Solving The STEAM TURBINE Puzzle Box!!

Solving The STEAM TURBINE Puzzle Box!!

Solving The STEAM TURBINE Puzzle Box

When you close your eyes, do you dream of me? No one understands the learning perfection of my dreams in a blink of an eye. I found faction here created it. Yo, what’s up and welcome back before we get into today’s video. Just a quick announcement. Toronto and Winnipeg tickets are on sale for our live, comedy magic podcast.

You guys want to check that out. I left the link below. Hopefully we can make it to a city near you in Canada for now no tour dates available for the united states until I get a visa to go work down there. But for now, if you want to come check us out in Toronto, Winnipeg check the link. Today we’re looking at this puzzle, this is a really good.

Looking 3d printed puzzle, something happened. I bought this at an auction and it wasn’t actually from the creator, so he did send me an email. Originally, this is supposed to be from Flarr puzzles by a gentleman by the name of Ralph Hansen and Ralph does these beautiful 3d printings and um this one, however, was printed by another person and then resold, which was kind of like against what he wanted? He didn’t want anybody, he sells basically the plans for these, but he asked people not to resell them and the person did it anyways and uh.

So he gave him that exception, not knowing that it would end up on my channel. So, according to ralph, normally a 3d printing would be a lot better. However, this looks fine to me and it looks pretty good, so I just had to let you know that little disclaimer he does indeed sell these uh finished. They sell for about 350 pounds uh, which is about 500 bucks uh, well worth it, because it’s a nice puzzle, box, uh, nice and solid 3d printing uh. So without any further ado, leave a like subscribe and, let’s start solving the steam turbine puzzle, all right, uh.

Let’s have a little in-depth look at what we’re looking at so the top part here has a dial. We also have numbers beside those numbers. We have tiny symbols, there’s a little nut symbol there, like a cog wheel over here, another cog, wheel, numbers um, a wrench, an arrow all right on this side. This is looks like the back there’s like a handle here. Maybe this comes out.

It doesn’t really move and there’s something on the inside. That turns almost like some type of turbine over on this side. We have all these holes, small ones, bigger ones and these pipes that don’t really move that are kind of scattered around. Here, we’ve got the cogs; we’ve got this here, which moves a little bit another little hole here. These cogs are blocked.

I’M guessing we’ll need some type of tool, maybe to undo this yeah, this isn’t really and over here. Finally, we have these valves and the valves again we’re seeing or we’re seeing this middle drawer here, but we also have these symbols, which appeared on the top as well on these valves. They have tiny little uh notches, which I guess we got to put them in the right direction. So my first guess is all right. Six, two, three, eight one, five, four seven, so we got numbers there, something with this in this nothing I mean.

There’s things on the inside, but nothing seems to be rattling around, which is always a good sign. Okay, oh this whole top part as well jiggles. So all right, we have the symbols and we have numbers. We have eight of those and on the bottom. Here, oh wait, there’s a button and the button doesn’t do anything just yet: no okay worth a shot, so we don’t know where to start, but I’m guessing.

This is this looks like a good place to begin, so we have different symbols here. Okay, it’s kind of hard to see, but the numbers are under the wheel right. So they’re like even hard to see with my eyes here we have one three, five, seven, so one three five seven and then we have these cogs. Here’s a single cog here are multiple cogs. This one doesn’t have a symbol at all, or maybe it’s hidden.

All of these have symbols, except for this one: okay hold on okay. So next to the four we have the wrench. Is there a number four five? Seven one: three: five: there is no number four now there’s a seven here and that’s, I guess, to the right of the wrench, maybe we’ll try that wrench and we’ll go seven, which is here okay. So if the right of the wrench is seven, I don’t know.

What’s four to the right of the cog is five, the single cog we have one three five. five does exist, it’s right there um next, the one we don’t know to the right of the multi-cogs. We have eight. There is no eight all right. Let’s that stops us in the tracks right there. What’s that little symbol there is, there are two dials here as well.

I just noticed right here and here: oh maybe I have to connect them, ah see the dials line up with numbers and symbols. So let’s say this one has to be three: the wrench. Do we have a three? I believe we do yep three right there boom great seven is the cogs. Do we have a seven on the cogs?

We do. Okay, we’re getting somewhere, seven is there? The bolt is eight bolt he’s not sure I understand, because this should give me proper outcome here. Wrench is three: oh, I guess two would be there between the one and the three okay. This is starting to make sense.

Bolt is eight. Ah, oh there’s something in here: whoo we have our first tool. Let’s go it’s a neat little hiding place for a tool right there guessing the tool goes on here too big for that. Oh there’s, a there’s one in there that potentially could fit. Even that looks too big for that meant for that, because it doesn’t fit I’m guessing.

No, ah am I cheating am I allowed doing this because that pin is coming out right now this doesn’t fit on there. Let’s come out more, oh it does. I gotta pull, though hope I don’t break it wait. I can just hold this actually it’ll be a lot easier here we go. This is coming out.

My guess is I’m going to use this in one of these holes here? Oh, I got to screw it into every single one. I don’t know if I want to do that hold on a second, oh there’s more places for this to go. This could also go in here, and it could also go in here and it could also go in here. Okay, where do we place it?

I think I think I’m gonna go for here, just because it looks like the simplest outcome. So we’ll start with that. Oh reaching the end and I’m at the end, all right that did nothing a lot of time wasted just uh screwing in the uh. The bolt here guessing there’s gonna be a lot of that. So one down, I guess we can try these out.

Okay, that’s the end of that one. Is it doing anything? Okay, this says 10 s1. What does that mean 10 s1 and this one, and then we got to try all these. I guess if that doesn’t work.

Okay, I’ve reached the end. Oh, this is now undone thanks to this very cool. What does that uh? Do? Oh there’s also here.

Oh there’s also that little slide thing here didn’t notice that before I don’t know if that just appeared, but so this can move out of the way. Oh okay, so if you move that out of the way it provides another one of these and also shows you another hole, that’s cool all right, I’m getting excited! This is cool. It’s starting to uh, starting to be quite enjoyable. All right.

My guess is here and that’ll unlock this one. Hopefully this one starts coming up: no that didn’t work for now. So let’s get rid of that. This, however, just discovered, there’s another hole here and that pulls out my bolt my only tool, not my only tool but wait, wait where the heck did that come from. Oh, it fell out.

Where did it fall out of here? Ah, I thought that was the one. I stuck in all right, so we can. I can screw this one in right, all right! That’s in all the way.

My guess is now that I gotta like oh yep. There’s a maze in here how cool and the maze provides another key. Okay, I’m starting to understand, what’s gonna happen, we’re gonna put all four keys on the top here. I guess that is so cool. There’s a little magnet in there a little bead wait, uh!

Oh! What do we do with this bead? What do we do with the bead? I mean my guess: is it’s gonna go into one of these things? Let’s get this back.

You’re now left with three screws. I guess we’re missing one more screw to have this completed. I, like the concept of uh, putting the bolts in and it pushing other mechanisms. Okay done that one we haven’t done this one or have we yeah? No, I don’t know uh-oh, okay, oh there.

It is. I don’t know quite what to do with these, but haven’t really provided anything was this here and oh maybe this nope. So I put this in the top and it came out the middle. I put this here. It came out there, so if I put in the middle no, it comes up middle, I put in the bottom well, she is now trapped in there.

Hmm all right! So not sure what to make of the beads uh. Is that the only thing we got left yeah? I think we’ve done. I think we’ve done every side except for the beads, so the bottom, the bottom one here is the only one.

It seems to really do anything to keep my finger on there just kind of pressing that bottom, hopefully get into a spot where it like pushes a button or a mechanism. It’s really hard to see anything in here oop. I know I gotta trap it somehow, because it’s the this is the only part that that is actually moving. So I know that that ball needs to stop somewhere push a lever between whatever this is pushing. I just I’m going in blindly here.

I wonder if these pipes have anything to do with anything, okay, it’s right there and it’s gonna drop down. Okay. So it’s on this upper layer here, there’s like three layers: it’s on this upper layer, so I got to get it down to the middle layer where that button is I’m sure it’s right there and there’s like this lip here and then it goes on to this Layer, but this layer is where I need to get it to oh got it. Let’s go the final bolt, that’s really cool. I actually don’t enjoy.

Mace puzzles that much. But as soon as you see, uh start seeing the bearing, then it becomes a little bit more uh enjoyable. So we’ve got the fourth bolt. I think we know what to do here. Folks, the moment of truth got has I guess we go all the way.

I only had a wrench yeah, I know what you’re thinking Chris use a wrench. It doesn’t fit dude, it’s too big, not sure what that wrench is, for. I don’t know how far these screws have to go in. Ah, oh cool, really cool mechanism here made in Scotland. Look at that really cool mechanism, as you screw the bolts uh.

You can see this one here. These will retract and extend – and it’s all self-contained in this little compartment here, which you know really feels like a safe super dope, love that and we win our prize. What could it be? What could it be? Oh cool, oh steam turbine master, it’s got my logo on it.

How so? I was not expecting that this is pretty heavy too. What is this made of resin? That’s very heavy steam turbine master. I absolutely love it.

Amazing love me. A prize dude like people, underestimate what a good prize is. I’M gonna leave that in there, though, for the next person, but that is really cool. Getting it back together might prove to be a little trickier. Let me just line everything up here.

I suppose that doesn’t matter how it goes. Oh then I’m just using my key here, but it seems to work just fine and now that is completely retracted in and we are finished, ladies and gentlemen, that was outstanding. Thank you so much there you go. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the steam turbine puzzle solved. It was a lot of fun, a total solved time of about an hour, including uh, putting it back together.

I think solving it took about half an hour to 40 minutes and putting it back together. Maybe another 20 minutes uh, so just shy of an hour, probably but a lot of fun. I did enjoy uh every aspect of it, especially the hidden mechanisms that work with the bolts. So when you turn the bolts into certain things, they make things happen and those things aren’t apparent, and I think that is really clever uh. The one thing is that little bead that annoyed me, because I’m just I just don’t like doing things blindly uh, but we ended up figuring it out, because there is this little trap in the bottom and you can.

You can sort of see a little bit of. What’s going on so that did help me a lot, so I gave this puzzle like a difficulty rating of about like a six or seven, maybe uh, but a fun rating of about nine or ten. I thought this was a lot of fun um. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments we’ll see you on the next video.

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