TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Misspent Youth w/ Amy Dallen, Kelly Sue DeConnick, & Matt Fraction pt. 2

TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Misspent Youth w/ Amy Dallen, Kelly Sue DeConnick, & Matt Fraction pt. 2

Wil Wheaton Plays Misspent Youth

It is morning one of the pod. Mothers makes eye contact with you. Okay, have you heard anything about someone missing? Absolutely you didn’t hear it from me. I hear it’s been about two days.

They’Ve now taken the three of us out of the lunchroom. It’S maybe been a couple hours that they just like. Let us sit so in comes and it’s mama G children I’m very disappointed in you. It’S important to always tell the truth. That’S how we help others.

Mom is starting a struggle she’s going to get you to confess. I think our hope is to stall mama Jean doesn’t know the body is in her room, but we do. All we have to do is hold out until helpers come from mama Jean mama Jean comes over and she says Claire you’re always you’ve always been such a good girl and she reaches into her pocket and she leans back and she’s got a syringe, Dyson knocks it Out of her hand and sticking her own arm. Oh that’s great! Okay!

While this happens, one of the helpers comes in you just here. We found the body it was in mama jeans, closet all along and the helpers descend on mama, Jean and sort of like dragged her out. Let’S say it’s a little bit later and as a new mama, who’s real bad and she has with her sort of a brand new recruit. She wants you guys to subjugate and humiliate and beat this kid. So I to my own incredible shock.

I grabbed one of the cameras and just smoothly say we are now taking this kid into our custody. Thank you very much for tuning in and I turn them off. The kid who had the Taser in his hand, looks at you guys and just zaps mama June, and he goes run: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], okay. So now here we are so here we are in scene for which Kelly sue gets to set up. You can set it up wherever you like, and then choose an authority figure or a friendship, question or anything like that and then and then we’ll decide.

What’S what’s happening from there? Okay, it is days later we won, as in we are hiding in this facility somewhere, we haven’t figured out how to get out of the facility. Yet with this kid we are hungry and sleep-deprived, but I want to try to figure out why these things wouldn’t have cut our hands off yet, but we’re using these guys to sort of fake up our sleep and energy levels or something our exploits yeah. I buy that your technobabble hacking has allowed you to significantly delay the ability of these wristband things to mess with you guys. You wrote a python script and you uploaded it to your PDA and it you know, and it’s and it’s filling in here.

It’S sending reports regularly, okay and I’m calling in the friendship question. What are you going to give me for hiding that body for you and I’m I’m, I’m asking you a favor. Ah, so we have been for three days moving around this building, narrowly evading like you’re the techno smart person, yeah, I’m putting, I bring my MO because I think there we go alright yeah yeah, so you need to get into the computer and figure out. Where is out okay? Okay, I need an extraction plan for us from this.

So yeah, I guess that’s the first five seconds of the scene are: we have run into another dead end. We thought we had been moving in one direction, long enough to find like had to be a door, and it is not a door. We are in another corridor somewhere and we are all frustrated. We are all tired. This kid is super confused and hungry, and – and I turn to you, you owe me Tobby.

I hid that body for you. I put myself at risk. You owe me I need you to find us a way out of here, and if that means you have to leave the group and get into the system go, do they have a little like nerve center, like where’s, a terminal I can get into on the wall? Okay, please tell me you’re going to please tell me you’re going to hair type. This can do the best look both ways, I’m starting as I am beginning, a struggle.

Okay, here’s the struggle! You immediately see that the system is starting to it, identified that this. This terminal should not have have come on unauthorized, login, yeah, yeah, exactly what the authority wants is to catch you, okay, all right, so our hope is. Are you get out? Okay, yeah.

I stand up okay, great there’s, another situation where our role is seven. We automatically with you absolutely so great. No, no, if we roll, if you roll a seven, we get the seven yeah haha. So when you can’t lose right now. Those are dangerous words.

I know, and snake eyes is physics makes guys not bad at all. Yeah tell me how you’re hacking well, my first way of trying to get us out is that I’m going to try and hack I’m gon na use the data thingy on the wall and my little coach guy and I’m going to get them to talk to each Other and try to get like an exit map out of that thing in coach, okay, the system is challenging you it’s it’s throwing up just blockades that you have to sort of work around a sturdy. I meant, and I fire them. Green are always good and also an alarm starts to go off and you can hear like coming uh for junior who stands. I stand up.

Okay, I got OH I wanted to. I wanted to go to rage and just like just just beat it out of the thing: that’s making the sound okay, I want to just raw like wood, brute this cone in I’ll speaker out of the wall. So, okay, alright, okay, that that that speaker start that speaker sort of stops down the corridor. You hear the staccato rhythmic tapping of helper boots, yep; okay, so who will school stand up? Oh and uh?

Okay, I have rolled a five okay, so you claim five and which, which of your which of your skills? Are you going to use know what about what about this with? What, if you like empathy, what, if you know Coach sure to like, do better and be better like I don’t know one believes in you, but I do and you know what, if you, what, if you like, what if you help me secure better awesome, I mean I think trusted would also work all right. You should trust you. I mean a lot of the person.

He is like not it okay, alright, I’m gon na have any wooden right all right. So, okay, how do you know? I? I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I have always admired how good you are with technology, and I know I absolutely believe that if you just take a deep breath like just take a deep breath with me, Tavia just look. If you just take a deep breath and really kind of find that amazing fire that I know you have and put it right through there, it’s amazing you’re taking American.

I have the biggest crush in the world on you, yeah. Of course you do yeah and if then, you focus on it and they’re going to get a body for me, I would and this kid that you guys have have come like sort of pulled pulled along he’s, like kind of sitting against the wall. The quarter behind you – and this kid is just like, like is still kind of kind of in in shock, and the kid just starts to wail and he’s just wailing like it’s not working. It’S not working, I, okay, nine, nine! All right!

I come up to the kid yes like: listen, you need to go towards the helpers right. So what are you using? I’M sneaky, I’m throwing the kid under the bus. Oh to save us, I’m the pervert one! I’M telling the kid like cuz he’s.

Turning to scream! I’M like you, have to go and tell them we’re anywhere, but here they’re going to take care of you they’re going to get though you’re hungry, you’re, cold they’re going to make sure they think we’re the bad guys. You have to go, tell them. We are somewhere else, we’ll come back for you, maybe I’m the cool seventeen-year-old you just want like warm ok. This set this very much sounds like you’re selling out yeah.

No totally absolutely I mean you can choose the louder, we’re in right now right but like that I mean, is that it’s, you know yeah, absolutely yeah sure what are you selling out that would be sneaky for untrustworthy. So now no one’s going to trust me within the within the pod, because I totally do that yeah, you could absolutely you can totally do it. What really, what what is the objective for us to get outside or to save the kid to save the kid got us to we have to get outside, but this point are we doing this for us we’re doing this for him? Who is at this point screaming and the helpers are come here: clothes 100 % selling out yeah yeah. That’S it!

Okay! All right! You guys! You guys get out the door opens. The kid runs down the hall, and now it is my turn to set a scene, and this scene is where a clique suffers, an awful setback and the second date is introduced here is what happens.

This is immediately after the previous scene. Okay, the door opens and you’re in and you’re outside you’re you’re in the parking lot and you and it’s nighttime, and you can see down past the cars you can see the glow of any of the of the city in in the distance. So the scene starts with with you guys, working yourselves across the across the parking lot go that was messed up your mess up guy, you killed a dude, he had it coming. No one has it coming and they’re not going to. Let us back there’s no back.

The only way to get through this is to go and to keep going and that kid is going to be fine. That kids will be better than us, because they’re gon na at least feed him. If they ever catch us more getting disappeared, they are going to clean us and help us so squeaky clean, we’ll. Never we’re never going to see daylight. We’Re never going to be a part of this again.

We’Re all there’s no other way that we’re going to make it other than to disappear, and I have, and when my entire life at this point has been lived towards, wanting to be a part of this thing that is now trying to kill us and I’ve tried To tell you guys repeatedly how to follow the rules and how to listen and what to do and what to do so that they would take care of us and follow those rules. We should just smash these things. Good, good luck! I’M gon na run like hell, because you hear the squawking of a you do hear. What’S what sounds like you know, let’s again in half life right, it’s just like how bright spotlights turn on like at the edge of the parking lot near.

What is like a guard sort of kiosk thing and a helper steps out from kind of like in the shadows and he’s got this kid eyes are red and that the kids been sobbing kids been crying, and the helper says is that them and and and the Kid goes a la Ola, your hope is to get out and the what the authority wants to bring you all right. I stand up okay and I’m rolling a high five. Okay, all right, I can’t decide if this was underestimated or cool, I’m going with cool, so papi caller, I’m square yeah and I hit the door in the car door opens on the grand in the car: okay, okay, all right, um, the the guy, the this helper, The spaceless helper has the kid by the back of his of his arm right and is dragging the kid toward you and I take seven and eight as a result of that, and he pulls out a like a like a baton. He snaps the baton open and he pulls with a tentacle and he put any pulls and he pulls his baton back and he hits the kid across the back of the legs with it and the kid falls down. Well, someone stand up: okay, uh, it’s that guy along yes, okay, uh, she’s, perverse yeah, I’m just rolling see what happens.

I rolled a a seven that no, I did not no you’re the one, so I can still win this. You can sell out, but you have to tell me how yeah, oh boy, okay, guys, I suppose I’m going to stop standing up for things. We are where’s, my craps with you, though Wow okay. What’S your bottom line, my your musics refused. So what I’m thinking is?

I could sell out thrills now. Why would that just say? Why is it what where does the thrill come from? Finally confronting great okay, cool yeah cool yeah, yeah dude enough yeah, okay, all right yep! Ah this sells out to nihilistic this sells out to Knightly.

Well, so did I so what happened? I’M just going to beat him until he stops moving yeah, but the kid okay, you sold out, thrills to nihilistic and so here’s what so here’s what happens. So guess what it feels pretty good. It feels pretty good in this world that is just set up against you, where it just doesn’t matter. It does not matter what you do like it like you, nothing will ever change.

You know same old murder, nothing and I think nothing ever changes in this world, but you know what you can take as many of these people out of it as you possibly can, and it feels good. So this scene ends with you, beating and beating and beating the mask, comes off and the blood from this guy’s face. This has has like spattered up on you and spattered across the kid who is now on the ground like sobbing out of just sobbing out of control. So my kid, but he just sold us out so yeah, really there’s nothing to believe you. I mean yeah yeah and that’s and that’s where that’s where that scene ends we’re now on to see sick guess what Amy scene, six?

Who wins? We decide whom we decide. Who wins the episode and the big question is answered and that question was: will you take the system down from the inside or are you going to take it down from idiot outsider? It sort of feels like they’re, going to be like this, but we’ve removed all of the other options you know answered by a not answering. I love you dear the car into the building.

Am i driving – and I missed it now – yeah, okay them, Duke boys, better hope that case is getting pretty fed up with people telling her what to think and do and there’s a nice thick now so we’re in the car and we are headed away from our Second violin conversation and we need to know where we’re going, but I have this guy and I know what I want to do so: cool we’re cool, Claire, Coco, Claire from Motorhead and encantan sellout are with the naked teen who hasn’t eaten Friday. Make it prettier is not naked she’s in his intake scrubs and his numbers pg-13, and because he’s so traumatized he doesn’t really talk. You guys have decided that you’re just going to call him PJ, so what’s happening now, you’re driving and understand, we can’t go back now. Yeah, no, you put that one together before after you murdered the second person you’ve murdered. What were you going to do?

Literally, not murder, somebody anything hit the guy he’s hitting us. Well, we would have stolen a car and gotten in the car and driven away exactly what we’re doing without the murdering and what’s Claire thinking right now, Claire is thinking what have I done. We are on a road. We may be running into a gate we’re in a stolen car. We are heading towards a city that neither none of us have been to in a good two three years.

How are we going to hide? How are we going to eat? Where are we going? Nobody has family that will take them and also PJ needs. Like a doctor, and I haven’t figured out, I have this nagging like why why we not lost our hands, here’s the struggle, your bracelets begin to tighten okay, who will stand up or in a car.

That’S yep, that’s true, my yeah, so the the wristbands begin to tighten and simultaneously your PDA is all light up. Your wristbands start to start to glow and you hear unauthorized exit detected. Please return, please return and coach shows up on all the PDAs and – and he says, hey their campers. Yours, leaving the studio place thing that I can’t know what it’s good, yo, yo yo y’all sure have gone off. The reservation come on come on back for some training and health.

Where’S is the tracking device in the PDA or the wrist. My assumption and up and find out. I stand. Ok, alright, I got it alright. My let me just tell that I’m not looking at I’ll see what that is.

The third the authority wants to stop. You is thirty. Once you want you to not get to the city, that’s what the authority wants. That’S what this struggles benefit already was a struggle. You don’t get it see.

Alright, I’m your old, our hope is to disable the devices I rolled a thingy. Oh that’s good for you, okay, good Grill, which which one of your which one of your convictions are. Are you gon na? Are you going to use how many use pride this time, okay and how does probably gon na help you out there? Okay, I this is that this is a little of like good to go with me that this is pride.

I think the control for the risk thing is in the PDA and I think I’m gon na toss it out the window and lay on the gas. I think I can get far enough away from it before it cuts my hand off. I claimed five and seven for that, so you roll down the window, the PDA clatters to the ground behind you, yep and your your wristband starts to starts to beep like very, very, very rapidly, and your two PDAs say: kids, you need to help out understand. I stood up and I rolled a 9 yeah and I am grabbing hers and mine and yes, PJ 13 have one I’m grabbing any. A 13 has not been done.

One I am in space by, I am throwing I’m out okay and which and which age outraged grey. Yet, oh these things, I’ve never done anything. That’S okay! Yeah! That’S great!

So you put that on a nine okay great, so they they sort of fake they. They they crash down, they crash onto the thing out there and you see this monitor in the center console of the vehicle that you’re in turns on, and it makes a tone that’s similar to like the emergency Broadcasting System tone and it kind of goes crank right. Nine and it says good evening, citizens please be advised three extremely dangerous criminals. Holding a hostage have chosen to leave helping hand. You see pictures of the three of you and and they’re all pictures from the day that you were that you were taken into helping hand on the on the thing.

So now everybody knows who you are okay, who will stand up yep? I guess you’re standing up. Yeah, I I honest, I can’t not help but I’m not usually helpful when I stand up. So let’s see what happens, Oh God, hey, okay, go on any believable. I didn’t I didn’t you absolutely did I’m just I’m.

Never stopping. Are you going to sell out? I mean you yeah, yes, you use orphan, let’s see, what’s the Salado, she I’m so I was orphan is helpless. It becomes helpless or tears. You lose your hand, yeah yeah.

It’S a good thing. We’Re called the left in it. Listen if they cut our hands off. They’Re off our bodies, so we all give up our hands. I mean it’s not a problem anymore.

Once again, which is all about your hand, is not a big thank you and then you guys are going to here’s the things that you guys definitely win. The entire episode, because then you subvert a system of control, seems like she’s super sunburns, so that is ironic there with a left hand, because we have all had our left hands cut off, no our right hands. So we are yeah, I mean so you’re just you’re. You so you’re gon na get out of this, but you’re not going to like it right yeah. Just we just let it happen like real yeah yeah, don’t tell her to stop the car.

Stop the car and I’m gon na I’m gon na, say that, because I am also a hacker I, like all riiii — picked this up. I know, but you based on things that I’ve seen that this is what is going to happen. If there’s a certain signal that we feedback in it thinks it has taken us out like it thinks that it’s delivered a lethal dose or something like that, what it’s actually going to do is take our hand. Can you live with that? We don’t have much of a choice.

I’M in I know how to do it. Oh damn, so that presumably answer to the question is you will take? You are going to be taking down the system from the outside Rick’s that that has definitely set set this up. Okay, anymore and and yeah, and they can’t get anyone get you anymore. So now we are literally the left hand yeah.

Now it’s the dust settled see and that’s yeah, and now we hear we are at the end at the end, we are here in in scene. Seven, the dust settles okay, so before we get to that scene, I just want to would like to give you all a moment. You’Re pulled over at the side, I’m just going to add I’m adding a scene for the this is a phantom, I’m adding a transitional scene. Okay, you’re! All you are pulled over on the side of the road and your wristbands have now constricted your hands to a point where they’re gon na fall off and here’s now here’s an interesting thing that has happened is that now PJ?

Could you come around and grab some some water out of the trunk of this car and it’s kind of like trying to give you guys just a little bit of water and how does how does Octavia feel about all of what’s going on well, uh, perverse nihilistic And helpless, if I would discard, can you get us high, that’s kind of perverse didn’t. Didn’T you do the bug? I guess I still owe you that favor, let’s see if we can rig these up for some painkillers, but that was it that’s all. I had get the painkillers work right and ends you and you guys, sort of like blissfully slip into everybody. Take their right hand off the table, guys all sort of blissfully slip into a sense of you know just into a sense of quiet and when you, when you come back, what’s happened, is these wristbands have cut through and through the miracle of Technology cauterized.

The sort of stump, if they use a special form of unobtainium to go through I’ve, heard that wave you can get through the bones and that sort of thing – and here we are in in the final scene, which is the dust settles yeah and from that transition. You can go wherever you like, so we have gotten to the city and there is a wall around the city, it wasn’t there when we left it. So now we have broken out of one institution. We have to break into another. That’S the moment of reflection and set up for the next episode, so the next episode is how we’re going to get you know.

In there. The wall is patrolled by helpers helpers helpers and the first five seconds are our seeing the wall and I pull the car off of the road, so internal lights off and we drive up through the high grass with no lights and stop the car. The technical rules of the game call for a struggle, but I feel like that is a fantastic place to end it. I think I had terrific struggles I feel like you have had you’ve made terrific sacrifices and I have learned to change gears. Yes, I have, you have also converted a system of control, so what I will suggest is one of the little wristband deals right has been, you picked it up and now, instead of being like a tracking device right, you can use it for something else.

You can use you can use it for something that helps you and we’ll find out what that is the next time of the next time. We play all right high five with your left hand, okay, I’m this way you guys yeah, I’m just going to high five. With my right hand, you

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