TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Welcome to the Dungeon w/ Janet Varney, Hector Navarro, & Rhea Butcher

TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays Welcome to the Dungeon w/ Janet Varney, Hector Navarro, & Rhea Butcher

Wil Wheaton Plays Welcome to the Dungeon w/ Janet Varney

Funny story: I wrote the intro to this episode, copied it and pasted it into an email and then sent it off to the producer, so they could put it into the teleprompter for this morning, then I shut down OpenOffice. What’S up ed, oh wait except, I forgot to actually send the email it turns out. Actually I forgot to even copy and paste it into the email I copied it shut down, OpenOffice and went to bed without saving, because that’s the kind of guy I am. I then I came into work and I recorded a mildly, amusing, intro sort of telling you that story. Then the memory card upon which we recorded that intro was corrupted, so it is now the day after the night after the day after I wrote all of this and didn’t do anything with it, and Here I am again in yesterday’s t-shirt gross to tell you that Today on tabletop or yesterday on tabletop, Janet Varney, hector, Navarro and Rhea butcher were here to play a game that I actually already know the outcome of, but won’t tell you because then you would have no reason to watch.

I guess there’s no reason you couldn’t just skip right to the end and find out who won. Is that a thing people do don’t do that? Why would you even do that? But the point is the game is called welcome to the dungeon [ Music ]. Oh [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], welcome to the dungeon is a bluffing and press your luck, micro game designed by Masato yusuji in each round of the game.

We are all going to work together to put monsters into a dungeon that only one of us will explore and try to survive. Winning the game is as simple as getting through to dungeons, without dying just like in real life. At the start of around the active player will choose one of these four adventurers and all of their corresponding equipment. Then going around the table, each of us draws a card from this dungeon deck looks at the monster. It shows us in secret and then decides whether to add that to the dungeon or discard it.

If we discard a monster, we also have to take out one useful piece of adventurers equipment. Now some may say that this is because the dungeon is now easier, so that equipment isn’t necessary. Others will say that we’re taking the equipment out on purpose to make the adventurer easier to kill. The thing is both of these imaginary people are right, and this bluffing mechanic is where welcome to the dungeon really comes to life. When it’s your turn to act, you can participate in building the dungeon, as I just described, or you can pass.

If you pass, you won’t risk going into that particular dungeon, guaranteeing that you won’t die, but also guaranteeing that you won’t get any treasure at some point. In around all, but one player will pass and that last player is going to grab whatever equipment they have and head towards certain death, or maybe certain treasure. Actually, you know what nothing is certain in this game and that’s why it’s so much fun once you are in the dungeon you’re going to flip over this pile of monster cards that we all built one at a time, this handy cheat sheet lets you know things Like how many of each monster there are in a dungeon, how many hit points they have and what equipment, if any, will destroy them? For example, I’m the warrior when I go into the dungeon, I have three hit points, so I flip over this orc. Oh no.

This orc does three points of damage to me, so I’m dead except I’m not because I have torch and the torch destroys any monster of three or less. I keep going like this until I either flip the last card and win one of these treasure cards or I die if I die twice, I’m out of the game. If I get two treasure cards, I win the game. I can also win the game. If I’m the last player standing so who’s got the best poker face who’s, going to really regret, taking that vorpal dagger out of play and who will walk out of here with a shiny new trophy that we spent a lot of money on and certainly didn’t pick Up at a garage, sale, let’s find out and welcome to the dungeon, I am really sure I’m a stand-up comedian, writer and actor, and I have an album coming out and also a television show on seeso hi, I’m Hector Navarro.

I am a host of geek and sundry, I’m on superhero news on YouTube and I’m also the host of the Nickelodeon animation podcast. My name is Jana Barney and I am known for being the voice of Korra on Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra. I’M on the IFC show stand against evil and the effects that show you’re the worst. So here’s a fun thing and welcome to the dungeon you decide who goes first, randomly yeah, usually there’s some like you do this thing or so what I’m going to do is just sort of go through these cards and I’m going to flip the cards out and Whoever has the highest number will go first, if there is a tie, then we’ll have fight to the day to the terminators first rhea, six hector with the five, not looking good over there, janet with a four or higher not liking. My odds and a five reunion is our first hector you and i will fight to the death when this is over.

It’S good, i even so yeah. Of course, it seems like a wasted opportunity than that fight to the death um, so I’ll, just shuffle these up a little bit and then you can choose which of the four characters trick. You would like to potentially put into the jungle jungle dungeon very easy mistake to make. You know why this is not right to talk into the jungle. Just there will not wait and it wants to jump in the room yeah.

It is the elephant in the jungle, hands already know in the jungle in the room. So it’s an Asian elephant that yeah yeah yeah, okay, alright, those are shuffled you’re welcome to shuffle the floor if you like, and who would you who do you want to send into the dungeon I’m gon na go with the lady. Let’S go with rose all right. I mean first up she’s a lady always going to choose a lady. I want a lady on my team, so these are all of her things.

She’S job her knot in her purse. I feel like she would more likely carry a bag of holding. Well, I think she’s got a bag of human skin. Oh yeah, you know what’s better at such a roguelike thing to do. Maybe it carries with a messenger bag.

True, yes, yeah yeah, that’s probably her. Second, job yeah, it’s a bicycle, messenger way more dangerous than a dungeon or they do say she looks like a Rosie to me. You know, like Rosie, the rogue bit of a Riveter. I enjoy the fact that she’s a powerful chick. I feel like I’m saying, as I’m saying, that she’s a powerful chick I’m immediately withdrawn power from her by calling her a chick, we did a little play tests under sort of practice thing in the beginning: andrea picked the road and she demolished with the rope.

So soon as the rogue is picked, I’m like okay, this is Riyaz round. She didn’t take it, draw a card and then decide if you’re going to add it to the dungeon or, if you’re, going to send it off to the land of wind and ghosts. I’M going to add this with the dungeon all right: where is their dungeon pot? Let’S put our dungeon pile there yeah! Well, I’m gon na go Gian.

Pile yeah makes it so much more fun to get rid of stuff to go to land of women goes. That’S not mine, that’s from The Simpsons, that’s where mr Sparkles sends dirt, ah misako yeah, oh man, okay, so right now we’re at an 11 health with the road yeah we are. My strategy is: don’t be the first to die. That’S really all I’m trying to do. Okay, okay, alright Barney important note for you and for me Janet – is that it’s very easy for us to see each other’s cards by the state.

Okay, so don’t don’t be Becka, Scott, okay! The problem is that when I can automatically turn the cards, make you answer anything. I don’t see anything alright. I will not be back at Scott. Let’S see what’s happening here.

Welcome to the dungeon plays two of my strengths, pressing your luck and bluffing. I’M going to take this amount, I feel like I am probably the best bluffer at this table. I’M also pretty good at pressing my luck, because I never expect to win visibility cloak to go with it all right, so, not solely so absolutely she’s going to be able to survive this dungeon. She has been through the being a lady and trying to be a rogue and everybody told her, don’t be a rogue, but here she is she’s a rogue. So she knows what’s up, take me home Wow.

That’S what I’m super serious all right, going in the dungeon in the dungeon uh yeah, I mean crazily what a Cardinal dungeon in Bree I I passed. I just feel like, even in the best of circumstances, by the time it gets back around to me, there is certain death at the end of that dungeon for me. So I’m out – and I don’t know the square footage of this dungeon so because you’re a mild on top, they just start killing one another and maybe we’d, be happy. There’S a nonzero chance that you have a goblin riding hahaha dragon and by the rules of this particular system you have to actually fight them separately. Yeah, the dragons not about the dragon, is a simple threat.

Whoa from the rogue mm-hmm pull from the rope yeah Road was your girl. What’S going on, I try to keep her safe. Maybe aren’t you yeah yeah Wow he’s a very gentle. Yet! Oh, what’s coming out here, oh boy, look at that buckler, no buckler the buckler!

Wash me a lot. Oh, I like to call it yeah. Mikado buckler is ass. It’S the avocado mandolin guys, we’ve established for, though, make it a beautiful thing to like those kind of look like a mandolin. Let me go ahead and slide these, or what are you I’m actually not in so Hector.

Guess what thank you for the tea? No guess what why did you have to do? Dungeon, yes, yeah all right, great honey, Hector’s going to take the rogue into the dungeon problem, because I like the robe or all I’m going to support her. Let’S looks like you’re going to head your head into the dungeon with eight hits: okay, vorpal dagger and a ring of power. I am NOT ready for this dungeon whatsoever.

Vorpal dagger, I believe, requires you to say this. Dagger is going to kill name enemy right now. Yeah, I have, let me hear you go in. I have remembered what I put in there. That is yes, that’s a way: yeah, Oh Ellie.

What we’ve put in there yeah that’s right! This vorpal dagger is going to defeat the demon all right. All right. I went with demon because I was thinking to myself – there’s no way that there’s a dragon in this dungeon, it’s too early in the game. If a dragon popped up, I feel like a player would have taken it out.

So I went with the next most threatening thing, which is, of course, a demon because I’m trying to go to hell – and I will say the devil – is in the details right. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! All right go kick in that door, I’m trying to go to hell.

I go BAM that is a vampire is automatically killed by a chalice which you do not have that’s right, and it’s going to deal for damage to you right. So we’re down to four points. Four hit points here. We go nope bring up, our dime ring of power gets rid of that guy, and I get to strength to my total HP. Is that right?

Is that other again power work? So it is a heat monster, yes, drink, two or less dance to add their total strength to your HP. Yeah – and I say you add that I’m hoping to run into a lot of these guys. You know I like that at 70 feet him seven mmm-hmm, I’m taking the hit on that here for 400 you’re a dead. Now I just turned this over.

Oh Hector. I blame Hector 100 %. It’S all an actor. You didn’t understand what road was going through. She was trying to communicate with him and he just wasn’t listening.

What’S good. Is that because you were a murder eyes, yeah, you get to go first, this time around. We have a long time to get to know rogue. That’S true. Did you want to utilize?

I, for one will miss her proclivity for pranks, like the whoopie cushion that you put under that compliment I’ll tell you, I’m gon na miss the way that she would heal things with that healing potion, how she always do so long, yeah yeah. It was one of the things how I miss her human skin bag, yeah, really fashionable yeah. I would scare people so hard with that. All out people heart attack a good guy yeah and then she just put them in the bag. She’S, the drill, George Clooney’s, a game, you know, she’s, everybody loves her.

People kind of you know roll their eyes a little bit when she pulls one of her classic Franks, but it’s never anything harmful. You know, you know her hearts in the right place. So you don’t have to worry about her too much, but don’t get her around a bunch of water balloons or forget it. Mister I’m going to go with the mage mage it up yeah. I could pick the warrior or the barbarian, but those guys are by the numbers they’re too easy, so I’m going to go with the mage because it’s going to mix it up a little bit.

So it’s mage. I guess that’s not a word that I’m that used to, I feel like the Magi matched when I match that’s. Why would match? Well, oh yeah, just very concerned about your cuticle yeah. Are you worried about my nail bed?

Yeah he’s got to hit points, he’s not bringing a lot to the table. He’S kind of like a super senior, that’s been like around for a while. It’S a bit of a townie. The mage has a lot of really powerful abilities and the trick is getting other players to pass so that you can take the mage through the dungeon to your point with saying match. Even when you say it right, it doesn’t sound that threatening.

It just sounds like legs yeah. Maybe I prefer wizard it just it has a V in it. I love pizza. I love wizards, put a Z in there, I’m down with it, never underestimate the match. Yeah.

I already regret this decision should have folded, got to make it. What am I thinking it’s early come on, come on, Hector get in the game, come on buddy and great self talk on ultimate high altar yeah Helder Hector skelter yeah do extra skelter yeah! I’M excited about this new nickname that games appear Levi kicker, I feel, like my name, doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for nicknames. I’M always fascinated by people who have names that can then spin off into nicknames. Kids would try and be like a heck and it wouldn’t stick it wouldn’t.

Last. Alright, it’s early welcome to the dungeon. Am i right? Everybody yeah, you are yeah, no, I mean listen, I’m not I’m a dungeon fan. I think they get a bad rap.

I think there’s a lot of fun stuff that goes on in the dark that can go into the dungeon. That’S my yeah! Okay, all right! I like this reaction so blindingly fast, but I am digging the holy grail um an interesting choice. The Holy Grail is a useful item.

I mean you know: okay, yeah yeah, all right Janet. I I can’t work out yet not yet. Oh I’ve, a very overt reaction when I pick up a card and I see a strange creature on it: okay, oh okay! It’S very hard for me not to blurt out hey everybody, it’s the ogre. I just don’t really see a meeting.

We’Re gon na die haha. I just do not see us needing a bracelet of protection. Little doesn’t like to accessorize. I, like my accessories to be more complimentary and permanent yeah yeah. Exactly hey!

That’S built all of my clothes to go with my tattoos, yes, which is important. Yes, it is. Thank you very much. Yes, it’s gone in the dungeon. Okay, all right!

I am out all right how you doing some TAS um, I mean you’re playing safe of you already knew you’re in a little bit, I’m very bad and mortally with it. Ah you’re, mostly dead mm-hmm. I don’t know I forgot what a beautiful I did not do. That’S all kinds of info – oh, I did not see that coming. That is all kinds of in the dungeon.

I’M evidence is coming out on it, but we do I mean I’m missing the thing you like to use, I’m taking two remaining hard and yeah: hey guess what I already don’t really have. A good time has dungeon. I have a good time in the dungeon when you’re made yeah, so I mean I’m not expecting much from this mage cuz like he didn’t bring anything you like brought a six-pack to the party, drank one of the beers and took it out of the fridge and Then just went home so like I’m really doing all the work here. Alright we got first monster in is a crappy little skeleton that doesn’t point to damage so you’re at HPA. You’Re at six hit points um, and then you got a goblin you’re five.

It points you have four hit points, that’s a problem, I’m dead right! Well, no I’ll tell you what you’re temporarily dead, but you can play the demonic tax. The demonic pact is great. You get to bind the demon, and now you get to defeat immediately. The next creature in the dungeon yeah so then defeat that demon and that skeleton I could have just whisked him over the owner.

Yet that’s good! Alright, you’re still at four now go now you’re one mm-hmm yeah I mean I’m watching ready to die, make fun you guys: yeah, okay, hey lady killer, probably horses just for the montages, oh yeah, yeah, okay, now you’re dead, okay, okay, I prefer to think the lady Something yeah yeah. Thank you, the thing about losing to a vampire it bites, but hey guess what you want to go. First yeah and you get to choose who’s going to go into the dungeon. Let’S do the warrior, I’m looking at the warrior.

I’M feeling like this is the guy that everyone wants to know in high school. You know he’s got it all going on he’s. You know for some reason, sporting a mustache when everyone else feels like they can’t get away with it, but do I feel like I can get close to the warrior beneath all that armor, the warrior eleven hit points a torch, the vorpal sword. Then you got the dragon spear and then the Holy Grail which, as we all know, kills the vampire I love going into the dungeon with the warrior. I mean it’s a warrior: that’s what he does.

He goes into the dungeon, he murder, eise’s everything collect some treasure and then very gingerly steps out around all the carnage he left on his way in because he does not want to have to pay to get his boots cleaned. This is going going in mm-hmm, yeah. Okay, going in the dungeon okay, I’m very private you’re gon na. Let anyone see this okay, that’s how that work. That is exactly that’s the route hello for joining us welcome to the dungeon.

So we have here. Oh, I know I know you. I can’t believe you’re. Actually, such terrific all right, yeah, hey good-lookin, what we got for you later, it’s in it’s coming, who rather what nothing? Hey buddy, if you don’t like it, take it out of the dungeon.

You know what that’s what’s happening: oh yeah, and what’s coming out, I am going to bring out the night she boy Wow of light. I mean tonight. Shield is kind of a warrior’s got a whole say if all of his identity is tied up in that shield. This is where he’s I’m good. I think that he can do tasks that so let me just jump right into this crisis.

Yeah yeah, all right, yeah! Good luck! Oh boy! I mean yeah, I can’t see, but I don’t want yeah. I only hear I absolutely can’t.

I really appreciate wait to wait the way Janet looks at cards. You wouldn’t I mean you who know this. Oh Janet is changing. Yeah we’re all like yeah in the locker room, Willian, what’s going into the dungeon okay? No, I don’t want this in the dungeon and I’m going to take out the vorpal sword flew, I don’t you he’s a must end up in a weird way: it’s pretty good lights, a machine like that.

No, it does not. If I’m is rich going in the dungeon, sorry Karthik recycling – I like it – that’s good, crap, yeah, very well, so guys. This is my first time on the show, I’m very happy to be here. Internet. I don’t want to be the first guy to die.

I catch you I’m out so now, I’m out all right until somebody else dies and then I’m going ham and you’re ready to die. I am yeah, that’s it. I feel, like I’ve established a reputation for myself as being a would, and I don’t want what? Oh boy, real: what are we looking at here? Oh you know you are wearing the kind of shirt that works well to pull up the collar Jean machi mmm, oh and he’s in in halo.

It’S in the dungeon it’s over to Rio. I think that Hector and I have realized and are realizing that we are very talented when it comes to what I call a whisper translation hell. I hope this is going to affect the decision is from Ohio. Thank you. I’M filling up a non-rolling holy crap you’re, stupid Wow, oh hi Owens are very brave.

That’S right. They don’t back down from anything ever mmm right a face and then put it right in the dungeon good. I know I’m very Ohio just do that right now, mom. I got it you put that right. In addition, okay, not going in George comment: woo somebody’s dead, not me!

Oh my god, coward corner, yeah, more like a live corner, they allied corner for a round. I really really really want to go into this dungeon. Do it nothing lose well, there’s I thought there could be about there they’re cooking, I’m just thinking the dragons, not in there well yeah. What if we took the dragon is what I’m thinking man, but take it out. The same time you take everything in moil, yeah yeah, but that’s a you know.

I know yeah right, you build up this entire game powder. Clearly, I cannot choose the dungeon in front of me, but then, if I were to boy Rhea, I think I’m gon na pass, I’m going in, I think you’re going in anyway yeah really. I was really hoping that you were going to pass, so I could go after it, but now I’m feeling like it’s a bad, let it go after it. Let’S see what happens there, one torch kills. It done still at a two torch.

Kills it still at eight. Oh man give me a 3t three torch: kills it and the holy grail kills it for Holy Grail. Kills it yeah, okay, you’re getting three yeah. Six kills are getting free, dec. 3.

2013. 15 points. That’S 100 really right here, not only a job way to death. You’Re halfway to victory. Well, that was great.

That was a that. No you don’t get to heal. I don’t get them! That’S this one! No!

I just get to know well revel in my winning yeah. Oh, oh! How to take it! You barbarian we’re a big fan of the barbarian because the barbarian has a leather shield. It was great on the red carpet and also on the bedroom.

If you know what I made to me, the barbarian seems like he could. You know act too quickly, not think things through. You know he’s kind of the guy that you’re like yeah. You know I want him to back me up if I get in a bar fight, but I’m not going to take him home to meet my parents. You know what I mean bless its heart: let’s do this, let’s put it in the dungeon all right!

That’S my new catchphrase! Yeah! I’M redundant! You don’t want everyone to run in with them very well. It’S a simple catchphrase, I’ll grant you that, but it’s something that everyone can get on board for next thing.

You know everybody’s going in the dungeon it’s like. Ah, I just got a bill in the mail put it in the dungeon or like man. I just got a date with someone who I really have a crush on huh put it in the dungeon. Are you taking a thing out? What are you doing what’s wrong with you, you’re, not part of the judging her you even set up the dollar yeah yeah yeah Littlefinger’s demon honor come on hammer wow your fingers doing want better than not than I do.

Oh what fun is in. Oh, it’s pretty great uh. It’S your turn. Like a dungeon related decision. Ji-Hee, i see where my some things let okay there you go.

Alright, let’s find out what happens now. Do do do do do. Do I want to put this in the dungeon? Ah, no! No!

No Z, no! No! No! I’M gon na take out the healing potion. Serious moves.

Serious moves, hmm got it! It’S! Okay, alright, guys! It’S just Ria’s world we’re just living in it! Yeah it’s gon na pass!

For me, I’m out! Oh wow! I think a useful weapon out of the dungeon and then I’m gon na get by, I feel, like I haven’t done anything so I’m trying to take this out yeah, but I’m also going to take out the letter field Wow fashionable choice. You know what I mean: okay, yeah still in making decisions, yeah missiles, quick yeah going into. I just feel so good when I picked his path, hmm and stay alive, so good to pub.

That’S right! Nothing! Yeah, alright, know when to fold them y’all. Here we are again here. We are look.

I just want to get into the dungeon, so I am hoping that I can put some pressure on Reata pass so that I can get in there and either take a hit or get a treasure boy sonic. I reading this out of the dungeon you taking it out potential pain taken out of the dungeon and i’m going to take out the boardwalk all right. Okay, now this move could have been to make it easier for you or make it more difficult. One of the type right and as the oldest of three children and even definitely noodley standing up, he does and he is going to going into the dungeon with barbarian placed you every single one of my strengths. Barbarians are stupid.

They don’t stop to worry about stuff. They just charge through hollering and swinging things around and hope not to die torch, defeats, warg and jim is all hey. Lady, I did not say you could bite me so special, I’m a chainmail. Okay, I got to get through two more and the torch makes the skeleton go and then the torch makes the goblin go. I have 40 points left.

Am I going to survive? Yeah well done. Man graduate happy forever. Yes, so it turns out that this particular barbarian is less good at acting and sorting and knifing things, but it’s super great at setting stuff on fire yeah I mean, I think, ultimately, when you really step back and take a look at the power of fire, especially When it’s on a stick, you might be surprised, you know people underestimate it and at the end of the day you can still burn you to a crisp. You know what I think needs to go back into.

The dungeon is our friend the rose. Oh yeah, our from the back, everybody was sister without me residues. Everyone knows. The second movie is always better than the first yeah. The roast twin sister, who has amnesia, is exactly like her dead, non amnesiac twin sister, except she says everything backwards.

I will point out also that this rogue could very well be a Green Lantern. Well, you guys think about that. The avocado is a healthy fat. If there’s nothing else that I bring to the table today, I hope that it’s that I can encourage people to eat more healthy fast. You know people shy away from the great avocado.

If anybody wants to start sending me some delicious guacamole, I just you know I can make that happen, create an entire p.o box that is solely for guacamole delivery. Oh it’s! No one in the dungeon yeah it’s in the dungeon, going in the night first round, my gosh. This is a toughy.

For me, this is a toughy for Hecky, okay top effector, never called myself that I’ve never said that out loud. I mean really really never. I feel like there would have been at least one one out really unintuitive Hecky, it’s harder to say than his actual name, heckie heckie. Now it feels it feels right feels good. I just want to make sure you could go awry.

It’S one of those words. You never know where that’s going to go. I just hope that Hector realizes and appreciates how lucky he is that he got all the way through school without being called Hecky. I’Ve never once called myself that, and I don’t know why it just came out, but let’s just roll with it. This is not a guy in a dungeon you’re selling to put things in the dungeon.

That’S the guy I like to put things in the Dunsey doesn’t like to even go in the donee. Did you talk about? Don’T you pressure me well, thank you. You don’t have to do that. I just think it’s kind of weird that’s not going to the dungeon and it turns out.

Neither am i I left this buckler yeah not going in the dungeon and I’m Valley memory. Dude bet that’s right! Well, you have against avocado buckler’s a healthy fat. Oh all, righty is there anything that makes a jungle? That’S going in a dungeon.

Now it’s on to you, yeah yeah, yeah, here’s the thing Hector! Okay, did you know that grapes can kill dogs? What I’m just raising awareness come on? It’S also true eating them giggles. It’S not in the raisin, Oh wineries, the raisins would agree with absolutely they had especially those California raisin bullets.

What about the sports – and I heard it through the grapevine – that’s our grated – vote in a down room over to you, Janet Varney, I’m tired of playing it safe yeah. I am going to take this out of the dungeon, oh, but I must also take out the healing potion. Okay. Here we go. Yes, it is going in you’re going on Jack yeah.

Do I want to ride this drink? You know what stepping up? Oh taking? Oh I’ve been making all my decisions based on the idea that you would we go again. You must leave this time to go from the nest of origin.

That’S harsh! I’M only doing this because I want to help Janet numb out Wow interesting. You doing. I guess I’m staying in. I don’t have a choice at this point in my we’re broken Mike yeah.

Are you folding yeah? Is this a time for me to step forward and be the hero? Maybe okay, also a good hint? Okay, I mean you could skip it and then I would have to go in no, evidently I’m this is just happening now: 0.02 dungeon yeah.

You got that’s totally going in the dungeon. Oh boy, well have fun of it. Oh no! You know. Maybe it’s time to, let will take a chance.

So, let’s see I have 8 hit points, I’m not worried about that. So I’m worried about too for I’m worried about six things in this boy. I have to choose for the dagger to work against the golems or against the vampires. I should have been looking at all of you to get reeds on your faces to know what you put in the dungeon. If I’m wrong either way, I’m pretty sure I’m dead, but if I’m right, I think I’m gon na win this game.

Let’S go ahead and say that it is the the goal. So here we go. My HP is now 10 on account of the Ring of Power. My HP is now 11. I yeah Nikki cloak man, I think you’re, okay, you guys was gon na win this okay.

I take four points, so I’m at seven hell very respectable. I sneaky to ask this thing: I’m at seven, I’m at nine yeah yeah, I’m at six donut. Okay! Well, if this card is a golem, I’m fine, if it’s an orc, I’m dead weight, it’s uh, it’s a goblin. I put it down there.

First, I completely forgot it’s a goblin, I’m going to win the game, I’m going to win the game, stop looking at me. Let’S go to me, win the game and I put it in there. First, that’s odd yeah! You forgot nice. Nice done weird guys, awesome job!

You want yeah dungeon, I want to game on my own show: okay, alright, oh boy yeah! That was intense. I’D like to point out that I also won one. You know what I feel right now is angry with me. Hi this road isn’t feeling – and I did the worst still because I got hurt and I have nothing to show but I’ll let it die.

That’S true. So I’m going to take you guys over with couches, okay right and I’m with myself a trophy and then we’re all gon na beat them you’re going to get yourself a trophy. I do yeah, we don’t have like a trophy pony. Oh that’s! The trophy coating is me: oh yeah, I got little hogs normal sent me a little bit great celebrated.

I super horrible friends. I spend a lot of time on that couch because it’s where you sit when you don’t win, but I am NOT going to sit there today and I like yell so much. I don’t even want to gloat, because I feel like I just got lucky: oh you earned it. Man enjoy that trophy! No, oh you’re, making it really hard for me to enjoy it.

This aerosol beautiful trophy! For I don’t know. Let me let me try to eat. You in it a little bit, I played really badly yeah and I did the worst come on and I was like I mean I’m just talking to be here with my friend right. You guys are the worst, the worst you want me to grab it for you.

If you just want to safety, that’s no bad! You have to get up. Ah, Oh No gentle, massage or anything yeah. We order pizza. We can be longer and do it again and have it so that one of us wins.

If you want yeah. No, I’m good. No we’re good nope nope got a gut. I you know. I thought that both of us were going to feel really good about standing here, but it turns out that we don’t feel particularly good about it.

Huh yeah. I know it’s it’s an odd feeling. It’S great in this game again. Look I don’t know, I feel like maybe what a minute yeah, I think, that’s just cause it’s near the end of production and you’re, tired yeah. Maybe you could make this for me.

Okay, I’d love to make a speech for you, but the first thing I think that I should probably do is present you with the tabletop trophy of Awesome. Look like a thing. You just took out a set crashing. Oh no! We because it’s the thing I had made specially for you this, isn’t that whatever the third book award is, this is a plaque for you.

Look, it’s got your name right on it and everything. It’S all your will. If you want yeah a big thanks to Gregory s from Redbridge Baptist something-or-other for providing us with a lot of these trophies this season, so enormous thanks to Rhea and Hector and Janet for being here today, thanks to you for watching and to everybody who plays games, I hope that when you play this game in your own family that you will name the monsters as well as all of the adventurers thanks a lot for watching and until next time be nice to each other and play more games come on Wil Wheaton. Let’S go! Okay, next means

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