The COOLEST Puzzle Box!!

The COOLEST Puzzle Box!! 😧 #shorts

The COOLEST Puzzle Box!!

This is Jesse James lost, Vault puzzle, step, one pull down the two vars and release the top part slide it down to discover a bullet shell inside the bullet. Shell is a note behind the mask is a hidden face under the Palm is a stolen Ace Ace use the cipher on the back to find the numbers corresponding to the letters Ace 40. 32-0. Put those numbers into the combination lock open the door inside is a note, a locked drawer and a deck of cards. I can’t get to to retrieve the card slide.

One of the legs down. Take the deck of cards. Remove one single playing card place it inside the slot above the drawer with a spade on it push the card in pull the drawer out inside the drawer is a train ticket and a key. The bullet casing is also a key with a small notch on place. It inside the gun barrel and twist sliding the side upwards reveals a key slot, insert the key turn and retrieve your gold like this video And subscribe for more cool things.


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