TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Codenames with Michele Morrow, Travis Willingham, And Many More!

TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Codenames with Michele Morrow, Travis Willingham, And Many More!

Wil Wheaton Plays Codenames with Michele Morrow

I love words. I use words every day. I used them to talk and there’s nothing wrong with talking, because I am NOT a spine. If I was a spy, I would have to dial the word use way back, because saying too much could not only blow my cover and my mission. It could also get me killed.

Double-O seven Jason, Bourne Ethan Hunt, none of them huge talkers. They only say what is absolutely necessary: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. A little wordy you’re, probably wondering why I am talking about words and spies and why I like to use words, because I’m totally not a spy when I should be introducing today’s episode of tabletop fair question. Even though we all love a good mystery, I’m going to go ahead and solve this one. For you now imagine, two teams of super spies have come in from the cold, but a whole bunch of their fellow agents didn’t get the memo because they couldn’t tune in the numbers station or they were too busy.

Talking with too many words to know that the boss has some questions about all those casino cashier expenses they’ve been under reporting. So today, on tabletop Michelle Mauro, John Ross, Valli, Travis, Willingham, Jackie Kashian and Ashley Escada are here and we will play the roles of those spies. Our respective spy masters will need our help to recall delinquent field agents, but it won’t be easy because we only know their code names, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ] codenames is a communication party designed by vladica bottle. We are all spies working for two competing countries. Each team has a spy master who knows the identities of all the spies in the field, but the agents only know those spies by their code names.

The spy masters want their agents to identify spies on their own team, but not spies on the other team, innocent bystanders or an assassin who has terrible eyesight and appalling trigger discipline, players divide into two teams and each side chooses a spy master. A 5×5 grid is built from a deck of cards which have different words printed on them. Then the spy masters look at a key card which has these color-coded squares on it. Blue and red squares are spies on each team, and this black square here is the assassin all the other squares are innocent bystanders. The goal of the game is for your team to find all of your agents on the grid before the other team finds all of theirs.

The spy masters help their team call out the right code names by saying a single word: a person place band, album monster movie elder God, followed by the number of code names on the board that could match up with that word. For example, the blue spy master. Could say, party three and the blue team would know that at least three words on the board have something to do with party. If the blue agents correctly identify a spy on their team, then they can keep guessing until they reach the number. The spy master called out in this case three or they miss.

So in our example, the blue agents have correctly identified lemon as going with party, so their spy master puts a blue agent card over it and they can keep going up to three blue agents. But if the blue agents were to guess a key, oh that’s an innocent bystander, they were wrong and the red team gets a turn. While the blue team thinks about what they did and remember that assassin I talked about well, if any player on either team says the word that is associated with black square on the key, they have found the assassin and their team loses the game immediately. Code names is something I would like to see more of a party game that breaks out of the typical and, at this point, overused impress the judge mechanic while encouraging and facilitating meaningful communication among the players so who will get all of their spies into the safe House first there’s only one way to find out: let’s play code names, I’m Ashley sceva and I am the host of tomorrow daily on

I also want to be a robot when I grow up. My name is Michelle Morrow and I’m mostly known for co-anchoring the Blizzcon virtual ticket, i’m travis willingham, I’m a voice, actor in video games and animation, and most recently, I’m known as Thor in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. I’M John Ross, Bali and I am most often recognized from the Big Bang Theory or people think they went to high school with me. I’M a Jackie Kashian and I’m a stand-up comic and I have a podcast called the dork force. Hey everybody!

Welcome to code names. You may notice that there are a lot of people around the table. That is because code names is best with six players. There is a deck of cards here that is going to tell us who goes first and where the agents are located. So Jackie draw something out of you: can take the top card.

You can take a different card. Doesn’T matter to me. I’M gon na go with the top all right, great and Michelle okay choose which direction this is going to be up alright and we’re going to put it in here. We now have our key all right. Can you see it?

I can. I can also see it. I’M going to use this card as an example to show people that you can turn the orientation of this card of four different ways. So you have lots of opportunities to change the board and there these are lights around the side and they tell you which team goes first. On the example card, the blue team goes first, but in real life the red team goes.

First, sucking spies, ready master spy, matinee move, oh wow yeah we’re gon na hurry. They get awkward because I’m super weird in a hurry to the eighties blackops. No, I sing Kurt Taylor Soldier, Jackie mm, there’s no bad ideas here, right, Taylor so Anchorage enters. I thought it should be an homage to the the Espionage genre and pretty much everybody forgot. That was our team name within about a minute or so so I’m really happy with the choice.

Okay, just so we are in agreement this road. Is this robot? Okay, great? Alright nervous possessing again, Oh blah, one all right like it, we have a team name yeah we just chose. What’S our team name, thanks, guys, probably treat me blue on okay, blah blah?

No, I like it. I like it all right, take it away. Thank you. We kind of stole blue ops, they had mentioned black ops and our cards were blue, so we don’t really take creative. You know credit for that, so we just reappropriation it for the blue team, just that extra crystal yeah.

This will be for whoever goes first because there is going just so that it evens out – and I get it so there’s a double agent in the deck and there’s a double agent for us. So I’ll just go ahead and put that up. Yes, um, I’m more nervous by the hourglass like oh, the our life comes up when it’s time when I say the thing, then I flip the hourglass, no yeah. This is an option. Well, you don’t have to do it, but I love it because it makes the game a super.

To imagine what I want them to do is go out and get as many spies as possible in as quick a time as possible professional to professional. To two dwarves dwarves are professionals well, with the contract is two contractors. That’S the contract. Contract is oh. Thank you for your generally Ron.

Wow anybody wrong not going to be immediately. The way a word group will tie together in my head might not necessarily be the way that group is going to tie together in the heads of the rest of the team, or in this case the words just don’t tie together at all. Yes, that was no sir, that probably our Lea in the practice not read she feel like you should hold the card and just maybe the opposite of my glasses. Michelle was the spymaster in our practice round and she kept giving us the wrong color cards. I was not feeling very confident appendage to think.

Oh yeah, I think that’s what I’m got. Ta go. Jessa! Hmm, please put the appropriate cards there. Excellent.

I think I think we gon na go armed. Okay, go ahead a minute um, I’m causing the time because we are coming to optional rural land, ha ha ha. When you max out the number of guesses you are allowed. If you wish to take it a bonus, guess that may or may not be related to the cue the clues, we don’t have anything to go home. It feels like it’s early in the car, looks actually trusting you.

Okay, we’re gon na play surrogate all right and again, the blue team is kicking our ass yeah yeah, but that’s okay, we’re coming back! It’S going to be great. We immediately go 3 up and I mean I’m ready to get out my broom. It’S a sweet. Most.

Do this team blue balls is killing us John sweat and Jackie’s, not feeling it Will’s going? I wish it was a part of the blue ops. We don’t blame them. Take applications every quarter, it’s not a big deal, so you can still potentially grab things that might go with professional, but I’m going to give you a new code word this time around. As soon as I decide what it’s going to be a lot happening at your mouth, I can see all the thought happening right right here will thinks, with his teeth, which is unusual, tick tock come on weed if they got three spice famous three famous famous as A green I’m hoping we get agent and fan and maybe we’ll somehow land on one of the other words too big sphere.

Star stars seems like a safe bet: let’s taste, our first okay, all right man, I’m gon na go gon na, go Shakespeare, Shakespeare right! All right doing Shakespeare, oh the look of support. He doesn’t read Shakespeare. Do you know famous apparently will is not a literature geek, because he sees the word Shakespeare and thinks it’s a made-up word turns out. I forgot that Shakespeare is also famous ah print to print.

Okay print is opposed. Right is one comic. Color can pick up trends like at all your newspapers, different our newspaper stole thing. That’S still happening, yeah you lying birdcages with a fellow marine cat, literati the people in the world. Just let all that let’s go, I go posters.

I’M really enjoyed sorry anything for comics. Okay, let’s go Costas comic, oh by the way. Just I can’t stop looking at me like that, like you’re, so proud of your, I really will just try not to make eye contact with them securely really yeah. Well, I think blue ops is all like. I don’t like your attitude rookie, but I respect my bad.

Oh dick Wow, so I’m surprised at how well spymaster Michelle is doing and Ashley and I are like invoking this brother sister twin harmony, mind meld, it’s really impressive and we could even do the bonus. Guess, yeah! You guys we’re not gon na oh wow. Okay, it made me say: Minuteman, we’re saying it for a quote: we got ta, have clutch mom wait till we watch a moment every time we have an opportunity to use our bonus. Guess we never do, but we do take that opportunity to throw a little little trash talk over to the other side.

Just say like well, I mean if we ever in a missing one, you know maybe we’ll try and catch up. We perpetuate, though I feel like over all their cards onto Castle to Castle. Okay, all right we’re going to work backwards, though with previous clues, and we want to say, let’s go gain ten. No, I would, I would start with nurse okay go ahead. Nurse nurse is correct.

Okay, great, you know one more limousine, the inner stadium actually agent, I’m your iffy on agent. Let’S do limousine, because I like, because that’s good for famous one is he? Oh okay, famous people, John a Jackie, seem to communicate in the language of comedians and clearly I’m not in that group. All right go ahead rocket sort of the whole, maybe of changes, no how’s it yeah. Definitely it if they don’t pick the assassin right now with them, Dino.

Well now, you’re right, I know the pressures are so well that I’ve done my job haven’t. I thank you guys. I got a day I feel like we’re still in the game. Hi, I’m John Casey, I’m going to say, death three, there’s nobody better than Michelle Morrow to drop the word death on a table. She seems like the most appropriate candidate to pick that, as our code word would be, nice yeah, maybe drop drop.

Somebody drops again hangman yeah yeah, so so many, let’s say: okay, let’s say nice for sure. Okay, I reckon now they’re playing together, really well and they’re. Listening really well, but they’re also getting lucky. Also they have a spy master. Who I bet if you asked her, would consider Shakespeare famous yeah what I’d you’re watching a Death Watch good?

Are you feeling good about it? Yeah? Okay, let’s go so I got the phone. That’S gon na, be it minute that is pretty good. I, like I, like you, know what you’re welcome yeah holding infinity and we’ll just try to everything that will ever be closed.

Um. This isn’t a you guys. I put the wrong one out there. Limousine is actually a bystander okay, sorry or even more alive. If your friend is only slightly dead, my muscles, you ask, was famous professional or hassle at my lab.

A little did it. It is your decision really. You will appreciate how hard this is when you know what words, I have to say, that’s the hot chair. I don’t want my not happy, I got a tough job, Janice will strugglin. He does this thing where you start thinking his mouth turns into what you would imagine like a Kraken would look like.

I gets this buck beak like yeast. I don’t know communing with nature, possibly making a pact with Cthulhu like a sucker mouth. I swear to God. Your beard has grown during this turn, so I figured by the end he’s going to look like Gandalf in the first movie Gandalf the Grey, and I can’t off the white. I don’t have to explain that to you you’re watching tabletop, Dinklage 3.

Why yourself feel good know if you’ll get it? I hate this clue, but I’m desperate alright. If I can get them thinking of Peter Dinklage, maybe I can get them thinking of Game of Thrones. Maybe they’ll. Remember that I said Castle – and maybe that’s somehow gon na get us horseshoe Dinklage – is to my mind, sort of the light of Game of Thrones.

So sorry, well, let’s just get this one out of the way oh yeah, there’s one so well gives us Dinklage, which is a little bit of a gim me, even though I don’t feel great, because I I think dinklage peter dinklage probably prefers to be called a Little person but little person isn’t on the board, so we’re going with dwarf. Then we can go back in time and try the other ones that we had been discussing earlier. So we’re going to pick all these the ones from the previous suggestions agent agent. Let’S do agent James think of me as a yes, okay, all right now, so this is arrest its cellar stadium. It was, it was in the sky.

What are you going to guard my power or whatever Zozo? He should come back so another innocent bystander and we are embarrassing ourselves with the public shut up. Just go so weird of us. Beginning passwords. Wait is it’s actually, oh, yes, it is hahahaha.

If the red team were a Mission Impossible team. We would be three Emilio. Estevez is from the first Mission Impossible film people forget that Emilio Estevez is in the first Mission Impossible film, but he is and he dies very early on, and that is my point. We only one obvious one fuel. Why not right jet jet fuel easy one of them?

I would love to you know. Can we go get up? You all want. Oh whew, yeah, sorry guys it’s over! It’S over [, Music ] congratulate Abu team.

You win round one, so these were the words that I had go ahead. Tell me how those words all go together. Like horseshoe fan organ I mean I think you had it with vitamins right really hot, because he is hands, I guess Vegas horseshoes way of life. I don’t know it was awful. You didn’t have Stadium, think what I did not have very interesting.

No in a heart, you don’t ask, I don’t know Armon Stadium, all right, a millionaire. No, it’s rusty. We changed up our our spirometer, a John and Ashley and who goes first according to the card. Oh, it is blue, so this card that looks just like me, yeah, be on our side is a double agent fry daredevil, so negations, okay, um. This team is doing really great, but this is where they’re gon na drop the ball.

This words all gon na fall apart as a spymaster. I played a lot of wheel of fortune as a kid with my grandma. I feel like I’m great at word games. So I’d feel very confident in my spy master skills, Patrick’s, okay, Lea Michele, had this amazing, Jean Grey Professor X telekinesis thing going on. They like share a mind, but I’m hoping to you know, contribute with my vast knowledge of shapes and colors.

Probably leather, like st Patrick’S Day and March, because it happens in March hi Patrick’s Day is another breach, but I like leprechaun, we immediately know that leprechaun is absolutely what Ashley is going for. That is. That is good, but I’m good, the second one Patrick’s too. That was the one that kind of threw it know. If it’s more, I’m gon na be really impressed.

You know all right: do it good touch something boom, he better now geniuses Wow. I know that was right. I knew it was like embers coming out of my best interest: can can they not take a bonus turn? This is my bad. That’S absolutely right!

You have an opportunity like this guests up, you can take the bonus, buy affinity, rules and order is going to shoot me in the foot yeah the luckiest. You can bear another go around without happening there. Just is we decided to pass okay, okay. Well, here we go, I taught John everything. He knows, I’m not sure how good that is, Sydney, how many okay well, definitely Australia.

I don’t think so. Australia, kangaroo, probably kangaroo kangaroo little gear, oh and then we could take a boat. It’S, let’s see, I think, that’s pass. Okay, we’re gon na have to pass. This is good.

No, this is yours. This is that feel, is way better than whatever happened before now, we’re nothing. Everybody have no way look at you guys. He cut out right now. First, as far as everyone knows, nothing has ever happened before this, so in this very first game, we’re playing we’re doing great.

You know the red team can say they want to start over again all they want, but the facts of the facts, and we took that. First game by force really great absolute total beginning. Nothing happened before this verdict. That imposed bottom line is game. Number two: is the game we’re playing right now and I am in it to win it triangle?

How many one get it? Listen, how disappointed Italy gon na repair done better. You guys got it just felt like it. I think Bobby Fischer [, Laughter ]. I think we okay, we Pat way back.

I think. Okay, I’m ready. Okay, ready yeah, we’re ready, sirens ambulance, ambulance for sure right ambulance see John is doing great. I think that there’s a connection between John, and will we have a great chance here. This is this is where we’re going to come back and do we think engine like fire engine?

I like engine yeah, I like a legend, we’re gon na say it. Oh thanks so much red team because I don’t know if I worked on that one mm-hmm sunshine right: oh such a ray of sunshine. I agree maybe daytime today Joe all right. So should we go ray first? Yes, that is correct sunshine right!

Bob! Do it day! Ah, yes, ah he’s ready to cure Roger two for two okay hit, a brick you mammoths have fur the women and a buck could be a boy, a deer and dance. Now, I’m gon na go with your amazing to pretend that touched. Yeah man it here.

Okay, there’s eat honey and they offer bears eat honey and bears have fur totally Jackie. You are on the right track. Go with your gut girl, finish no fur. They have New York, no first like bubblegum dragon dragon. Oh Frances belt a belt for honey butter, say honey, honey, really gon na fool.

I don’t got all that at all. I don’t play man. The only thing on the board that is connected with fur is the honey I almost went with hair, but I felt like hair was almost too big and too general is them taking one extra step that I need them to one extra step: don’t need to go That far, no, I feel me confident more confident about buck and I’m willing to it and I’m going to take responsibility. If it’s wrong, that’s it. Okay Barnett finger pork, it first yeah.

I really do look at this guy with the shrug yeah today’s to be fair. A buck is venison the meat and then the leather which is not fur. I’M sorry, it isn’t for its leather past are now yeah. I think, unless you’re ready for the New York, don’t deny you’re doing really feeling Lee York and the dog came on it, but it’s alright, we’re going to say New York New York is such pressure on me to make sure this is really good. You are Bill.

Buckner, you have got this, I feel like you’re being sarcastic. I know I’m being super serious being from New York. I get that Bill. Buckner was one of the 1986 Red Sox who famously lost the World Series game by letting the ball Kaimuki Wilson’s grounder go through his legs. He didn’t actually lose the series.

The Sox had another chance to win it. Are you even listening? You’Re, not listening. You fast-forward through this because you’re watching tabletop. Well, you are Fred Merkel.

You are all over that. I don’t get. Merkel was bucked her before Buckner was bucking, her catch it totally like it, and Merkel was so Europe and Merkel was so long ago that newspapers, when Flynn Merkel. I think it was a second billion and when well honey booted the ball. They called it not making.

This up the Merkel boner no in the before times a boner was a mistake. I mean today a boner can still be a mistake, but it isn’t it. I feel like I’ve lost, I’ve lost it. I’Ve lost the boner. What a!

What a boner move on my part in a non sexually inappropriate way so now we’re behind by one. So I have to try to either try to work some magic here or make something work make something happen. I’M trying to tie together Belt lead and microscope, and those are three words that, generally speaking, don’t really go together. Okay, radiation to just maybe led vest radiation, maybe labs! Maybe somebody thinks about a lead belt.

I don’t know I’ll, throw it out there and see what everybody says who loves us for really issues. Yeah will lead to protect yourself from radiation, absolutely brilliant by Travis give it, and that is that is there’s a girl. There’S no radiation in a pool. I hope you’re a Neum rods go into a pool of water. I guess I got dil ahead like radiation breast and he’s kind of a dragon ya know I said we were going.

I know the other radiation word is belt, like Van Allen, radiation belt. I hope. No one else knows that plastic is toxic. Oh time is up just yeah, just get it to go for it, perfect, okay, so the cups are low. Let me decide who go for plastic because maybe Ashley’s thinking well, plastic can be toxic, and maybe that means that it could be radiation terrible way to think.

Oh, okay, another innocent life. So why did she? Why do they think classic was irradiated? Because it’s in the microwave, I don’t under I’ve, got to leave them to cover and line, and I give them under because under goes in front of cover and line underline under cover under cover under cover tank, okay, um, nothing can go wrong, the wind is it Our back we’ve got a safe lead and there’s just a couple seconds on the buzzer, and here comes will Oh under the microscope Duncan? Oh pink, oh gods me that and then the ball goes right through bill.

Buckner’S legs feels like a mall light in my chest. [ Applause ], thank you microscope is ours, probably from the radiation hint which I would have never gotten to. I was going towards Godzilla. There’S no need to like kill yourself, I’m the worst, the worst in the world. If I am drowning – or you can put a pile of that is on fire out – go put out the fire, we need one flip, it yeah ready, yeah her boobs very man’s.

I am NOT in play today. Let’S draw this out: let’s really think about your opponent of you, our greatest monster running out there or goddess. You are sure you are the world. We want to make sure we give it the diligence the the attention it deserves, so we start working it with the other cards on the table. Mixing matching talking out loud being super careful and analytical.

Really, you know consulting the stars while we’re doing it so like there’s, twisting the knife and then there’s very slowly turning the knife around pulling it out, putting it back in turning at the other direction. This feels cruel. You don’t think that this is like. I don’t know waterboarding, you guys, don’t think that Geneva Convention should get involved. Maybe we just maybe we just yes like just close your eyes and pick one.

It’S not like, there’s like a 600, because radiation felt right, Van Allen, radiation belt. Well, I was going to say radiation 3 and do belt lead and microscope because labs and studies, Benjamin cool, but I want to play safe. Well, I really miss you go. I don’t know how you miss it. I really thought we lost the game because he said under and it was like under you guys, nailed the first one and underline you didn’t get underlined.

Like you, girl, undercover underlined. It was literally the same rule for both. I thought that word was Lyman, where I’m looking. There is a lot. There is a light there.

There is a reflection ahead. Do you know what letters look remarkably alike? The N and the M turns out they’re right next to each other in the alphabet. Thanks a lot people who invented writing only you win, you get trophies trophy. We do not.

However, this has played so fast. We could play a third game so that everyone gets a chance to be a child. I get to be the rebbe reb. The first game will be a friendly. It won’t be great right.

I will take that and we’ll play one more for kids, it’s kind of weird to say that we’re playing a game on tabletop just for fun because, like we kind of, are always playing just for fun, even though it’s a friendly game, blue team is still out To win so there’s no way we’re getting out of here with a victory, because we’re not going to win best two out of three. What we can do with this game, though, is get out of here with our dignity grunting. Both her dude goes first, okay, all right, whichever fun guys exhibition game just enjoy about their kids Travis. You really worried right now, so scared. Now that was me, fear you’re twitching a little no good enjoy.

Even though it’s an exhibition match Travis looks terrified. He is kind of sweating balls, I’m a little nervous. I hit it really well, I think I only covered like half of my face with my hands was putting off super cool vibe. I got one hint and now just flying I’ve seen my pants. So good luck!

Alright, I wanted to be most tentative about being spymasters. I like that, if this is impossible, alright baseball, three, it’s all three of that around the horn ground, like a groundout, Oh game, game, game yeah. So what do you think? Well, I think we can safely go with that. Yeah.

Okay, there you go right. Games reshape the game game, oh not as bad as it could. You know thing about baseball. It is in fact a game. Okay, Jackie this pertains to you, so I really need you to listen.

This is from Wikipedia baseball. Is a bat and ball game. Look at that right in the first sentence. It’S a game. Baseball is a game, so if you say baseball in games on the board, I’m going to I’m going to gravitate to game on a kind of you know baseball being a a game.

Alright coat, oh okay, so I see in the middle of the board check I’m like okay. I’Ve got to find a way to connect all these, and I see also lab and buttons. So in my head, I’m like coat lab coat. Coat check code has buttons, but then I look towards the back room. There’S also tail, I’m like oh, I say three there’s a chance, they might say coat tail.

So if at least I say they’ll take like the first two most obvious ones and there’s and there’s really no way to know that they’ll make the jump for Czech Czech Republic for coat check vodka Buttercup lab coat that that works. I mean I wear my octopus coat every Friday cool one on the button. There’S good buttons on coke button. Well, there’s buttons on a coat that makes sense. It’S pretty much all that we could really see on the board all right.

Let’S go up, you think! Well, I think lab is first right, so we’re going to sue laughs. Okay, there we go okay. Now we have to decide to you well we’ll get an extra pick and then communicating, but it’s not an F, but it could be compelled to go till and I have but remember butter shelf like button okay, your button, you have chosen lies yeah. Do I choose all right, I’m going to take your bonus.

We can find get out of this game, would immediately get over yeah yeah, great Harley. If you guys even purposefully lose okay, let it out. Sadly, it did not quite go as planned. Here we go hi guys hi best of luck. Yes, I bought Jackie playground, playground.

Okay, we have baseball and playground, so I plan for the park seems like a homer. I think that’s a good one. Yeah Park yeah, I kind of choice which was a playground. So, all of a sudden, we have a foul called, which I’m even know could happen, but leave it to Jackie. I think that none of us just caught that playground and ground obviously go together so rather than just throw this whole game out and completely start over we’re just going to take that card flip it around.

It didn’t really affect play anyway and we’re going to go ahead and just keep going so check out ground. So we can so playground can still be a legal word, we’re going to still go with Park because we thought that we have both of them. Okay, yeah. All right with that, a lot of greeting all right, so we’re still in playground we’re still in baseball and I’m still feeling around the horn. Let’S go with the horn, all right, we’re going to say horn.

Are we right? No we’re not right. I can see that you’re artis you’re shaking your head before their game aghast. Rather, the pattern is full yeah. Are you familiar with the term around the horn?

Go around okay, man, my lady, I really am no. I say noon for nothing. I am going to go with my deep knowledge of acronyms and say mentha 100. You know like yeah, okay, yeah, okay, okay, you know they say the octopus is far too seldom animal in album. Now we can chew him.

There we go choose one more. No, I think we should just that dinosaur. Let’S not be aggressive. This turn, let’s, let’s let them trip up on them. Alright, alright, I’m not right!

Now, okay, alright tag, one Laser Tag: laser tag, tag, bag, Laser Tag, laser tag, chick laser tag, vision, consider Lee out there. The ads are tapped. Somebody hey you can go one extra. If you want at sure looks: let’s put it all right show what about what? For baseball, like yeah yeah, totally right take my finger litter.

I mean to get that close. You know, yeah, marble, marble, horrible, all right, marble, yeah who’s, doing great what it doesn’t matter. Captain one ok, hunger, any where to look; ok, hit tab and hook yeah, and then I got a revelation which is a tag check and it made me realize: there’s not really a lot of ways to say, check like Jack about his uh so coat check, though We’Re going to go check, Travis comes in with the most brilliant of all, I think, of code names coat check is so brilliant. I want to write a script that will go to an image, search and grab every single standing ovation, jiff that exists on the internet and just send one to Travis everyday for the rest of his life, like to thank my elementary school teacher trigger Butler creative writing Class, we deserved, from the heavens glory, affirm that we will know Ashley and is like hitter. This is kind of skill.

Anybody’S can get against board yeah. I mean we’re really, quite so in other news, yeah a word any retired, a word that should happen out of this joke hole, uh-oh, no 70-foot words and my joke-hole. Our knees are going over how about killing that no alibi in everyday existence. I never heard anybody say, show Fergie call it what you like. A call is about consumption but joke whole production.

Yeah almost like go into the joke old things come out of the joke all and at this point, what’s going to come out of the jaws active, not quite as my edges are active, ninjas very SSI, Lister active pilots very active. I feel pretty good about pilot yeah and okay and I want to go for ninja well, we have to we’re not done bonus really. Four thousand later to you. Ninjas are super active, yeah sort cats. For that matter, no they’re, not!

You know. That’S spoken like something isn’t on the cat’s: how much? How is that true, I think of them chasing a you know, running into the sofa or chasing string that you’re dangling in front of them, but yeah. I guess they do sleep. A lot to catnap.

Catnap is a phrase: hmm yeah cats are not active, ninjas are pretty active, that is an innocent bystander. That is an innocent ninja that is just standing there and is about to give talk to you by my spot, ninja yeah. Sure gentleman ninja is a very active profession could be like a bad back or I can’t I can’t. I can’t I’m gon na have to ride the desk today, because I had my back’s killing me and your coworker would be like. You can’t really ride the desk.

We’Re ninjas or we’re going piecemeal, born one thorn, lighter important life would be born, beginning of your life for any of the born. Look all right! We’Re going like oh yeah, music, one! Well, you know musical note in musical bugle bugle is just for music. Note can mean a couple of different things.

Alright bugle, I can’t tell you that said, I am, you believe, is the musical instance that opera fish that opera food trust me not seeing the word below you guys, I’m a simple man and we have one left and the word is cat, we’re going to say Pet one I mean, I think I mean dogs, you totally put my head spider, but I feel like he would actually say: octopus, oh great you’re Barry makes you guys. Why am i helping you? I don’t know why I’m helping us do stuff. You know I wanted a pet dinosaur that dog. Should we draw this out just like they will you guys boy yeah, I’m gon na make me bring about a realtor pack.

Your lot, you got any wagers like really over your misery, all right, oh, and that is the game. It was good. Wasn’T it there was no hey uh, you guys, you guys are a great team, [ Music ], a team team. I have elected to ride on the losers couch because I really feel like it’s my fault, for for not being able to see letters the right way. Oh well, it is yeah, I’m willing to throw me drop in any sort of ball over you, okay.

No, I will, I will fumble it and then I head on over to the wall victory. That’S probably, whereas yeah we’re about yeah, I’m going to give the winners their trophy. So, thanks for being here, Shannon yep everything around there yeah yeah, that’s how I pictured the winner’s trophy sure you should continue picturing it that way! That’S how I’m going to picture this amazing, but thanks for being here, hang out as you want like to stick a nap: okay, love you and flubber. So I’m very pleased to award you guys today, the tabletop trophies with us.

Okay, Michelle! This is a for real legitimate trophy, not the display model, some janky thing that we found somewhere. It really has your name on it: Wow yeah, yeah yeah, look at that Michelle BAM. That is a real injury. We have it.

This is legitimately yours. It’S not yeah! Weird, like I guess, it means that you were the best polar bear: yeah Travis, congratulations, your no fee and Ashley. You may think that this is from something company. You want a Grand Prix in which a person won third place, but it is not.

It means that you are the third member of the hotrod razors squad of blue ops and I’m just going to make sure that everyone knows that. I can’t spell your name: there’s, not an N or an eminence, so you really are a butthole. There is for you, you guys, congratulations. You played really really well um coat check in our exhibition games is the highlight so far of this season. Would any of you like to make a victory speech or say any words of winning to the folks at home.

Where’S. The winning guys – and I mean I felt like we were a little doubted in the beginning – yeah, but we bro we pulled through yeah, ours dominated yeah yeah and the real team effort, yeah yeah yeah, also suck it yeah congratulation yeah. I think that’s. That is all this year’s instead of smooth out your ngratulations thanks a lot for watching and until next time play more games and visually good.

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