TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Eldritch Horror w/ Patrick Rothfuss, Stef Woodburn, & Jess Marzipan pt 2

TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Eldritch Horror w/ Patrick Rothfuss, Stef Woodburn, & Jess Marzipan pt 2

TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Eldritch Horror

In the story of the game Eldritch Horror, we’re investigating these mysteries so that we go oh it’s as a top and then we save the world. I am Lola Hayes the actress who is out to prove everyone wrong and it come back to her. I am Diana Stanley, a redeemed occultist, I’m a reformed cultist, definitely reformed. I have been typecast as the beardy dude and I’m not sure why crazy old man yeah yeah I can. I can get behind that.

Uh, hello, everyone. My name is Lilly Chen. She is a woman of few words and flying fists. I’Ll go shopping first, okay, chop it up, you run headlong through the tunnel, what isn’t astronomer doing in the sewers and you gained a leg, injury condition. Haha Pat come on.

We need you two legged. This is gon na stay on the board. There’S a rumor and ongoing rumor, ah rumors suck. Are you going to Atlantis to try to resolve the rumor? Yes, you know want to go to Hawaii, not a big deal.

Atlantis, it’s a panty-dropper. This rumors gone no reformed. Yeah, so if you want to know what privilege looks like just go visit Lola, so here’s here’s the thing: I’ve got two clues. We want to get me to Tunguska as quickly as possible. I’M feeling really nervous right.

Now. We’Ve made virtually no progress toward actually solving this mystery. Now we have two characters in the location where the mystery needs to be solved with enough clues to solve the mystery. We could solve this mystery by the end of this turn or we could be in a world of hurt and really fall behind. [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ].

It’S now it’s on to you to encounter things. So this is what happens now. You make an observation test and if you pass, you can spend two clues to place and eldritch token on the card. Okay, so I have a plus 1 for observation. Great yes, with my world comeback tour.

The message that I want to send to the children is you can do it if you believe it you can achieve it. I love those jazz hands. You know, that’s a that’s! A real rags to riches story, her coming out of the asylum for her big comeback. Tour, that’s that’s good drama.

Diane Goethe make clothes a lot. Let’S do it you step into the abyss, sounds good. The nightmares seem intent on keeping you here in the darkness. Well, good! You do your best to continue climbing out of these terrible depths without alerting them to your presence observation.

Ok, that’s for you reach the trap door that leads from the abyss into sarkomand commence our collection. The journey has lonely strengthened your resolve and you improve your will. Wow, your sad shattered will now it will require all of your strength to push open the door strength one. I know that I’m in CrossFit, so you are able to escape and close the gate. Nice work, man all right, Charlie here – are you gon na encounter?

That’S all why sure a copy of the Necronomicon is kept at the University of Buenos Aires, but the librarian tells you that it’s not available for viewing at the time. Probably because I did it, I’m sure you try to convince him of the book’s importance, so use your influence to roll. I can spend the sanity love the sputtering angry guy yeah all right, so I’m gon na make an observation test. Hold this mystery. Okay, I could do V roll the die, you don’t you don’t have to spend the clues.

You see you’re still there Tony gosta is beautiful in springtime. Yeah the trees are flowering. We can’t all get on the first. Try. You hang your head in exhaustion and frustration.

You jump suddenly when a hand rests on your shoulder to your relief. You turn to find the local priest have faith. My child, he tells you your good works – have not gone unseen. You’Re brave acts are making a difference. The lead investigator gains a blessed condition.

You’Re blessed grab that blessed condition laughs being blessed is great because it ups your chances of success from roughly 33 % to 50 %. Four five and six is count as successes on your test Wow and you always want to keep and hold blessed. If, if you can so Stephanie you’re the lead investigator, not only am i an altruistic person, let’s be honest, he’s bad at rolling dice. Shall I go investigate the unexplored part of the world all right? What are you gon na do over there Diane?

I think I will shop and rest so that I can get back some of my. So I need two more clients. I got one I’ll get the pocket watch and what are you gon na? Do I’m gon na shop yeah with my one influence yep? Normally I like to play like the gear up character.

You know I want to be gaining spells or items I want to power up, and Norman has one influence. He is utterly useless in terms of buying things. You know if I was smart and you buy anything for one no, but I could go into debt yeah. You could not maybe the wisest long-term choice, but I will happily, I will happily do that just to to get something I can use to hit a bad guy with I’m gon na take a debt condition. I’M gon na get the axe alright and then I’m moving into the Amazon.

Okay. I think that I can’t shop on account of I’m in Tunguska, but I don’t want to leave you can what? What else can I do? Oh I have this super tow. Oh, oh, oh I got the TomTom you’re, very okay, all right!

That’S! Okay! That’S great I’ll! Take two clues! That’S great!

And now I will rest yeah hashtag blessed for reals the terrain ahead of you looks impassable, but going around. It would take too long. You’Ll need to find some way to move forward, make an observation test so gain plus one, so that will be Agra to roll three. That’S double six flying colors! If you pass, you discover a path.

Move one space to the clue. Welcome to Alaska Dianne doctors! Ask you to observe a trephination, they pull away a piece of the person’s skull and you examine the brain with observation. I like it before it. Did you say you like it or you lick it.

I liked it and it didn’t work. Nothing happened because you’re supposed to use your eye, not your time, I decide to gamble a clue for a clue, because why not I’m crazy? Okay, you can you could spend another, no do it! If you fail, you don’t see the Shan and it overpowers your mind and we would shuffle a solved mystery back into the deck oh, but we have not solved it yet. Oh hang on guys.

I got to go back in time and fail that previous role – [ Music, ]. Okay – that was great. What are you gon na? Do professor the Amazon you’ve heard rumors that a particular secret of the Ancients is visible from the top of a hill. You find that climbing the hillside, for many reasons, is not an easy task.

Can I use my axes? Yes, how you seem sort of crutch. I will spend sanity, you find a lost treasure gained one artifact from this height. You can survey the land for miles so roll for observation. One yeah, you see drawings that are hundreds of feet across gain.

One clue this is Mike. This is beginning of my comeback. Tour, hey, congratulations! The Necronomicon I test lore and if I pass, I may spend sanity, which is my bag, and I gained two spells guys, I’m here and I’m going to once again attempt to Tungus guys Tunguska on a four five or six, and I got two reroll guess what Everybody we have solved the seed of the daemon Stan Sultan. I never thought we would get this far, I’m gon na be honest.

I thought I was definitely going to somehow destroy this whole thing, but we’re one mystery down. Yes, okay! Alright, I don’t understand this. This is why I joined the cult in the first place, so then, at the end of the mythos phase, if they’re ultra tokens on this cart equal to half solve this mystery. Okay, I’m so nervous about drawing this card, because we have worked so hard to solve this mystery.

There are cards in the mythos deck that will say, put a mystery card right back in or take an older sign off. He writes the price on a piece of paper and slides it across the table. It’S more than you can afford, but you don’t have any other options and this greedy lout knows it the reckonings reckoning yeah. So let’s reckon that monster first, what happens? Move this monster to the nearest space containing an investigator, then an investigator on that space immediately encounters it to you all right injury and I got a rule to to beat it okay, so I take to sanity damage all right.

Kick its ass, a success rate so I’ll do point of damage yep, okay, great, it could have been worse yeah. Do you have any reckonings nope? Do you have any reckoning all the wreck? Oh, you got a lot of reckoning test physical yep, dad my debt, a song oh hold on. This – is a result of my debt right yeah.

A sorcerer holds me down and carves assemble into my forehead. These credit card companies – you think they’re bad now, but the one thing you can say for them is that probably no one will ever kneel on your chest and cut an arcane symbol into your forehead, maybe with American Express but the others almost certainly not time to Pay what you owe he’s what’s in your wallet, I like to think that the the arcane symbol that was carved into my forehead was twenty nine point. Nine percent APR tempted to spell the darkness that fills my thoughts. You wish you had a dark pact, then you’re like please no could could. I please have a dark pack instead of 29.

% interest, and if I fail, I have no recollection that is some bull. Don’T get me started on credit cards? Okay, whoo! That’S a success! So I succeed, I give the debt, I roll a die on a one or two discard this card: good.

Okay, and what do you have to do same thing? You know? Is it all right? Each investigator may gain a debt condition to discard one condition: you’re gon na go into debt to get rid of your leg, injury, it’s self maintenance, really self-care. You know it might look like.

I wasn’t directly involved in solving this mystery, but you know I like to think that I’m really the heart of the team, a lot of people look at me and they’re like there’s a hobo looking guy in a sewer with a gammy leg, but really I’m the Team’S heart: let’s bring out the new mystery omen of devastation. The Nemesis moon appears in the night sky, visible to all and heralding an imminent doom when an investigator closes a gate that corresponds to the current omen. He or she may spend one clue to place. One eldritch token on this card at the end of the mythos phase. If there are elders tokens on this card equal to half the number of investigators solve the mystery.

Okay, that’s not the worst thing in the world. This is fine. We don’t have any gates right now, so we have to oh, we are once again tantalizingly close to maybe having something good happen, for we have two gates on the board and that are gon na match. The next omen symbol. We have enough players, maybe close enough to get to those gates to close them.

We have a tiny window and time where we can close these gates. Before something happens, we’ve got to go all the way around and buy them we’re totally screwed. Is there any way that we can, she can figure that one so big? We just have to hope that the mythos card is not something. That’S like, oh, and by the way, your go ahead.

What are you gon na? Do? What are your actions and it is the city, so you can shop, we’re gon na go shopping, chop it up. R6. We’Ve got one plus a reroll yeah, so we get one bandages I’ll.

Take it good. I don’t have. I don’t need to recover anything so I’ll. Just take a ticket, thank you to travel okay, so I want to try to get this clue. That’S on the space, so I think I should recover and try to buy stuff good idea, sweet, so you’re gon na arrest, a man you’re, not even legs anymore.

I know identity, crazy was official legs and I was like his whole thing. I move. I take a boat yeah. What I kind of want to do is go to Istanbul, because it gives me a chance it’s simple or Shanghai, because they give me a chance to improve yeah. So I’m gon na go this way.

I’M gon na test matome tom test, but I get to re-roll and I continue to have all kinds of fails. So that’s neat. You attend a reading by Edward pikmin Derby, love readings from his book as a Toth and other horrors and ask him about the occult. With your influence, tell me about the occult well, I would love to tell you a thing or 12 or a hundred about the Econo. Well, this is what you need to know about the occult they gained this clue in the garbage.

The university allows you to use its telescope to search for signs of a green comet observation minus one definitely safer than surgery. I know how to look at things. You gain this clue and an additional clue. I just got two clues: that’s like exactly how it was the turn before this when I made all the terrible mistakes – and I gambled everything away, because someone told me to we’re back where we were to go – pretend that never happened. Okay, leg emic legs a lot in an ancient underground chamber.

You study strange scientific in magic paraphernalia once used by the serpent men. Oh those guys use your lure. Yes, you manipulate the devices to transform yourself and gain a blessed condition alright. So I am, I think, I’m gon na go ahead and encounter this wilderness far from any road or village. You find a shallow grave marked only with an arcane symbol, as you dig, a growing dread weakens or resolve this growing dread is one of my one of my weaknesses.

Your will! Oh, why all kinds of pass? Yes, if you pass, you find a charred corpse clutching a journal. Okay gain one clue or improve Laure on improving my lure, I’m improving my lure, I’m improving my lure, I’m improving up because your special ability, oh yeah, that’s right. I meet Libra again.

She has the ability to study well and and and end up being a pretty powerful force, provided she stays alive at the market. You learned that another group of men have been asking about the same lost temple. You hope you get there. First, ongoing rumor investigators cannot resolve expedition encounters as an encounter an investigator on the active expedition space may attempt to uncover secrets lost to time in history with observation. If he or she passes he or she may spend Clues equal to half the people in the game.

To solve this rumor reckoning effect, search the expedition encounter deck for each card, corresponding to the active expedition and return those cards to the game box. Then, if the expedition encounter deck is empty investigators lose the game? Oh, so it turns out that maybe we do want to go to the heart of Africa. I want to eventually get to help solve this. You want to close Arkham, so you want to move to San Francisco.

I think I’ll go there and go shopping. Stack up wealthy because the fours are yeah, I I know I have five, but I think the monster takes precedence for the right, so whoever fights it won’t have to fight the monster, also monsters so monsters, goodbye catonian. We didn’t like you anyway, yeah nice work. Alright, I think I should rest and then move to Arkham super alright, I will spend my boat and then end up with over there, and then I totally need to recover and because of which doctors, my buddy, I get an extra how great yep – and I am Going to travel to Shanghai one boat ticket, please thank you very much. You are invited to the Hearst Castle and find yourself surrounded by the best and brightest.

You may become delayed to stay for a few days. Can you just like hang out by the little boy who pees like that’s my favorite Hearst Castle thing, I’m a classy gal? That’S not really my vibe! I think it’s too important to stop right now. My destiny calls I have to save the world.

Alright fight those monster, okay, so we’ll track. So I’m gon na power up my strength, so I can test my lore. I only get one success. One is probably enough: no it’s not! The book is made of dynamite.

This smells dark. Energy turns against you. Oh Lord flooding my mind with madness. Oh that’s! A familiar place discard this card.

Unless you lose to sanity, I’m glad I healed up so now, I’m plus 6 for strength yeah. That’S that’s in fact who punches on him yep. If you defeat this monster during a combat encounter, you can take a dark pact. Condition to discard one monster from any space. Dark pact doesn’t sound fun.

Everyone says I shouldn’t but hello. Unless you are a former colton wearing a shoe right now, why would you trust me, I’m taking it in game terms, there’s no real advantage to taking that dark pact in narrative terms, it’s perfect and wonderful and amazing. It is exactly what the reformed cultist would do. I love jessica has committed to this part of her character because it’s going to make the game more interesting in the restricted section of Miskatonic University’s library. You study in esoteric tone gain one incantation spell, so I just get it straight up top of the dice.

So missive, how would you say this well Ella missed the miss yeah yeah. I noticed that you’re still holding that car I’m still holding like you, have something to say you try to decode a note written in the margin cuz. You can’t help yourself roll your lure. That’S a couple of success to success. You succeed and it’s just it’s a little picture of a fluffy kitten.

Professor doctor, I will encounter the city an old Aboriginal. Man is on trial for a murder that you know he didn’t commit. Why wasn’t the sewers and I saw the actual real colors you agree to testify to prove his innocence, so use your influence? Well, actually I don’t want to succeed on the well. Actually, it speaks to the spirits on your behalf.

Oh you get a blessed condition. So you I believe you flip it over if you would have gotten if you get another condition, I think you flip it over and something good happens hold on hold on flip this card. Instead, doesn’t I don’t like that? It could be double good anything in this game, double good, no, maybe in your dreams, a handsome youth shows me visions of faraway places and the secrets that are hidden. There gained two clues and flip this card, and I don’t know, what’s happening, that’s great.

I’M gon na encounter Shanghai. The shrine holds an abundance of ancient relics. My with her improve lore. Really your eye catches, strange figures written on the ceiling. You find it hard to look away observation test.

Anything. No, I’m sorry test. Your will will whoa. You must test your will: jeez mom voice, okay, alright, I pass. Do I get something?

No okay, bad news bears when you get there. Stop at this address the nervous little man hands you, a business card for a restaurant, ask for the catch of the day and then tuck a Sawbuck into your napkin. These guys can get you the answers you need when you get the bill for your meal. That includes directions to a payphone, it’s already ringing by the time you find it. You answer and explain your situation to the gruff voice.

On the other end of the line, the lead investigator tests influence and gains a number of clues equal to her test results. Oh, my god, we are gon na be fantastic. Oh, so I just want to show that this is a thing that we might worrying about. I’M feeling really good about the doom track. People have been dying, we’re not wounded we’re, not gimped up or cursed, and then he goes by the way the game is going to end in seven turns no matter what, at the end of this turn, I think we can solve this mystery, we’re still, okay, okay, We got really lucky with those gates being the right types, but if we miss this turn, it’s going to be four more turns before it comes around and I’m pretty sure we will lose the game if we have to wait all of that time for it to Get around yep, we can defeat two months, there’s any gate.

I got it all right. Okay, I’m gon na get as many clues as possible. Oh three. We will have the blessed, don’t forget to re-roll, because the other thing that lets you reroll or yeah, okay and you get one extra die. Today’S your special action per turn.

Yet no – and I really like you, you just roll, so you get three clues: dude staff. So you go I’ll, go to her gate, so we’re doubled up on opportunity. So here’s what I’m gon na do I’m going to travel to Indonesia, which I don’t like and boat myself to Sydney which I hear is lovely this time of year. We’Ll just say that I toned before I left Shanghai, that’s three successes, so I did that was great. I can spend a sanity to gain two clues I’ll.

Do that and your two actions miss Lola. I am going to get a travel tickets, a boat ticket. I presume no we’re going to rail, okay and where to where? Are you railing, I’m railing right over to where jeff’s / diana is in arkham greater attack? Jess, okay, I can’t rest so what you could do if you pop that cultist with an action, then you could rest because he’d be gone.

Wow get rid of this guy and now I’m no. I rap so long jerk get out of here when I perform a rest action, I’m a test mile or if I pass, I gain one spell Shh. Oh yeah, you did shrilling test lor. If you pass choose a monster on your space to lose to health choice. Doctor professor doctor, professor doctor doctor, I’m going to spend two clues yeah to discard a monster on a space containing a gate and bro.

Well, I think, probably, whenever floors gon na go yeah. So with my ex worked her so can i grab a ticket yeah? You can’t think that’s my only other good preparatory thing, okay, so the first thing I do is: I have a sanity test, I’m not sure if flying fists of fury is really going to be useful against amigo or a chaga Thor or any of the other. Nameless horrors that crawl through portals, but the important thing is Lily, doesn’t know that. Oh here we go now I’m going to strengthen strength up.

Okay, hang on here we go ready, dude with you. I’Ve got strength, everything’s cool you guys. I get to roll a die. One round for a reason: okay go away. Yeah, I don’t want you run anymore, and now you find yourself standing in front of antique scientific equipment.

According to the papers, the year is 1771. You read through the notes and try to interpret the nature of the experiments using lore, so good Joseph Kerwin was using this lab to revive dead wizards from their ashes. Four arcane knowledge using his notes. You close this gate. The rest of his results may also prove useful.

You may become delayed to gain one spell. Okay, now hang out. First of all, there you go yeah and that I’m not gon na lie. This feels really good right now, and I kind of like you know, did it with one of the other players kind of like being on the same space as me, and you know really likes to talk about how she like doesn’t need anybody’s approval. But she kind of does a little bit, so I I don’t.

I kind I really want that, but I think that I shouldn’t do it so that I can get them move on to the heart of Africa. What are you gon na do there? Madam I’m gon na fight this gate. You discover a waxen mask and artificial hand. Your mind reels, as you realize that the old man you had spoken to earlier was actually some terrible creature disguised as a human.

Please make a will test. You realize now that the old man’s words carry a secondary meaning. You attempt to decrypt what he said with your normal and forest count. So odds are, we could be better eyes and we’re gon na do one more reroll, Oh No! What’S going on, you could spend clues for additional rerolls, yes, bend a tree roll three, you understand the man’s implied instructions close the gate, Lola’s comeback.

Tour is kind of amazing she’s on this motivational speaking tour of Europe and Asia, and now America she’s really inspiring the world to get out there and stop being crazy. So then I take this. I put it here. I turn is eternal. It turns into a thing, and then you reach the end of the mythos phase.

We’Ve solved this mystery. Oh maybe I should go after this clue, then inside a warehouse, zoinks yeah! No! Thank you. This is what we need.

You hear a clanging sound and discover a creature that resembles a metallic crate walking around on several legs. You try to follow the thing back to the cults layer. So observation minus one, let’s go after the tripod monster. Are you blessed? No, that’s not good.

Nothing. Bad happens, though: okay old man beards a lot. Is there a sewer in Sydney? Oh, you know what. Maybe there is only one way to find out.

I’M hoping you enter a suit. Now you dream of crossing a vast desert, hunted by an enormous winged creature. In this dream, you turn to face your fears. With will will you roll the dice? That’S all I got okay, so you wake up feeling more alive than ever.

Improve your strength, improve my strength Wow after the noise and violence is over one of the shopkeepers peers out from his shuttered windows. Amazed to see you alive, he opens the window and calls out is it over? Are we safe you wave to? Let him know that everything is fine reckoning. This rumor is a way more dangerous ticking time bomb than anything else searched the expedition encounter deck for each card, corresponding to the act of expedition and that rumor nobody is close to so.

The active expedition is the heart of Africa, so we lose that. Okay, now the expedition moves, so that could continue to be super. Bad News Bears for us right, we’ll start with me, because I’m first so I roll I roll about my boon. I succeeded. Okay, anybody else roll condition, blessed condition: oh okay, yeah yeah with my dark pact.

Oh your dark pact. Oh the dark pact has come due, it’s kind of great that you got a dirt bag with your dark pact, not a cultist time to fulfill. My part of the bargain, the chanting reaches a fever pitch the cult leader places. A rich will dagger in your hand, my hand and tells me the time has come. You must pay the blood that you owe to the children of the Black Goat.

I’M being honest, I never thought that anything bad would ever happen to me or my friends through my actions of being occultist and taking a dark pact. What do you do? What do you do just may need some time in the asylum to did wonders. Look. I know you stabbed somebody, I think I’m gon na become reformed.

Now, looking at me, we’re talking about this and they got ta learn my lesson with dark bags, there’s a difference between a cultist and a reformed cultist, and somebody who says they’re a reformed Cultus, because, if you’re still wearing the robes and you’re still dealing with dark Arts, I’ve got to kill, someone know what and you’re still killing folks and blood rituals. I’M just saying maybe reformed has a different meaning. I mean I don’t kill them. Do I I mean it’s just like manslaughter. If anything, typical chests, you actually kill it, just as kill for kill kill.

This is pissed it’s brutal. Another investigator of my choice is devoured by the Black Goat monster of your choice. Okay, look, I think in game terms and narrative terms, dr Professor dr. Norman professor, has got to go, I mean adjust on. I have a rich character: history, I’m the plucky underdog, I’m the soul of this team, the underdog yes, I finally have fixed my leg right, I’m blessed, you know, I’ve got the Necronomicon.

I’M kind of moving up in the world. Norman is on the verge of flowering. As a character, who’s gon na Telegraph, you girls orders. If I am NOT in the picture anyway, and he just called us girls, oh he’s dead, he has all kinds of dead, stab him to death. With your dark dagger of dark daggering, I was on the verge of being calm.

I think we got ta, kill you. I shoes Norman one. I’Ve never seen his leg. I have no idea if it exists, it’s probably just a bottle of whiskey. I was just I’m really I’m I just I need a moment.

Are you blessed at all? Yes, that’s why everything I say is super [, __, ], charming. I think I’m doing everyone at service in terms of the overall game is perfect. I could not be. I could not be happier I want to be the sailor sailor plan, anything in the Cthulhu universe.

You know that you could die at the drop of a hat and I had my eye on Silas right from the beginning. Have you seen the picture of the Sailor? Of course I wan na be super hunky like we won’t kill the Sailor. Oh never would have offed him. I just need a minute.

His leg. Injury is just that he’s got a down. If you fail as the old beardy, crazy astronomer, Laura master, then you come in as the buff shirtless bra sailor boy. You roll up my sleeves because it is warm in here. This is the most handsome cartoon card guy.

I’Ve ever seen, I may not be a movie star, but I will do anything. You tell me to do. [, Music ]. I might look sweaty right now, but this is what you call the papers. I’M a shoe like me: please he doesn’t need to go through.

My personal assistant, he also doesn’t need to add more layers of clothing. If I looked like Silas, you would have to pay me to put on clothes and we have to advance the doom track, because someone was to found it who nerd I’m making a deal with the devil could turn out good event. The lead investigator gains one random Ally from the deck and you get as if it’s not sexy enough on the table right now. Some hired muscle, no, yes, helps your strength out, and that ends the mythos phase, which means solved our second mister yeah. So I helped to solve the first mystery and I thought great: this is an awesome comeback, but then I help solve this second mystery and I’m thinking this is my thing.

I’M a self every mystery, let’s find out what a new mystery is, go ahead. Stuff, the true name, fragments of as a thoughts true name exists in long-forgotten tombs. It is said that if a person speaks his name aloud three times the blasphemous sound will grant the speaker great power. Oh my God he’s like a reverse Bloody Mary. Yes yeah!

Yes, that’s when this card enters play place a number of eldritch tokens equal to half the number of players, each on a random space. Okay, huh one is on twenty-one right above Sidney, one in San Francisco, okay, as an encounter an investigator on a space containing an eldritch token may attempt to find information about as a thoughts, true name. He may spend two clues to place that Eldrick token on this card at the end of this mythos phase, if there are L choke ins on this equal to half a number of players solve this mystery, we got super lucky with our placement and the fact that Everybody is all blue heavy. I think it’s just an issue of making it happen. We have gotten incredibly lucky two times in this game.

In the beginning, our mythos deck did not punch us in the face too badly, and now, with our final mystery to solve. We are one movement action away from completing the mystery unless there’s something terrible on the mythos card, or do we spontaneously combust and die we’re looking at actually winning this game? [ __, ], emic beards, a lot fellow falls over yeah and and Dirk strong jaw. Here. Just steps over his body and says well, hello: Norman was really invested in saving the world Silas kind of like wandered on stage and there’s like hot women like kung-fu and stuff, and so he’s just like.

Ok and Lily goes, you guys seem cool I’ll. Hang with you, I really don’t think Silas understood what was going on at all. I don’t think he cares. He just thought that there was gon na be a party after this. Oh that’s, fantastic!

Alright, everybody from my action. I am gon na with between that missionary and your hired muscle. I think we got a party, I think I’ll rest I mean, I think. That’S probably just the best thing for me to do is rest and then I’ll just move all right Steph. So I will take a train ticket yeah and then I will spend it yep and I’ll.

Take the northern route this time through Chicago nice. Now, you’ve seen all of America great yeah. What is a murder mixed, a Burton. Can it be doing over there with dark pact? Oh Satanism, it’s gone yeah, I’m totally gon na be reformed.

Now for suresies mm-hmm, oh god we lost the Necronomicon. I mean. Did you just warn the book that I had instead of dude? Did you see you come on, you know, Norman was not was not a respected member of the team he wreaked of of kind of mushroom and and and sadness. I think I should come help you just in case right, so I will need one corporation to travel and then I want a travel boom.

Nice now we’re here and hey. So I what’s going on [ Music, ]! Well, ma’am! Please please, don’t call me anything. Don’T use your eyes, I don’t why I don’t use your words if you can communicate by flexing your pecs in that’s good.

That would be great. You don’t stand on the prow of your ship with your arms crossed in a certain way. You know kind of flexing showing off your tattoo and hey your hair blue doesn’t happen by accident dudes, a player. I will actually travel up to b2b by Lily, for no tactical advantage just to be close. Yeah really super okay with this and and as it turns out, so am i I’m shipping this?

I listen. I think one of the most wonderful things to come out of this game is that we’ve helped Stefan cover a huge portion of her heritage. I’M going to encounter I’m gon na spend two clues to encounter that eldritch token and place it on the the true name. And what will you do? I will also encounter that token that Eldrick token, and now we have to on here so if we make it to the end of this mythos phase, if we’ll see, we have seen card effects that are like a volleyball history, something back in the thing yeah.

I could use my mists you’re right to try to do the encounter as if there’s no monster here yeah. I walked forward boldly. Knowing the mists will keep me hidden, no additional effect. Oh all, right, perfect. The spirit of your departed companion, stares at you, judgmentally through the slits in the closet door.

You see yourself as a small child sitting up in bed who’s. There asked a frightened voice. You try to calmly persuade your younger self that you are a friend. It’S its influence, minus one. This is your wheelhouse [ Laughter ].

That means I was a cultist, which means I had some pretty messed up. Things happen to me for me to have like absolutely no will so I’m assuming my childhood is like really dark. No she’s. There it’s it she’s got a pink like puppy-dog quilt on the bed. Ponytails, you don’t remember any of this she’s adorable succeeded.

I succeeded the child calms down but eyes you suspiciously because you’re not an idiot, listen carefully to what I say you tell yourself. It might save your life in the future. You will meet a man with a beard. He will smell, vaguely of sewers and desperation, kill him kill him. You gained two clues Wow nice and you close the gate.

Okay, Silas anything. You see that you’d like to encounter. Okay, more more MORE, the remains of a long dead Explorer lie before you won’t miss it. You dig through the dead man’s pockets gross gain one random item. Okay, and then you lose one sanity.

I get it lucky cigarette case yeah. The lucky cigarette container is the best he can’t wear it in his vest pocket. So it stops the bullet. That’S boy and you see, there’s a bullet hole in it. You’Re like, of course, you have your lucky cigarette case.

Of course it goes in your in your you, you know you Silas, better hope that he has bullet proof. Packs is all I’m saying police decided to take up smoking. We’Ve come to the mythos phase. The scope of the tremor was so vast that newspapers in every country reported on the damage done and the tragic destruction of ancient wonders. The world shakes each investigator on the active expedition space or an adjacent space losses to health and becomes delayed then searched the expedition encounter deck for each card, corresponding to the active expedition and returned it to the game box.

Then shuffle the expedition encounter deck. That’S the end of the mythos phase at the end of the mythos phase. If there are eldritch tokens on this card equal to half the number of players to solve this mystery, we saved the world, you guys, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Laughter ]. We save the world even though it looked like we weren’t for a while. Now this is the point on tabletop, where, generally the winners are, in this case the winning team get to make a victory speech, but in place of a victory speech.

Pat is gon na. Tell us why Silas wears an eyepatch. I was in Sydney yeah and we’re on a ship ooh, and then there was a Blood Moon, yep and then out of the water, unspeakable evil and then out of the sky, unspeakable evil and and then through a portal speakable evil, but bad yeah. You know and and then after I took care of that, I was opening a bottle of champagne and just writing. Oh man, it hurt like the dickens.

Did you want to stab him or kiss it all better? Yeah! That’S a tough! Well, listen! I want you all to ponder that and we’ll wait for Pat to write the resolution eventually.

Thank you all very much for watching thanks for playing this game with me, you guys this was really really fun. We spent a whole day doing this and it was great so until next time be nice to each other and play more games. Let’S awkwardly walk off stage together guys. I don’t know what to do with my arms now. I know it’s weird right:

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