Street Magician Reacts to REAL Street Magic!!

Street Magician Reacts to REAL Street Magic!!

Street Magician Reacts to REAL Street Magic!!

Ah street magic: what is it it’s not? I want to start the video it’s a fun way to start it, though, what do we know? I have no idea where this is going, who invented it street magic? Is it real? Where can you find it?

Do your friends like it who put it there? These are all the questions that will be answered in today’s video, among others, something you didn’t ask for so before you go anywhere leave a like, and let me know that you were here and then go off and do your thing, but first drop. It drop the like all right. I really need it. I’M so desperate here we go.

I’Ve seen this guy before dude this guy’s famous or in your truck yeah, come on turn the camera dude wait a minute hold on hold on. Let me down oh dude, this guy’s, a performer dude like I’m, I’m surprised how no matter what else is going on this guy’s life he’s got his magic together, like that is some good magic right there. I I expect everybody’s seen this. This is the David Blaine spoof. No, you want to see some magic yeah actually he’s watching the call.

Sometimes you got ta go. Do you have a family as well? Do you have a all right, so you got to get into your phone fast. Sometimes maybe you text and drive, maybe yeah – maybe we won’t say that on camera um, so I feel like yours is more like a pattern. Yeah can I see your phone?

Oh, this is so good dude, okay, what’s your name magicians know why we’ve never met before everybody else thinks this is fake. It really isn’t um and the reason a lot of people think it’s fake is because uh in the comments I got were like you lean on a cop car like that or put reach your hand into a cop car like you get shot, I I felt uh And by the way I established a rapport with these two before I was asking them like what they were doing and they were asking me what we were at a comedy club and explain to them. We just got back from doing some comedy some magic, and so they were already like, oh cool, you know. Well, can you show us something, and then I did this, so it wasn’t set up you’ve. Never, given me your passcode, why the guy on the left ready?

It’S his phone tell us in the back just reacting harder than those guys. We want to see some good old street magic here we go. This is like hustle stuff, okay she’s in on it whoa, okay, he’s also in on it or he’s not in on it. Yeah that guy, that was the mark, so she was in on it. Definitely when these guys set up for things like this now, I think about it.

Let’S take a look at that second time. He did it because I think the guy purposely went for the wrong one to show The Crowd. Oh, no. No, it was the middle one. You didn’t look at it properly.

So let’s have a look. You see it right there on the left and he puts it in the middle, and yet the guy still goes to the left, even though we clearly see it went to the middle. So I believe the second guy was also in on it, creating the illusion that um he was Dumb and that the next person could like dude. How did that guy miss it? I know where it is, and then he put his money up so first girl wins.

Second, guy loses a dumb uh bet and then third guy swoops in and absolutely gets destroyed. Then they go double or nothing he’s probably getting his pockets picked. At this point, there’s someone rummaging through his drawers at home, they’ve stolen his nfts he’s on his way to meet a Nigerian prince at this moment for an 11 million dollar estate that, if he doesn’t collect, will be burned for some reason. They’Re gon na burn 11 million dollars if he doesn’t come immediately to collect it. That’S how these guys work magic is everywhere the slightest of places and navy right in front of your face.

Is this your card? No no [ __ ] where’s David and Tom Brady yeah, oh yeah. Why do you do that? That’S a good question! Why do you just eat that man’s glass – it’s pretty, it’s pretty crazy, but you think uh, someone like Tom Brady would be a better host and offer him a sandwich next time, instead of a glass.

I don’t write the jokes all right. I don’t know imaginary bubble over your foot. I’M gon na pour the water on your foot and I bet your feet. Don’T get wet, that’s a plus kind of insane video as this yeah. Your foot Got Away, not your feet.

He says your [ __ ] got wet, not your feet. Oh okay, I didn’t see that coming actually I’ll be honest, you brought something. Can you make sure this is normal, make sure it’s a regular dollar make sure it’s not anything weird or anything like that. Can you put it in your pocket, we need a calculator. Can you hold the phone your right hand, so do me a favor?

Can you hold with your left hand my right wrist, like a handcuff good and with your right hand, can you hold my reference underneath my watch yeah good, so now I’ve got handcuffs. I can’t manipulate anything. I can’t do anything. Yes, it doesn’t matter if I see, but I need you to enter a two-digit number whatever you want. Okay, then hit times, and then another two digit number then hit time single digit number other than one hit times.

Do another single digit number other than one hit times? Okay. Now I need you to think of a very specific time. When I say time I mean five o’clock: 3. 30.

Something special to you. Maybe it was the time that you were born. You have a time in mind, you agree, no one here knows what time this is when you type in the time that you have in mind and then you’re gon na hit equals. Let me know when you hit equals: okay, can you hold it down, so everyone can see. Do you think that, because you’re touching me, I could have influenced you to type in the numbers you typed in no.

No. This is a great presentation. I love this presentation. So much this guy’s uh serial number yeah. Can you pull the dollar out?

I don’t know bro, let’s watch the trick and we’ll talk about it. Four, seven, five, eight six, five, four, eight! Oh, oh wow! That was one of my favorite. That was one of my favorite performances that is so cool that he did that uh.

The time was such a nice touch. It was such a beautiful kicker, but what makes all of this great uh for those of you out there learning how to perform in public. You can definitely learn something here from his performance and I don’t mean the way he uh makes them hold his wrist or anything like that or any of the actual methods, or none of that. What I mean is that everything he said was clear. There was no stuttering, there was no going back.

Everything you said was very, very clear and when you give The Spectator uh in this case, the calculator to manipulate you do want to be very clear. And if you understand what I mean, any deviation from those things could result in uh in a different trick, we’ll say so him being very clear, knowing exactly uh being very commanding but also being very approachable and no ego involved. So, there’s a lot of similarities here between This and like David Blaine’s performance, because they understood something we understood that things have to be just concise and unconfrontational. I think it’s very important when you perform that you don’t become confrontational. Maybe that’s your persona, maybe that works for you.

But if you want to get close to people connect with them, you know have them. You know, do things for you, you’re asking them to do things. You have to be approachable and you have to assert a sort of commanding uh demeanor. Thank you. That was pretty good.

Are you ready you ready? No, I got a a queen and a nine a queen and a nine, and then I got a another nine. The two nines of the same to confuse you all right, Follow The Queen. Oh [, __ ]. I know he’s from New York.

Hold that your hand like this Follow The Queen. You ready one, two three where’s the queen. Are you sure yeah, that’s actually right. There turn that over turn it over. So that’s the nine, keep your hand I’ll, show you what I did, though I’ll show you what I did, though this is such a good uh presentation, distract you look when I snap my fingers.

Actually, I do believe this is from Garrett, Thomas, it’s so pretty I’ll get rid of it. This goes back in my pocket when I’m left with are the two nines. My question to you: is this uh where’s the queen, so you’re saying it’s not there. That’S what you’re saying look at this? Ah super cool, keep your hand out come on I’ll.

Tell you I’m giving you the queen, I’m putting you away tonight, yeah! No, it is. It is, and here’s the thing. If I want you to win, I want you to win you’re gon na win. I want you to lose.

You’Re Gon na Lose no matter what I’m losing control. Then. Obviously I got three nines here. That’S very good! I mean that’s, you know it’s uh misdirection.

Sleight of hand there’s some gimmicks involved and it’s all about presentation uh, something like that. So again, when you’re putting something in a spectator’s hand, you have to trust that they’re not going to do anything weird with those things. So it does take a lot of performance in order to get to that spot, where you feel confident enough in your performance to not have them straight from the directions you’re trying to give them. You know so these were also very good Spectators, but great job handling them all right. What’S going on here Street stuff, this is what I love this stuff.

Is that a condom? It is okay, dude that was cool and he’s having a good time and everybody’s having a good time that actually looks stretching it out like that. Is I’ve never seen that that is pretty fun friend of mine, great magician, he’s performing for some police and he says hold my wrist he’s got something in his hand. He says one two, three, the coin travels, oh so sneaky. I don’t know, do you guys catch it, girl, hey man, it takes some cojones to do that to uh to an armed officer.

I don’t know if they’re just security – I don’t know if they’re police, actually they might might just be security, but still together, and so he um it’s so good there. It is what a good sport yeah he’s looking for his gun and stuff he’s a better better. Still have that, oh his wallet, um great presentation, also you know, watch stealing, is a fun thing to do. If you can, if you can nail down, if you practice it uh, I’ve always had fun with it. The actual stealing of the watch isn’t as hard as a lot of people think, depending on the watch, but a normal watch.

You know with a leather clasp or something like that, not very difficult at all. But what is difficult is that misdirection and that body language and that approach with people, because um there’s like there’s, there’s a bit of psychology involved when doing stuff like that, because you have to be explaining like a magic trick at the same time or no hold Your hands here, so you perform a magic trick or you explain how to do one, but all this allows you to get close to spectator. However, if I take a step close to someone, this will be my spectator, all right, uh, and so you can imagine him here: squishiest spectator, ever um. If he’s here in front of me, this is a weird thing to be this close to anyone. You would agree.

Be like hey how’s it going like we’re in it’s a it’s a weird place to be. However, if I go hey man uh, can you show me where this is and now he’s looking over here you understand what I’m saying now I can get closer to The Spectator because we’re both um we’re both focusing on like another object, a third variable, and so Now I can go into Pockets, I can reach for his hand. I can put my arm on his shoulder. You can get a lot closer, so there is a psychology involved and it is a lot of fun. Um.

A good way to learn, however, is to start off, because a lot of its nerves is to start off by doing like pseudo uh things um I’ll, leave it at that. It’S the same guy George Stanton um, that’s important too. You know what Valentine’s Day is coming up. We’Ll say someone in your life that you love, but also someone who you think would answer the phone in the next three or four minutes. If you were to call them, you got a name in mind, so maybe they could guess the name that you have in mind.

Maybe yeah, but you agree. I should not know it looks right now. Can you look at me? This isn’t a very long name. Is it oh, this is like less than seven letters correct.

You know the very first letter. Can you think of a number up to ten? Do you have a number in mind? This is number seven right about the number. I’M probably right about the first letter.

Is it a d? He’S got a very David Blaine approach, but it’s good. It works for him. This is a female, yes, Jessica, very good uh. I like the I like the idea.

This is he’s got a very, very cool idea by asking them to think of a number between 0 and 10 and then say: seven seven is a reoccurring number, and if you get that wrong, you say no, okay. That also tells me something, but if they they say yes, it’s an extra hit. Uh super dope cigarette this guy’s, a seasoned vet. You can tell like for him to just be screaming, watch the cigarette in public like he knows that that sentence is going to attract some onlookers and hopefully you know, fill his hat up. What it’s a good one.

They put me on TV he’s gon na pull me up on the thing. Is it weird that I can already tell what movie’s gon na pull off with the cigarette? Just because the way he’s handling it? That’S very good! So I don’t do that.

Watch a cigarette dude, this guy’s awesome whoa, sorry to think maybe I’ve got a smoking problem. Ah talks a lot Jimmy talks a lot. Are you ready, sweetheart straight and pay attention watching that watch that not go down the road? Did you see it go down, watch or not come right back up the road watch out not come right off the road, because that’s for Now, ladies and gentlemen, going back on the road today. If I do it right, but if I do it better than not coming back – oh he’s bringing friends the oldest trick in Magic, the oldest tricky in Magic, the oldest trick in Magic again, a seasoned Busker uh him repeating these lines.

He knows that if you’re walking and you didn’t catch it the first two times it was white noise and by the third time he just goes the oldest trick in Magic and you’re like oh and then you Wander over. So he knows how to gather a crowd. A lot of that is uh is just just by doing it. I guess thousands of times now this has got a closer. Do you see the hole right there?

Do you see the hole? Oh, that’s the wrong sign. Do you see the hole right there? Do you see the hole, it’s a lot bigger on this side and it goes clean through if you’re looking for it? You know it’s great.

The problem is when you’re doing a trick. The stuff falls right through it. So you got to know where that hole. Is you give it a tap and it’ll go right through see? That’S two he’s there with his friend now watch.

If I put this in my pocket and I put the magic wand away, I give it a snap. Look all three. That’S three now look. Do you see it and the way the trick works is tip off? Keep it a secret, don’t tell anybody, but I kind of see a little bit.

I use an extra beanbag, it’s a lot bigger than the others, so I don’t really think it’s cheating so good. I saw this video go around on Facebook and at first you know watching so many Magic videos, my life, I’m it takes a lot to impress me – or it takes very little – sometimes just like a small subtlety or some stuff like that. But this blew me away. This is um an uncalled for this. This man is so good.

It was uncalled for no one asked for this, and yet he delivered look at that cane work. The floating cane now he’s got this look at this look at that. He puts this down. This is a this is a straight up. Magic act, dude like a world-class magician here.

Okay disappears gone great where’d it go his mouth. Um did not see that coming. You didn’t see that coming. You did not see that coming come on, that’s got to be the craziest. Imagine you’re just waiting at a red light dude and that’s what you see that’s insane.

I watched that clip probably 25 times in a row to try and catch uh a move somewhere, but it was a Flawless performance all right, ladies and gentlemen, that about wraps it up for today’s review. Uh We’ve answered all the street magic questions. We’Ve traveled the world and uh. Hopefully you learned something a little bit. I felt like a bit of a I felt like.

I was teaching a little bit today, a little bit of the you know just noticing the small subtleties in these performances. That’S what really makes me happy when I see these things, but I don’t have to watch the same performance over and over and there’s a little bit of an originality to it or a spin on it that I didn’t necessarily see coming uh. Hopefully, you guys felt the same way and if you didn’t, I don’t know if it’s not too much to ask for go ahead and leave a subscribe and uh. That’S not how you say it whatever you get, it we’ll see on the next video peace,


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