The Best Board Game Tables of 2022 (Roll Like Royalty)

The Best Board Game Tables of 2022

(Roll Like Royalty)

Today, I’m going to be talking about 10 different board gaming tables to help you guys decide what table is right for your game room. So whether you are a board game player, play card games or a Warhammer D&D player, there should be a table on this list that is right for you! Game tables are expensive, so that is why I’m writing this to help with your budget and your gaming needs. Some of these tables that I’m about to mention, do have shipping restrictions so keep that in mind make sure you double check the website and see if they can ship to you.

The Best Board Game Tables 2022

  • Jasper Board game Table
  • Radcliff gaming Table
  • Legacy Board game Table
  • The Megan Board game table
  • Dresden Board gaming table
  • The Henry Board game table
  • The Prophecy Board game table
  • Sunday Geek Board game table

Let’s get right into the best board game tables 2022, to start things off we have the Jasper coming in at $799 American dollars without any accessories, probably the most affordable gaming table out there.


The Jasper Board Gaming Table – Starting Price $799

The Jasper is designed to be styled as a dining room table that comes in three different sizes Regular, Long and Mini and they all come in 2 different colors. This is my pick for a budget friendly gaming table. Made of solid wood you can choose to add a flat surface table top if you wish to do so to turn this into a dining room table, but it will add to the cost. It is a simple design and has a lovely gaming surface. The insert is a gray fabric that is five millimeters thick and works great for dealing cards and rolling dice. You can customize this table even further on the website to fit your style overall. The Jasper is great for simple gamers, but not the best for RPG players.

Keep in mind this is a budget friendly gaming table and I would recommend this for an entry level table to host a night of board games. I wouldn’t quite recommend it for all the RPG dungeon and dragons players, although it can handle that during game nights. I forgot to mention that this would also make an excellent poker table for anyone considering that as well.

The Radcliff Gaming Table – Starting Price $1200

Starting off, we have the Radcliff by uniquely geek. This is a classic design that levels up from your entry level tabletop games table.

The craftsmanship of this table will prove to last for a very long time. This table may not be for your RPG players, but it is more than enough for your average board game player.

The starting price is $1200 which is for the standard table option but you can customize it as much as you want. Giving it LED lights, USB ports and under the table lighting. You can even add gaming drawers giving players more gaming space!


The Legacy Gaming Table – $1,000 Deposit

For all those RPG players check out the legacy table. This one features foldable down player stations to fit all your paper and dice. Every player station is equipped with your own rail that allows players to individually use attachments when playing a game. The table has rounded corners for a smooth look and a double-sided insert for every different type of war and map game, and the legacy table also comes with two different leg styles, so you can pick which one you prefer. They can only make 12 tables per year so the price is quite high but they choose materials that will last for generations.

They also have a lot more gaming tables on the website. If you wish to check those out, I only included these two because I feel like these were the best fit for board gamers and RPG players. But who knows you might find something better on their website.

The Megan Gaming Table –Starting Price £2,050

This table comes in different sizes and shapes depending on your living area. The table features cell phone charging and comes in three different stain options included in the price. You get an internal word rail system to help hold cards.

Topper leaves to cover your games to change it into a dining table and one top count leaf to divide up your gaming table and hold your game components. There are tons of gaming accessories available, such as bins to hold dice and game pieces, large wooden bins, cup holders, wine glass holders, dice tower and more.

The Megan has a classic design that will look great in any room you place it in and with all the options you’re sure to have the best gaming experience.


The Dresden Game Table – Starting Price $3,495

The Dresden coming in at a base price of $3495. This one is more of a modern slick, smooth design with sturdy construction. The rail around the table comes in one type of wood grain. However, you can customize the legs, the body and the table topper to be different options allowing it to fit your personal styles.

The Table features fun extras like Brass sleeves and pins to adjust your insert level to three different levels, depending on the game that you are playing. The table is water resistant, making sure your games are well protected when they are still set up under the table when you switch it to a dining Table. This is a modern table that can fit both for board gamers and RPG players alike.

Again this one comes in three different sizes. Depending on your living space, you can customize the size providing you enough room to fit your needs. If it looks good to you like it does. For me check this one out if it’s in your budget.

The Henry Board Game Table – Starting Price £ 4600

Now let’s move on to number three of the best board game tables, coming back to Geeknsun we have The Henry gaming table. The design of this table is to be a style, dining room table, but still features all your gaming accessories that you need to turn this one into a amazing gaming table. Features include Bluetooth, speakers, usb charging ports and a large gm pull out drawers.

You have your choice from ash or oak wood type and several different stain colors there’s also an internal and external rail system to hold your cards and other gaming components. If you want, you can add an insert elevator which will rise your insert to whatever level you desire, but the downfall of this is the motor can be slightly loud, so just make sure you set it before your friends come over for a gaming night.

The Prophecy Gaming Table – Starting Price $8,500

Now, moving on to number two, which is probably one of the most expensive best gaming tables on this list the prophecy gaming table by Wyrmwood. You can see in the craftsmanship that wormwood really put gamer’s needs above the rest with its modern and slick design. Imaging having this behemoth in your living room! I wonder if you could convert it into a pool table?? (frantically searching to see if I can)

The craftsmanship behind this table is like no other. It comes with a lift mechanism, so you can adjust the surface of your playing needs which is absolutely ridiculous and I love it. It can easily be removed and covered up like it was never there. This Wyrmwood table has a variety of different gaming accessories that have magnets, awesome for dice trays that can be locked into place with this table, so you can customize it however, you want.

The table topper is also held together with magnets, with a rubber insert to make this spill proof. It comes with a double playing surface taking your party games to the next level! So whether you want to play on a soft or hard surface for whatever games you will love this table. Has it all coming in over five thousand dollars this table will last whatever you throw at it, for whatever your gaming needs Are now wormwood makes really good gaming accessories counter holders, card shelves, storage drawers and that’s what they’re really known for. This table really stands out above the rest they’re starting to move more into furniture, so if you’re into that definitely check out the website.

Now, for my #1 pick on the best board gaming tables, I went with a gaming table that I thought overall had the best price design and fits for all types of your favorite games. Now I did cheat with this one a little bit because it’s not available in retail stores.

The Sunday Geek table – Starting Price $1,895

You can’t pick it up quite yet, however, it is coming to game found very soon, and that is the Sunday geek table! One of the best modular gaming tables on the market. You can customize this table however you like. It comes with a variety of different bins, with toppers to fit your cards, cups, dice, so you can customize this table for whatever game you are playing. The table has a metal base, making it strong and sturdy. The table top comes in three different colors and in two different sizes the table is crazy, customizable fit whatever type of gamer you are.

It comes with an easy storage solution for those table leaves you can simply place it under the table and forget about them. You won’t even notice that they are there similar to the Wyrmwood gaming table. This table is held together by strong magnets and has a rubber seal making. This table also spill proof, so you can make sure that your games won’t get damaged. This is a table.

I would recommend rathskellers, they have been making gaming tables for a really long time. All the gaming tables are very unique and different. This one is just a modular table and it can be customizable to fit whatever your gaming needs are. That is why I recommend this one: it was on Kickstarter, so if you backed it before, then you definitely got it at a good price.

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Well I hope you liked this best game table list. If you know of any other RPG gaming tables that should be on the list let us know in the comments below!

What is the best size for a Board Game Table?

The ideal size is the long table ranging from 6ft x 3ft (72in x 36in) up to 8ft x 4ft (96in x 48in) allowing the maximum room for most board games. Anything over four feet becomes difficult for most players to reach which is why I prefer a width of 3.5ft.”

How tall should a board game table be?

The recommended height for a board game table is between 28 inches to 32 inches. This height being from the floor to the table top.

What is the average size of a board game table?

3ft to 4ft wide is standard while the length depends on the number of players but typically is 4ft to 5ft long

Why are board game tables recessed?

Playing a board game at the kitchen table always ends up with pieces on the floor. Board game tables are recessed to help keep dice, game pieces and cards within the boundaries of the table.

What is a gaming table?

Gaming tables today comes with all sorts of added features. Generally speaking a gaming table is recessed to keep games from spilling on the floor. Todays tables can come with USB chargers, lights, cup holders, drawers, they’ll even monogram it for you!

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