The Strongest Padlock in the World (Seriously) — Squire Stronghold SS100CS


The Strongest Padlock in the World –

Squire Stronghold SS100CS

This is the lock-picking lawyer and what you see is the squire model, SS 65 CS stronghold padlock, it’s a fairly beefy lock here. It is next to a master, lock number three for comparison, it’s made in the UK and is rated cen grade six, the highest grade under the Central European norms, but Squire decided that this wasn’t strong enough for their flagship padlock. So, a few years ago they came out with the SS atcs padlock up until a few days ago, this five-pound lock was the largest in my collection and it’s advertised as the strongest lock in the world. At least it was – and you may recall that Bosnian bill and I put that to the test at the firing range in video number 897. We put a hundred and twenty rounds into it, including armor-piercing ammunition and through all of that the lock never opened well.


Apparently, squired didn’t think that was good enough because they just came out with this nine and a half pound behemoth of a padlock, the SS 100 CS. Now this lock is so new, it’s not even on Squires website yet or sold by any retailer that I could find. This was sent to me directly by Squire. Now the proportions of this lock are borderline, comically large, it’s a hundred millimetres across and that’s not including the plastic just metal, fifty millimeters thick and this sports, a 20 millimeter thick boron, alloy shackle. There are several comparisons I could make to demonstrate how big it is.


Like this master, lock number three, which is positively dwarfed, but I like this – it is more than double the weight of the largest munitions lock currently used by the US military. I’M also told that this is the only padlock to qualify for the loss prevention, certification board s r4 rating, among other things. That means this should resist a cordless angle, grinder with a spare battery and three cutting discs for ten minutes. That is remarkable. Okay on to the course – and yes, that was plural – there are two of them in here.


This is a dual custody: padlock, meaning that you need two different keys to open it up. They are both 6-pin cords with fairly pair eccentric, keyways and excellent tolerances. That means you would probably need a very experienced picker to open these reliably. I would like to see a higher security option like Squire offers, with its other stronghold padlocks and maybe that’s coming in the future. But for now we’re gon na see what it takes to get this one open, I’m going to put a pinning tray underneath it because I think it’ll damage my desk with all this weight.


Okay, we’re going to get some tension in here and let’s get a standard hook in 18,000 click out of 1 2 is binding. Nice click there little click on 3, nothing on 4, 5. Ok, 6 is binding. Nice click out of 6 back to the beginning, nothing on 1, 2 3 is binding. Little click there, nothing on 4, 5 or 6 see one two is fine.


Three three actually feels like it could be over set. I released a little tension to let it down nothing on four five or six, not sure. What’S holding us up here, one two, three four click out of five: there we go and I’m pulling back. I was stuck under, I think, number three and we got this open. Okay, let’s flip this over and do the other core.


Okay, click out of one click out of two: nothing on three, nothing on four five and click out of six one. Two three I’m pushing up on four four is definitely binding, but I think I’m hitting the pin in front of it. Let me get something a little bit deeper. This is a medium hook, I think a number seven there we go. Nice click out of number four and a little bit of a false set there.


Let’S see. Oh there we go number five, give me some counter rotation and we got this open. Okay, so definitely some good tolerances on there. But, as I said, with an experienced picker, you probably won’t have an awful lot of trouble. Okay, let’s get this apart and there are two screws one down each side of the shackle nice beefy screws and let’s see what else comes out of here.


If we, okay, there’s the locking mechanism, pretty simple, definitely not something that can be bypassed, but something that God grease all over my hands. If you want to look in the bottom, there we go okay, we’re only going to gut one of these cores. Let’S do this. One and let’s relock it – I actually do have the keys here. Lange bring them over.


Let’S get this c-clip off and, let’s see which of these keys will open this perfect. Okay, seeing lots of drill protection in there. Let’S dump all of these key pins out, and then I will give you a closer look, looks like a steel pin in and all of the first, what it looks like every single one of these, probably four nice drill resistance, and if we look at that core, We can see that there are plenty of anti drill pins in there too in front of the first pen and then to between pins three and four. Then we have a little hardened ball bearing right at the front of the pin stack. So certainly they gave some thought to someone attacking this with a drill.


Let’S get all of these situated and and then we’ll get the pins the driver pins out, okay, a standard pin in slot one standard in two. I only felt one spool in here there we go spool and slot three. I don’t believe I felt that one it may never have come into play because we had a really long keep in there standard in number. Four looks like it’s a little shorter than the other ones, which means there was an attempt at balanced, pin stacks here. That is the spool.


I felt I felt down on, pin five and there is the last standard pin okay, so it looks like some pretty normal. Pinning we lift this up for you all of those key pins are standard. You can see some shelves on some of them. They keep them from dropping too far down into the core. That’S an excellent excellent protection protection from bumping, then for the driver, pins.


We have one two four and six all standard and then spools in slots. Three and five I might move them around to places with shorter driver pins, so they’re a little bit more effective in the future. In any case, that’s all I have for you today, but that’s not all I have for you on this lock look for some destructive attacks in the future. For now, though, if you do have any questions or comments, please put them below. If you like this video and would like to see more like it, please subscribe and, as always have a nice day.


Thank you.


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