The Sneaky Undercover Puzzle!!

The Sneaky Undercover Puzzle!!

The Sneaky Undercover Puzzle!

Hi and welcome to another episode of mr puzzle today with undercover a metal puzzle made and designed by metal, puzzles uk or to be exact, phil wakefield comes in this box. A wooden box looks like this. This is the puzzle made entirely out of brass feels. Nearly solid so a really heavy thing, and it also comes with this instruction saying thank you for purchasing on the cover. The aim is to uncover the inner core from the outer core.


The puzzle requires no force once disassembled, studying the mechanism closely before reassembly, so that the puzzle is not trapped forever. Oh that’s an interesting detail and each puzzle is handmade, so you may see some slight machine marks which aren’t able to be polished out. I hope you enjoy your purchase as much as I enjoyed creating it, and this is what we’re gonna find out in today’s video. So let’s have a closer look at the puzzle. Oh nice, here a punched in signature by the creator and it really is made out of two sleeves, as you can see, one inner sleeve one outer sleeve and that’s it pretty much and after spoiler, break you’re.


Gonna see my first attempt at trying to solve it. Okay, here we go so two sleeves do have my notebook somewhere around yeah. Let’s just get it just to be sure, I think I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need this for later, but for now, let’s start just with the puzzle itself and let’s have a first look. So what can I see here? I mean this is twisting pretty well, it’s not jamming or anything.


Then I try to put it out or push it in. I do not know which direction I need to push it out. It is blocked, there’s also something inside as you can hear. So there are multiple pins or balls or something – and I think they are pins because you can’t hear anything rolling around. Let me check again how many okay, so every 180 degrees, something seems to drop, let’s put it under load and let’s see what happens, then.

Oh still happens, no change, okay, it does not happen when I twist the outer sleeve, but when I twist the inner one hmm so how it could look like is the following. It is like, let’s say, like this yeah, and it must be exactly centered to get it out, but in this case, if this would be the case, then I should be able to block the pin and i’m obviously not able to do it. Let’S try the other side in this direction. There’S nearly no movement, if I twist 90 degrees, another 90 degrees. So there are definitely two pins inside minimum too you wiggle a bit.


I will try to put the sleeve in a center position like so, so when I hold it in this position, um I hear it dropping out, and then I hear some slight friction noise and then it drops back. This happens every 180 degrees. So I’m pretty sure there are one or two pins sliding in and out, but still I can’t see any change here: [, Music, ]! No! The thing is, what confuses me is something is moving inside, but it has zero impact on the puzzle itself. So there cannot be only one pin or two pins, but there must be something in addition.


So since I had zero progress up to now and um, I was afraid something might be jammed here inside. I asked someone who solved it already um if this could be possible – and he said no – it’s normal but inspect everything that comes with the puzzle closely and what I found was this not sure what this is. I just took it out now, but it looks like something with two magnets: oh and yes, there’s something magnetic inside. Oh, yes, and well not sure what to think about this, to be honest, um, let’s see how difficult it is to solve it. Now, with this magnet, I already have an idea of what this is for now that I know that it’s magnetic, so I will just check on each line here.


If there is something magnetic inside there’s nothing here, there is something: oh it’s repelling, it’s even repelling here and attracting two opposite magnets, and here is also nothing. So I will focus now on the middle ring and I already have an idea. So I think it probably is like a pin that is somehow spring-loaded or something. I need to push it in to release it, and if this would be the case, um yeah, let’s see. Ah maybe the other pin needs to be in the right direction. First, I do not remember which was up and down: let’s try it like this.


I think they drop in this direction, and now, let’s get here to this point – oh yes, and it comes off, I think. Oh it comes off. Yes, it comes off. Oh, it’s. You heard how it snapped back in place.


Here’S one pin over there. No, no! That’S here, we go here, we go and yes here we go. Oh and there is the pin I expected this one here and it is spring-loaded. Oh come on and you can only open it up with this tool so the puzzle.


Actually it was a pretty easy puzzle. The puzzle was to find this tool and um. To be honest, I’m not sure what to think about that. I will leave this um up to you. What do you think about it?


Yeah, you can post your feedback in the comments, but from my point of view this is not really a puzzle. This is rather unfair and, however, let’s put it back together and I think there’s not much – you can do wrong here. I’M still not sure how you can jam this puzzle. Maybe if you put the spring the other way around like this yeah, if you put it in like this and now inside it can jam and if you take it out, it would break the spring but um. I think if there’s not much, you can do wrong and there are even two pins here and three notches inside and once you are lined, all of the puzzles lock back in place, and then I need to take the magnet with the repelling side and push in this.


This pin, as you can see right now like so and as soon as I do, puzzles back in place solved and that’s it for today. Let me know what you think about this puzzle, I’m very interested to know your feedback. Is it still a puzzle? If you know that tools are hidden somewhere in the box – and you are not aware of them or is this unfair and has nothing to do with the puzzle – I’m looking very much forward to your feedback. So please comment below subscribe and like if you haven’t and until next time keep on puzzling!



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