Sushi Go & Roll For It: TABLETOP with Jason Ritter, Jennifer Hale, & John Ross Bowie

Sushi Go & Roll For It: TABLETOP with Jason Ritter, Jennifer Hale, & John Ross Bowie

Sushi Go & Roll For It

Most of the games we play on tabletop take about 60 to 90 minutes, roughly the same amount of time. It takes to have a nice dinner or really let your ice cream turn into ice cream soup. But sometimes you don’t have time for a full, maybe you’re. Just not very hungry, or you just want a little snack, because you don’t want to ruin your dinner by eating too much. Maybe you realize that you’ve pushed the metaphor too far, and you should probably just get to the point today on tabletop.

Sushi Go

We are going to play two outstanding games that are more of a snack than a meal there bit of a palate, cleanser between courses, a amuse-bouche, perhaps a digestif, I’m doing it again mmm. I have got to stop writing these things when I’m hungry. Okay, today, on tabletop Jason, Ritter, Jennifer Hale and John Ross bow we’re here to play a pair of games that take between 15 and 20 minutes. Apiece are small enough to carry with you anywhere and are just as satisfying as their big box cousins. We’Re going to throw some dice in roll for it and see who can have the best meal in sushi go hello to lush roll, for it is a clever little press.

Your luck, dice game designed by Chris leader now the hardest part in playing this game, is picking your favorite color dice to roll. Oh, so pretty has anybody ever pointed out that dice are gamer jewelry if they haven’t they should have, because they are on your turn. You will roll your shiny dice, I’m going to use these purple ones here and once your dice are rolled, you can assign your dice to any of these recipe cards laid out on the table in front of you now. If I complete one of these recipes in a single roll like, for example, this 2 and this 4 over here, then I can clear this card and I can score its points and I put it in a cute little scoring pile in front. We will then draw a new card to replace it if I don’t complete the card in a single roll, for example, these six sixes over here, I can put one of my dice next to that card and it’ll just wait there until my next turn.

When I can roll all my dice and try again to get it, the trick is each player is competing against all the other players to complete the same recipe cards before the other players have a chance to snake those points. So technically we play until any player scores 40 points and then they would win. But I can tell you: nothing puts a player on tilt like sneaking a 15 point card out from under their nose. You might be rolling for it to earn your measly victory points, but I play for a loftier goal control for it. My name is Wil Wheaton.

If you’ve never watched this show before you probably think I have a statistically average chance of winning today for everyone else. Please enjoy me trying not to fail miserably at a dice game on tabletop enroll, for it I’m John Ross Bally, I’m an actor most often recognized from the Big Bang Theory. I’M Jennifer Hale. I am a plumber, no I’m a farm I’ll crap. What am i I’m?

Roll For It

An actress, my name is Jason Ritter and I am an actor and I’d like to play games and I like to have fun and I’m excited to be here today, everybody, this is roll for it and I guess, to figure out who goes first, we’ll roll for It I think, so, roll roll, a single die simple, die yeah. Alright, this will be the only time we roll simultaneously in the entire episode all right. Six johnross Maui with the six is going to go. First Jon roll for it you got there. Nexus is a pair of 4s or deuce.

I’M going to stake a claim over here, something like one inch bag six there and you could put that other four on that fire. Shell, all right, and that will excuse me from the rest of this turn great. I do not know the game roll for it very well at all. I like any game where I can always say. Oh it’s not me!

It’S! These dice listen go for it. I am pretty confident that I’m gon na win. I generally have pretty good luck with the with dice, so I’m hoping to use that up today, all row 4 and I certainly will Oh set of fives 236 now looking say I have well. I’Ve got a couple things here: Wow, okay.

I think I think I’ll stop there. Alright, okay, okay looks like you’ve got a pair of sixes a pair of aces, a Deuce and a five. The ACE is over here, alright sure, so my opening strategy in the game is just to get as many points as possible just to try not to come in dead last. I could jump into this train you could I could I can you definitely be trolling for it if you went over there, oh well, why not all right, hmm, okay, I’m gon na put your guys back! Kyle Anderson is their position.

Is you and here here I go fixed-fixed totally? We have to paragons and a pair of fives. That is a standard, Wil Wheaton tabletop role, so I’m gon na go ahead and play my aces here and my turn is done. Some people think purple guys are lucky dice that are in front of me are unlucky. By definition, I think my dice are pretty and I think that matters all right team turquoise here we go turquoise seafoam, see I’d, go with turquoise seafoam turquoise, see green wears an interior decorator.

When you need one, I like sea foam, everybody loves the seafoam or five I’ve already got fun. No, I don’t you an idea. Five over there. Don’T I’m gon na put this four here uh-huh and this no no do that at all. Probably carry my one dice right, John hedge Ross Valley, nice yeah.

Did you get it? Oh? No! I didn’t know you didn’t I’m not two, three, five! No, that doesn’t do anything for you.

I I’m a slow burn kind of guy yeah. I’M gon na take this game by the end sure sure sure all right. What does left hand want to give me one in a second okay, well I’ll, take that uh-huh. Now I feel obligated to point out to you that you do not have enough dice in your hand to score either of those cards so on your next turn. You’Ll have to make a choice you’re going to either pull back something from from one of them yeah.

So just think about what you would like to do. Yeah here I go two two, three, five, okay, so we’re gon na. Let that go and we’re gon na come over here and my turn is done. I need a three or or yes, you do something. Yes, significant are good, all right, yeah, three great card, so here’s you score this card.

Congratulations! Ten points for John! You are a quarter of the way to ending this half of the game and put this guy out so John scored first, but that’s fine, because you know some people you in the in the story of The Tortoise and the hare. The hair got a head start and we all know how that race ended. So I’m fine, let him take this first card I’ll catch up.

Ah, I got a 1 and a 4 for this little thing. Yeah yeah and I guess I’ll go for that. All right. All right, Jen – hmm – hmm – I got to keep this going – cannot take too much right. Okay, yeah, yeah, um, all right um, I’m gon na give up on that, even though you’re close to it because I’m rolling like I usually do so.

I’M gon na go 2. 3 4 over here and I’m actually gon na go one over here. Let us go Jen how in the world I got appetite, I’m uh! Oh! I actually have a 1 and 3 out here that don’t do me any good there, so my turn is done and Jason go ahead and pull those back and uh John you’re up all right boom yeah for sure all right, Oh score.

Another 5 points at 15 keep those does cards. Those dice are still alive. Looking at here, 1 2 3. I’M gon na keep my three dice. I think all right – trivia, Jason, 1, 2.

4. 5. 6. 6 are the only things that work here, one twos and threes right. Yes, do you have a one two?

Three? No yet one two! You want to go here, one two! Yes all right! You got it yo, where you are all right: Jen, you’re, looking for a pair of snake eyes, okay, I am please let me run at me.

Make me happy. No, you happy, oh god! This is insist. It’S a tough! It’S a tough call.

Can I do this? I don’t know about this, you can’t take a one off of there and add it to the other card. No, you may not be the thing you cannot do. No, you can’t do that, and now what would be the best troll for points in the world would be. If I were to roll six months, that would be the best thing ever Wow.

That was a that was a no, but I am gon na go ahead and pull up these three twos. Oh, that’s pretty good! I like that. What do you have for breakfast cuz, uh uh, dice, apparently we’re in some weird alternate universe. This is really weird.

I don’t I don’t feel like I am at the bottom of a well of despair and drowning and losing I, this is very uncomfortable territory. For me, I think any time you sit down to play a board game and Wil Wheaton is at the table. He’S your biggest competition, so I have to figure out some way to hurt him deeply and fundamentally, whether it’s psychological damage or actually just like reach down and like cut his Achilles tendon. So he bleeds out without noticing. I don’t know I haven’t, thought it through yet well.

I guess I’ll go ahead and put a 1 there and my turn is done and I have 15 hey we’re in the 15 point Club yeah, let’s hit 4-0, let’s show him the handshake, yeah. Hmm. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 1.

2. 11. 12. 13. 14.

15. You know the zero Club also has a handshake. That’S right. What’S his real club, you don’t actually touch that’s good, yeah, those Rebecca Flynn. All right here we go here.

We go, I’m also going to need people to clear the music for Guys and Dolls, so we can sing luck. Be a lady know that, but it’s not gon na happen. I sorry. 1. 2.

3. 3. 5. 6. Oh, I have oh look at that.

Look at that BAM in you’re half way. No, no! I’M going to go in the whole point. Nice! Alright come right there before you do that happen, cuz it just might.

This is super weird, but I just rolled four or five. Six! No! Don’T let me thank you problem slowly, but surely are leaking out didn’t get there. I’M gon na join the troll game.

Yeah put me in this experiment right you’re in the sixth game, I’m coming after the sixth game. As soon as I roll this one hard not to play all right there, you go, I’m gon na stay in the troll game. Ah, why we have a trouble. This is a matter of pride yeah, I’m never leaving, I’m never abandoned. I want you to have it.

Ah yeah everyone’s gone home. I will do this well, we never got to close it up. Leave me look at that yep yeah! I like the small game. Okay, there you go four sixes you’re halfway to four sixes.

Just do that, just for fun! Hey! Let’S see what karma does, Oh God are you doing? Oh dear persons are going over there it’s going on, we have a new game, I’m The Tortoise in this race. It’S it’s slow and steady, but eventually the rabbit takes a nap and the hare and the tortoise plods long and crosses the finish line.

Alright, just these guys have to start sleeping soon. I figured it out, though, there’s a system. I just need $ 20,000 Wow yeah. I was there the day trader lost his house – oh just he just sits there under the 4th Street bridge rolling dice. Ah, ah you bet me all real double ones.

My apartment under the bridge is very nice. The only problem is my neighbors he’s three sort of gruff Billy Goats, always clapping clapping him cross. My bridge, I started to feel really sad for Jason after a while there’s a sort of a dead shark I’d quality about him, where it’s just all about the dice. We’Re not playing for money, but I’m terrified to think what he would bet to win at this point just to stay in the game. Okay, don’t do it well, I’m asking Oh name in the back.

Okay! Thank you! Oh the nan look is the best part. I’M gon na try that it’s not that I’m now looking for everybody, not working that working or at all or you look super cool yeah. It’S not what does that work?

No, no! Maybe it’ll work for me. I hate you in all your one. Are you gon na come home from the one yeah yeah you’ve got ta get long game one game. What are you waste your dice because I’ve got to uh yeah?

No, I love it you’re in the one game. I can see it that one little green dot in the center of a brightest yellowish die. It’S coming. It’S coming right now, mmm-hmm, let’s see what we get. What do we have?

Oh looks like you got a tube, but you can’t looks like you could come get no one game. I’Ve been in the one game, that’s yesterday, ha ha ha. She didn’t choose the one life the one life chose me. Oh, oh and you said the perfect thing before you have feels good to be a gangster Wow. I have 25 535.

Oh, I have wait huh. Let me add this up real quick here. I have zero points. You fill my cup with anger, delicious ritter agenda. Ah, alright, this is my turn.

Yes, your turn yeah after you now are you in the to game, I’m in the cheery to go stay on the to game. Let me know your what no not so much yeah alright go. I can still roll for one’s right. I can still roll it’s not over yeah, this kind of pointless dude but sure go right ahead. Oh that’s!

Tough! Oh! It’S! Tough! I’M just gon na gon na go back you’re going back yeah!

Oh, I need yeah. We might have to have an intervention for you. We go big or go home. The ones didn’t work out this time, I’m gon na get a 6o close, but no banana, I’m in the for game. Well, I got in for Game.

Six game is a great game. Like you gambler babe we have. This is oh there you got, that is a gorgeous awful useless. That’S it I’m cautiously optimistic. The good news is, is that barring some incredible act of God, Jason will lose and badly so whatever happens, I will drink the blood of my vanquished.

I’M gon na get this six card: real, quick, okay, ah you’re, halfway to a semi halfway to a 6, I’m gon na get the other three on my next all right, interesting! Alright! Alright! Alright, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see what are we gon na get anything? I can punch a sexist, can you I planned it that way?

Alright, okay, I, like my odds again very much like a girl, there’s two cards that can end the game and I have two dice on both of them, so if one of them goes away before my turn comes around to me, I’m already halfway on the existing Card, oh nice! Well done oh yeah! I could couldn’t I now that would and I’m gon na Jennifer. I’M gon na put you there so now we’re all in the appropriate places come on Jase. I can still do this.

Alright um the Sixers haven’t been coming up, but one is bound to come up eventually because it sits on the die. I’Ve checked it several times. There is a six on that die and this is the time that it’s coming up. I can still take this game. It’S getting really sad if you want to give me those cards and nope nope Jennifer you’re rolling back.

If you can close that 5 mm nope, I’m pulling these back and I’m hoping for a three Jason. How do you roll three uh? You try to roll a six try to roll a six yeah, I’m trying to roll a six, no sometimes rollers rock, but I will place these guys here. Oh wow, she had 37 points. Yeah points, three points, Kapil, those ones are six in the all right.

I need a three now: I’m nervous. I’Ve never seen the first time, Oh wowie, so now he wins now he went and now I get to see if I roll a six, let’s see alright, so we end roll for it. Yes, John, you have 40 points right. I have 37 Jen, you have 24 Jason uh carry the four, would you say, yeah, I’m zero. Okay, don’t make me say it out loud.

I want you to say it. Oh, I have zero. Alright, we’re gon na move on to sushi go well. I’Ve been saving all my luck for sushi go. Oh yeah!

I wanted to give you guys. A head start is what them you’re lulling me into a false position. Exactly sushi go is a set collecting drafting game by phil walker harding, where we play diners at a conveyor belt: sushi restaurant, oh my god, i’m hungry for sushi already, and i’m only one line into this episode. Well, I know what I’m getting on my lunch break today: we’re going to have a hand of cards with the most adorable Japanese food ever on them. I mean look at this little dumpling and try to tell me it’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Adam can we get crafty to add an order of dumplings to my lunch as well? Please thank you. It’S turn you will take one of the cards in your hand for yourself and pass the rest to the other players. These cards will go around that imaginary, conveyor belt, so that everyone will end up drawing all eight cards, but some of each from the different offerings different cards score in different ways: tempura score five points, but only if you have a pair, whereas this nigiri scores three Points on its own sashimi scores. Nothing until I have a complete set of three, then I get ten points.

That is a lot in this game, but it’s a risky strategy, because the other players will see me trying to make my set and will try to block me, because players will not only draft cards that are good for their own sets. A counter draft to prevent the other players from getting too many points. So even though it’s adorable, I don’t really want this dumpling, because it’s only worth one point to me, but I might see that over here. It’S worth 6 points to this player and I cannot allow that when we’re out of cards in the turn, we score the points for the meal we ate and see where our score is. We will do this scoring phase three times have some dessert and then we’re done.

The whole game takes less than 20 minutes to play and it comes in this adorable little travel tin. It is perfect for conventions or a quick game at a pub or a coffee shop, to quote the teen girls squad, it’s so good who will be the first player to squeeze out loud at the adorable art and who will be ready for another round of games In about half an hour, let’s find out in sushi go, we have pre dealt the cards in the interest of time. So let’s go ahead and take a look. We will draft a single card out of this hand and then we will pass the cards to the player on our left. Going into sushi go, I feel, like I’ve got momentum and a sincere passion for raw fish.

Okay, yes, I’m gon na do that. I’M very comfortable playing a strategy game last game. There was a lot of luck with some dice rolling or a lot of bad luck. Whichever way you want to look at it, but this is all strategy. So here’s where I shine I’m ready for round two.

I think sorry, but I’m torn I’m torn on. I know it’s gon na have to make a tough choice: okay, alright! So let’s go ahead and Jason. You reveal first you’re taking wasabi. I am taking wasabi not only because I like wasabi in real life, but strategically it’s a good move.

I think that a roll will come around and I’ll be able to get at least 6 points, if not 9 and Jen. What are you taking chopsticks? A very good choice – I am also taking wha sabe and mr

John Ross Valley, what are you taking when it’s safe with a dumpling dumplings are a delicious and they’re a good short-term way to get points? I’M going to take one more look at my cards just so I can remember what I’m passing in the interests of counting cards. It’S good.

I do okay and then let’s go ahead and pass and we’ll move on to the next thing. I’Ll give your cards to Jason. Thank You great. Alright, second draw Oh y’all waiting for me. Yeah we’re just waiting to take your time, all right, Jason with the squid nigiri on the wasabi for nine points.

Jen. Are you chopped sticking twice? Oh right? Okay, so you got some pudding there. I think I can win the pudding game.

I know I can win. I also have a squid nigiri for triple points and do you have another dumpling, sir? Oh no tempura interesting, I think you’re gon na, like these cards, will is probably my biggest competition. Given that Jason got no points at all in the last game. Was that clear that Jason got no points at all?

I think so. I want to just I’d hate for you to have missed that many thinking, lots of thinking all right, Jason, what he got Maki roll Jen starts off with a dumpling. I would like to eat some delicious sashimi. My favorite Japanese food is either one of those giant boats full of like 1,100 different kinds of sushi or really super good soba noodles. What are you doing over there?

I told you, you were gon na be happy with those cards. I gave you I’m pretty happy with us cards you good yeah. I know you’re welcome all right: okay, okay, great yep, okay, hmm, pretty clear, swaying on you! John take your time. Oh yeah!

No rush! Hmm am I taking you along with my decisions. I don’t think so. I think I’m working a very uh deliberate pace, all right: okay, ready, Jason pudding, Jen dumpling um. I have a pudding John, a Maki roll all right.

Four cards left to be drawn. Thank you, sir. Okay, ready, sir more Maki rolls for Jason, Ritter and Jennifer Hale. What do you have you taken the chopsticks back in and you pulled out a pair of tempura’s nice Moo. I like this chopsticks thing in the game, because when I take chopsticks, I get to take two cards the next time.

Well, when I see two cards, I like I get to take two cards. I am keeping a dumpling away from you because I like dumplings and you are keeping a dumpling away from me. I see I see I get your game good catch, your game. Okay, great all right, I’m not fighting will on dumplings, but it is really important that I accumulate as many as possible. Yeah.

Okay, oh I’m going to keep all my commentary and what sounds like freshly translated. Japanese! That’S super terrific chocolate time, I’m so stupid. Superhero party down go Jason, tempura and Jen; yes, not much and an egg Gary chopsticks for me. Yes, Ana nigiri all right here we go Jason huh, I’m hating myself too, at the moment who studs all right, so who’s dead.

All right go ahead, set it salmon egg, I’m actually going to take the chopsticks, because this it’s gon na. Do me no good next turn? Oh, I hate myself. So much all right go ahead! Well, that was out loud, oh, but no believe me!

Oh second! Oh, I hate myself. I hate myself so much okay, I know so. Let’S go ahead and pass the last card. Okay, I got nothing again.

Yep and Jen had nothing. Yep you’ll notice there’s three saucy bees on the table because I miscounted and thought I couldn’t get the sashimi. Ah, so I didn’t go for it because I thought there’s only two sashimi’s cuz, I thought I had seen all the cards, but it turns out. I miscounted because I hate myself and I only have tempura all right and you can have some chopsticks of shame all right. That’S the end of the first round.

Let’S go ahead and total up all of our point. So after one round it’s all very close. I am feeling really good uh. You know I’m not to keep going back to the dice game, but that was hard for me. It was brutal and now I’m coming back um, it’s like I’m, I’m at the beginning of Rocky going up those steps punching me.

You know I’m doing all the fun stuff, and here I come my comeback so set your putting aside and I’ll deal out new cards for everybody feel free to talk about yourselves. Will I do this? Uh ever loses this one um commit seppuku right. I mean oh yeah, that’s time we all signed the waiver. Yes, that’s absolutely right.

If I lose, there will be no other option but to commit seppuku so uh yeah. I I will welcome that with open arms all right. So let’s go ahead and take a look and see what we have happening here: uh-huh. Okay, yes, there’s my decision. Thank you!

Okay, all right Jason. What do you got? Why sobbing my sign Jennifer with additional puddings? Very nice um? I like desserts?

Oh, I also have another pudding, Oh John, how are you doing over there? What you got pudding stepping softly into the pudding game? Oh nice, yeah, stepping up that pudding challenge fantastic, let’s pass around then! Okay. What are we looking at over here?

What do you got? A three top lucky roll Jennifer chopsticks. I really like blue, oh wow, yeah and mr

John Ross bow II, more wasabi excellent, oh you’re, really gon na. Like these cards, you are really gon na, like the ants. Let’S go Wow: Oh Jason, Ritter, with the Giri for nine points, sweating Gary’s, mine, you’re, gon na play, chopsticks back and reven level of sashimi’s Wow nicely done.

Um I’m gon na eat some dumplings cuz. I enjoy them. I’M taking a chance here on dumplings, because they’re not worth a lot by themselves, but if I am able to get two or even three more, I’m gon na get a lot of points, and what will you be? Having sir, I see your squid Ritter. Oh that’s!

The filthiest thing, that’s ever been said on the show, see your squid. Meanwhile Will’s had his squid out all night. It’S true. I have. I have my spicy squid all right.

We’Ve all made our decisions, Jason. What you got, I’m just gon na solidify my Wow. All right so you’re you’re you’re, pretty much the maquis man yeah, I’m the maquis master. I am it’s nice to meet you. I will be mastering every machi round in this game.

Unless someone usurps my machi power high and uh, miss Hale, dang it but you’re second place machi, I mean it’s gon na, be, I don’t think I’ve seen another three monkey, but we I’m about seeing things how many I’m gon na hold on to these chopsticks. What do you have, sir dumpling, why you got to be up on my dumplings man? My squid pulled you in and now you’re up on, my dumplings. Oh, don’t blink! Yes, all right!

Filthiest game! Okay, everybody play all right: great family game, great family game. My lovely lady dumplings, I’m all up and your lady lovely dumpling. Okay, all right all right. This might not be so smart, but you know no tempura.

Everybody needs a little temper in everybody. Yeah this whole copy. You have a oh all right. You also need a little temporary in your life, I’m using my chopsticks, because you know what Wheaton means in Japanese beer, king of the dulling, my god, okay, and what do you got over there sand them? Oh how’s, that working out for you it’s good for the prostate.

It is that’s true! Yeah yeah, I’m sorry all right, two seconds. Let’S castles pass on here and Miss Ritter and for me, I’ve just gotten very interesting. All right Jason go ahead. What do you got?

You paired your tempura Jen. Did you pay your tempura? I sure Jason you’re, the machi master. You go ahead and tell yourself that I will end you. I didn’t see that coming.

I also didn’t see my fourth dumpling coming. Oh man, I saw that coming, that’s fantastic. I love dumplings as an asylum. 1010 wins right. That is gross yeah.

No, it’s delicious. What do you have, sir? It’S a little bit of an all-in move uh-huh which is play this. You can do that and then I’m your key plays turns both yes yeah. That’S totally, that is a totally legit uh, it’s risky, but yes legit!

Oh I’m having a point where I need 200, so well that couldn’t that that’s actually not that bad right, Sophie’s Choice, stop saying Sophie sure! Sorry, Sophie’s Choice. Well, I know, but for me, my god, have you read Sophie’s Choice. Have you if you read about like a really hard decision right, yeah? No, it’s real!

It’S an impossible decision. No, no human being should ever have to make real life, but life like whether you should put down tempura or not like that song personalization is a hire. Listen. I was a little thrown my weight around here too much Jennifer keeps using a certain phrase. That is the name of a very painful movie uh, and you know we’re trying to have fun with her the regular choices here.

No, no intense choices, no certainly no choice is that intense. It is a hard choice. Well mm, maybe not Sophie’s Choice. Sorry, a little overblown Jason. What do you got there?

Egg nigiri delicious, but not worth very many, not worth very many points but worth what are you doing? I’M just finish this. Why did you pass her sashimi when you could use a nice guy? I had a choice that I had to make. I could either take a card that would give me no points but ruined Jen’s day um or make my day nice and make her day even nicer and as competitive as I am uh.

Who am I kidding. I totally wasn’t paying attention. I gave her a sashimi by accident dang it that was stupid. You’Re right, I think you know, but I’m not that upset about it, because I have a complete set of dumplings. That’S awful!

No! It’S amazing! It is so freakin hard to get three dumplings in a because, usually when somebody sees you going for dumplings, they just start blocking you to prevent it. I cannot believe I have five dumplings committed that and what do you get for your chopsticks? I get more salmon.

You have the healthiest prostate on planet Earth. It’S been good shape, yeah a little thing. It’S really a Lego tire in good shape, and this will be the last guard Jason. I have a feeling you’re getting chopsticks, sorry Jen. You got chopsticks and I’m getting half a tempura that doesn’t do me any good and you’re getting a dumpling which, unfortunately, I had to pass to you all right.

That’S the end of the second round. Let’S go ahead and tally up our scores. Jason things are looking good for you. They are. I want sushi so much right now hungry, I would, you know, might sound tide out for some sushi right now.

I am so ravenous for sushi you, but when you don’t you think you to regret that decision. I mean like right afterwards, not kind of sushi. We talked about, though, like any red-blooded American man. I, like me some tuna: are we ready already yeah all right go ahead, pudding for Jason chopsticks for Jin wasabi for will pudding for Jon Jon sounds like I just keep it in front of you for this round. Alright sounds like it sounds like a delightful child’s book.

It does it’s in a series with pudding for Jason. Yes, exactly pudding for Jason, the terrifying sequel, young, adult novel, no pudding for Jen all right, wasabi, Wow she’s getting deep into the Maki game Wow! Well, I’m glad that I chose the way I chose this. What are you doing, sir yeah gosh? I hate yep, all about that pudding, yep so what’s happening now, is that you and I are tied for first place pudding.

You guys are tied for last place. Pudding yeah and there’s two four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten there’s no more putting to the deck o-64 there’s only ten puddings in the dick. I hate pudding, go ahead; Wow he’s in the Maki game; yep, I’m in the middle, oh you’re, in the salmon game. All right, I’m in the chopsticks game, interesting interesting, where what game are you in yeah you’re? Also in the Maki, my hey, but I Pretender to the throne Wow only monkey can I eat as an all-you-can-eat sushi place in Burbank one time that uh I walked in there and brought the hurt.

I really I had my a-game on. I get a lot of Maki Jason. What do you got? I’M just trying to you, son of a what do you have son of a –? I knew you guys were gon na.

Do that, so i just got sick. Yes, Wow. The machi game is strong over there. What are you doing, sir? Well, you guys are just having a Maki fight like it’s a crazy monkey fight and what are you doing over there wow?

Oh wow you’re eating your weighted Maki uh, taking a chance. Okay, all right! So at the moment Jennifer’s getting the most Maki okay. Here you go for me: okay, good little salmon to Gary, for you, squids yeah. You learned it by watching it ma’am okay, and what do we got over here?

A dumpling? Okay, all right! I’M pulling my chopsticks back to miraculous no leet, my sashimi and maybe start on a tempura, and what are you doing? No just up mate, okey game, a Maki fight all right! Look at that choose wisely all right: okay, more salmon!

What do you got there? A little egg um wait. I can’t remember which one oh it’s this, the one I’m passing. I can’t believe that this made it to me Wow. I cannot believe this made it to make yep and what are you doing yep and let’s pass for the last matches to me.

That was why you did that. Isn’T it yeah? That’S right, go ahead and show us what you got half a tempura and then I get a not a good Maki roll. What are you gon na do John? I get six, no, you get six and you get three four.

Five. Six, seven. Eight! Nine Maki rolls eight to her eight yeah wow yeah are the kingmaker yeah yeah yeah. Well, I was gon na get no other.

You had to do it in order to get that tempura yeah, it’s yeah, alright! So let’s go ahead and and score this, which means that I won sushi go. You did try again, I once she go, I won sushi, go sushi, go I want sushi. Go you want sushi, go sushi gong zu Shi go Shi paw, it is it shall. We accumulate in both scores now, when you say both scores yeah, I mean some of a score: first game.

Okay, so no and some of us were having a trial run or a nap right was going on over on your side of the table Jason. But I’m really good at games guys. I didn’t oh yeah. I got a job with the purple dice. It was the purple dice as a purple.

Go get a trophy. You get a roadie. Kofi yay well done, sir well done image of a muscle, puffer muscles officer, and I have to do the yeah yeah yeah. Well, it was worth it. It was fun.

Oh totally, totally love your work by the way yeah yeah. They had a good run here. Really I had a really good run. Yes, congratulations, sir. Everybody welcome to our our losers.

Lounge, hey! I generally. If I win, which doesn’t happen very often, I feel kind of good about it and I feel I feel bad because you’re all my friends and asked you here to do this today and I want you to take home these delightful little pieces of sushi and dumpling. Uh as a as a thank you good cuz, I already named him. Oh what’s his name, Fred good.

Of course, though listen, you can hang out as long as you want uh, I don’t recommend you eat those. They are beautiful, but they are in fact not edible, and I’m gon na go really thinks we’re idiots. I’M gon na go chill out there bumpy all right, very smelling. Terrific Mary Snyder love you in Toy Soldiers, welcome to the winners wall a place. I don’t expect to ever be, but here I am so uh I get a trophy yay.

God come on honey um! Damn it seriously until next time play more games. Ow! Ah, don’t see puke right back here on tabletop you, you

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