TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Champions of Midgard with Chris Kluwe, Alison Haislip, & Marisha Ray!

TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Champions of Midgard with Chris Kluwe, Alison Haislip, & Marisha Ray!

Wil Wheaton Plays Champions of Midgard

Holy you guys, the Vikings were incredible: they were accomplished seafarers, mighty warriors and at one time or another, visited and established settlements all over the northern hemisphere. In fact, around 980 6ee, this guy called Leif Eriksson, was part of an expedition that landed in North America. About five hundred years before some guy called Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba and was all hey, I discovered America, but I know that’s not why we’re here. We are here to do our best to entertain you, so you can have fun while you’re not learning so today on tabletop Marisha Ray Chris Kluwe and Alison Haislip are here and we will all travel to the port city of Midgard to save it from a bunch Of trolls Lyn worms, draugar and other jerks, now only one of us will triumph, but we will all be the champions of Midgard [, Music, ] champions of Midgard is a worker placement game with a little bit of set collecting and dice rolling designed by Ola Steines. We are all the leaders of Viking clans who have travelled to the town of Midgard, which is having a pretty bad day.

You see the Viking Jarl has died and now Midgard is under siege by trolls and dragon other nasty creatures who are like hey the orals dead. Let’S go wreck us down and take us stuff. We are here to help save the town and in the process collect enough glory, which is this games version of points to become the new yarol at the start of the game. Each of us will choose a different Viking leader with a unique special ability, we’ll also draw a secret destiny card that will give us bonus glory at the end of the game. If we complete its challenge, the game takes place over eight rounds and each round will put worker meeples in different parts of the board to get resources.

Just like we do in Lords of Waterdeep or Stone Age. When we have enough resources, we can place our workers on spaces that will help us earn glory, usually by defending Midgard from attacking trolls dragger or by sailing to a different land to fight some of these nasty creatures in their own houses. Getting to a distant land is not easy. Players need to build their own boat or rent a boat. From this character, I made up called Bjorn the boat guy.

They need to stock up enough food to feed the warriors they take with them and they have to hope that they don’t encounter anything awful on their journey, including the Kraken and whirlpools, but before you get all excited to sail off and fight stuff. Remember the whole reason we’re here is to defend Midgard. So if a turn goes by and one of these trolls isn’t defeated, it sort of rampages all over the place and the people of Midgard are justifiably pissed at us. If that happens, all the players in the game get one of these blame tokens for not helping out, and this will count against his or her glory when we’re totaling up the final score. There are three types of Warriors and they are all represented by die when we fight a creature, we will pick up the Warriors, we have recruited and we will roll them to see if they hit it and hopefully defeated it, grab some Mead and put on your Historically, inaccurate, culturally insensitive horn helmet because we are about to be the champions of Midgard, I’m Alison Haislip and you know me from Titans grave, but luckily L, I’m the sideline reporter on BattleBots, and I am faith in conman.

I am Chris Kluwe, probably most well known for being a punter for the Minnesota Vikings. I’Ve also done a lot of other stuff. I’Ve been in a band, I’ve written a book, and I am now a game designer I’ve come up with a game called twilight of the Gods that will be published by victory. Point games, hello, my name is Marissa ray and I am a voice, actress and geek and host, and you can see me on critical role here. On geek and sundry.

We need to choose the starting player. Okay, the starting player is whoever has earned glory in battle. Most recently, clearly you – and I are not part of this. No anyone know this is gon na be between Marissa and Chris, because we’re playing this the night after on critical role, yeah, you guys sound keV DAC. However, Chris has been in battle on the football field and I was a literal Viking ghost glory, but your glory was mostly said.

That’S it the rule. You say most recent curse, I salute you yeah and, and that was a hundred percent an accident. So I was like no, I was like you know, we’re playing a couple of games this year that are a little heavier in strategy. I know Chris enjoy his work replacement games but Christmas game, so this is what we’re looking at right now. Our market stalls are interesting.

We’Ve got the full warriors. Let’S let you’d make turn one food into a couple of swordsmen. You get the scald which lets you get to glory. The generous merchant gives you a wood and a food and the Raiders. Let you turn wood into two spearmen Marissa tell me gets at home who you are and what your secret abilities alright.

So I am gilfer guild fer, the seaworthy nah-ah and I do not pay when taking goods from the merchant ship. Now let me ask you a question: are you sure it’s a hard G and not a soft G like Jeff? Oh, my god, she’ll fer yeah, I mean I’m just wondering first sounds more Viking. Are you sure, probably also a good time before we’ve even started the game for me to just apologize to actual Nordic people? We are gon na in murder your language.

Today. I am genuinely sorry about that. Marisha. You are the the first player okay, so you’re good to go ahead. Okay!

Well, it’s only appropriate for me to go straight to the merchant ship yeah Chris, good, hmm, so the character I’m playing is a berserker called drew and his ability is. Whenever I engage in combat with a creature. If I roll on the combat dice a2, then I get an extra glory point, so I’m gon na mean need to be doing a lot of fighting. So yes, I need dudes to do stabbing yeah. So I’m going to go trade in my wood for two Spears: men all the way over there.

If you could assist yep. Thank You Alison all right. Well, I am savanna Hildur. I am a sword maiden, which means anytime. My I roll and my sword hits.

I get an extra hit because of it, so I get a little extra juice out of my swords yeah, which means I want swords. Yeah, you want swords, so you know I’m gon na do is trade in my meat yep. So I get my two swordsman yeah. Okay, there you go and here’s a pair of swordsman for ya people, I’m playing dagger in the destin’d. Her special ability is that when I go to like look into my future, I get to draw two destiny cards and then take the one that I think is gon na be best for me and has the potential for a crapload of bonus points.

At the end of the game, oh you know what I don’t like doing going last, I’m going to the arles longhouse to take first player and supply going last in a worker placement game sucks out loud. So my strategy now is to get that first player marker and hope nobody takes it away from me except Alison, because going second is kind of the only thing you want to do. If you can’t go first in this game, I am going to from the smoke all right. Can I go on the troll and then not assign any warriors to it? Yes, sweet I’m going on the troll, and just so no one else can take the troll right.

So I can decide if I want to kill the troll or not right, and if I don’t, then I can just go to the hunting grounds. Get me. The troll card allows you to assign blame to someone else. So if I can control the troll, that means that I’m effectively giving negative points to my opponents. It also plays into my hero’s power of I want to be engaging in multiple combats.

I feel like you get. You got ta go for the glory when you can get the glory. Just take a little little bump right at the beginning of the game. Just yeah, it’s great yeah. The generous merchants would Mercia know fight a dragger.

Alright, okay, Chris I’m going to grab a beer. Usually, you know what I’m gon na do. Is I’m gon na snatch this wealth card cuz? I feel like I could use this in the sparse. I’M gon na visit the sages house, because Viking warriors have become a little bit of a premium for me, I’m looking into the future as often as I can before I go across the ocean to hopefully not lose as many warriors just to the journey as I Would if I had no idea where I’m going, is it clear sailing?

You have to tell us if it’s clear sailing, I do pretty sure. I don’t tell me if it’s clear sailing, I won’t give you the blame token ha. That’S interesting! Well, all right guys who wants to fight stuff, [, Music, ], sign em warriors BAM all right, so I will be fighting the troll yeah fight, hey, take this redditor alright, so you murdered the that did for ya five. This is one guy.

Let’S use that loosely useless, swordsman yeah he’s out here and I get a bonus Gloria, the totem for glory, glory total and then I get a wood and you assign a blame token. I do um. Let’S see who is to blame is to play it’s a good questions. I feel it’s probably gon na be me. I mean I guess I can feel everybody, but I feel like that’s so obvious right like that’s what everyone’s expecting you, so what it’s, probably what you’re gon na do.

Well, no, because what I’m thinking is is that the ability to get free stuff is pretty good. Actually, shame the blame, there’s no shame in being thrifty. I steal I don’t she gets resources for free that normally you need a coin to buy and looking at the the resources that she’s getting they’re really good, and so I know she’s, probably gon na be the biggest threat. So I want to make sure that I’m setting the stage that okay, you get one blame now and then you get a blame later and they need to blame later because the blame increases exponentially the more you have the worse it is so I want to start Setting that stage right now, yeah redeem, my name yep, is the drug one, no draggers defenses one, so the daughter died, stronger, does die. Okay, you get two gold moneybags.

Alright, the merger will keep this dryer because it is a color toward her set, and I believe that wraps up everything that will happen in this turn, so we can take our dudes back and then will restock [ Music ] super welcomed around to everybody and I’m, Like oh, I want to gets to go first, let’s see here, it looks like it’s gon na be really easy to get Spearman. This turn around see. The problem is, will no matter how many of those trolls you kill. You will never kill the biggest troll yeah. I am a troll in real life, but I try to use my powers for good, which i think is important in this game, maybe not so much for good.

Since these are my opponents – and I want to win the game but yeah – I’m going after monsters, not after villagers – yes, I do wonder, there’s been shield results also deal one damage, which is super cool, all right and Marissa. Alright, I’m going to actually go to the jurist merchants. First, one wood and one food all right. Chris grab me some use. Take because I’m the sword maiden.

My strategy going in is to just collect as many sword maidens as I can, because, obviously, theoretically, I should be getting more hits and therefore defeating more enemies, hopefully I’ll, be like a dark horse, and people will be like. Oh didn’t see that comment what’s up sword maiden. I will. I have a bit of a responsibility to the entire table to stop Marisha from getting that market for free, but I don’t want to go, spend a lot of money in the market. Somebody else has got to step up and start shopping before she can go shopping.

We got to work together, guys I’m going to the blacksmith. Are you going to a question? Yes, grab your two free spear people’s? Would you just for me store those on your card here because we’ll see how you have set? If you fill up those spots in your card, you can’t get any more you can you get any more dudes yeah?

I think I want to fight to me a draw or worth four coins yeah. You do because that seems. Okay, I’m also gon na fight a drugger worth four coins. Yes, it’s gon na happen. Oh that uh-oh he’s risking it Gilford go into the boat.

Show right: are you gon na buy a boat, I’m gon na buy a boat private yacht, so being the Seafarer coming into this. I really I feel like I need to embrace my personality. You know so I think I’m just gon na get the biggest baddest boat out there as soon as I can, and I’m just gon na go pillage as many towns and kill as many monsters that I can I mean I’m a pirate Viking. I think I’m going to assign my meeple to a few more Spears, people um massive, all right. Well, I’m just gon na go for that free glory again there.

Yes, so I’ve been putting my meatballs on skull dirt because I figure you know slow and steady wins. The race, if you can get an extra two glory every round, why not take it? It all adds up at the end, hey guess what everybody’s getting blamed this time, because nobody went to Penn Patrol all right. Let’S see what happens as I send forth, the wild horde yeah that got murdered and I hit a bonus thing and you lose dude says these people are worthless at defending themselves. They’Re awful at themselves can get stabby all right.

Sevan Hildur doesn’t take no crap. Alright, we I got my, I got my girls, I got my ladies. I make them get in formation and we do severe sword training all day every day non-stop, but so many burpees happen during these training sessions got thighs thighs like tree trunks, it’s hot. I’M sure that driver who’s boss come on sword. Maidens can’t do anything Wow.

How embarrassing tonight, when your leader is the sword, you get. What do you love this game? It is where Lords of Waterdeep and Stone Age overlap and it’s it’s fantastic, but I am so nervous about having to roll dice and I die and what’s wrong, you could reroll, but your odds if you trade in your Warren yeah all right. So I’m cashing in my favor, I’m basically all in I’ve burned my horn, I’ve, okay, I burned my horn, that’s a thing and I have gotten nothing out of this round. I will never be able to come back and and and and defeat this and and get points for the game.

This is a really important fight for me. Oh gods, oh gods help me two feet that Lindwurm. Well, I mean look. This is very clear. The Norse gods exist, and they have shown me their favor like peer review that checkmate atheists, oh boy playing this high variance game, is way outside of my comfort zone.

Okay, just gon na just gon na calm down all right super stupid troll, I’m gon na get these Raiders for a wood. I am gon na go back to my favorite shopping spots. Get your free stuff, my free stuff! For the day, yeah I’m gon na spend my 5.2 grab a bonus, meeple yeah.

I knew that was part of my strategy from the start was trying to get that meeple right away, because it also denies it to the other players. For that turn and then they’re kind of scrambling figuring out how they’re gon na get it while I’m busy grabbing objectives and doing stuff. You know before I take my action, I’m going to use my wealth car. So then I am going to laugh at the peasants. I’M going to take a meat and a wood.

Please I’m gon na fight, this drummer yeah, I’m gon na go to the sages house. Oh nice get some more destiny, so I went searching for the destiny card. This is my calling I have to be the one to kill the most amount of monsters at the end of the game, and you know what I got this badass ship I’ve got my axe dudes. I think I can do this. I’M monster huntin.

I think I think I can go fight that well hi, I’m going to go to the ship right. You gon na buy a boat, I’m John’s old and the wood I’m gon na buy me a boat I’ll. Just take this guide capacity. 7. I wanted to get a good ship early on.

Unfortunately, the yacht of all the ships was taken the round before me, so I couldn’t get that, but but I got the second best ship out there. I feel good about my choice. Actually, I’m gon na go to the spear land of Spears. We got some stabby staffers. Alright, I am going to take my brand-new Viking yacht.

Yes, Oh choices. Oh I could gamble. I think I do want to gamble. I’M going to go grab another Berserker, nice. Alright!

So you know what I’m just gon na go with the shore thing and get myself some to meet. There’S some meets yeah and I get one more turn now. The gambling is, I’m gon na go fight. This stronger party, I feel like that’s, not a bad call. All right, so I believe that’s everybody’s dude, so let’s our warriors, if you’re banking on losing Teddy you’re gon na, be fine, don’t worry about it.

It’S gon na be great he’s well-known for his meat sword. Let’S see what happens, I need a new scene. Oh you! Don’T but don’t lose the dude, so I believe we actually put a little wound on the troll, correct, yeah, all right so cigarette and you get an extra gory. I do you get to lose Blaine and I get to lose the blame and assign it to someone else.

[, Music ], because you’re on a trip about the 14 points, easy to point fingers when you’re far away there. It is true, I mean I mean I’m trying to keep the village safe, yeah they’re, just having a party expensive. Okay, don’t judge me hard work, inheriting stuff, isn’t easy yeah! You got to pay attack which is really a death tax, but I think I think I may get this one will stir. You got three: no, you shield shield there, you, okay, dad lose and I lose ah dude yep who’s, this guy, who did nothing ya worthless.

Alright, I’m fighting, I don’t want to touch you guys know you probably give them better luck than what I have. Oh that sounds I’m so sorry for you. Alright! Here we go well. Okay, okay, hi, fancy, pants big yachts, a lot!

This sacrifice be for dogs, okay, yeah. I killed it. Okay, perfect. I wanted to totally lose half my army. Oh man come on fight the other one inadvertently clever boom.

That’S right! Oh my only love is the sea. Well, I mean it’s, certainly not like you. Don’T have enough food to spend yeah here we bring out a new merchant ship is in my mind. The meat sword is kind of like clouds buster sword, but just like tri-tip meat.

So it seems like that should be. A new class should be a class or at the very least it should be like a specialist specialization. Let’S do the forearm strength yeah. Yes, I’m gon na go get to me in a wood. Please it’s just going after fire.

Do it again, damn you really taking the troll from Christmas? It’S honestly just personal! It’S just a little bit of indication. I don’t care about trolls guilfoyle. You can’t be bothered with these lowlife trolls.

So you know what Chris, if that’s, how you want to spend the rest of your life just killing trolls day in and day out, that’s fine, but not today, I was pretty sure that was gon na happen yeah, so I’m actually gon na take first turn. Alright, I am going to buy this success rune and I’m going to use it immediately and I’m going to reveal my destiny card of having the most money. Oh, you get five points and then I get that one. He doesn’t doesn’t a card. That’S that’s!

Nice! That’S worth ten points to you: okay, go to the haters, get some Spears yeah, I’m gon na go fight, Wow! All right! I’M gon na do something kind of crazy, so we’re gon na see what happens over here. Whoa all right going on a trip.

I just drew a destiny card called killed the most trolls. That’S super useful. It also came along with kill the most dragger. Also super useful. So now, I’m beginning to feel like my destiny, is to not score any points for fulfilling destinies.

I don’t know why that makes me so laughs so hard, but well I’m just gon na keep recycling. My spearmint yeah, you are thank. You they’ll come join their friends in the death forest. Every time you kill a troll, you get a piece of wood. Now that doesn’t seem that great, but when you combine with one of the locations where you can trade in a piece of wood for 2 spearmen and most of the time, the troll kind of kill ability is to kill two of your troops, you’re, basically recycling.

Those same two spearmen, every single turn, so you’re not really losing anything, and it allows me to continually just keep fighting these things over and over and over and getting points for really no cost on my part, oh man, I don’t want to do this, but to Make the math work I have to I’m gon na trade, a two-goal, oh man, nothing worse than having to make the math work. Thank you for to meet. Please meet I’m going to go to the stave Church to get three jurors merchants. There’S some meat I’m going to do the risky play. I can’t pass any seven five six seven, but you can’t feed all your dues.

Oh no. I hope I don’t lose one to like a whirlpool. I believe everything’s been placed. So Chris is not on the troll, which is weird yeah accent, roll that troll is dead, but you lose both of your actions. All right.

I just need one one stabby thing to happen all right. So now the expendables are gon na go so they need to do damage. Okay, so you get another bonus, cuz, it’s a new role. Yes, you get four and another two gold, all right. Let me what happens on your journey to the Fenner cub win.

Hopefully, nothing really goes wrong and I have to do two which happens twice and I lose two dudes. Okay early kick yep yeah. What are your hair yeah? That’S, apparently I’m just dumb and how I go sailing. Does that look whirlpool?

We should go there. I realized that literally every other person who went on the ocean managed to avoid a whirlpool this time around, but in our defense we were having a really fun time eating teddy jerky, and we just didn’t see that the barometer was dropping one hit one hit is All we need my ladies. Let’S make this happen, hit it or quit it, they quit it. You have a horn blank just blank like my women got up there, battle started and they’re like no nevermind, I’m gon na break a nail, we’re get it together. Sword maidens.

I adore Allison. I think she could maybe be a more inspiring sword Maiden maybe be a little less. Our lee Ermey a little more one of those people who were not like him. Yeah. You got Rory in one hit.

You got this so you get kind of Hornbeck born and you get nine points I many bets on what I’m going to. Is it going to be fight the troll? I feel like it’s probably being the player to go. First, I can immediately jump on the troll which will get rid of the blame that Marisha assigned me and then I’m going to see what else I can do to kind of maximize. My point total for the remainder of this round because I feel like I’m I’m in the lead, but I want to make sure that it’s a comfortable lead.

The only way I’m gon na make big things happen, claim him right at the beginning. I feel like there’s only one piece of advice. I can give you what situation you’re right, you’re, absolutely right, you’re right here, you go well done. Chris is only four points ahead of me. Right now we’re in the last round.

You know at this point it could be anyone’s game, he doesn’t know my destiny cards, I’m I’m a pretty destined person. Gilfer is the yacht club that Marissa and and the others have. You know they’re they’re, really fixated on the boats and fighting the big monsters and yeah. The monsters have big point totals on them down at the bottom, but I can get that same amount if I spread out to these other areas and take control of them, I’m taking these mofos yeah, okay, he’s on a boat. I got this handy TrueVision card which it allows you to draw two additional destiny cards and I get to pick one.

So I just got the Destiny to have the most amount of meet at the end of the game, and I feel like this is very thematic. So I’m gon na lean into this, even if I don’t have the most honor having the most food, it’s not a bad way to go. I think I’m actually going to go here. Mother that just totally blew my only chance. I’M sorry!

Oh, would you just do what I miss she’s gon na spend all their money to buy for one, because I realized the math got me way more glory than having money the money. This is how you’re the devil. To be fair, I did warn you the biggest troll I just got lightheaded that was so painful. All right, I’m going here, I’m gon na buy two would actually which means I’ll. Take two me please thank you.

Thank you for shopping at meet. Burt! Try a lot! My turn again, it is actually go to that. Alright, I’m just gon na go to my gosh first, you stole the church from me whatever, but did you really need those two measly glory points at the scold?

No guess who did this girl? I mean those two glory points. Why is taking my points Chris now you’re just being a jerk Alison, it’s not personal, okay, it’s not you! What I’m doing is the optimal strategy. Unfortunately screwed Alison, but sometimes that’s the way.

These things go well screw it. I got it, I’m just gon na go for Brooklyn. No, that’s where I was gon na go, but I can’t even get upset about that things. That happened. I’M not quite sure.

If Chris is playing to win the game or to destroy us as human beings, you can be the first player and get a sword. That’S yeah! It’S a sword – and here I feel like this game – was going so well been played like this whole time get some readers is that, oh those are ready. Oh, it turns out that you are quite done by the troll. It ought to be the most honorable, but I will be the fastest.

You’Ve got the troll, you lost your dudes, you get a wood for some reason and I get to a sign. I don’t know if I should put it on, will to be a jerk or, if I should put it on Marisha. Who is you know, kind of my main threat? This game is an airplane and I’m sitting in 14a. Marisha is in 3c.

Here comes Chris, with his screaming baby: there’s an open seat next to each one of us where’s. He gon na sit I’m gon na give her the blame token, and it’s really gon na hurt, because the difference between for blame tokens and five is something like five extra negative points, which is a pretty huge swing in this game. I don’t know what I did to deserve this all right. I was just I was doing my job being the seaworthy one and, and now the town hates me for it. Yeah yeah, I think, there’s definitely going to be a naked procession screaming and yelling eggs at me soon I’ll kill that dragon going for broke this time come on axe man.

I haven’t used you the entire game news on dudes. You got a goal to damage. Oh yeah, so take your extra points bonus, you lose a dude and then you get to go. Mr

Hayslip, do you want to find out what happens on your journey? What do I have to get to just one sort person, three free points: okay, okay ha that was kind of great okay.

What do I have to get? I just have to get one yeah one yeah. I lose two dudes yep. I want 49 yeah. Oh my god.

You guys I’m not in last place. I mean, I understand, not everything’s happened. You know for guys for good, I’m in last place, I’m right back. In my comfort zone, this is where this is. This is where I live all right, let’s find out if I’m gon na stay in last place lose one in a storm, not a big deal.

If I speery just, I believe that we’ve reached the end point in the game where we will total up the final scores. Now, I’m sitting here and I’m racking up the points in the final summation and actually feeling pretty good about my decision. I really think key was making sure I got that one destiny card of having the most would have the most monster cards. If it ties you get to have the most Viking warrior dies, okay, which I wasn’t actually kind of going for. You ever have the most horns at the end of the game, have the most yellow enemy cards at the end of the games.

I have great. I got three have the most blue enemy cards at the end of the game. I have three. I have three so you time yep three points for that. This is all Chris’s fault man.

I let him get away and no blame. You have no control crisp. Congratulations! You are the new ural. You get to wear the yard, hose shiny boots.

Guess what he’s truly? A Viking now I finally feel like I belong. Congratulations. Thank you. We’Re gon na go to the losers.

Lounge we’re gon na drink, some we’re gon na drink, some breaking ale and you’ll get a trophy. So I feel like maybe tabletop needs to like send you to a retreat after the way that last round went down yeah. I need like some like a spa retreat yeah like a nice, massage yeah, some coconut water. This is my fourth season of tabletop yep. I’Ve!

Never won a trophy I’m such an embarrassment, no you’re, not at all because come here, buddy call your buddy you’re, not an embarrassment, yeah nice gon na rip it or something. If I did that you wouldn’t come back next year to try and actually win a trophy. So I can’t do that and uh um thanks for being on my show. Okay I’ll see you on Titan’s great. I do it’s like it’s my show breo’s, because you have your show and we only play my show once a year and you get it once a week, but it looks great it does and you have fancy yeah yeah.

We do have a book [ __ ]. Chris, I was gon na stab you to death with this, but it turns out. We can’t I get the right two rains of castamere. Oh there yeah yeah right. So congratulations on a terrific win Thanks and it is my extreme pleasure and privilege to present to you the tabletop dropping.

Ah now this might look like the golden shuttlecock international all-around champion award, but it is in fact a custom-made trophy for you that has been created at great expense. It looks like it um, and that is really your name engraved is so yes, please accept this, and if you wish, you may make a victory speech well, first off, thank you for having me. I really appreciate it um. I would also like to point out that I did not in fact horribly screw you over this game. That is true, so right, so you’re 50 % right yeah.

You know 5050 yeah, it’s I I feel like I had to share the little bit yeah yeah. You did Marisha has some comments for you. Yes, yes, no, I I am going to stay away from her and edged cutlery. I I think that’s a very good idea. Yeah, I’m kind of scared, um but yeah.

I think again, thank you for having me um. I had a great time and you know hope to see you again on tabletop and kids play board games. There are a lot of fun. That’S absolutely right until next time be nice to each other and play more games. Little people – OOP, Hey!

Look! You got you get you get you get to say that yeah yeah I played that me, but don’t don’t listen just because he won but trophy but get off my set Chris, but I have two trophies yeah. I know you do. Can we turns out, we can get the rights to rains of castamere

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