Check this out for a little cool object. This is called a mesmo coin available right now in Kickstarter they come in multiple different finishes and colors. They are essentially spinning tops that are completely flat, except for this little tungsten bead. They have a couple cool properties. One is they will spin for up to 20 minutes and two, if you stare at the spinning long enough, my friends, you will hallucinate.

Let’S try it out, shall we alright, so they gave me this uh small little mirror as well to check that out foreign surface. These will spin for a very long time and if you stare at them long enough, you’re gon na start, you’re gon na start tripping out cool little fidget desk toys that you can have. I left the link uh to their Kickstarter below, not that they need it. They’Re blowing up right now, it’s doing really well, but uh check it out if you’re interested. Today, we are looking at a very cool puzzle.

I’M very excited by this puzzle. Potato sent me two puzzles, one of which is the Philosopher’s Stone which we will solve, but today we’re looking at the anti-gravity puzzle. This thing looks: super dope looks super interesting. It’S kind of like a mini escape room in a box. I left the link below.

If you guys want to check it out, it’s a sequential Discovery puzzle which means that there is a sequence and there are tools that we’re gon na find that are going to help us solve this puzzle. So without any further Ado like subscribe and let’s solve the anti-gravity puzzle, the anti-gravity device as one of the world’s most recognized scientists, Isaac Newton, formulated, the law of universal gravitation. Legend says that he also worked in the field of anti-gravity. Newton was not a little. This is clearly translated from German to Legend, and says that he has also worked in the field of anti-gravity.

Fortunately, in 1680, his dog Diamond sparked a fire and much of Newton’s knowledge and secret research was burnt. However, recently a mysterious object was discovered at an auction. According to the auctioneer, this item once belonged to Newton and could potentially hide something linked to his anti-gravity research. Rumors, say, invented a device that seemed to defy gravity. Who knows what’s inside, but it could be you who discovers Newton’s big secret. I thought they were going to be like it could be you inside, and that would have just blown my mind and then just I opened this and then like the roof lifted off from over me.

I just see a big hand. Okay, please keep in mind that our puzzle boxes can be solved purely by Logic. No Force hitting or banging is required to move parts or to open the box bonus tip for first time players. The key to open most puzzle boxes is to carefully research the box for Clues commonly clues in form of symbols and shapes, try to find similar shapes or matching symbols across all parts of the box and, most importantly, have fun. I agree that is important all right

Ladies and gentlemen, let me give you a little 360 of what we got going on here, so this is uh effectively a tetrahedron tetrahedron’s three sides right. That’S like a pyramid of Egypt, um cool. This looks incredible. Uh one bummer is that little reflective surface just for the camera, not for real life in real life. It’S so dope to have that reflective little lustered surface, and it’s only on that one side actually.

Ah, because we can’t get to it. Look at that can’t get to those things because they’re locked by these little pins here in the corner cool. Can we take this off, so they also have yeah see this little arrow here on the blue. Should I start a timer? Probably, should you guys, like seeing timers start the stopwatch Boop here we go so there’s this little arrow here shooting there trying to say pull up, but I cannot okay, what else we got here.

We got this and this is cool too. This cannot move because it is blocked by this little sliver of plastic. So therefore uh the saw this side is no good. What about this side? Lots of symbols here this side looks locked in as well, and this side has nothing much going on.

So I think the first goal here – oh wait hold on. Can this come out? I’M just gon na pull at a lot of these things. I think and something’s got to give. Is that the old terminology here?

Oh? How cool is that? Does that move or is it locked? Is it very satisfying? Oh, does the top come out?

Oh, oh, this is cool, so the top here is gon na come off eventually and there’s like I, I guess that’s like a magnet or something there. I tell you um, thank goodness for this thin wood that can so easily be manipulated by things like CNC and laser engraving, and all that stuff like it makes for very cool puzzles. And I think integrating with the plastic is very, very pretty, like it’s even protruding from the inside. It kind of looks like something out of Stargate. I really enjoy it. Cool there’s like beads on the inside here. Look at that, I guess wow.

So many cool things: oh here we go move number one locked unlocked and it’s spring loaded so boom this one is too cool. What does that do? Oh, that’s! What if we got rid of one of these things and got an arrow on it. Is that still relevant?

Oh, the arrow was the direction you had to throw it cool cool cool cool. So that’s now that that’s gone. Does that release anything over on this side? No, this one’s still stuck. Maybe I just have to get these off now.

Can I do this again or does it feel like this? Oh yeah there, it is right there there’s the mechanism. How cool is that? Is there anything leading me elsewhere? Okay, those are stuck by those Plastics.

Is there another one with an arrow? Oh, this does have an arrow. This has an arrow this way. Oh, it’s this that probably unlocks that now, hmm, is that the oh, this one as well has an arrow. So these two have arrows all right.

Looking for Clues, however, could this thing turn Maybe we’re? Looking for Clues, oh, I think this thing does come off in turn, because it’s got different tops that might line up with these lines might be faint and hard to see. But yeah you get the idea, there’s three here! So okay, oh that just came off. Okay, I guess was it just magnetic?

Oh there’s a way to put it on well how about that? That is cool all right. Finally, we got something to go with here, uh, so right here we have three pyramid symbols, one full one, one empty one and one half and they lead up to lines now. Those lines were originally here lined up with these three things, but maybe uh. I have to complete the circuit, that’s all right.

I have to somehow complete the circuit with what I’m given here as I was supposed to be able to take that off, because it doesn’t really come off, but I can sort of get it just through there without really forcing it. So I think it’s okay that I took that off just to make sure here. Okay, we got those pyramids over here as well: okay, symbol and a little music note. Here we got a music note, a lip symbol, music note, an ellipse symbol, not sure what that means. Quite yet this as well there’s this little ledge sticking out here that is wedged here, but I’m sure we can make it work.

Somehow we have so many little equations everywhere and symbols. I just don’t know how to get to any of them right yet, but we’ll get there eventually, looking at everything that moves, everything that moves, even things that are not 100% convinced that I should have taken this off. But again, that’s how easy it was to take it off and just literally do that. I believe I believe I’m okay. These things seem to move as well and they’re attached to something on this side.

I’M not sure what exactly, but they are attached to something. I’M pretty sure where’s that little one here, I’m pretty sure this is the next guy here, maybe I have to put this back in. Who knows, I am currently bewildered. This thing has two layers: there’s a layer underneath this layer. It’S got two layers of two layers of layers, two layers of boards um.

I have a feeling this. This is the next move, but again maybe it has to do with this there is that? What is that magnet there? I use this for anything. Is this a tool there’s a magnet?

It is a magnet. We know that, so it is a pyramid as well. Maybe this has to go somewhere, but I’m thinking it has to go back on. What does that mean? Do you think so?

It does nothing okay. So if these symbols were the clues to get these ones unlocked, and these ones should have symbols too right yeah – these ones are next here, did it say no spinning? Ah it did not Force hitting or banging spinning is still an option as far as that spins. If I could just find out what these are attached to, okay, I want to pull on this and try to make it go on every side, because maybe it’s just like an angel thing, but this one needs to move in order for that to go through. So this might be the next one to come out.

Okay, this might be attached to this actually or this is preventing this. That seems more likely. I know it has something to do with this little arm here. Wait, was that ball bearing always out there? Oh hold on this move.

Aha now we know what this is for. Ah, that’s cool, so look! You got to line up the circle. You got ta line up the triangle here and that my guess is yep. Oh, that’s cool and we’re in voila all right.

This still doesn’t work, but can I oh I can move them hold on? I can move them with this. Yes, what do those symbols mean? Okay, we have this question mark Plus customer question mark, and then we have two arrows here and then we have all these different symbols. What do these symbols mean?

Whoa get back down here. What do these symbols mean? Oh, we have a circle, a sort of diamond shape and an hourglass and an hourglass. Maybe we have to find immature people. Ah, okay, that’s the circle.

Hourglass diamond shape right there right, I just wan na they don’t want to budge that way. Oh, I see them when I find the right combination. This will move out of the way, but I got ta put it to that Arrow, probably and now yeah, so that that probably goes there, I’m guessing all right, but why is it hitting? Oh, oh, oh, let’s go! Oh now it’s giving us music notes.

Oh man, I don’t I don’t know. I don’t know my music notes, I’m not a! I was never in music class. Oh this just moved. I don’t know.

Oh wait! This came out. Oh, let’s go so this now moves like this, and then this comes out at one of them, I’m guessing! Oh, I have to find the right one. Now, we’ve got all these symbols here.

We’ve got how many symbols look like three symbols essentially like a prism with a light shining through we’ve got Newton’s, Newton’s, Cradle and an apple, and here we have the prism an apple and Newton’s Cradle, and we have an arrow here. How much do you want to bet? I got ta go on this one here and it’s just blocked by this right now: it’s probably it isn’t it. We got these music notes that we don’t know what to do with yet. I don’t think they have anything to do with this side of things, but I could be wrong and there’s these little uh they’re these little arrows here that line up kind of nice and perfectly with the shape of the thing.

I think, maybe, if we’re on the right one, the sides will open. I’M not sure what that gives us. Let’S move on. I think okay, we’ve got two of these, and now we’ve got one more with an arrow on it, which was this one. What does that attached to that’s what I have to find out and what did this one release aside from here, can’t really move that quite yet, but I feel like it’s getting there.

Does this turn anything anywhere? Wait, this one’s blank? Why is this one blank? It’S the only blank one, no reason it’s got to be that one that I just can’t get to I’m trying all the other ones just in case, but you know either one of these two huh and remember these have like lips and like a music note, we Had music notes Here, I thought I had to blow on that well hold on. Maybe I will wait.

I gotta go to this symbol. Maybe this one! Oh okay and I’m going to Apple. Let’S go here on this apple. I have to know my music notes for sure.

Oh no, all right, let’s go to this one here. This is cool all right, not sure what that did uh, but it was fun. Okay, um! I can move these to one of two locations on every slit. There’S a little ball and I can move them to two different locations and those have the symbols which we found on top, which are right here and those balls don’t move unless I move them like that.

Oh wow, cool, okay, so uh, let’s start with the one that has nothing which is this symbol here. It has nothing. Where does that lead? It goes down. Oh, but the line is incomplete.

Okay, let’s see what I can do here, they’re squares, so I have to go on the squares, because these on the top of the triangle have on top of here, I’m going to have circles and they have circles and they have squares. It’S the only square one. So I can go there. If I go from Square to Square okay, it can bring me to one of two options. It can bring me to the middle one or I can bring me to the end one.

So if we go to the middle one, which is a square, it has to land on another square, and it won’t so if it brings me to the one in the end the square yeah, because these are circles circles – these are squares, the square would have to Bring me to the square, I just don’t know where that square wait. No, the square would bring me to a circle and then the circle could bring me to another Circle. Okay, I see that one could bring me there, which brings me to this symbol here, so that symbol matches the blank pyramid and the blank pyramid is here boom. Oh, it leads me to no wait. That’S not a blank pyramid!

This one is so it leads me to that one, correct and the other one. So there’s two per okay, a circle can lead me to not reach that Circle. So therefore I would have to go there. No, I have to go here and then from there I can go there and from here I can go to that or that’s pretty much it. I can just go to that one from there, so it has to be this one.

If I go here, I can go from here. Ah no, I can’t because, yes, I can boom, so it would be the I and this thing and I might have to start writing stuff down. I think I will one second, oh no, this one yeah correct Boom. The eye is on all three full ones. We have the I and the X and for the last one we have that symbol and the I – and this should be good.

I say this should be good. Maybe I messed one up double checking time. Okay, this is a good strategy. I can only place this down and that’s it i’m full one. We go down here.

We got to a place down here. So all those connect, those connect and these two connect. So if those connect and those connect, I see that is the I and the I and the X for the full pyramid. Okay last one looks like the I and the other atom boom. Yes, look at that.

How cool was that that was a cool puzzle? All right, nice, we got another side off now. Part of me is terrified that oh here we go. Oh look at that extension now. Part of me is terrified that I have to do these notes.

I don’t know which is which, but we’ll put that here. They blow everywhere. Ah, this is cool, I’m enjoying myself immensely. I hope you guys are waiting too. Is this the whole bottom coming off?

I think this whole bottom comes off. It’S getting stuck there guys. Ah, oh cool, oh my God. What is happening? Have I broken it?

Oh we got it. Oh I see yeah I had to move those in the right positions for this to come out. It was just a little bit loose uh and I’m guessing. I had to follow the notes in terms of where the notes were, that’s how it would be, for instance, this would create a note. This will create a note, and that will create a note if I followed those notes.

They would lead me to the symbols that I would have to do in order for me to open this, but you can also just bypass it manually by wiggling around um. That being said, it was a super cool feature the first time I’ve ever had to whistle with a puzzle. I’Ve blown in Puzzles before, but I’ve never whistled, and that is a first and I appreciate that and on the inside look at that cool little inside there. That is a cool puzzle on the inside. That’S where the wire came from.

What is this? What is happening? Oh cool: this is an anti-gravity device, it’s a um. What do you call it? Tensegrity, it’s a tensegrity table that you set up.

Give me a second and I will build this – we’ll be right back to check this out. This is pretty amazing. Tensegrity is very magical like it’s crazy, because only strings are holding this thing up, and it’s very sturdy like look at that here. Look up close, those are strings. Those aren’t plastic rods.

Those are strings, holding everything up, even in the middle. Somehow, with the strength of strings, you can hold up an enormous amount of weight like I can’t push this down, because if I push this down it’ll break, but you can see the strings sort of bending, we need a real life tensegrity table that needs to happen. We need a. We need a 10 second table here, anyways, that’s a cool prize. I like that prize a lot.

If you know me at the end of puzzles. If I get a prize, I’m a happy guy, so very cool. The one thing that I found a little bit unfortunate about this puzzle, but I really liked was the incorporation of the music notes. Now I don’t know my music notes and had I known them perhaps then that’s part of the solution would have been a little more satisfying uh. That being said, the idea is very, very cool and a lot of thought and a lot of work went into this.

So I definitely highly recommend checking this out if you and some friends want to get into solving one of these, maybe check out the other one that I haven’t solved yet and order that, for you and your friends, but regardless thanks for watching, leave a like subscribe And we’ll see on the next one:


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