The BEST MAGIC Videos of 2022!!

The BEST MAGIC Videos of 2022!!

The BEST MAGIC Videos of 2022!!

There is one particular card trick that magicians hold in high regard almost as if it’s a Triumph to achieve this trick, I’ve never personally found a good way of performing it, but the idea is that The Spectator would select a card. The card would be lost and half the deck would be face up, half the deck would be face down and then they would be shuffled together and once they’re shuffled together. The idea and again I’ve never found a really good presentation for this. But the idea, as you can see many cars face up face down whatever it is, is that the card that they selected after all the cards have been sort of jumbled up together. Uh would somehow be the only card, hopefully yeah the only card face up in the entire deck um.

I don’t know, I don’t know if I like this trick, but it’s interesting. What do you think of magic reviews? Thank you to everybody. Who’S been posting on the subreddit. I know we haven’t done one of these in a long time we’re going to look at this year’s best.

The best of my subreddit, including magic puzzles, it’s about it. It’S about the magic of puzzles, pretty much. What I do with coffee, also quick updates. Normally I launch a deck of cards around this time of the year. We’Ve had some delays, but for good reason, this project coming out is the biggest thing.

That’S ever happened to me regarding playing cards. I could say it’s a collab and it’s pretty big from everyone that works at and over here making my videos we want to say thank you so much for all the support that you guys have given us throughout the year with that said, like this, video Subscribe and let’s start taking a look at this year’s videos, you’d think I’d have the hang of this spine. Thirty four thousand members got a lovely little coin trick for you here. Did I say coin I meant ringtone? It’s supposed to be a ring trick, but you know it still works with a coin. All you have to do is blow and it turns into a coin.

Then you can take that coin. You give it a little squeeze and a wave, and the coin disappears completely. It doesn’t go far, it’s actually right there. You just can’t see it. So I re-materialize it and to finish off, we go high and that has to be worthy of a like and share definitely worthy of a like and share.

That is incredible: Jason Maher this guy’s, a beast he’s an actual performer he’s out there uh by the way, sidebar uh drinking game every time he says coin. You take a shot. Coin. Coin. Coin.

Coin: coin coin: great job Jason! He showed up a lot of times. This year, so we’ll probably be seeing him more than once all right guys, something that makes absolutely no sense. Inside of this box. I’ve got another little box like that and inside of this box.

Here is a nice little coin present. For me, it’s an unsolved Rubik’s Cube now to make things even weirder. This box, for some reason, fits inside of this box, which makes absolutely no sense, and this that is uh an Illusion by Luber Fielder lubers come up with a lot of really groundbreaking. I would say principles that people still use in Magic still today, and this luber’s box was I. I have one I think, they’re fantastic. It’S a good way to open into something which is what we’re gon na watch now.

The Rubik’s Cube is completely unsolved, but if you just use your imagination, imagine that it’s like, like 20, moves away from being solved and now imagine only 10. Imagine that it’s like maybe one move from being solved and then finally imagine that it’s actually completely solved and that has to be worthy. I will like and share like it’s cool. I really don’t do Rubik’s Cube stuff, but every time I see a Rubik’s Cube being solved in that way or in any way is it just me or like if the Rubik’s Cube is offset, I’m always like. Ah you just you sneaky solved it little sticky self.

Oh Boris, the spider calls his hand side note if you’re gon na do this trick. If you’re out there performing it’s called Boris the spider, it’s a super fun trick that you guys could learn uh. You can go out and get great reactions. But when you take a picture with the app of the person’s hand, take the picture closer to the Palm, so you can just take a picture of like their palm, and so there was also the finger thing that yeah so like right. Here you see a little finger you’re supposed to like putting your hand under it, part of the it’s part of the app.

But ultimately the reaction is the same. I think right, I don’t care who you are no matter how Brave you are or how unafraid you are of arachnids. In that moment, you are going to instinctively shake your hand and like slap, the back, your hand and be scared because um it’s that cool subtlety of implanting uh information. It’S like it reminds me of those Just for Laugh Gags, where uh a ring Master. Would like run down the street panicking and people bystanders would, you know, double take like?

Was that a ring master and then out of the Bush? Comes this guy, dressed in like a lion suit or something, but just the implantation of what’s to come or sort of just putting that thought in their head and then hitting them with something like that is very shocking and surprising. And I think that technique is probably used in movies quite a bit, especially horror, movies, wow, very nice. This is so hard people don’t understand how hard this stuff is. Maybe you do understand, but like even two magicians, it’s hard.

A lot of people are like well, magicians are good with their hands, but again oh wow, yeah, even magicians, it’s the end for me, every trick you do as a magician, every sleight of hand. Trick requires its own practice time to perfect, because I hear people say this a lot: oh magicians, uh, they’re very dexterous or they’re good with their hands, so they’re good at manipulating a deck of cards, because they’re good with their hands. Every single thing you see a magician do with a deck of cards, took its individual practice. Of course, there’s this General sort of handling of cards, but when it comes to slights and things of this nature, they’d need that extra attention just to develop those tiny muscles that you have not developed yet just to perform. You know something a little bit different, so this is my daughter’s first magic trick.

She said she wanted Chris Ramsey to see it. One card I’m gon na switch. That was better than most snap changes. I’Ve seen in my life a great great job as it says. How wholesome is this, it’s so great to see the person being so fooled.

Not again, he thinks he’s throwing him in a pocket somewhere. I’M gon na fast forward a little bit the whole package. He thinks he’s going insane. This guy probably thinks he’s in like some weird dream at the moment like. Why is everyone laughing this man is manipulating elements on a Quantum level making them vanish into what seems like thin air in front of my very eyes Under the most rigorous scrutiny and you’re laughing?

Am I Dreaming? Is this a nightmare? What is happening like when your reality gets altered so much it’s so interesting to see that we can all take part, because for the most part, when you perform a trick, it’s fun watching your friend’s mind, get melted in, but simultaneously you’re also kind of feeling that Second hand, because you still don’t know how it’s done so, seeing how it’s done. You get a full appreciation and I think that’s the closest feeling a spectator can get to understanding what it is. A magician feels when he performs that.

Why I like that trick, I’ve seen that done so many times with so many different variations, but this one was great, especially the screaming out loud when he tossed the whole pack with very good subtlety there. Okay, okay, okay, lovely well he’s actually doing a different method for each one of them so far, wow that is so cool. My dude hey, that is one of the most beautiful card routines I have ever seen. There are so many things going on, but never once did he pause. I see someone like this handle these cards and it really reminds me that I need to practice more in a good way, because everything is Justified.

Every move is fluid and leads into another. Nothing is its own thing where you feel a little bit of that ER and that still happens to me when I perform probably the beginning of this video actually. But when you see someone like this handle cards, you know that he’s been doing it for a long time and it’s lovely it’s just so good. You’Ve got to be rich to buy this one, so the magic deck of cards looks like a regular day. Well, you’ve got your hands full, so would you take a card?

Anyone you like just take. One of them shows it to your friend, nice to have friends. I don’t have any oh yeah. You won’t forget that seven impossible. Well, I am psychic.

It is a bit more yeah how about this one. Now, here’s a good one he’s already like we’ve got the Asian clubs with your other hand, sir completely age with your thumb on top, wave it in front of you and say quack quack quack. What a strange young man turning the card over here, you haven’t seen the best bit yet. Oh, this is exciting. Isn’T it?

We’ve got the seven in the middle on the top, we’ve got the Jack. If I put the Jack here and seven there, why have? I got the seven here – okay, yes, I am rather brilliant. Don’T know why I’m poor, but now we come to the best bit. The dramatic moment.

Have you ever met me before? No sir, you seem happy about that. Where would you like the seven which pile Touch? One, I’m sure you don’t want it there. If you want this, one oh go on, have it anywhere you’re like oh wait, it makes no difference to me. Isn’T this exciting better than the movies?

Now you may say to me: aha, you’ve got more than one seven. You might say that. Well, I’m not using more than one seven. Let me show you, you can see they’re all different. If I were using more than one seven, my goodness, it would look like that, okay, but it does not look like that.

Does it, how can it look like that when you see it looks like this wow one last trick the best one? This is worth ten dollars on its own, never mind the other tricks. This is about ten dollars or you can buy all the tricks for twenty dollars. If you buy them all, you get a mystery present. Don’T worry it’s not my mother-in-law.

No! All the cars are different, appreciate the car, and run it through there. It’S now, the seven don’t worry, they have as many as 70s alike. Here to seven there are seven everywhere, a seven little seven, seven, seven, seven pounds and those are sevens. You don’t want the sevens, you go like that and, my goodness all the seven do disappear.

Now I got ta say uh the principal using that trick. I think a lot of I think every magician is familiar with, but what I love about his presentation. First of all, it isn’t the banter uh, so much isn’t the mask on his neck. It’S what he’s doing he’s selling. This is clearly like at a convention or something and he’s selling magic he’s like for ten dollars.

You can own this trick and I love that, because you can technically for ten dollars have that deck. That is able to do that, but what he did with the deck is clearly Decades of Performing that trick, as one thing leads into another. He is completely in control and never fumbles or stumbles his way through the deck. So it looks much more impossible than the contrast of impossibilities, so it’s so high, but when you buy it, it’s gon na look fishy. So I love that part of the job.

This is all one take. This is cool, I would say, that’s a good take dude that looks so good Luke. Well done. That looks so good. That looks really good.

That’S amazing! All right, one coin one hand one cup whoa and bring it back bam retention vanish with six coins. What no way? No excuse, look at that. Look at that.

That’S the last time. You will see those coins right there right they’re. Clearly, in that hand, that’s insane that’s insane that is insane, it looks so cool. I think my only note would be don’t pretend to swallow. It, I think, would be a lot better.

It avoids you having to do this, because no one wants to see that. I know David Blaine does it, but no one wants to see it even when David Blaine does it? No one wants to see it. No one wants to see the inside of anyone else’s mouth. What you could do is like, after you bite the tab.

It’S just show the tab, keep in your teeth, you know just show the tab, you have to go as you can just show it, and then you know whoa, no dude. What makes this video good is that it feels like it’s a security video. Ah, so you can see the moment, his shadow starts to peer over watch as soon as his foot gets out of the way the Shadow’s there boom and that’s like the illusion is like creating that shot. That is so cool. That is a cool way of revealing something of just the shadow coming in eight of Clubs whoa, that is cool.

I did not expect that it would be so cool. I like that trick. You can do it with sauce and it takes about two, three , four , five , six pieces. We’ll take five of those pieces and roll them up into the wall. This is important, so if I take the ball and wedge it onto six pieces right, there oh actually he’s in about three seconds, and you can actually get all the pieces of the fuse together. I make one lower two piece.

There you go, that is very cool, afro Magic, Pro very cool love that handling – and I love your demeanor. You seem to have a lot of confidence and it doesn’t feel like you’re stammering through this. Probably done this a lot but great job. This car can vanish just like my hopes and dreams, and I’m also going to show you how magicians can control cards all right, one more, an impossible coin production so far, so good, like I know where it’s coming from, but very nicely done all right enough internet For the day that is enough magic guys. Let me know what you thought, what was your favorite trick and let’s try to get it uh upvoted in the comments.

So what was the number one video that was posted to my subreddit? You guys obviously go on the subreddit to vote here. Do whatever you want, but show them some love guys. Thank you so much for everything in 2022, let’s smash the heck out of 2023, we’ll see on the next video


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