The Haunted Dollhouse Escape Room!! (Chapter 1)

The Haunted Dollhouse Escape Room!! (Chapter 1)

The Haunted Dollhouse Escape Room

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So if you guys want to check it out, I left the link below they are on sale. Currently, right now, today, we’re going to be solving a dollhouse, I’m a grown man. Okay, I can do what I want so stop. Judging me, this is an escape room, called the haunted doll house by think fun. Basically, this is two and a half hours of gameplay.


We won’t be running through the whole thing, we’re just gonna kind of I’m really curious to see how difficult the puzzles are. This is a unique thing where the escape room is a miniature and we have to escape it. So I don’t know what to expect, but if you guys enjoy this and want to see more of it be sure to leave a like and comment below, don’t forget to subscribe and without any further ado, let’s get in all right. Ladies and gentlemen, here we are the haunted, dollhouse uh. This is a different type of puzzle.


We’re gonna be doing today, it’s more like an escape room. Entire thing plays in about two and a half hours, apparently so we’ll do as much of it as we can maybe do one or two sections. If you guys want to see more uh leave a like down below, and let me know that you want to see more and we’ll film the other parts. So there are five rooms, including the attic here and the way this uh the way this game plays. Let me read it out to you.


First of all, we have this wheel. What I’ve understood is that in every room you have to match up three symbols. So let’s say let’s say this is the first room we’re in and we have to look for three symbols in that room. Let’s say the symbols are this this and this right. Let’s say these are the symbols that we had to find.


Well, if those are the symbols, then we would use you see the lock here. We just slide this tab gently over here and if that tab was to reveal uh two symbols out of all of these that match the top symbol. That means we’ve completed the room and we can move on to the next. We want to keep this lock because we don’t want any spoilers. So, although this seems a little complicated for now again, all we’re looking for is match is different symbols in a room and then we’re going to test out to see if we’ve solved that puzzle and once we’ve solved that puzzle, we move on to the next room.


I can read a little bit here to get you guys, uh more familiar with the concept. Whenever a player sees this icon, it indicates that the players must first find three specific symbols in the room that they are currently in before they can proceed into the next phase. Each symbol will be linked to a specific ring on the solution wheel. There are many symbols throughout each room, but you must solve several puzzles to find the correct one. So it’s not only about finding the random symbols that are going to be in every room but finding the ones you need.


It is important to note that, while three symbols are needed to progress past the icon in each phase, there may be other puzzles in the room. These will often provide symbols or clues that will be used later in the game. Okay, each room of the house contains a variety of items clues and details. Only when you have entered a room, can you open any envelopes, remove any adhesive or otherwise explore that room. Some items may need to be manipulated, moved folded, torn or marked in order to solve puzzles.


Some of the clues and items are in plain sight and some are hidden. Some clues and items are only used in the room in which they are found, while other clues and items may be used in a future location or more than once. There are also clues hidden within the story. So pay careful attention to the details when reading here it gives you a quick example, as you can see, as I’ve just talked about, let’s say that in this room this is a laundry symbol, a washing machine and let’s say that in there these are the three Symbols that we found throughout the puzzles, these are the solutions that we think so we line them up. We then lock and if it’s correct it will show us, as you can see here, two of the symbols matching the laundry machine and if it’s incorrect, no symbols or the wrong symbols will show up.


So that’s how we know. We’ve completed the room pretty interesting and uh. Here we go so, let’s get into it now. The story begins this. This might be a little tedious uh, but like they said, we have to pay attention to the story to make sure that we’re doing the right thing here for as long as you can remember, old man, Garrity’s house, at the end of the block, has been the Subject of neighborhood, rumors and ghost stories your family tells you that long ago Mr. Garrity was a nice man living with his younger daughter Isabelle.


When she disappeared, he boarded up his windows and refused to talk to anyone the only time anyone sees Mr. Garrity leave. The house is to cross his overgrown backyard to work to the work shed recently. Neighbors have been hearing noises coming from the shed just last night. You looked out their bedroom window well after midnight and saw shadowy figures through a crack in the shed’s window, smaller shadows like those of children. You know you must figure out what Mr. Garrity has locked up in his backyard before something terrible happens in the dead of the night you creep around the hedge and move towards the decrepit work shed, the grass is tall and scratches your ankles as you wade through it.


You reach the rickety shed and with considerable effort, managed to pry the door open and sneak in inside. The workshop is surprisingly clean. Woodworking equipment fills the shelves. The sharp-bladed tools take up. Most of the counter space on a central table stands a replica of the Garrity home in a miniature, a tiny dollhouse with strange symbols carved in and around it, namely this one.


Here you approach the dollhouse and pure inside. As you study the structure, you realize it is an extremely detailed model. You slowly reach towards the house’s interior. Examining its delicate features, the moment your finger touches, the house darkness presses in on the edges of your vision, you grasp at the table to steady yourself, but the blackness crashes. All around you, you awaken in a brightly, lit room.


The room looks and feels like a facade like the set of a stage play something about the room, isn’t quite right or real. You look around frantically from where you stand. You see old man Garrity’s workshop, but it’s all wrong. Everything is too large and imposing you see everything except the dollhouse, then it dawns on you with horror. You are in the dollhouse all right if you’re timing, your escape, start the timer now the living room uh, which one’s the living room.


I guess this is the living room, so we’re going to be focusing on one room at a time. That’s as much as I can zoom in for now. However, I may need to move around this box so that you can see other things. Meanwhile, things will be sliding all over the place, but it’s kind of the only way. I can really show you what’s going on here as well.


There are some patterns right here. I think we can take this out for now. Nothing on the ceiling by the way in this room. The floor has this: okay, let’s keep reading. You are in the living room.


The living room of the dollhouse dust floats around through the air and cobwebs hang from the ceiling, a hairy, spider, lazily spins its web on the wall near framed cross stitch. You see something on the far side of the room and walk over to investigate. It looks as though an old bookcase has been broken apart. Oh that’s these pieces here you can see the pieces in a heap on the floor with more odd lines marked in the wood, the bookcase pieces are piled up next to a worn rug. That looks as if it was stitched together from scraps of fabric interesting, okay, it is poorly assembled with markings that don’t line up lying on the floor in the center of the room is a colorful porcelain, doll with a glassy lifeless with glassy lifeless eyes, creepy?


Okay, you can’t help but think that this doll is emitting a strange and unnerving energy. Suddenly you hear a little girl’s frail voice. Oh, oh! No! You whirl around to see where the voice came from, but you were.


You were alone in the room: you’ll be trapped. If you stay try to get out of this house, you look around the room frantically, trying to find the source of the strange, echoing voice, then slowly. You turn towards the porcelain doll. Terrified. The delicate painted smile does not move in the slightest, but, as you watch the head slowly turns towards you.


The hall of voice seems to come from within the doll, but at the same time it seems to come from the house itself. Echoing and distant. Some things are broken, others are made whole some remain lost, some lose a soul filled with panic. You dash towards the door of the side of the room stumbling as the odd rug shifts under your feet, but the door is locked, you’ll, never escape in time elsewhere. In the house, you hear groaning and muffled yells what is going on?


How can you get out? Why are you feeling so itchy? All of a sudden, you must now find the three symbols needed to open the door once you have successfully found these symbols read the text on page 14, the kitchen, okay, I think first things. First, okay, it doesn’t look like. I can take this off weird.


I don’t know how that’s stuck there, we’ll assume that I can’t take that off. For now, I might have to take it off. We got the spider web. We also have the bookshelf the rug, which seems to be in pieces here, fold lines as well as the doll on this wall. You can see you see these x’s here, they’re like x’s and like scrape marks.


My guess is that I have to build this so that it lines up with that. There’s two sides to this. Okay, these seem to be. You seem to be like the top parts or something then there’s a carpet. So, as she said, some things remain broken and some remain whole uh.


I’M pretty sure this here has to be taken apart, because it has punch lines little holes. I’M pretty sure I have to take this apart. There’s like a burn hole as well right there interesting, so we have this now. There are two holes here that shape being right there. That’s the exact shape, that’s there, which is interesting, not sure what that gives us.


We also have this spider here. With this maze, I guess we have to go from the green point to the red point. Then there’s this as well. These symbols, which mean that I have to find the symbols before exiting the door and then there’s this there’s like a pattern here. Well, that’s the cross stitch frame, oh behind this uh-huh, a little house behind this was I supposed to.


Maybe I wasn’t supposed to take that off. I don’t know I’ll leave that there. This has to be built right now. There are faint lines on this here. If you look on here, there are like these faint lines, so I’m guessing, I have to in some way build the bookshelf to line up with those lines and these lines and those lines will maybe create like a 3d or 2d image using 3d objects.


I think that makes sense to me. You see what I mean here check this out. When I put this like this, it mirrors what’s happening there. You see that that’s got to be correct, that one goes there. These are long ones.


These are short ones. So the short ones will go on the, so this one have to go in the middle. So if that one goes there, then this one would have to go like this. That makes sense right. The image is gonna, be something like that.


You’re gonna end up seeing like a 3d image, I’m sure so I mean for the sake of things. Long side would go in okay. This is a short one. These are all short. This is long.


This will go in the middle like this. I’M saying that, because the openings here are long, the openings in the middle are short, which would make sense that these would go together kind of like this. It also looks like it’s creating some type of image, already fantastic. If we take a look at the openings, we have long short. These are short.


This is long short long that doesn’t really work. Short would be on the bottom, so this would be one two. This would have to go here. Okay, this actually all fits together, because what I’m looking for is there’s see how there’s like long sides and then there’s like short sides and then there’s this side and that side. So you have to kind of configure everything to make sure everything fits properly and so far something’s off something’s off the symbols on the walls are gonna line up with the symbols on this.


In like a 3d pattern, uh, however, as you can notice yeah, there’s like longer and shorter entrances to all of these, we know this one goes here, kind of perfectly that’s going to be our starting point, this being the other side and there’s like this crest here. So I’m imagining this to be on the other side here. So those are our starting points. This one has long, so it definitely can’t go on top because we have a long entrance here right, so it can’t go on top. This is short, and this is long, so this one has to go in the middle has to be like this and like this and kind of like in the process of elimination, just like Sudoku or anything else.


We now know that the one that goes in the middle here has to be short, so it’s this one now, whether it’s this way or whether it’s this way, we don’t. We don’t yet know. Okay, like everything fits in so perfectly, except this last one yeah, the top parts don’t match up. As you can see, the top parts are all over the place, but everything else matches up really nicely actually and creates almost an illusion here that when you look at it from kind of this angle, aha, this angle, except for that top one once again ignore the Top one this is so rickety, it’s very annoying. Is there any shape that looks like some type of image we would get from this?


Okay, this is the living room. That’s a couch this by the way, stop trying to find that perfect angle to where, like something like that and it’s green. So I would assume that that’s the green symbol I would assume the spider web being blue would be the blue. Is it that really hard to try to match? Oh, is it that I think it’s that do you see it the square that that’s what it is?


That’s the bookcase great okay, so that’s actually kind of cool, but then there’s might be a symbol under it as well. There’s another symbol under it which again we might need for later. I don’t know um. This is exciting, all right, so couch. We have this.


This symbol lining up at the couch, there’s red for red. We had this here kind of gave us this, which you know I don’t really uh. I don’t really know why, because there’s nothing on the red that would match that, really that little symbol and then there’s a doll and there’s the spider, which is blue, I’m guessing for the spider I’m guessing, but I’m thinking, maybe it’s just some type of maze that We have to figure out here like it goes, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam and that would be blue. You know. So if we look at blue in terms of you know, maybe this.


Ah this check this symbol out all right. I’M gonna use the doll to point ready, so it’s that exact shape right there, that exact shape, which leads us to the red. So that is good. So we have two: we have two in the living room and then we have a third which is this puzzle. There may be other symbols, but we have a third, which is this one?


That’s a half an hour gone so like we should be spending a half an hour on every room and we’re already past that so, okay, but as for the red, I mean what would it be this little symbol here? Okay, so what happens? If we try to unlock it here where the couch is, we need two symbols to reveal themselves as couches. Here we go okay, that is a no. Maybe we have to make one of these shapes using this trying to like, because there’s this there’s like these triangular things here, so I’m thinking maybe there’s a way to fit these on here.


Oh my god, I didn’t notice this. You guys been staring at that the whole time. Okay, all right make fun of me all you want, I think we’re gonna get it here. Is that it is it this one here, it’s like a tiny, a tiny triangle with like other triangles on it. All right, let’s see moment of truth, we got the couch.


The couch has these two and finally, the tiny triangle. So those three we have this that and that those are the three puzzles that we’ve solved. Now we go to unlock yes, two couches, you see how that works. Two couches matches the couch. We can move on to the kitchen, the kitchen, okay, I’m gonna stop there.


For today I mean 43 minutes of gameplay, not too bad. I mean this. Isn’t that bad, I thought okay, I like I like the incorporating and this by the way I think will be. Let me just this by the way I think is going to be used again, because we only use one side of this, but I love the incorporation of that 3d element. They added um there’s for the kitchen.


This goes in the kitchen, and this goes on the wall here. That was there. I, like the puzzles. I think that was a little simple. This also was super easy.


I just I didn’t like. I was building it out here. My eyes, I don’t know, I don’t know. Okay, I don’t know what the excuse was for not looking at the floor here. I should have looked at the floor there.


I was pretty proud of myself for this little puzzle there, but all in all pretty cool. I think the pro I think the uh the puzzles do get progressively more difficult, but you guys, let me know if you guys want to see more of this 43 minutes, not a great time uh. This is on a difficult mode, there’s difficult and easy. That being said, if you guys want to see more of this, I’m down to keep going, but you guys got to, let me know uh, if not we’re going to move on to something else, but I think it’s pretty interesting. If you guys want to see how the story develops and how we ascend, through this dollhouse up into the attic, eventually solving the mystery comment below like this video and we’ll see on the next one.


Well, there you go. Ladies and gentlemen, that was chapter one of the haunted: dollhouse, not bad. The props are a little flimsy because they’re all made of cardboard that kind of irritated me when trying to build things they kept falling apart other than that the puzzles are really well thought out. I wouldn’t mind continuing this series, if that’s something you guys want. So let’s say: if this video gets 10 000 likes, we will continue doing it.


I will consider that uh overwhelming positive response and we can keep going down this road and make it like a five series thing, if not we’ll just move on, but you guys. Let me know you decide uh, don’t forget to check out first shop. We got the new merch dropped and uh. I don’t know what else to say.


We’ll see you guys on the next video

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