TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Eldritch Horror w/ Patrick Rothfuss, Stef Woodburn, & Jess Marzipan pt 1

TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Eldritch Horror w/ Patrick Rothfuss, Stef Woodburn, & Jess Marzipan pt 1

TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Eldritch Horror (Part 1)

Sometimes people come up to me and they say Wil Wheaton tell me the truth. What would you do if you found out that an ancient elder God was about to break through the veil of reality and devour our world, and I always say this is an oddly specific question that I get asked much more frequently than I’d like, and it is Beginning to make me feel a little uncomfortable, but since you asked here is my standard answer, I would scream hysterically and then run through a brick wall like a terrified panicked cartoon character, leaving a perfect Wil Wheaton shaped outline on the wall. However, I would not leave any Wil Wheaton shaped holes in any brick walls if the entire thing played out in my imagination, among my friends inside the world of a game today on tabletop, Patrick Rothfuss, Jessica, merizan and Stephanie woodburner, here we’re going to play an epic Game of adventure and terror, we will be globe-trotting investigators tasked with keeping the worst kind of ancient horror at bay. There is evil everywhere and though some of us will certainly perish.

We must work together to prevent the destruction of our world by an eldritch horror, [, Music, ], [, Music, ] eldritch horror is an epic heavily themed cooperative race against the clock game designed by Corey, Khanna, Zeca and Nicky Valens. It combines all the things we love about Arkham Horror with all of the things we love about elder sign. We are investigators, we’ve realized that something isn’t quite right in the world and we’ll be working together as a team to gather clues, solve mysteries defeat, unspeakable horrors and hopefully save the world from one of four different Elder Gods before it dooms the world and everyone in It to win eldritch horror players must solve three mysteries, which will always be different depending on which of the ancient ones we choose, we’ll have to travel all over the world to discover and collect the clues. We need to save it. Oh we’ll also have to defeat terrifying monsters, close the transdimensional gates they use to come into our world and not go insane.

Trying after we set up the game, we will each choose a character who will most likely die at some point in the game. It’S tragic to be sure, but the player who controlled that character will get to pull a new one out of the box and hope things go better. This time around. There are three phases in every turn, starting with the players. Each player will take two actions, starting with the lead.

Investigator actions include resting to heal physical and emotional wounds, traveling around the board shopping for useful items or doing a special character. Specific action after everyone has done their two actions. We go around again and we encounter the space that were on. We do this by drawing a card that corresponds to our location, for example, if I’m in Istanbul, I would draw from this deck. If I’m in San Francisco, I would draw from this deck and so on, when we have resolved all of our encounters, the mythos phase will begin.

This is when the ancient one gets its turn, and it is always bad for the players during this phase in play. We draw the top card off of this mythos deck and we do what it says: some of the bad things that does include up spawning monsters into the world or opening up new gates and damaging the players, mental and physical health. Most of the time, it will also advance this doom track closer to zero, depending on the number of gates that are open. If the doom track advances to zero, the ancient one wakes up and we’re probably going to lose the game, what has arisen may sink and what has sunk may rise, loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men. It is time for us to face eldritch horror.

My name is Pat Rothfuss and I write big fat fantasy novels and I run a charity called world builders, I’m Steph Woodburn, I’m an actress and a twitch host on geek and sundry, and also my own channel, I’m Jessica. Marzipan by day. I’M a community manager by night. I am a costumed crusader before we do anything stuff, you’re closest to as a Toth trader yeah. I would love it if you would flip over the mythos and another.

That’S the mystery flip over the mystery and and tell us what first mystery must be solved. Our first mystery is the seed of the daemon Sultan. Oh Lord, a strange, green comet has fallen from the sky even after the impact. The meteorite continues to slowly burrow itself. Deeper into the earth when this card enters play placed the mystery token on Tunguska, okay, as an encounter an investigator on Tunguska may attempt to search for signs of the impact in the dead forest.

Okay. If he passes, he discovers the strange green meteorite. He may spend two clues to place two clues to place one eldritch token on this card: okay, at the end of the mythos phase, if there are eldritch tokens on this card equal to half numbers. So that’s all! Mr It’S great in the story of the game: we’re investigating these mysteries so that we go oh it’s as etat and then we save the world.

That’S basically outwards stuff. I am Lola Hayes the actress. She seems very comfortable using her influence and powers of persuasion, which is what I always wanted to do, but I’m too afraid to do in real life. And I start in Tokyo because I had previously gone crazy and checked myself into an asylum with all of the demands and the paparazzi and just the way things were in Hollywood at that point in time she went crazy, and now I checked myself out of the Asylum ready to fight monsters, I know you’re hysterical and I’ve decided that my new role is to help save the world yeah. Yes, cuz your life had no meaning no meaning Lola has to make a big comeback, because I’m pretty sure she did something embarrassing like.

I don’t know maybe light her underwear on fire or something what I am good for is gaining getting things. Okay, great, so you’re gon na go shopping in Tokyo. We are gon na. Go yes, [ Music, ], big shopping, Oh one-stop! So, basically, you can get a sanity helper or a strength helper.

What do you think? Oh well I’ll go for this strength. Helper. I only have a stool with bullwhip bullwhip in real life. I get cast as people in power such as the dominatrix.

So is this fitting? Yes, and so I have a little whip and I will get a trained token so that I can move. I think you actually have to get a boat talking about what boat ticket please and then just I am Diana Stanley, a redeemed occultist, but am I really am? I don’t know, I’m a reformed. Koltes.

Definitely reformed! That’S past. I don’t know how much I trust Jessica’s character, Diane, I’m over it, I’m done with that new chapter. Every time, there’s a reformed cultist in this game. They end up being a traitor which is really weird, because this game does not have a defector mechanic.

So I I have a really high lore, because my brains, real big and I have absolutely no willpower because, because you were in a cult, I’ve been brainwashed. I was in a cult. We had to eat a lot of cookie dough. We had to. You know sit around and watch romantic comedies all the time, so Diana we’re gon na win us, I mean it is cooperative but yeah.

I don’t believe in judging people based on their previous. You know professions. I think I think she’s got a heart of gold. So incredibly uncomfortable with you right now, I think that she’s going to be a valuable member of the team, the easiest way to eat a bunch of cookie dough is having a bunch of tentacles so easy. You can have more hands to show up things in your mouth, so I think I want to prepare to travel all right, so I need a boat ticket, okay, all right and your second action.

So I mean I should probably just head over there now. Are you going to San Francisco? I am for sure flowers in my hair, I’m here with the like grandmothers of the future. Hippies is Charles Manson. There cuz, I kind of want to you, know just say, hi, no reason reformed, cultist, Pat, please introduce yourself to the world.

Okay, I have been typecast as the beardy dude and I’m not sure why norman withers norman. It was very appealing to me from the beginning. Not because of the beard right, i picked him despite the beard, I hate being typecast as the beard guy. I have got a lot of sanity for now yeah a lot of willpower for now astronomer pursuer into the dark arts, the lore pretty much. I can foretell that my character arc is going to be a very quick descent into madness.

I figure I could play that plus, like crazy old man, yeah yeah I can. I can get behind that. My first action will be to prepare to move yep with the boat yep and then I’ll take my movement, which is one yep and then I’ll spend my prepared to get to Buenos Aires. To be honest, there’s there’s a lady down there that he has a bit of a relationship with. Yes, I’m gon na look into the paranormal.

Yes I’ll fight a Suge off, but really you know it’s it’s Susan, hello, everyone. My name is Lily Chen. She is a martial arts expert when I was an infant. An obscure sect of monks believed that I was born for a special purpose to face a great evil according to her character. She she is a woman of few words and flying fists.

Little did they know that great evil was in the mirror, will has the sense and capability and incredible powers to be a Asian female. It’S great. We can’t just have all bunch of white dudes. Is it too late for me to be a white dude? So the first thing I’m gon na do is prepare to travel with a train ticket.

Please okay and then I’m going to actually travel that that down to India and hopefully pick up that clue. One of the infuriatingly great design features of this game is that you never really have exactly as many actions as you want. You always wish you could move one more space or do one more thing so at the beginning of this game, if I can move myself close to getting a clue right away so that we can resolve this mystery, I will be helping out the team. This is where we encounter the spaces that we’re on so Steph. You are in Tokyo, which means that we’ll be drawing from a purple deck, because Tokyo has a purple thing around it.

The reigning emperor has been plagued by nightmares. His advisors ask your opinion and you assure them that these Horrors are real. Please make an influence test. I want to see your most influential face. What kind of influence are we talking strange, but also good?

That was amazing yeah. It looks like two successes: if you pass, they act immediately. One monster of your choice on any space loses two health yeah yeah, guess it it’s probably this riot happening over here, since that’s the only monster on the board yeah. So, let’s find out how many health are on this monster damage on that right, so we only need one damage put down that right, all right! Yes, okay!

So I’m here in San Francisco, so I’m going to encounter the San Francisco space, the examiner hires you to spend a night in the Winchester Mystery House. I’Ve been there it’s a real place: oh my god, our Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hearst there right now. They probably are yeah. That’S why they’re honeymooning they provide you with experts in detecting the supernatural nation. There you go what just happened.

So the odd architecture and the building’s history threatened to unhinge your mind as the evening passes. I just want to open that door. That goes to nowhere, so it’s will minus one. Oh wait! What all right here we go!

Oh my god! Big will great. I believed in myself, and you know the Winchester rifle well well done Thanks! Alright, Pat so I I mean Norman. Now I don’t encounter witness Ares, I encounter a clue, yeah scientists report that their sample of radium was stolen.

Your investigation indicates a connection to worshippers of as a thought, and this is going to be an observation. Okay and they can. I cannot make anything magical happen here. Yes, that’s success. You discover signs of cult activity gain this clue go and now we’re up to Lily, who will also attempt to uncover a clue.

The thing is: there’s a lot of dice rolling in this game, and I am very afraid that I am just gon na be a terrible liability to this team. Through every fault of my own, a team of geologists have disappeared after said, studying a chunk of rock that was retrieved from a nearby crater. You visit their lab and fuel waves of strange energy emanating from the stone eroding your body from the inside. Oh, that’s not good strength check, so good news strength is my best thing: yeah. Okay, that’s a success!

You safely examine the green stone and none of you falls off. Oh great gain the clue, fantastic. I have a clue, hey that wasn’t bad for us. Here’S the thing: that’s bad for us, [, Applause, ]! You drop a penny into the peculiar mechanical device, the automaton waives its hand and turns over a card bearing the words.

Good luck is with you. This is an omen of good fortune. We’Ve got Sounion got a phony n’, they kind of look like if a nautilus was crossed with an unspeakable nightmare and it sort of hangs around and just flails at you relentlessly with its icky tentacles. Oh man, I hate that thing. It doesn’t really hurt you as much as it just grosses you out so much like if you stepped on, unlike a slug in just your socks.

Definitely for sure this catonian has a green symbol on it, so it’s gon na have an effect right away when this monster is spawned, move it to the heart of Africa. Oh heart of Africa – and this is an omen of good fortune, so the lead investigator may move the omen to a space of her choice on the omen track without advancing doom yeah, we’ll move it back, because that would, I think, that’s a good choice. The least effect of all these yeah, great okay, that was a very friendly mythos. Oh why’d, you say it out loud. Welcome to our second turn.

Everyone, as far as I can tell none of us, have died. That’S great at the moment. Lola is the lead investigator. Although we can’t change that, would it be helpful to have you go first then, because you, you probably have the you, have the most action going on right now, alright I’ll be lead investigator, so I would like a train ticket. Please, thank you and now I would also like to travel by walking.

Now I’m walking along this train thing here we go: hey we’ll get the works. Alright Wow, I’m in Tokyo, yep I’ll go shopping first, okay, chop it up for three: you can get dynamite and then the only other new card is holy water for two I’ll. Take that one good the dynamite guys all Lola Hays take off of this dynamite. I’Ve got a gun and dynamite. We are an actress in the nineteen stuff is really coming into her own as Lola the disgraced actress who is out to prove everyone wrong.

Gon na come back to her. I love it. Who’S also recently checked out of an asylum haha she’s, my leader, I’ll, follow her I’ll, follow anyone, I’m a cold test, you’re travelling by boat by boat, there’s a boat ticket and we are travelling you’re, walking the Himalayas nice; okay, not not a cultist. What are you gon na know, I’m in it to win it and I’m gon na destroy everyone? Oh this is a co-op game.

I could go to bring winter saris and try to get a spell you’re pretty good. With the spell all right, I’m gon na do that yep. So I’m doing Oh shopping shopping, not very influential people. Don’T trust me. I can’t imagine why why not one okay, yeah the holy water seems like a really good spell: it’s not the holy water.

I really want holy water for someone else not for me. I mean I’m really afraid that it might touch me and I might start sizzling or something because no well [ Music ], so I’m not gon na get it, but I hope someone does because it seems like a cool card. Yeah, I’m gon na. Do this all right get my whiskey? Okay, so that’s me all right.

Everyone is Norman back to Norman beardy. What are you gon na do and I think, if I rushed off to help here by the time I get there, you guys will have killed. Everything is my thought, yeah. I think it’s great, that is the man in the game, you’re staying behind the scenes and improving yourself. While the women go out, it’s super great.

You should yeah. You should definitely do that. You know when you have three super effective attractive. Young women running around the globe acquiring artifacts and destroying evil, and then you have a differently effective, older gentleman, with kind of a scraggly beard yeah. As some hurtful things might be said about the patriarchy, I could send telegrams out to y’all and Internet.

I want fanfiction. So I will prepare to travel, you have to boat yep and then I’ll spend the travel, yep and move okay, [ Applause ] the underworld. You find yourself surrounded by ghouls. However, they don’t seem to be antagonistic toward you. In fact, you believe you could persuade them to help you through influence.

Oh, that was a bad choice on my part. I was born to fight evil and, yes, the ghouls direct you into the Tower of coffee in the city of the Gugs yeah, as you ascend the tower stairs, an enormous GUG chases after you, the sound of the monstrosity rattles, your nerves, which tests your will. Okay, nah, if you pass close this gate close this gate, I don’t know if it’s worse, to fail early on in a cooperative game or to be kind of like catastrophic ly, successful early on in a cooperative game, because just the part of me that’s been working On this show for four years just knows this is not gon na last all right, Lola, a horrifying beast, suddenly attacks you almost as if it had stepped right out of your nightmares, spawn a monster on your space and immediately encounter it in Oh guys, the GUP Care yeah, you’re gon na make a sanity test first to encounter the monster [ Music ]. Here we go yeah, okay, great we did so now you get to fight it regularly and you get an extra one. Every turn, that’s your special ability!

So I have this. I get one re-roll and I get an additional one to the result of one die. So I need a four or above so that’s four, but minus two minus two. So it’s gon na be two [ Music ] be strong. Yes, so there’s a damn success, but it does one damage to you.

If I get to re-roll one, oh, you can be rollin over you. Rwanda yeah all right know that so she kills it. No don’t kill it because it needs three needs. Three. This monster must not have watched my earlier movies, where I was awesome and I couldn’t defeat it.

I dealt two blows still alive unable to overcome the threat you run away after being a badass and look for a place to hide. Please make an observation test. Lola’S been doing fairly well, since she checked herself out of the asylum, but here in the Himalayas, perhaps near the top of Mount Everest, she has maybe literally just gotten a little too close to the Sun. We have nothing to help our observation. It’S just.

We are successful, you succeed so doom retreats by. Why? That’S it. That’S actually a great fail. Congratulations, a good fail!

So and now this investigation moves to the pyramids, not a cultist. Yes, I am going to do an encounter with. I don’t know what green a student has been studying the university’s copy of the Necronomicon like you, do an idea, yeah and is eager to share what he’s learned in exchange for hearing what you know I mean I know you may spend one clue to share what You know, I don’t want to tell you yeah, so I get nothing. Sorry, professor okay, I am in San Francisco. You find the husk of a squid light creature in a tunnel just seeing it terrifies you yeah, so you have minus one to your will.

What is an astronomer doing in the sewers he’s? An odd duck, I think, is what we call people like him in 1928, a lot of people think astronomy only happens in observe Hattori’s, but that’s conventional astronomy. I am cutting-edge 1920s, bleeding-edge astronomy and sometimes that does involve going into the sewers. So we’ll two one little you get to reroll. I don’t have any rerolls, but I can spend a sanity in place of Splenda spending a clue.

So I can reroll a dye all right: the astronomer is making some very poor decisions, astronomers running into tunnels. Your your Phil, Plait astronomer, doesn’t know how to use a telescope. You run headlong through the tunnel and you gain a leg. Injury condition ha ha. So that’s gon na be here.

This is like exactly what happens when you get off the boat and try to do something helpful. This does not bode well for us, as far as like bad conditions get in the game. This isn’t madness. It’S not hallucinations! This is, this is just a hurt leg.

Are you the best at this game? I got a one in three chance of recovering any time. I rest I’m gon na rest anyway, because I need my sanity back. It’S not a big deal. I can.

I can do what all my angels do. So, let’s find out what as etaf does this turn across the globe. Headlines announced terrors that threatened to engulf humanity, individuals everywhere take action against those horrors and assist those who have already been fighting the ancient one. The world fights back. This is another one, that’s not bad!

For us event. Each investigator may do one of the following recovered to health recovered. Your sanity discard a monster from the space choose. No, I’m fine with. I will stay all gimpy and crazy and we get rid of the monster yeah.

I will also treat the monster all right. If I want to go to London, I have to go through Rome, and I’m gon na have to deal with that riot or you could try to close that gate yeah. So I think that I should probably do that. So I’m gon na go shopping guys. Oh little influence thing that costs if you’re gon na be fighting stuff being able to stop.

Take the Vatican, dude lily has picked up a Vatican missionary, which is great because the missionary is gon na, spend a lot of time trying to convince Lily to convert to Catholicism and she’s. Like you know, let’s just talk about it later, keep giving me bonuses, but we’ll eventually get to it and then I’ll do my travel to room great well. What would you like to do I’m going to move yep action and go shopping? Oh and one of those bazaars we hear so much about. Oh yes in the popular newspapers and newsreels of the day, it’s going to be lovely.

Yes, don’t they know who? I am? Oh, no, maybe they’ve never heard of you in in India. I walk into the store and don’t pretty woman me. I am Lola Hays you’re, not gon na.

Let me buy anything. Fine, Oh Stef. Welcome to my world come join us at the plebeians table. Where no one knows you Jess. Okay, I feel like I need to like strengthen up like overall before I fight stuff, so I think I will prepare to travel yeah both and then I will travel to Arkham.

If I might neckbeard a minute, Arkham is based on Danvers State Hospital, which is a super spooky place because it was built on the grounds of John Hathorne. The original magistrate who never said sorry for killing all those witches in Salem, so perfect for you. That was terrific history. I am having fun while learning lessons a podcast that teach me things: uh cool all right. What are you gon na?

Do astronomer herbs in the sewer he says he’s astronomer, but I have never seen and outdoors looking at the Stars, I’m gon na I’m gon na buy a boat ticket yeah, I’m gon na rest because I’m resting I get a chance of getting rid of my leg In our own, which would be awesome and Pat come on, we need you, two legged I’d be getting a few bad rolls and but the odds will come around. There haven’t been any really huge, negative repercussions for this. It’S mostly it’s just flavor text. It’S good flavor text for the character. I like it, I’m gon na fight this riot mob now getting -3 really.

So I get to get a strength. Oh all right Lily comes in and she sees this riot happening and she just in this, like crazy flurry of kung-fu moves, kick stick out of everybody. Just like pop out yeah. Now you encounter the gate. Okay, great city of the great race.

You are horrified to realize that the body you are inhabiting in this world is not your own. Oh no, but I like this body. I’Ve lived in it my whole life. The shock of seeing yourself in an alien Co, Nicole, shell, threatens to shatter your mind yeah. It does so you want to test your will.

It’S a good thing. You got six breached yeah, I’m gon na roll he’s in the perfect position to help you I get to roll for the missionary. The Vatican missionary is a pretty obscene sex move. It’S kind of up there with like the Cleveland, steamer, the Jersey Turnpike. You started this, the Chicago Fire, the North Dakota planeswalker, no you’re right and, of course, the New England coral bleach.

No, I mean no whammies, no whammies and stop it success of the spoon yeah. You steel yourself, against the horror of this alien body, yeah of that yeah, and try to recall the knowledge necessary to build a device that will return you to your body yeah, which is lore, not strengthen the okay. That’S cool! That’S cool! Oh!

I wonder, do I remember? No, I don’t, but that’s okay, because I can reroll a die when resolving a test. I feel, like I kind of remember I don’t remember what happens if you fail, the machine malfunction lose to health and the gate stays open. Yes yeah. I mean there’s nothing.

I can okay, all right, that’s fine! It turns over what what are you gon na? Do there I’m just going to think kind of city very well, okay, a shady figure offers to sell you a weapon. No questions asked. You speak with him to determine his motives.

That would be an influence test. Ah, let’s have a talk about that weapon, they’ve Levin, big weapon, oh yeah, you got it so you get to take a random weapon asset from the deck, no double barreled shotgun. Sometimes I use my influence to get ahead to get a date or a double barreled shotgun. We are ready, you’re, terrified, okay and Jess. The silver Twilight Lodge members asked you several riddles to prove your knowledge.

This is mine. What you show up to the silver Twilight Lodge and and they’re like like I’m sorry, you were looking for the the copper Twilight lounge. It’S down the road good thing you have going on, though, are you gon na try to close up that gate there? I am you find yourself in a familiar city, but there’s no electricity, the only light comes from the greenish moon and the only sound is distant screaming. You feel your reason being overrun by fear.

You are like such a scaredy cat. If this is Peoria, I’ve been there, I was going to say it sounds like you’re in San Francisco after the Giants and it’s just straight up, will I don’t get extra dice bonus of some sort? There’S one success in a [ __ ] tied to it. If all I needs one I’ll just leave the [ __ ] die resisting the urge to panic. He find a large metal and glass machine that has electricity sparking across its surface.

You try to learn how to operate this device. So you need your lure. It’S pretty much, you put your tongue on it, that’s! Okay! No!

No! We’Re good! I’M gon na spend yeah a sandy to act as a clue. Yep. Yes, yes, you return to your own time.

Close this gate. Woot! Nice. Yes, gate closed! Oh excellent!

I just feel good about myself. Okay, here we go all the bad stuff. This is gon na stay on the board. There’S a rumor and ongoing rumored, ah rumors suck, because rumors extend that mythos effect over lots of turns and you have to resolve them because if you don’t, they always do tons of damage to you or they stop you from doing something that you really want to. Do, or in some cases they can actually cause you to just lose the game.

You dream of a life as an insane wizard thousands of years ago in Atlantis you also dream of that same Wizards to the live today on an uncharted island. You know you have the ticking clock of the overall world game that are winning condition. We have to take care of as a talk, but this rumor. If this goes wrong, everything everything will be destroyed before that. So it’s like the necessary side quest the sudden, unexpected.

Also, the world will end if you don’t do that. Luckily, I’m in the area. Luckily, I think I have a shot at pulling it off so you’re the lead investigator. How will you spend your turn? We’Ll go at the shop, we’ll go we’ll go to shopping in Istanbul, yeah super race we have to.

I will take the personal assistant, offense yeah. This is definitely me leveling up in my actor career. I’Ve got the calls, got those 1920s emails alright. And what will you be doing Diana okay? So I could go to well you’re going to London right ticket.

There’S, no reason you can’t go also. I want to try to shop in the reserve. I think there are some things that are helpful: okay, there, okay, so okay, you got one. I got nothing, I could just move on or I could go into debt to get a tome which I really want you so wanted. You want so you’ll be rolling.

7. Lord ice, whenever you cast a spell and I’m like I don’t know and then Pat’s like you should get it and I’m like. I will listen to anything that anyone says to me. So I do let’s try to resolve this diet as quickly as possible. I’M sure nothing bad could come of this.

Nothing sounds very logical. I am no well okay, yet I need a bank loan debit condition. Doo doo doo, doo doo. There you go. I wonder how this loan was actually handed out like.

I need you to complete these forms. You were in a cult for a really long time. Okay, I will rest because I really want to get rid of this leg injury. It’S got to happen eventually, doctor professor doctor is a scientist like he should be able to heal that leg, and then I spend my ship token move move Hanneman positions, okay, we’re right for my action. You know I’m gon na do firm action.

I’M gon na spend one health and recover one sanity, okay, yep and now, as my rest action, I am going to gain one health and one sanity yep, which makes this obviously right. What makes that happen which lets me come all the way back up to full people from every walk of life can be found enjoying the cleansing steam of the Turkish baths inside you’ll eventually find an expert in any given field. You may become delayed to improve one skill of your choice. I don’t know that would be worth it to become delayed this at this point, while we’re still moving around so I’d rather leave myself. No tarnish baths, no Jagger’s bad.

You know they’re full of bacteria. What will you do? Diane you peruse the scoop, a tabloid that specializes in strange and lurid stories. You roll your eyeball minus one, so you gain a clue. Whoa I’ve never had so much responsibility.

Are you going to Atlantis to try to resolve the rumor? Yes, in the 1920s right, you don’t have a lot of submarine technology. I do think you have diving bells. Finding Atlantis is pretty easy. That’S just getting on the guest list is a nightmare.

All right so make an observation test. I would like to imagine this big brass diving bell, but you know I’m a gentleman of sophistication and means right. So I like to think of this as very Victorian. It’S it’s got a lot of mahogany in there there’s perhaps like a gramophone. Does my leg injury help me with this?

I would think it would make me more introspective yeah, which it turns out it. Did it really impresses the ladies? It’S like hey, you know want to go to Hawaii, not a big deal. Atlantis. That’S you know it’s a panty-dropper rumors gone spending that clue plus a C and a sanity yeah.

Okay, this comes off the board. Oh here we go Great Hall of Celino. Oh yes, I’ve been there in other games. You are forbidden to enter the library yeah. I am unless you berieve a necessary sigil uh-huh.

You draw the symbol to the best of your knowledge and lore, you know, or it could be something that I don’t suck at yeah. The library sounds great. You can reward you got to be able, so I’m right where I expected to be right in the tabletop comfort zone, rolling like failing all over the place, you’re drawing proves insufficient, and you find yourself back on earth struggling to retain cuz. We’Ve left Earth struggling to retain your memories of what happened, gained an amnesia condition unless you spend one clue. I do think in narrative terms that the only way Lily can deal with this epic failure is to give herself amnesia I’m gon na take amnesia.

Are you sure I’m not spending a clue? We need close, the gate won’t close. Can I borrow that frying pan bonk bonk bonk bonk, bonk bonk, Who am I I have amnesia dawn dawn dawn? You had told everyone. The parchment was indecipherable, but you were lying.

You know the ritual necessary to summon and bind the dark power. You could strike a bargain with it. The situation is desperate, but you know that a solution is within its power, but what will it ask of you in return? A proposition? The lead investigator may gain a dark pact condition to immediately solve one rumor in play.

No rumors. We were way too efficient. Yes, Oh. What were your actions going? I will go shopping me and yes, shop shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, roll with a reroll shop shop; shop; shop; shop, yes yourself, but I can use this at any time.

Yeah yeah, so we’re gon na keep we’re gon na hold on to all right. Okay and then I will move here already prepared Jess. What are you gon na do? Okay, I really want to get rid of my dad yep, so I have to test my influence. Yep of which that hasn’t gone so great yeah, you learned the eye batting.

You actually had a tiny seizure, but it worked out and what I was really just feel I’m not a cultist batting of the eye. Yeah yeah, terrific, so that’s gone. Okay and then I’m gon na go to gon na go to room. What are you doing? I’M gon na move one and then I’m gon na rest yeah see if you can click see if you can fix your broken leg there.

Okay, you only get to roll one, I’m going to spend a sanity, so I can reroll that die. Okay, here’s the thing I don’t think doctor professor doctor, whose name is allegedly Norman, actually has a leg. To begin with, I think that one of his legs is actually the discarded pieces of a broken telescope all right. So I cannot shop here because of the monsters, but I can travel and then I can rest here so I’m gon na try to get rid of my amnesia. Oh that’s a [, __ ] die.

I get to re-roll it. The rules are ambiguously clear about this and entirely open to creative interpretation. If a die is cocked according to me, then you got to roll it. I mean that was totally a cognitive die. That’S a pocket dog!

I get to re-roll that I don’t know love with you. The dice have been for me for four years and it’s time that I’ve back you dice. It learned amnesia and leg injury, but the worst super shape of a few hours before the performance of the Opera. Masa de Requiem pair shoe hey, you have a chance to examine the libretto, make a lore test. Wow wow!

You recognize that it’s a ritual that honors as it hath and stop the for months gained this clue. Yes, well done, Diane here’s what happens with cultists? Okay, you have to fight them with your brains, so make a make a will test. That’S a cocktail damage all right, lose one health and defeat the monster. Cultist is defeated, and now you get to fight the Warlock.

Okay, the Warlock is a wimp, but you do have to pass the you have to pass another gift pass. Another will test nope great, so the Warlock makes you lose a sanity and a health, and now you get to fight it with your strength, which is that a one? Alright, I’ve only got one spell right now, but it’s a wither spell and I feel like it’s gon na be beneficial, so the incantation takes effect with horrifying success, lose one sanity whatever and gain 5 strength during that encounter instead so 8 to strength now, you’re a Monster great her rolling that seven lure on the wither spell as soon as she got that I knew that she was just gon na, be unstoppable monster all the way through the game where you are. You are unstoppable at this. So oh, it’s dead, no reformed yep!

So that it’s super duper duper dead, you killed it now. Do you want to go and close that gate? I only have two: okay, close the gate. Close the gate lost cars’ Carcosa staring out at the cloudy water of lake Holly. You are horrified to see the entire lake rippling as if something at the bottom is about to surface.

You are seized by a terrible panic that paralyzes you and you roll observation, okay, so plus four through sheer. Will you force yourself to run toward the door? You entered through you find the doorway has been replaced by a blank wall. You try to recall an incantation from your studies that will open the lost portal. Lore yeah, one to two successes.

You close the gate. You met up top okay old man. There’S a lot. Well, in this city, I’ll just look around okay, that right, an old woman warns you that you’ve angered yeag and teaches you a protective chant game. One ritual spell yeah I’ll.

Take it concerned that she may be right. You learn all you can about you, which is your lore. You you got it. I get plumb void, no, no, no plumb! The void, yeah plumb void actually sounds like a really delicious dessert to me.

I would eat if I went out to a restaurant and they brought me the dessert. I would order the plum void. I’M gon na go investigate the pyramids you reach for the ancient relic when a small white cat jumps in front of you. One weakness is that, like tiny white kitten for a world of warcraft has appeared well to your horror to cat transforms into demonic, feline creature, that’s kind of tax, you must use your strength whoa. My strength is a thing that doesn’t suck okay, great evil cat demon.

Shrivels down to a husk bad kitty, leaving the relic unguarded gained one artifact. Are you get an artifact examining the item? You may be too distracted to notice the warning hieroglyph. Oh yeah, that might be a problem observation, oh so! Well!

It’S I mean come on. That is not the amnesia Oh fantastic boom. I got the cult dazed s, Ghoulies, you get a tome. Everybody has a item, tome action test. Lore.

If you pass, you may spend one sanity to gauge ooh clues coz who’s good at lore, you good at war. I’M pretty good and she’s right now kid we got to get together. Alright, like let’s get to the same place once inside the lodge your host invites you to follow him upstairs several members stare in astonishment. Outsiders are rarely granted such access at the top of the stairs. You are assured into a library filled with rare and exotic tomes.

Now he says: how can we help you silver Twilight aid. Each investigator may do one of the following gain a clue. Gain an asset gain a spell I’ll, be gaining a clue. I won’t be gaining a clue as well, because then we will have to probably good choice. I don’t have any trick like everybody else has goodies.

I got nothing, i got a leg, injury and really me hanging with the witch doctor. I think we would be buds okay. Well, i can i shop. No, I can’t you can you’re in the city by some stuff. So if you want to know what privilege looks like just go, visit, Lola I’ll, just take that one okay, private investigator, because she has everything in the world she could ever possibly need, including stuff.

She doesn’t need at all. And if she wants a thing, she just sort of like fiddles with her scarf and bats or eyelashes, and maybe like your scarf across or does Lola want something I feel like. I should give her a thing right now: good, okay, so I think I’m going to travel and then use my second action to get rid of the coldest monster whenever I see a cultist – and I want to just like not deal with this – I just whisper into Their ear and say: could you doing Cthulhu are real bad for you yo you can just River. I and then they’re gone people need to know the truth. Now it’s it for me.

What are you doing? Delay? Z? That’S it! That’S my old diary!

So here’s here’s! The thing I’ve got two clues: we want to get me to Tunguska as quickly as possible. If you play this game enough, people will say well, I guess I’ll prepare to travel. I guess I’ll take a ticket. I have train tickets, which I can spend right, but it actually ends up being really helpful and useful because you get a turn like this, where suddenly you’re like BAM, I’m on the trans-siberian Express thanks, Kraftwerk, I’m going all the way to Tunguska.

Maybe I should try to get rid of my debt so I’ll test my influence and see if I can get rid of my debt. Yes, I don’t know what you’re talking about Clark. What’S that I don’t understand what the problem is, that die was mostly flat. Everything’S, fine everything’s, fine, it was clearly flat, mostly flat yeah I mean that was mostly flat. Mostly flat is almost flat and I think it’s a completely legitimate and entirely like look.

We could call, we could send it upstairs. What do you say upstairs? Fine great? So no problem, I shut up. Everybody shut up, everybody shut up.

Thank you. It’S been reviewed, I don’t know like shut up. It’S fine everything’s great! It’S now it’s on to you to encounter things. I’M feeling really nervous.

Right. Now, we’ve been basically treading water. We haven’t taken a lot of setbacks, but we’ve made virtually no progress toward actually solving this mystery. Now we have two characters in the location where the mystery needs to be solved with enough clues to solve the mystery, and we just have to hope that the dice don’t screw us. We could solve this mystery by the end of this turn or we could be in a world of hurt and really fall behind.

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