The Best Monopoly Board Game Editions of 2022

The Best Monopoly Board Game Editions of 2022

Are you a fan of the original monopoly game from Parker Brothers where you win $10 in a beauty pageant from the community chest cards? Or are you looking for something different than the original game? From a money pack to gold dragons, Park place to railroad stations, we’re going to be looking at the Best Monopoly Board Game special editions.

Now the versions of Monopoly I’m going to be looking at are going to be the variants. These are the games that do not play like the classic monopoly game, so I’m not going to be doing any reskins or anything like that. These are going to be the games that play differently than monopoly.

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Monopoly at Home Reality Edition

Monopoly at home reality edition is Hasbro’s attempt at making a monopoly game with a Covid theme to it. The different rules that they have in the game is that you can’t land on the same space as somebody else because of social distancing.

The game is based on rooms of the house instead of real estate and there’s also a screaming baby in this game as well. That’s going to be moving along with everybody else, and if you’re landing on the baby, then you’re going to have to end up paying money. This verse in the game doesn’t have a lot of different rule changes, so it plays like a stripped down version of monopoly with just with a few variants on it. I played a lot of these other monopoly games and to me just didn’t really interest me too much.

Monopoly Builder Edition

Now Monopoly Builder is Hasbro’s attempt at making a game with a resource element similar to Catan.

What you’re going to be doing in this game is you’re going to be collecting different resources, and you’re going to try to build a building that is five stories tall and each block is going to represent a floor. Then you need certain resources in order to build that floor. Now, the thing with this game is number one, It’s pretty cheaply made. The second thing is that it is very, very easy to get resources in this game. You’ll end up having a car which you’ll have access a resource.

If you end up rolling a certain die, there are spaces on the board where you can get multiple resources. This is very easy. I think in the second turn I was able to build the first floor, pretty quick. So this game I don’t think it was meant to last very long. However if you’ve played games like Catan and other resource building games, this one is a pretty simplified version of a resource game.

It’s a little bit on balance too, because depending on which car that you start with, your “character” so to speak, you’re going to have access to a resource and some of those resources you need more of than others. So if you end up getting the card that can give you access to those resources, that’s going to give you an advantage. So that’s Monopoly Builder for you.

Monopoly Rivals Edition

Monopoly Rivals is Hasbro’s two player version of monopoly, with the object going to be trying to get All of the properties.

One of the things you’re going to do is, if you land on a property that’s unknown, you’re simply going to go ahead and pick it up and put a house on there. They’ve got your standard rental rules, but they also have a rule where, if you land on a property, you also have to auction off the adjacent property. So the properties are going to be going quick in this game. You also have the option, if you land on your opponent’s space, to offer him a trade as opposed to having to pay rent. So there’s a lot of back and forth going on in this game and trying to end up getting all other properties.

I think it’s a pretty cool little version. There are a lot of two-player rival games out now and I think for Hasbro’s attempt at Monopoly, this one works. Okay. Now it’s not like seven wonders duels or anything like that where it’s an epic game, but it’s pretty standard and I enjoy it.

Monopoly Go Green Edition

Now this is an interesting game. Just because of the fact this is made out of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Pieces, for example, are made out of a certain type of a sugar cane. They use some certain type of wood to make the greenhouses and then recycle paper for the cards and the board. So it’s pretty fascinating to see that you have an entire game that is made out of nothing but recycled materials, and also this is what the game is based on.

You have an opportunity to do what’s called green up your property, which means, if you pay a certain amount of money, you’ll turn over your property card and it’ll, be the green side and you’ll be able to charge more rent with it. Also you’re going to have access to greenhouses that you can also buy to make people pay even more rent. I do actually like this game. It plays differently enough and with the green theme, I think it’s a good little game.

Monopoly Crooked Cash Edition

Now monopoly crooked cash has a magnifying glass in it, and it also has what is called real money and fake money also real chance and fake chance cards. You’re also going to be getting some tokens that allow you to try to search your opponent’s money or cards to see if they’re real or fake. If you’re right, you’re going to end up getting a reward like not having to pay rent or getting a bill from them. Of course, there’s going to be penalties for the player if it happens to be fake now you don’t know if it’s fake until you actually get the glass up and you look at the card itself.

The one thing I like about this game is: it does have a little bit of this “Take that” feature to it. When you’re able to find a fake bill, it’s kind of funny, because you know your opponent is not expecting it.

They may have a big bill that they need to pay and then it turns out they have a fake bill, and so it’s a pretty cool little card game. If you kind of like mystery games, maybe it works. It’s definitely different, but it does have a lot of the standard monopoly rules as well.

Monopoly Space Jam Edition

Now this one is based off of the movie with LeBron James not the classic with Michael Jordan but is a great alternative to Monopoly Junior.

This game you’re going to have a bunch of Looney Tunes characters in place of the properties and you’re also going to have speed and stamina, as opposed to houses and hotels. This game also comes with a unique mechanism where it has a little basket that has a shooter or you’ll be able to shoot from a three-point line or from a free throw line.

They end having what’s called the hoop deck and with all these cards you’re going to be shooting the basketballs to try to get money and try to make a certain amount of shots but you may end up losing money if you’re not unable to do it. So it really makes a lot of use of the basketball mechanism in this game. I do like this version as well.


Themed with Looney Tunes and the artwork is done well. It’s cool because that basketball mechanism is probably I’d, say a good 50 60 percent of what you’re going to be doing in this game. Trying to earn rewards and trying to make sure that you don’t pay extra money. It doesn’t end until the last player scores the most points, wins. Fun for the whole family especially with young kids.

Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition

This is based off of the movie from the 90s and this game has a t-Rex in it that is going to be moving around the board while you’re moving. Now the interesting thing with the t-Rex is any space that it ends up landing on is going to damage that property killing the property value.

So, in order for you to actually use the property you’re going to have to pay money to get it fixed first, and then you’re going to be able to go ahead and build on it. But this t-Rex is going to be going around the board the entire time damaging properties and if you also end up getting passed by the t-Rex or if it lands on you, you’re going to have to pay money to the bank. So you could be having to run away from this thing for a good portion of the time so it definitely makes it interesting.

You’re going to be paying a lot more money in this game than you normally would, because as soon as that property gets damaged, it’s basically like mortgaging a property, so you have to fix it, keep going, fix it, keep going. The game can possibly end if the t-Rex ends up damaging all the properties, so yeah, I think it’s a pretty cool little version of monopoly.

I think they did a pretty good job with the Jurassic park feel for sure. having this t-Rex running around damaging properties throughout the whole game is pretty unique.

Monopoly Lord of the Rings Edition

Now this version plays a lot differently than the one that was created several years ago. This one has a tracker on it and it also has some very nice components.

The tokens are really nice, it has a ring, the artwork is really something and the ring sets on the base of the character. Now, the deal with the ring is that, if you are the holder of the ring, you’re not going to have to worry about paying rent, or you having to pay fees or anything like that. You’ll also actually get a chance to win a pretty good chunk of change. If you’re able to last that long with it that is. Now, the flip side of it is, if you end up rolling the Eye of Sauron, which is on one of the die you’re going to have to pay the penalty of wherever the tracker lands on. This is in the middle of the board and it goes like 2 million dollars, 4 million dollars all the way up to mount doom.

Now, if you get the mount doom, that’s going to end the game. You can actually pass this ring off to other people. You can fight somebody for the ring as well and when you do that, the tracker is going to go all the way back to the beginning. So between the artwork and the tracker it has this press your luck aspect to it as well.

Monopoly the Target Edition

Now this game was hyped up for a little while and this basically plays way differently than monopoly. This could actually be its own little game. What you’re going to be doing is all the spaces are items that you would find in the department store. When you land on it, you’re going to go ahead, pick it up and put it into your little target basket, which is a pretty cool feature. Now, whenever you land on free parking or on Go you’re going to have an opportunity to purchase these items. What you’re trying to do is you’re trying to get the most amount of savings tokens.

Whenever you purchase the items, you’re going to go ahead and get savings tokens, but there’s also tokens in the middle of the board that you can get access to that’ll either double or triple your savings. You also have a red card in the game that can even add more to your savings. So, ultimately, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to get the most amount of savings tokens by the time the game ends. Definitely a different feel of monopoly. I think it’s a really cool game. It’s pretty cool, having the little basket and just being able to put things in there. You actually feel like you’re shopping at target.

Monopoly Animal Crossing Edition

Animal Crossing is a very popular online video game. So you’ve got four different types of resources and they’re all attributed to different islands in the game, i.e. the spaces. Whenever you land on one you’re going to go ahead and pick it up. Now, what you can do is you can trade these different resources for what are called bells, and then you can trade in the bells to get what are called nook miles. These are going to be decorations that you’re going to be able to have. They have a ton of decorations in the cards, I mean there’s a bunch of them!

Each of them will have a different amount of nook miles on there and you’re going to have some in the center of the board that you’re going to be able to choose from. Really cool game! This is another one of those games that if you didn’t see the word monopoly on there, it could be its own game! Really good themed version of animal crossings. If you like animal crossings, I would recommend it as it’s perfects for younger players.


Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Follow bend or break the rules to win with the cheaters edition. Adding a new element to the classic version, community cards actively encourage players to try their luck, though getting caught has its consequences and jail time is not optional. In this fun game for all the family, it includes handcuffs and is perfect for parties. However, young children find it difficult.

Monopoly Fortnight Edition

Fans of the computer game will enjoy the strategic similarities in the fortnight Edition, where the aim of the game is still to be the last man standing. Instead of monopoly money players can battle their enemies to earn health point chips. It features well known locations and combines a lot with tactics, but the gameplay gets repetitive. I could never play the video game as there were too many aspects to focus on. This game is much easier and I wish you all good luck!

Monopoly Avengers

Avengers features characters from the popular marvel universe movie franchise to declare a winner. With it’s special rules, players must draft their favorite heroes and try to increase their powers and wealth by partaking in battles. It includes intricate models and is family-friendly. However, the dark color scheme is a bit dumb and it didn’t come with an infinity gauntlet. I guess I’ll rule the world some other way!


Monopoly Speed Edition

Keeping the core mechanics in place. A round of monopoly speed can actually be completed in under ten minutes. To accomplish this momentous feat, each player takes their turn simultaneously and must do so with enough fixed time limit. It comes with a battery-operated stopwatch and uses simplified rules, but you can only have four players at a time.

This I find is better than the classic board game because you don’t always have all day to play, this is Monopoly original 2.0.

Monopoly Rick and Morty Edition

Speaking of different Monopoly games, delve into the multiverse with Rick and Morty. Based on the hit series from Adult Swim, this time-traveling Dou take on foes as they buy, sell and trade their way through inter dimensional missions collecting rent along the way. It includes collectable tokens and the themes cover seasons 1 & 2. However, note that it’s recommended for ages 17 and up.

Monopoly Game of Thrones Edition

Travel the legendary lands of Westeros, with this Game of Thrones set. Pledge your allegiance to one of the Great Houses and increase your domination by purchasing castles and strongholds. This game comes with an Iron Throne card holder that plays the well-known theme tune. It includes gold and silver coins and a storage box for the cards, but note that it’s not suitable for children. Would you show them Game of Thrones?

Monopoly Voice Banking Edition

Remaining true to the original gameplay. The voice banking Edition eliminates the time-consuming action of counting the money. Banking and trading are managed through an interactive electronic unit that’s built into the iconic top hat. Its speech activated, and games progressed quickly. However, you do need batteries to play. I think in the years to come, this will be a classic edition to you board game collection.

Monopoly The Simpsons Edition

Celebrating 30 years of America’s favorite characters, your cartoon family The Simpsons! Based on the Fox series, this twist on the classic game captures the essence of Springfield. The Monopoly Game Board is amazing, combining the unique humorous characters and locations of the TV show. It features custom sculpted tokens and uses standard game play with title deed cards and bank cards. It’s great for children and adults.

Monopoly House Divided Edition

Revel in the ups and downs of an election campaign with House Divided. This fast-paced edition highlights the intricacies of politics and doesn’t end until every state has been claimed, and a new commander in chief is elected. A voting element adds intrigue and is equipped with durable, die-cast pieces and educational elements for children. One of the best monopoly versions which be great for family game night!

Monopoly Star Wars Complete Saga Edition

From a galaxy far far away comes the Star Wars Complete Saga edition. Will the force be with you and playing as Young Luke? Or will you indulge your dark side and choose Darth Vader? This is definitely one of the more popular board games for Monopoly. Armies are equipped for the showdown by purchasing x-wings and TIE fighters. It boasts dynamic art work and characters from all nine movies. It could become a collector’s item.

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