The OLDEST Hustle!! 🤨 #Shorts

The OLDEST Hustle!! 🤨 #Shorts

The OLDEST Hustle!!

This is the oldest playing card, hustle called chase the ace your goal is to find the ace see if you can keep up I’ll. Even give you one last look at it here. It is, let me know when you think you found it did you guess here then you’d be wrong. How about here you’d be wrong as well? It was actually here.

Let me show you how I did it there’s a small bend in the card, so i can pick them up easily as I’m shuffling through the cards, I’m keeping track of where the ace is and I’m going to show it to you one last time, but before I do I’m also going to hold another card in my hand and pick up the ace with this part of my finger and show it to you like this. Now it looks like I’m going to toss the ace, but what I’m actually doing is tossing the card. That’s above the ace making it look like it was the ace and that’s where you lose sight of it like this video and subscribe for more tutorials. Also, if you want to check these cards out, I left the link below


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