The HARDEST 3D Printed Puzzle In The World?! – 775 Train

The HARDEST 3D Printed Puzzle In The World?! - 775 Train

The HARDEST 3D Printed Puzzle In The World?

The plan was simple boil the train, point the guns, get the gold, but greed has a funny way of showing up the wrong time. Seeing all that loot is enough to make any man picture a new life for himself. A fresh start and all it would take it’s another bullet. I expect this will be the last time you hear from me, so you listen good. That’s a bag of money in the floor under the cradle, go and find yourself a banker, a lawmaker or someone good someone. I mean as stupid as I was, and you start over and that’s for me I’ll be on that train.

What’s up and welcome back hope you enjoyed that intro, we worked super hard on it, my buddy Wes, who ends up shooting me on my birthday. Today’s my birthday, I’m solving puzzles for my birthday. This is the life I’ve chosen we’re looking at a really cool puzzle. I’ve been waiting for this for months, probably like three or four months found this on etsy the 775 train puzzle. By looking to escape, you can follow, leave the link below where you guys can check this out for yourself, and it says here with hundreds of hours of engineering time.

This apparently is the world’s hardest 3d printed puzzle. I don’t take that lightly. I’ve solved a lot of 3d printed puzzles. Is this the hardest? I guess we’ll find out definitely looks cool.

That being said right before we get into the video. As I know, it’s my birthday, but everything on first dot, shop, 10 off with the coupon code, ramsey10 type in ramsey10 at checkout, on storewide, save 10. Whether you want to pick up our latest escape game, which is really cool. A lot of really good reviews.

Coming in people are loving, it uh whether you want to check out a puzzle whether you want to check out our new hologram holographic, I’m just going to leave that in there we got lots of stuff merch and everything else so 10 store wide. As a bit of a gift to you and obviously well, if you buy something, I mean that’s like a bit of a gift to me and if you can’t afford that simply leave a like subscribe without any further ado, we’ve cleared the calendar. Let’s solve the 775 train puzzles. Look at this beauty, apparently the most difficult 3d printed puzzle on the planet. This might be a two-parter who knows, go ahead and start that stopwatch up here we go train 775.

We have 775 right here. There are so many parts in this um 20 steps. Just a ton of parts we’ll see uh how close we can come to solving it lots of moving parts. I don’t know what to do. First, it comes with this briefcase.

This briefcase also has a small clue on it, which is south southwest south here and west here, and that slice looks like south southwest. It’s got an x here an x here, and it’s got these little. These little sort of. I don’t know what these are, but if I push this one, I notice that it slides a little bit. So this thing slides open.

Eventually, I don’t know how I don’t know why we’ve just got a lot going on here. Let’s have a look at this. Have a look at every part individually so that you guys have a good idea of what we’re looking at as well. We have some type of cryptex here with uh numbers that should line up in in which order, okay, so there’s a north here on the top, so that probably has to do with this that’ll give us some type of code. Here we have this binary sequence, uh with w so west and south I’ve got these arrows here, which I don’t know what that means.

We’ve got 775 on this compartment here. We’ve also got east and south here on the train. Wheels we’ve got a button here on the underside. This looks like it comes apart. There’s this, I don’t know what that is uh here, we’ve got some type of like bumper or something it’s got a spring.

So this is spring loaded here sort of puzzle piece over here. What looks to be magnets on the back end? Maybe something fits in there. We got a part here over here on this side. We have again more things more things here, stuff on the wheels again.

So just lots going on front 775 multiple times, and we also have little binary sequence right here and again, northwest east right here, so a lot of coordinates. So these seem to move these things here. For some reason, this is gonna be quite a journey. We got a little button here as well. I’M not sure if this does anything internally uh.

What looks like there’s like some type of track here to maybe where the wheels move in, I don’t know. I have no idea. I think this whole thing comes apart by the way I don’t know how it comes apart, but I think it does oh button here, but we got this. This moves down right here, a little bit. Can I twist it off?

Okay, not sure what that does man so three minutes in and we just barely even scratched the surface of all the different things that are available here, kind of gentle with everything I don’t want to want to damage anything at the same time. You want something to give so these three parts look like they come apart, a little bit of wiggle motion on each one of these carriages here, okay, all right, all, right partner! Oh there we go boom first part lifts up. Maybe I twist, it ah seems to be like a maze here: okay, oh that just popped up, so that was stuck in there and then it popped up boom. All right looks like we got our first tool here and we got this as well.

Okay. This here says south west, south south equals, or is west west south to some type of code – and here this says east is south: south east, okay, south south east. What does that mean? What are all these coordinates for, and this one probably locked with the cryptex – that’s here that one probably comes out afterwards, so we’ve got two uh by the way my hands are blood. Stained from that intro food coloring doesn’t wash off that easy.

I found out. Let’s see if we can put this anywhere right, that would be a oh. What about back here, dude check that out and that’s a no okay, all right all right, so we got to figure out what the heck these coordinates are for. Let me go ahead and grab a pen just to write them down so far. This is at the end of that, and this is at the end of that.

I don’t know what that means, but that’s a pattern. Oh here, look at this west is north northeast, so we’ve got three of those I’m guessing. We need north, it’s probably in this one here, it’s the only one, we’re kind of missing really – and here we have look south south west west, east east, north north, and then these things I don’t know what those are. Maybe we have to add the numbers together to give us this number. Is that a possibility here, so I’m guessing what we’re looking for is the north coordinates to unlock that?

Does that make sense all this in the front and then northwest east okay, huh yeah? I really think the first step here is to find this. I think that’s the next thing we have to do and just uh and I’m guessing it has to line up to where the north is here. We’re east south, oh north, would be here also notice that the wheels these sort of slices here, maybe it’s the direction of the wheels, because we do have this little thing which gives us basically which lets us know what’s going on and this as well. So, if south hold on south southwest, do we have one that’s southwest, no south south west?

How do I know where to put it, these definitely have to line up these ones here. I feel a slight resistance with the wheel, so I feel like there might be something attached to them, which tells me that I need to orient it properly. Okay, what would you do right now right now write down what exactly you would look at next, I’m at a loss um, I’m not a loss, there’s so many options that I can explore right now, I’m just trying to figure out what the best option is before I move forward and realizing that and all the options look the same and they look ridiculously hard. So here we have west west and what are these numbers for? Do we add them up like if this was like one one: zero, plus one zero one plus zero zero?

That would be two one. One, four numbers on this crib text. Four coordinates: that’s a match right. Four numbers, four coordinates, that’s that’s a match. What the hell do these mean very difficult, very difficult indeed.

I understand why this is difficult. They’Re kind of uh inundating you with information right off the start, there’s so much information that I have to have here. Can this open there’s got to be a way to open this because it does shift to the side a little bit and this has to open. Somehow, oh no, I broke it. I broke the handle.

Okay, I don’t think that handle really matters, but it’s an x here, an x here. Do I push on the x’s? Is this the last thing I have to? I don’t know trying to shift the pieces apart, but I feel like I have to solve something before I can do that these things move when I push them in a whole lot of moving parts on the inside of that I’ll tell you, oh my god. I need to find those numbers I need to find these numbers.

I mean hey, there’s only 999 combinations here, oh with the zeros, maybe 10 000 And the numbers go up to ten, they do they go up to nine, no wait, they go up to seven and it goes to zero one to seven numbers from one. There are numbers behind here. You probably can’t even see that, but there are numbers on this written right there and the numbers are seven hold on seven: seven: five: seven: seven: five: okay, it’s just repeating numbers: seven, seven: five! Oh wait! I just pushed that in that goes in on that side too.

I need a tool to get in there and push these pins, perhaps okay, a good old twist random twist. Maybe it’ll work, it’s not how that’s not how you solve puzzles Chris come on smart. What, if it’s north is one two three: let’s try it five and the last one now what if that is the right number just in the wrong order. It says here: 110, something 100 arrows, 10 What are they trying to say? I have no idea well the wheels themselves.

Also. Oh, I see, ah so notice, there’s a w here and there’s an e here very hard to make out, but there is a w there um, and that tells me maybe I put them all in that direction. I was thinking. Maybe now something would happen. So I don’t know about the wheels, but I just figured this out that these two pins retract into the into the train, I can pull them down and I can pull them up.

So I think if I pull them up hold on, I just did that and then I think if I pull them up yep that goes through okay, oh, I can almost press them. Maybe you have to do it upside down, give a little a little tap and a shake okay that one’s in that one is in so that one’s all I can oh, I could there we go that I can press it all the way in there. I need to move this out of the way find the right spot for it there. It is. Is it no not all the way both these pins are in now, I’m not letting go, they are spring-loaded.

What does that mean? What can I do now? Can I pull the pop, can I pull the front off? Can I move this? Can I pull the train apart?

Can I pull this back? Oh this goes in now. This goes in now. I think I just unscrewed something and it kind of happened on its own. Okay, that’s locked in now I’ve locked these in now, these little pins that were on the outside and I’m sure if I move this around they’ll unlock.

What have I done got to be something’s got to give here now. I’M afraid that the pin stuck in there for some reason that I wasn’t supposed to push it in, so I’m going to try to get it back out. I don’t know it looks like I just finished uh recording the last six minutes in the dark, which is great. What I ended up doing was this bottom part here it swiveled this way by turning it upside down, and I was able to pull up this whole chassis and within this there was this which was stuck in here and that fell out and that’s where we’re at and then I pushed that these little pins in that’s all I’ve done in the last six minutes. So just thought I’d give you a little heads up.

Sorry about that. We got the audio, though that’s always fun. This came up. There’s like a cool resistance. Here too see now it’s locked again, but if I flip this upside down there we go boom and then that came up and then inside, like I said, uh there’s a small compartment now noticing there are little holes on the inside.

Here that say in and out you can’t really see that, but so that was in there we don’t know what this is for. I thought maybe like it’s the same distance as these to like push that in, but that didn’t work. I don’t know if it was for these that are on the inside here to make this move, but that doesn’t seem to move. Oh wait. Oh, I do not think that was supposed to come off.

That looks like it was glued. Oh god! Okay, I’m just ruining everything okay, so, unfortunately, what has happened is by pressing this pin in I had a spring here and it accidentally busted off uh, one of these things um this was glued on. There was a little dab of glue, as you can see here, and it just kind of popped off when this went like this and my spring went flying, oh well, we’re just gonna get rid of that entirely. Okay, this might not be the way it was intended to solve, but it’s where we’re at and we’re not giving up.

Yet by pressing in these two, which I was on the right track, there goes the other spring. I was on the right track by pressing in these two things, so you know what we had it. We solved it: okay, whatever you want to say it’s going to be a lot harder to do that with no counterweight here. Okay, so we were here and then I’m guessing. Something is supposed to happen when I push these on their they’re going upwards because there’s nothing stopping it from going up where those plates were it used to be plates there, stopping it like this and again.

This is not normal solve okay, this is something that is not normal, something that unfortunately happens with 3d printed puzzle, sometimes which is unfortunate, but it’s something we have to live with, so we will make do now, I’m just trying to figure out what the orientation on This was again very sorry about this, but we’ll get there so this there we go not the way it was intended to be solved, but this is how we’re gonna solve it. So this then comes out, oh and then we have the north northwest on this side. Okay, again, very sorry about that, ladies and gentlemen, this is actually a thousand-dollar puzzle which I’ve just kind of broken. So I kind of feel sorry for myself honestly, but we’re going to carry along, because I do want to see where the story leads us north is north north west. That is the final code here we have all four of these codes, which not entirely sure what they’re for just yet, but that does come out.

That is a cool that is a cool contraption if it works. The problem is that, when applying pressure, these little rods, here’s the problem in the manufacturing honestly, this isn’t a problem that uh you’re supposed to push on them. But what happened was this would go over the rod and uh if the rod wasn’t in a perfect spot. So the rod’s got to be at a perfect spot so that this pin can go over it. But if the rod was a little up or a little down sorry, it would create a wedge which would then even push through push upwards as well.

Thus popping the panel off, and so that’s nothing – we could really overcome that’s something we had to do in order to solve the puzzle. We had to actually do what I just did that being said, that that mechanism is really cool on the inside it just locks in there, and then we have this okay, oh that sticks. There are magnets here on the x, there’s an x, magnet and there’s a magnet here. What, if there’s like a magnet, lock just figure? This is probably where this goes.

Oh yeah look at that fits right there, nice and neat. So that’s where that and that’s probably what the magnets are for, because there are magnets back here. I was wondering what those are for right here. Oh what? If this key?

Oh look, how this fits. It fits nicely in there and these little things have little holes on the top of them, so you can hook and push and pull them back. Oh, oh there we go okay, that lifts up now: okay, now that that lifts up, okay, we’re getting somewhere so that lifted up there was like locking mechanisms on here, which I had to undo using these, and then here we have this, but this won’t come out. Maybe I got a push, doesn’t come out that feels like it might be the last little compartment or something because I can’t pull that out and I’m guessing. I got to push on this to like help release it that that would be don’t want to break it.

Been there, so we got that. We also know that there is a magnet. Uh in here seems like a screw, there’s – probably some metal parts around here, but uh. We know this magnet has something to do with something. There is something in here.

How is this thing? So hard to open how much was to open it later, like what kind of tool are they going to give me just maybe another magnet where I put one there and I put one there and then it pries apart. That seems like maybe it will work I’d like to know what this bottom spring is attached to. We’re still looking to find the coordinates for this, and I still don’t know what exactly I’m looking for the coordinates. So these have any like do these markings have anything to do with anything.

There’s like a v. There’s like that and there’s that which I don’t know what good that’ll do that wants to come apart, but there’s something stopping it on the wheels so notice that we had these markings that were here like this one says east. I guess we see it from underneath. I don’t know if they’re backwards, because they’re kind of hard to read here, like that’s almost impossible to read, but if you look at this side clearly has an end. So is it that they have to be upside down to follow this pattern?

South southwest south southwest needs to be down. What’s that right? Well, that’s north west yeah! This is inside out. It should be this way right because you can’t have north east southwest.

It has to be we’re sorry northeast southwest. It has to be northwest south east. So these are backwards. These are inside out. Okay, that might help us a little bit.

That’s the case. South southwest has to be down which is like that. So south has to be like that on all of them all the wheels are facing this diagram. Wait! No um, all of them are faced downwards.

All of these things here, that is what the diagram is showing us. It shows us putting them in that orientation. Just like the briefcase shows us puts them basically straight okay. Maybe this has to go back down in order for me to retract that middle piece. That’s that might actually be it no uh.

Let’s get that back down birthday messages, so I didn’t have my clock in there. Somehow I don’t know how that’s locked in there. I guess it has something to do with this guy over here. Once I find this code, I think everything’s gonna be easy if I pry any harder, I’m gonna end up breaking this too, coming in just over an hour, still have yet to solve this. In this code that we’ve written down – oh man and the briefcase I’m guessing the loots in the briefcase and they’re, probably gonna – give us like a little magnet at the end or something to find the loot.

Oh, I feel like this came out a bit. Okay, that came out a little bit more than it used to has something to do with gravity. Now this pin won’t push in [ Music ]. No, it came out there’s something in this drawer listen. I can feel it banging up against here now.

I don’t want to push this thing because I don’t know how and now it won’t even push back in. Ah now the drawer is closed. I can’t get it open again. It might have been a fluke, but this something’s holding this drawer closed and a second ago. Maybe when it was laying on its side, I got it back open again, I don’t know what it’s open for.

I don’t know how it opened and I don’t know why it’s opened part of the train, this effects, if any, I don’t know if it was supposed to slide, there’s absolutely no feedback on this puzzle, which makes it very difficult one of the hard parts about this Puzzle is that there’s just no order. You know, although it is a sequential discovery, giving you tools, there’s just no order in which to do things. So I’m discovering things all the time, but then I don’t know what to do with that information. So we’re gonna leave that open. I don’t know what for there’s something in that drawer, so this is definitely might even be the last piece here that I have to pull out, but I definitely need to get this figured out.

First spent long enough on this. For now, right now, my brain’s fried I’m kind of running around circles and I’m getting frustrated as a result. Pieces are breaking this here, so we do need to take a step back, reassess, maybe I’ll get some ah-ha moment. That’ll just hit me in the face. Um, but for now you know for now we’re going to leave it, be I hate doing this hold on just looking around at it, and I noticed this in this okay.

I don’t know if this will do anything, but at least it’ll give us maybe some leeway. What we have here is the wheels okay. These wheels north west, south and east south southwest would be at the bottom. Okay. So therefore, the south – let’s, let’s look at the uh the north wheel – should be north northwest should be the slice at the bottom.

North northwest should be the slice at the bottom here hold on. You have east. What are we looking for? This is the north wheel that locked in again didn’t it yeah, okay, north north northwest, okay, there’s the north there’s the west north northwest would be there, so that has to be there. This is so devious if, if anything happens at this point, I’ll be very happy.

So you see the end here, it’s hard to see and that’s a west and actually kind of locks into place right there. So I’m going to keep that right there, the western wheel. I see we bring this back down for now. So you see what’s going on this: is the western wheel north northeast. We have north northeast and locks there.

It is also locked right there like that. Now we flip it try not to change the wheels which one’s which now this is east east. We have south south east south south east, so it should be right there and then finally, we have south, which is west west west south, which is there I’m not sure what that’s going to unlock. However okay, I definitely figured out the orientation for this. That needs to be oriented in that perfect way.

What reason, though, I don’t know what to do. Okay, I had that epiphany, which I think helped me out, but again here we are with uh. I just don’t know where to go from here hold on. Oh you, son of a gun. There are these holes here, these tiny holes, okay, almost invisible to the naked eye in those holes.

When this is set to a correct position. It reveals another number. This is getting more and more devious. Now I got ta double check to make sure everything is correct, incredibly difficult to read, because they’re 3d printed and all mushed up dude one zero, zero, uh west and north west and north west is north northeast, which is there north one one one. Okay, do any of these match up to any of these somehow zero one one matches up with east here: are these numbers zero?

Zero one would match up with this one. That’s that that’s that! That’s that does that number represent uh-huh. They all have different numbers. Okay, one one zero one: zero zero is the arrows back and forth.

Okay, we still had stuff here, let’s look for other possible symbols that are laying around here, because that definitely you know that might look like that. Maybe there’s that is that one of them is it in the order in which it was solved in which the steps were done, because I did the steps kind of erratically. I feel also there’s something back here that we haven’t gotten to yet. How would I know like do I do I start? Do I start here?

Do I start up here with the numbers? Another good question does that make any sense a v for five? Maybe I got ta open this toolbox and that’s what I got ta do right now, because this seems a little too strange that I can’t open this. You can hear something there. We go uh precisely what it was.

Oh hello and we have another cipher. What is this uh-huh? That’s what that was okay, that makes way more sense now, so it’s a mini flashlight to look inside these holes. I wish we don’t need because we use the iphone light, but very smart wow, and then these ciphers give us the numbers. So here we go, we should have three four one: seven, three, four one: seven, let’s go: [ Music ]!

Oh, it’s not the right order. [, Music, ], [, Music ] check this out back here. Oh my god. That’s hard to see that is tough to see see if we can get in there there’s something written there. It looks like it says: north south, west, east, yet west south northeast west, south west, south northeast, is what it says.

So the only the only thing that I think could have gone wrong is: I have the wrong numbers. These are the wrong numbers and I’m just going to double check. This is really getting on my uh wits end here. Also, this thing’s broken still unless the wedge that is shown here needs to be there. You understand it would have to be like this.

The wedges legit have to stay at the bottom for sure for sure for sure. So, let’s start again: [ Music, ], [, Music, ] all right gang. In all transparency. I did reach out to the creator uh. Just now, we’ve been talking back and forth because I’ve been stuck on this problem for way too long and I feel like I have got the solution and it turns out.

I did get the solution correct. However, the numbers are incorrect and the reason for that is actually in the manufacturing. So not. I could have been on this forever. So I’m very glad I reached out – and sometimes these things happen, especially with 3d printed things and, like I said, like things are loose here, um so inside these wheels here, two of them are misaligned to where they’re giving me the wrong numbers.

Zero one one equals three equals e is correct. This one is correct, however, west is actually two and south is actually and south is actually five um. So those are the correct numbers, not these here. Okay, so now that we have that east north south west should be three seven, five, two three seven, five: two: that’s the code got it. This looks awfully familiar there.

We go turning inserted the key and when I when I insert the key this thing’s about to break off by the way, but when I insert the key it rolls something around look. The key kind of rolls on its own is just about breaking off, so I’m just gonna you know what I’m just gonna do that we’re at the end of the puzzle. You know I’ve already busted bits and pieces of it what an adventure! This has been – oh, my god now. If we can just get this to get in there and open the drawer there’s nothing happening, there’s nothing happening.

I thought we had. I thought we were at the end of this thing. Didn’t do anything turns and then nothing oh hold on there’s some ball bearings that are here really what I probably did was I tilted the ball bearings out of the way which allowed it to go partially open. So right now I’m hearing these ball bearings. There’s a lock here you can, when I lift it, it drops.

Ah part of its out. We’ve got part of it out. [ Music ] was this another cipher. Is this another puzzle? This is a last cipher using all of these.

Probably all of these using the symbols here, there’s a ball bearing oh, my gosh, we’ve come so far, two and a half hours we’ve come so far to get to this point, um I’ll be honest. I do not have it in me right now. There’s another symbol. Here one one one, but how do I know which ones are? First?

How do I know which ones are? First, I don’t know if I’ll be able to figure this out. My brain, you have to understand my brain’s completely fried at this point more cipher and I it is beyond me right now. If you guys want to try and figure it out. I mean here take a screenshot of this, take a screenshot of that and take a screenshot of that.

If you think you know what the combination to this is because I am absolutely beat that’s it for this video, it’s my birthday and it’s like summertime. I’M gonna go enjoy dinner right now, uh. What an adventure, though I’ll be honest, super frustrating, but also really genius. I it sucks that there were some parts that were actually design flaws which kept me from moving forward, which did cost me, probably at least an hour of my time. However um.

That being said – and you know I mean okay, let me let me let me be quite frank here – the fact that it’s 3d printed um makes it cool, because you can do it yourself, but I mean this piece broke off and I didn’t even force that hard. It was like at a joint uh and this here also when that popped off. Those are things that I couldn’t like anybody would have done that not just me, and I really mean that um. I would love to see this done in wood in metal plastic like properly not just 3d printed as a prototype for an idea for a puzzle. This is absolutely genius.

I think this is you know. Obviously this took months and months and months of work, so shout out to the creator of this puzzle. I mean that is just a feat in itself. I really really really think this is a dope idea for a puzzle and so many pieces when there’s so much time. So my respect to him, but respectfully uh, you know because 3d printed it will be a little flimsy and things like that might happen and for a thousand dollars.

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