The Satisfying Mini Lock

The Satisfying Mini Lock #shorts

The Satisfying Mini Lock

This is a tiny little interlocking puzzle that requires quite a few steps to disassemble it. It’S entirely made out of wood in the highest possible quality, and the task is to get it separated into its four parts. So get one here, one here, one here and the frame and need to disassemble it and then reassemble it again at first. I pull out the shackle up here then next I can push this one in here. I can slide the shackle over there and then I can push all three parts at the same time to the front, which then gives me the possibility to pull up the upper two and then already get out.

The first piece get those two down as far as possible like here, and then I can separate the other two pieces like so get out the second piece and then also remove the shackle


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