?

So north is there, so i would have to go south right because if the the star is at my back so i go south to the river’s bend, which is right here. Okay, this makes sort of some sense at the dawn of the day, you’ve traveled far half a fathom. Still, you must walk away at the dawn at the dawn of the day, so dawn would be west, maybe east half of fat, so three steps either direction. One two: three [ Music ]. What something i didn’t do right here: [, Music, ]!

Oh look: [, Music ]. What does that? Do? [, Music, ], oh [, Music, ], there’s a hole here. Wait, wait.

Wait, wait! Wait! So this goes in there. Do we turn it bro over here? Look it’s slowly opening!

Oh! How cool is that look at that? Oh get out of here! That’S so cool an actual treasure map. This is such a cool puzzle.

Oh my god, i’ll just keep keep going. It looks like it’s at the end of it. Now i mean i guess we take this. Does this go on the button? Yes wait.

Maybe the skeleton [ Music ] – oh it opens, but what is it open to? Okay there’s a skeleton there? It’S missing a leg. Oh, it’s like a switch, there’s a switch on the inside of this, and what does that switch? Do?

Oh, it opens this boom right here: okay, nice, okay, we’ve got another moving part. Let’S try to find another little mechanism somewhere, oops really got to stop pulling on things. Maybe just opens now. Okay, that comes out a little bit more than i thought it would. Okay, so now that that’s out completely keep turning this thing.

What do i do from here? [, Music, ] we get the skeleton out – is that the is that we have to do. We got the skeleton, oh man, i have no idea what to do. Everything seems to be stuck at this point, weird something we’re missing something we’re missing, don’t know what it could be. There’S a switch in here where the cannon was.

Maybe i got ta? Why is a cannon on a swivel? Also, that’s another question: there’s got to be something to do with this cannon. Why else would it uh be on a swivel like this? What’S going on here, i got ta say this is a pretty tough puzzle for a lego puzzle.

It’S really giving me a hard time here. What would you guys do in this position? I’M curious, maybe the uh. Maybe this guy goes in here, somehow maybe his leg and that keyhole see what’s going on in there like a rotating thing in there looks a lot like yeah. So there’s a thing like uh kind of like this, like a rotating star piece here, uh, that’s in there, that’s exactly like this one whatever’s in there or something similar to that to be able to open this, so we’re definitely missing a key uh.

Now, where that key is i mean who the heck knows? Maybe it’s this. Maybe i could pull this out. What about the cannonball? Maybe we got ta, you did have that cannonball, it’s not this guy’s leg is it so there definitely is a key that i’m missing here and there are still parts like these little squares that have yet to be pushed in or out, and i’m maxed out on Everything here i don’t know what to do: i’d love to uh love to know what the heck to do next, [, Music ], i mean a true pirate – would smash it open uh.

If i wanted to. I could i’m just saying if i wanted to get what’s in there, i just smash it up. Oh, this is giving me a hard time here. Are we done with this [ Music ] all right? Let’S start from the beginning press these two that pops out spin to this side push this in.

This comes out of this side here, what’s next, after that, what is next and that so that the uh handle can come out yeah, [, Music ], once the handle comes out spin, the wheel open this up, push that side out. Maybe the cannon goes in here backwards: cannon. Wasn’T here, maybe uh maybe have to shoot the cannonball on the inside it’s a bit of a stretch, but let’s try it out. Something seems to be moving in here, all right. So after spending a few hours on this last part um, i was extremely stuck, so i did hit up the creator of this puzzle and turns out.

I was right. There was something in here to be pushed and i did end up finding it thanks to his help, and it is right here, [, Music, ] and then that – and here we go – we have the key. Now we open it what a cool puzzle really honestly, what a this is. Probably the dopest lego puzzle, like the other one he came up with, was really dope at this one. I think especially [ Music, ] wow.

Look at that. What we have the treasure [ Music ] – that is so dope. Look at this all this little treasure on the inside. We have all the gems here. Is there anything else, because i just want to make sure just want to make sure no extra surprise?

Even the locking mechanism here is very cool. Look at that take a close look at this locking mechanism here. How cool is that see? It opens here on the sides – wow just brilliant. Aha, there is something up look at here right here on this side, this side here [ Music, ], oh there’s something up here, there’s an extra yep there’s a compartment right here that moves this compartment here opens up.

Somehow, maybe it’s upside down, maybe i got ta turn it hmm, although it feels like we’re finished. There is a final little compartment here and, oh my god, that’s not what i was supposed to do. Let’S put that back and everything is self-contained in this lid here. It has nothing to do with the bottom part. You can see this piece sort of uh slide here right here, which houses a compartment which is right there, as you can see over on this side of the inside of the lid, there’s like a a light red tile right.

There check it out, so i’m looking for differences here and you can see, there’s a hole right here: [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], ah wow, look at that the real treasure on the inside of the lid a secondary goal here and there you go. The final crystal, what a journey this has been jeez, that’s crazy! All right! Let’S see if we can get everything back together here and work in order, [, Music, ] boom and boom and boom. That is now complete.

Oh no. We forgot this we’ll put that in after this goes back in there somehow as well dude. That was a really fun puzzle: uh 10 out of 10

Awesome job well, hat dang, oh man! I couldn’t wait to take that thing off thanks so much for hanging out with me today. That was a super fun puzzle.

Thanks to legola maniac do check out his puzzles below they’re, really really insane. Uh he’s an amazing creator. Obviously, probably this next to the zelda sword, two of the best lego puzzles we’ve ever had on this pu on this channel uh. So leave a like subscribe and we’ll see you on the next video

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