The Most AMUSING Card Trick! – Sticky Hand Tutorial

Card Trick Sticky Hand Tutorial

Well hello there are you ready to learn some magic? As long as I live, I will never grow tired of this. I do not care about you. What’s up and welcome back now, it’s been a little while since we haven’t taught anything on this channel and I thought hey. The time has finally come today. I’m going to be teaching you something that I taught on my TV show Big Trick energy.


This is a trick that Danny Garcia and I came up with late at night jam. We had to come up with something for the next day. Also uh. I published this trick in conundrum magazine. If you guys don’t know what conundrum magazine is, it is well, it says, in the back, magic is dead.


There are two prints, so we made this magazine spreaded by my friend Mark Trudell and his wife safian. It is probably the best magic magazine out there right now. It’S super thick. It’S super sturdy. We got a whole whole section of me and the boys in there.


Basically, each of us teaches a trick: there’s like a ton of tricks to learn from earnest Eric myself, danny, garcia, eric leclaire, roonclan, alex boyer so on and so forth, lots of cool tricks you can pick up. So if you want to support print magazines and magic magazines check them out. I think these are not available until September. I’ll leave the link to their uh instagram below. But today I’m going to teach you a trick that I taught here and that I performed on my tv show. So this trick is a freely selected signed card returned to the pack. The spectator then takes the cards, throws them in the air and the sticky hand, which can be inspected before, is then whipped.

Catching in mid-air is of a card stab in the 1800s, but a modern version made from the dollar store. The card is caught in midair by this little sticky hand that everyone is familiar with. So I thought it was a really cool thing. There’re a few cool little subtleties that go along with this that I’m going to walk you through so check out the performance. Here.


It’S a bit grainy because I ripped it off the web. I hope I don’t get copyright struck for my own footage. I will probably watch it. We’ll be back all right for this effect. You will need the following one deck of cards. You can pick these ones up at our shop at link below one sharpie marker, a hat or a beanie, which, coincidentally, you can also find at the first hot shop and finally a sticky hand.


You can pick these up at amazon. They sell a whole bunch of them all right. So first things. First, with this trick, you want to learn how to do a control, basically a card to pocket and that’s something I’m going to be teaching on the channel as well. But I have taught a few of those controls on my channel already we’re going to run through them briefly.


But if you want a more in-depth video, I suggest you go down the rabbit hole and find whatever you’re comfortable with. So if you don’t mind, leave a like, subscribe and let’s get into learning uh this trick, we’ve all played with these as kids, they’re so much fun. You can grab cards with them. You can just grab things off the counter. Whatever you want to do, see if I want to grab a card right now, what does this look like?


Like i mean that’s pretty cool now this trick is pretty fooling so pay attention. You want to do it right because, if done right, it can be extremely fooling and pretty much impromptu. As long as you have one of these sticky hands on you, I suggest keeping them in the package and having the spectator open. The package gives you some more. A bit of misdirection, which you’ll need a bit later, but it isn’t that complicated, let’s run through it.


I don’t have another spectator here with me today, so I’m just gon na kind of mime everything and just pretend i have friends: okay, guys all right, they will freely choose a card so whatever card that is we’ll go here with the uh a spades. Oh nice, they’re gon na write their name across that okay as soon as they do that you’re going to perform some type of control to allow the card to get in your left hand, palm now the spectator is to my right. Okay, here the spectator selects a card they’ve selected, the ace of spades. I will have them sign it at this point. All i need to do is get this card into this hand down here down here or here or here or, however, you want to hold the card you’re going to take the card.


Now I like using the diagonal palm shift. It’s such a nice move. It happens really quickly and it allows you to sort of hand out the deck so that they can give it a shuffle. Meanwhile, you can get ready. I’ll briefly run through the diagonal palm shift, but I do have a video that you guys can check out for short once you’re here, basically you’re kind of side jogging this card so that it protrudes a little bit here. Your thumb on the top is going to pull down.


Your pinky is going to kind of pivot it that way, and then the rest of your hand is going to sort of pick it up and your hand just falls dead in quick succession. It can look like you. Just did nothing, and yet the card is in my palm now, if you’re not comfortable with that, you can also put your bottom palm. So if you control this to the uh to the bottom of the deck, so what i did there is, i just use a straddle pass. I don’t know if I taught this before, but let me know.


Basically, I’m doing this and kind of bending the card and placing it on the bottom. But under cover of the cards it happens quite naturally and once you’re there again, you can go ahead and palm and take that card away. If you want there’s so many ways that you can do this, if you want to control it to the top, let’s say it’s the ace of spades here and we’ve controlled it to the top we’re going to leave it in the middle. It’S still up there. So it’s just a different control that I used.


I can go ahead and do this. If I want my palm again, I don’t know if I keep fooling you repeatedly, but that looks pretty good on camera. Not gon na lie. This is a move that I taught as well where it just goes into here, but when you’re here you don’t really see anything you’re kind of using your ring finger, swiveling it around and kind of holding it. This way now can be used to go either way.


I can go this way and keep it in a cup, or I can go this way and put it in here now. That is my preference, because from this angle, it is absolutely invisible. It is absolutely invisible. This is one of those things I came up with that I was so proud of because it can literally be burnt. You can actually see the moment, yeah.


I mean it’s pretty good, so there’s that whatever you want to do, get it into this hand, once it’s in this hand, hand out the deck to have it shuffled. So let’s say you go with this control and you go here. Can you hold onto this? Can you actually shuffle those cards? Do you know how to shuffle cards?


Can you shuffle these now? They believe that their card is in the middle of the deck. We know it’s back here, so we’re gon na hand that out to them they’re gon na give it a shuffle. Now here is the tricky part while they give it a shuffle. Let me pan up, oh hello, here’s the tricky part while they give it a shuffle.


So you’ve done this you’ve controlled it we’ve got it in this hand, whether you want to have it here, or here i prefer dps so it’ll be in palm for me at this point, they’re going to have it shuffled you’re simply going to adjust your hat. A hat or a toque or a beanie or whatever you want to call it. You want a yarmulke, you can do whatever you want, but the idea is and i’ll give you a i’ll give you a little sneak peek over here, while they’re shuffling I’m going to place this here and just kind of hold that there now this looks stupid from The back, but from the front and from this side i mean even from this side, it can pretty much be burnt. That card isn’t going anywhere in card magic. We call that a holdout so you’re kind of holding it out and waiting to use it.


They have their card, i will say all right, perfect, you’ve signed it, take this and go ahead and shuffle it now. The moment they look at these cards, their eyes are gon na go towards the cards and they’re gon na hold it, and these aren’t professional people shuffling. So they look at their hands while they’re shuffling. So again, once you hand this out, all you’re doing is sliding that in there and readjusting your hat now it’s as simple as that uh, but to this angle like you’re, the spectator, you’re, never gon na see that you might get burned on this angle. You can put it a little bit more behind your head if you like, once that is done.


This is a really cool part. This is where you take out the toy. Now they shuffle the deck, you could say i’ll, take the deck back. You take this now. You’Re gon na give them this sort of packet.


You ask them to open it once they’ve opened it, you can talk to them about this. You can be. Are you familiar with this and they go yeah yeah? I had these. As you know, when I was a kid and stuff and and they’re so much fun and once you’re here with the spectator, so you’d be the spectator, I’d, say: um, let’s try and try and catch a playing card with this.


How cool would that be? They go yeah, there’s a phase that i did not put into the video that you saw, but it’s a cool phase because it sets up the premise really nicely so you have the deck they now have. This asks them to slap the deck of cards and it’s a fun thing to do with them, because it’s super interactive and it’s very childish. So they’re going to take this and you’re just going to hold the deck kind of loosely and allow them to eventually slap a card out, and it’s so much fun for them to just aim and they’re gon na miss and once they get it they’re like. Oh, it’s like a cool feeling of getting that card, so you go cool uh!


Let me try. Now you give them the deck of cards. You take this back and you’re going to instruct them to throw the cards up in the air now, if they just throw the cards they’re going to clunk up. So what you can do, if you want, is you can fan them out and give them the fan. So they can hold kind of like that now, if they throw them up, the fan is going to.


There’S gon na be cards everywhere or you can ask them to spring the cards, but most people don’t know how to spring cards and it’s not the time to learn. So what i like to do is just fan them out and say: hold out your hand even two hands. Now they can hold two hands. They can have it like this now as soon as i throw this up in the air. These cards are going everywhere, so they have the cards.


They are ready to be thrown up in the air. You have this and you’re gon na say you know. What can you throw? Can you throw it right around here and as you’re sort of getting ready and you’re getting ready to sort of throw it up? There you’re like right around here right around here, you’re like okay and you’re.


Looking at this thing and they’ve seen it, they’ve inspected it all, you have to do it when you come back here. You’Re doing this you’re gon na slap it on there and come back down here and pretend you’re aiming how cool is that as a get ready so you’re here you’re like boom, you slap it on now, you’re ready as soon as they throw the cards up. All you have to do is that cards are being thrown in the air and it absolutely unequivocally looks like you just plucked their selection out of thin air, one of the dopest tricks i’ve ever come up with, but again not by myself. This was with the help of Danny Garcia, one of the most creative people. I’Ve ever met in my life and the most loving person check danny garcia out on instagram or this guy’s just a genius, but me and him jammed on this – and this is this – is just one of my favorite things ever.


I hope you guys do it. I hope you guys do well, let’s run through the whole routine one more time, just so that it’s stuck in your head. Okay, pardon the pun, you’ll be the spectator, hey nice! To meet you. Do you want to see something cool?


Okay, awesome? Uh? What brings you here, oh how’s the weather? Would you like a cheese sandwich whatever it is? Please select a card.


Oh this one here perfect doesn’t have to it’s any card. Um. I have a marker here. Could you go ahead and sign this card, boom they’ve signed the card, perfect card control, we’re gon na leave that card in the deck somewhere. Could you go ahead and give it a shuffle card control?


They give it a shuffle while they give it a shuffle, perfect yep just go ahead, give it a shuffle you’re doing great at this point, there’s no heat so much fun. You can do whatever you want, card’s no longer in the deck, it’s controlled to a safe spot. You have a hold out a secret holdout that this spectator will never ever catch on to. The dirty work is done. I have one of these.


Things have you ever seen one of these before oh, it’s a little sticky hand yeah. I used to have these as a kid, perfect uh here. Could you take the cards? Could you go ahead and take them out of the wrapping so you’re holding the cards in plain sight? They take this out of the wrapping.


Remember it’s important to hold those cards in plain sight, because you don’t want them to think that you’re doing something fishy! Just put the cards down whatever you want. They then take it out. You have them, try and grab the top card over and over so much fun dude. How cool is that they’ll want to do this all day there you go until they catch one you’re like that’s pretty good.


Normally people don’t catch it on their first try. Try, that’s really good you mind. If i try, let me try like okay all right, but we’re gon na make it a little bit harder because I’m a magician, I’m gon na try to find my card. But what I need you to do. It won’t be on the top.


Obviously, it’s somewhere in the middle um, I’m gon na fan the cards out like this. I need you to hold them with two hands and when i say, go you’re gon na launch them up in the air and in midair I’m going to attempt to catch one. So you give them that you take this, remember again, you’re deliberately showing that there’s nothing on here, yeah right about here, so get ready, yeah, throw it right about here, yeah ready one two! Now I am ready, but from over here he sees nothing, nothing one. Two!


Three they throw the cards up. You found their selection of Bob’s, your uncle’s friends, your aunt, and that was the sticky hand card grab by Chris Ramsay and Daniel garcia. If you guys enjoyed this leave a like subscribe, i really want to know your thoughts. We’re bringing back some tutorials that teach you some magic talking magic as well. I’m actually headed to spain. I was so inspired by uh my time at fism and i promised you guys magic content, but i don’t just want to sit here and give you tutorials.


I want to bring you along on my journey, so I’m going to Spain for like a week to see mario lopez and friends, and so many other cool magicians. I’ll keep the surprises and it’s going to be a great time. We’Re going to hang out and do some incredible magic and hopefully even teach something for you guys so leave a like to subscribe. We’Ll see you next time.


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