The Mystical Light House Puzzle Box

The Mystical Light House Puzzle Box

The Mystical Light House Puzzle Box

Hi and welcome to another episode of Mr puzzle today with the Luna Lighthouse puzzle, box, right, Luna, Lighthouse, puzzle box. Yes – and this is actually the third design by 3D, printy or Joe couple. Do you remember probably the first two puzzle boxes of him? First one was this Treasure Chest puzzle box, while the second one was the barrel Cooper’s puzzle box, both of them amazing puzzle boxes from a quality point of view, as well as a design point of view. I link them up here if you’re interested to watch those videos – and this one is the latest one.

He designed the Luna Lighthouse puzzle box all 3D printed just to mention, looks amazing. Some marble filament used here, the Luna Lighthouse puzzle box objective, finds the land room hidden within the lighthouse and returns it to the top. So it’s missing up here, no Force, no prying, no external tools and bonus objective to find the missing, yellow moon. In addition, you send me some additional goodies like stuff like this here with some optical illusion, it’s hard to see, because this is multi-layered here, you can see it a bit creating kind of a Murray effect or something a little fidgeting toy as well. This one with a little magnet here, the simplest form of a fidget toy, maybe the solution and also this puzzle box here the brick blocks, the brick Block Puzzle Box both of these puzzles by the way are also available for free at

If you would like to print a model yourself, such as the Luna Lighthouse puzzle box, this Lighthouse is my newest puzzle design. The goal is to find the missing lamp room and store it at the top of the lighthouse bonus objective. Find the yellow moon and place it in the top window. So over here, your Lighthouse comes with a unique twist, yeah, like that. It contains more than a bonus.

Moon finds the red, green and yellow moons to fully solve this puzzle and, in addition, one other customization like the first puzzle. It can be safely disassembled after you solve it. Yes – and this is what you’re going to check out later – just remove a few bolts like over here. This is this. I will definitely do and, in addition, a feedback which is the best feedback I can receive, as I’ve mentioned before, your channel is the reason I started making puzzles in the first place.

So thank you for the inspiration, you’re very welcome and also thank you for providing the great puzzles and before I start with this video, I would also like to show you two of these amazing flip books. I got it recently. Oh actually, it’s three of them where you just flip them through your finger and you receive or can see in animation. However, this is more interactive. You need to, of course, connect these dots here.

This is called dots. This is called lines, you can just animate it afterwards and what’s also cool is there are six animations, so you can run this thing over here. You can run it over here over here and then also from the other side, the same real animations. You can see what is already going on here. This one’s also cool here with these. Where is it with these balls here?

This is nice, can’t imagine how this would look when it’s finalized and then just enjoy how they look in the end. But now, let’s focus on this puzzle here. Enough spoilers, break you’re gon na see my first attempt to try solving the Luna Lighthouse puzzle, box, [, Music ]. So here we go. Okay, I can see how I or where the lighthouse is probably hidden uh in here. It seems it can be separated over here.

Some things down there, oh and here seems to be the first, oh, okay, okay. What is this magnet in here? Oh, oh, oh yeah, a lot of stuff is happening here already: okay, it’s only Happening Here on one side and it was locked by the thing in here. Oh, something happened. It seems you hear that what is here is there?

Maybe something in there. Oh yes, I can slide this on. Yes, I can, oh, oh, I can rotate it. You see this. Can I maybe put this back in another way?

No, it will not remain in place or so many movable things may be the other way around. Oh, oh now it’s shifted. Can you see this? Ah, okay, okay, you see now it does not move. Let me turn on the ring light.

Now it’s better visible, I think so in here there is this Moon, I’m going to turn the other way around, like so. At a certain point, at least it was starting here now see this unlock it again. Okay, now maybe move it back here, yeah, okay! Now I can shift it further. You see no wrong direction.

Oh, how does it help me? I mean this is I will flip it just one complete round. Oh it’s already. Oh it’s already. Ah, it’s already open, yeah and now oh comes also with a little battery and – and here ah this – this probably means like Joe Cobble.

What do we get here? The Mr puzzle, lamp room? Oh, I was fast on this one. I think I was fast on this one and we got the red moon. Okay.

There is probably a slider that locks and unlocks this rotating gear. So when it’s like this, I can lock it and I can rotate it. You see and then I can unlock it. I can move it to the next step, lock it again and then just move it another step, but there is a bonus Target. There should be a red, green and yellow moon.

Oh here’s! Something here is something I can twist it uh when I’m at the full moon, it’s like unlocked, and I can twist it further huh what is in here right now. It’S fully unlocked, ah no, not anymore. Here’S, ah here is the green moon, ah, okay, okay, so this is the bonus objective for my specific copy and where is the where’s, the last one? So how was this unlocked now?

So I’m giving up on this because I have no idea where it should be hidden. Let me open this thing up, let’s see if I can find it then, and if not Joe, please explain to us where the Moon is located. Okay, so open! Oh, a pin drops out here these two slots go on these two screws and this is creating the link between the left and right. We have a pin inside like this, and this pin needs to be aligned with those holes.

You know, like going over here. Turning it around, it will drop in there. You will flip it to the other side. You move it like one step over here and then you need to turn it around, move it back in the next hole and cluck cluck, cluck cluck, step by step, but no moon in here, no moon in here. No moon, definitely no moon in here.

Okay, also, no moon, also nothing in here so guys. Where is this yellow moon? I mean I completely disassembled the thing right now. The only place where I can imagine it could be is behind here, but this one is so much fixed inside. It feels glued or something. I can’t definitely cannot take it out.

No yellow moon, Joe. If you see this video, we are all curious. Where is the yellow moon? So please explain this down in the comments. I will now get it back together in a beam and now, let’s see if the light bulb also works.

Let me screw this here on the top. Let me put those inside eyes beautiful and the cover on top the world’s first. Mr puzzle. White House. Yes works.

I would say puzzles solve no idea what about this yellow moon, we will hopefully get some feedback from Joe regarding the difficulty. I would rate this puzzle with a level 2 out of a maximum of five. It was not too difficult to figure out. From my personal point of view, still a great puzzle very, very appealing from design point of view, let me know if you agree post your comments below if you like this episode, if you like this puzzle, that’s it for today and until next time, keep on puzzling


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