The Best Jigsaw Puzzles to Give as Christmas Gifts

The Best Jigsaw Puzzles to Give as Christmas Gifts

The Best Jigsaw Puzzles to Give as Christmas Gifts

Hello, everybody – it is christmas on karen puzzles, i’m so excited. This is my absolute favorite time of the year and today i’m going to be sharing a jigsaw puzzle gift guide. All of the puzzles that i think would make amazing gifts, this holiday season, i’ve been collecting. So many puzzles, i can’t wait to tell you all about them, but first, i’m so excited to tell you that this weekend november 13th, through 15th, is the black friday sale on, which is where i sell my merch.

So you might remember this little shirt. I would make an amazing gift for any puzzler that you know and on dftba for this weekend, only you get free shipping anywhere in the world. If you have an address, they can ship to it for free if you spend 75 or more so of course, we have the two shirts that i announced before, although i do want to clarify that we decided to take the karen puzzles logo off of the shirts. Just for printing reasons um, it was like a little too small and detailed, but the rest of the shirt design is exactly the same, and i have a new shirt to announce. It is so fun.

It says every day i’m puzzling, which is like something i’ve wanted on a shirt ever since i started this channel. This one is a women’s cut, a lighter colored shirt with dark detailing around the neck and the sleeves it’s super cute. I cannot wait to get mine in the mail and wear it in a video. Oh and the apostrophes are little puzzle pieces so cute and then i also have one more new merch item, which is the puzzle club design as a sticker. So this is a less expensive option and you can put it on your laptop on your car.

I don’t know where do people put stickers on a notebook? It also has this like a rainbow holographic sheen on top, so it’s gon na be super snazzy, and you know that something is cool when a person who’s almost 30 uses the word snazzy to describe it anyway. If you order all four things, you will hit that 75 threshold to get free shipping, but of course, dftba has merchandise for tons and tons of youtubers, so it doesn’t have to be all within the same shop um. You know, as long as you hit 75 across the entire site, you’ll get the free shipping. It would just be nice if you could.

You know help support my channel this holiday season, all right shameless self-promotion over. Let’S move on to the puzzles – oh my god! Now i have to reset, i have too many puzzles. I don’t even know where to put them, there are puzzles on the floor. There are puzzles literally everywhere, right now.

Okay, this is the one that i need. There are too many puzzles in this room, [, Music ]. So the first puzzles that i want to talk about are the grey melon puzzles, and i mean basically my whole mindset with this video is that there are a lot of puzzles in the world. You know you walk into any department store and you can find some puzzles. I’M trying to show you some that are a little special that have a little something extra.

That would be really like nice to get as a gift. That’S maybe a little nicer than something you would buy for yourself. Also, there is a disclaimer that i want to make before i really get into it. I have not tried every single puzzle brand in the world. I’M sure there are puzzles that you love that i’m not going to mention.

I have talked about tons and tons of brands on this channel before so. If you want more ideas, you can go back and watch any of my other videos for even more in-depth reviews, and you know if i covered every single jigsaw puzzle brand this year. What would i do next year? So i’m always finding new puzzles. These are just the ones that i’m familiar with now and feel comfortable recommending to you.

So all that being said, i actually got this puzzle as a gift last year. If you don’t know, grey malin is a photographer. He does a lot of like aerial photography, landscapes. It’S all so beautiful and he puts his photography onto double-sided puzzles, which are made by the brand gallison, which is a high quality puzzle brand. So it’s not just like somebody who’s, not a puzzler, throwing his stuff onto some cheap puzzle.

So he recently came out with two new puzzles which he said to be um. This is the one on instagram that you guys were all obsessed with, and i definitely want to feature it in some kind of video next year and then there’s also this new york puzzle with just these two beautiful landscapes of new york city. So nice um. That’S the one that i already put together just to you know, double check the quality and i had so much fun with it. These are 500 pieces, but they’re double-sided, which means that for each puzzle you can do it twice, because it’s basically two puzzles in one.

Also something that i was so impressed with is that, with these newer puzzles, you actually get two large prints, double-sided of both of the photos that are featured and two postcards, so you get each image three times and his prints are really expensive. So this is such a nice bonus. You know you can frame these besides having it as a puzzle. He also from the original collection that he put out. He has this um winter themed puzzle.

It has skiers on one side and a forest. On the other side, i think that one would be so festive but fair warning. Those aerial photos are more difficult to do as a puzzle than these new ones, which have a lot more like different sections of color. You might remember when i did this puzzle on camera, and this image of all of the people on the beach was so hard to do as a puzzle. So if you want a challenge, you know you can go with those they’re great or if you want something a little bit easier um.

I think his new ones are such good quality as well. So the next brand that i want to talk about is wentworth and they make wooden puzzles. You might remember, i did an in-depth review of their puzzles a few months ago, i will just say up front: these are not cheap. These are for, if you really want to treat yourself and get something really really special for the holidays, but they have tons and tons of christmas puzzles. They recently sent me this one, which is 240 pieces.

It’S called festive toy shop and i mean, like literally, i have never seen anything as festive as this. In my entire life, this is christmas, they win. So if you open it up, the pieces come in a little drawstring bag and it already smells like burnt wood. It just smells so cozy, since these are wood, puzzles. They’Re super super, durable, they’re meant to be like family heirlooms.

You know you can keep them forever. You can pass them down and all of them have these little whimsy pieces, which are you know, fun shapes that they cut into the puzzles and if you have kids, i think it would be so fun for them to find these and help put it together. I know there are a lot of families who will buy like one new wentworth puzzle every year for the holidays, and i just think it’s such a fun tradition, especially if you all work on the puzzles together. Oh also, while i’m putting away all these pieces that i dumped out, they also have personalized puzzles, so you can get your own photos printed and cut into these durable wooden puzzles. I haven’t personally done it, so i can’t comment on the exact quality of those, but i think it would be such a good idea for a really special gift.

The next company is one for, if you have kids that you are buying puzzles for – and i am so excited to recommend these – it is an amazing amazing company. They are called puzzle huddle and it is a small family-owned business, a black-owned business which is so important to support, and it’s just so important for all kids to see representation in the images that they’re consuming and with jigsaw puzzles since you’re. Looking at it. For such a long time, i think that these types of images can only help make the world a better place. That’S a lot to put on a puzzle company, but i really really truly believe in this company, so i actually bought all three of these puzzles.

With my own money to support such a great business, this is a hundred piece puzzle called space explorer. I also got this 42 piece puzzle called future scientist and this 200 piece puzzle called future veterinarian. I think 200 is the biggest that these puzzles go up to and then they also have some smaller ones for, like really young kids and i put together the space explorer one. It is such good quality. I’M i’m obsessed, look at how solid that is.

It all stays together. The pieces are super thick other like really durable, they’re super saturated, really shiny, and there was something that i was not expecting in a kid’s puzzle. They actually have false edges in the middle of the puzzle, which confused me so much when i was putting it together, because i was not expecting that. I think that if you have kids, who are really good at puzzles and really enjoy them, it would be so fun to give this to them and see how long it takes them to figure out that the edges can in fact go in the middle. We will be raising future puzzlers to take on the puzzle legacy, so the next puzzles that i want to talk about are puzzles where you get the most amount of puzzling time for your money, so like very advanced, difficult puzzles.

These are puzzles that you can really puzzle over okay. Oh oh, my god. This box is coming apart. These pieces are gon na go everywhere, so this is one that was sent to me by white mountain puzzles a while back. This is called pencils and you can see that it is just this really dense image of tons and tons of pencils.

I did this one a few months ago and i had so much fun with it. It took a long time, but it wasn’t like frustrating. You know you could always feel like you were moving forward and just do small sections at a time. It definitely took me a really long time, though, and then the other one that i want to talk about. Is this puzzle from betterco?

You might remember that i featured betterco back when they were first starting out. They have since come out with tons more puzzles, and this is the one that immediately caught my eye from what they sent me. It is the bookshelf puzzle, and i just did this one. It probably took me at least 10 hours over two days because there’s just there aren’t any big sections of color. You just have to work like piece by piece, but it’s all really good quality.

The pieces are really unique from each other, so you don’t end up with pieces seeming to go where they don’t go and i’ll give you a little hint for this one. The way to do it is actually to start with these lights. The horizontal lines of the lights and also of the shelves, the books themselves, you like can’t even tell them apart across the entire puzzle, but if you look at the lights and the shelves, that’s how you’ll do it. So if you get this for christmas or you give it to someone, there are definitely going to be many many puzzling hours putting this together. I also really quick just want to show you the rest of betterco’s puzzles that they sent me.

I’M definitely going to be tackling a lot of these over christmas myself, i’m really impressed with the curation of the puzzles. I think they have a lot of really beautiful images and again you’ll be supporting a small business, which i think is what we should all be trying to do. This holiday season, [ Music ] moving on so i know that i have talked a lot about ebu on this channel. This is basically an ebu fan channel now, but i just think that their illustrations are unmatched by any company. They are some of my absolute favorites in the entire world.

I really loved this one. It’S called plant, ladies. It’S both really fun to do as a puzzle, and it is aesthetically beautiful. This one was another one of my favorites called flower calendar. If you live somewhere really cold, this might just bring a little bit of sunshine and happiness and summeriness into your life over the winter, and then this type of puzzle is one that i especially wanted to shout out.

What i love about it is that it’s a square and there isn’t an up or a down, so you can work on this with your entire family and nobody’s going to be looking at it upside down, because you can look at it from any angle. So i don’t know if this exact one is still available. It’S called peacock garden, but they have a bunch of different illustrations in this type of style. So if you’re going to be working on puzzles with your whole family, this might be the type of puzzle to look out for so the next company that i want to talk about is the new york puzzle, company and i’ve never featured them on my channel before, But i saw some of their puzzles online and i had to try them out, so i got in touch and they were so nice and they sent me all of these puzzles the one that i especially love is the new york city subway puzzle. I think this would be an amazing gift for anyone who lives in new york who um is moving to new york, who has lived in new york in the past.

It is such a challenge, especially if you don’t look at the box, to try to remember where all the different subway lines go and as i was putting this together, it actually brought up like so many different memories, of all the things that i’ve done in new York, i was like, oh that’s, the subway line that i took every day for my internship or oh, that’s where my sister used to live or oh, that’s where that store that i really like is so i think if you worked on this with your family, it Would just be such a good conversation starter and you could all reminisce about all the different memories that you have all around the city and they don’t only have new york. They also have boston, i want to say chicago – maybe a few others i’ll have to double check. But i had this idea for a video for next year, where i get all of the different subway maps and i mix them all together and then i have to like challenge myself to figure out like which stops are in which city? I think that would be so fun stay tuned for that, besides the subway map, they also have a bunch of new yorker covers, so this one is just so festive. I cannot wait to do it and they have puzzles based around lots and lots of different specific interests.

A lot of book themed puzzles. So if you scroll through their website, they have so many puzzles. I’M sure that you will find something that you or whoever you’re gifting for is going to love. Oh and the quality is really good too, since i haven’t shown that on my channel before it’s nice and thick kind of a matte finish, and you can in fact pick the whole thing up, really really high quality, [, Music, ] and finally, the last company that I want to feature is for that person in your life, who is obsessed with their instagram feed and with the aesthetics of their entire life aka the perfect gift for me, if i didn’t already own them. So these are the puzzles by rifle paperco, which is a company that i have been obsessed with for a really long time.

They just make such beautiful, like patterns and illustrations, and they put all of that onto home, decor items so when they announced that they were coming out with puzzles, i immediately had to spend way too much money to get all of them, but these are like the Most beautiful things i’ve ever seen the boxes are so beautiful. You can just have them out on display as home, decor and then the pieces themselves are really glossy and really saturated and just a really high quality puzzle like exactly what i would expect from this type of slightly luxury company, but still being like reasonably affordable. You know i think next year i’m actually gon na mix all four of these together. How fun is that going to be? I can’t wait if you’re not as crazy as me.

You know you can just do one at a time. [, Music ] – and we have made it to the end of this very, very long, video. Of course, all of the links to everything i talked about will be down in the description if you want to get them for yourself. I do have one more thing that i just want to mention really quick. If you know someone in your life who is not a jigsaw puzzler and you want a really unique gift for them, my dad wrote a book earlier this year.

You might have seen my video all about his anvil collection. It’S true, my dad collects anvils and he wrote the book about anvils. It is called the history of fisher and norris, which is uh the company that he mostly collects from, and there is like more information in here about anvils than you thought was possible to know about anvils. So if you get this for your dad, your uncle or your cousin or your mom or your grandmother you’ll be supporting my family because my dad just independently published this and they’re all numbered and signed by him. So it’s like a really special and very unique type of gift.

So, of course, don’t forget that the black friday sale for my puzzle, merch, is going on right now from now through sunday. If you spend at least 75 at, you will get free shipping anywhere in the world and if you buy all four items that are in my shop, you will hit 75 and you’ll, be my actual favorite puzzler in the entire world for sure alright. So you definitely need a code word for this video because i don’t know how many of you will have watched this entire thing, but your code word will be the word puzzling like what’s on this shirt right now: okay, puzzling, happy holidays, and i will see you All in the next one

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