The Surprisingly Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles of Yuu Asaka

The Surprisingly Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles of Yuu Asaka

The Surprisingly Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles of Yuu Asaka

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So thank you to artless for sponsoring this video yo. What’S up and welcome back? First of all, i want to say sorry about last week’s upload. We were in the middle of building an escape room and – and i’m not going to show you the the mess that’s going on here, but we’ve had guys here for a week installing this escape room, i’m so excited for this. It’S probably the biggest thing that happened on this channel ever a really big investment, there’s something in it for you guys as well.

So, looking forward to posting that, i believe the video of the escape room will go up february, 9th so mark that on your calendar it is a wednesday and until then we’re still working out some things. It’S been a process over a year in the making a big job and there will be more details on it in future videos, but today we’re looking at this uh yuasaka this guy. This you guy he’s uh created some of the craziest jigsaw, puzzles with some of the most intelligent, brilliant solutions that uh that have left me scratching my head for hours and hours and hours, and i couldn’t wait to get my hands on his two brand new puzzles. Here they are bird 11 and jigsaw 16.

The packaging here is really beautiful, and not only is the packaging beautiful, the actual pieces are the the sort of boards here nice, this mat and this lustered finish on the inside uh.

I know that mr puzzle solved this one on his channel. I have not looked at his video, we’ll see if we can do it uh in under 30 minutes. I don’t even know how long it took him see if we can beat that time. I’M not very confident, as us puzzles usually take me a few hours regardless. We’Re here to have fun and solve some puzzles.

So if you like this content, you like what we do here hit the like button subscribe without any further ado, let’s get into it, mr osaka, we meet again, so we have two puzzles here. This is bird 11, jigsaw, 16 love the packaging first and foremost. This looks fantastic. This is a 16 piece puzzle and this is an 11 piece puzzle. The difficulty here is 2 out of 5 15 minutes three to five thirty minutes.

So, within 45 minutes we should have these solved. Uh solution is not provided in these puzzles, which i do enjoy. Let’S take a look love that wow. This is a really nice finish on here. It’S like a matte black with the lustered sort of shiny black.

In the back, very pretty just uh great to look at – and here are the pieces really interesting puzzle this one, as it reminds me of those like children’s games. You know those puzzles. You had as a kid where you have the shapes that had to fit in. So it’s kind of like an adult version of that. I guess, and i mean everything looks simple enough: let’s just take a look at the pieces here.

Let’S take a look at these pieces. A few of them are already standing out to me as being a little bit different than the others they’re. Obviously they obviously are all different. Even these two, as you can see, one is slightly angled off. However, this one here stands out to me.

Okay, this one has five right: it’s got five, okay, all right, i mean i guess we just try see what happens this one doesn’t look like it could fit anywhere like it does not fit there. It definitely doesn’t look like it could fit anywhere. This one might be the outlier in this puzzle. It looks like it can only really fit in one of these places, and i mean i’ve yet to find out which one that is not quite obvious, is it here. Yeah seems to be the only place that it can fit for now, so we’ll leave that one there as you can see, it doesn’t perfectly fit uh, and it’s not supposed to.

This is kind of what it’s supposed to be. Let’S just uh go ahead and start. Oh and they rotate, and they flip so there’s a lot of little possible solutions here. Well then, well, then, not as obvious as you think it will be, which i do enjoy all right – that one fits there that one this one looks like it might go here. No looks can be deceiving so obviously these pieces fit in more than just one configuration and that’s what makes it a little bit difficult this one that looks like a perfect fit and it indeed it is not wow.

Oh here we go that one looks like no see that looks like it’ll fit there and, alas, it does not uh. Maybe here then, no still, oh flip it this way. Yes, i think these two are definitely good to go and those will fit there and stay there forever. I think i’m already starting to see the trouble with this one here: [, Music ], no, sir, no [, Music, ]. No, no!

No! We’Ve got a problem, so this one looks like a little. This one looks to be um very a difficult piece, so if we can find a great place for it kind of like there now we’re stuck with this one which might fit elsewhere. I like this. I like where this is going actually, no, possibly here, though, also no here, no uh, these double wedges here, like that those seem to uh here, yes, okay, we’re doing good again.

The double the double sort of wedge here will allow for these uh pieces to fit. It’S that one or this one, it’s that one good. We got a triple one that one there another triple. This one looks as though it might be problematic. Yeah wait here upside down.

No, this way this way this way this way, okay, that one’s not gon na work either. This one definitely fits there uh. Oh, that’s a no-go. Okay, so we’ve got two pieces that do not fit in those slots. Therefore, we want to look for two pieces that do fit in those and then hopefully switch them around so before we try and fit this one elsewhere.

Let’S see if one of mine fits in here can be a possible replacement. If not, we will place it right back we’re going to go about it pretty logically here. So that seems like a no for that. One also looks like a no for this one, so this one will just remain here for now, okay, which one of these could possibly fit in here. This one looks like a good fit here, looks like it, but again it can be very deceiving because they’re off just by a little bit, mm-hmm [ Music ], that’s a no [ Music ].

Could it fit in here also no yeah, so that will go back to where it was okay? What about this one? Looking for something that could fit here, this one looks like it might do the job over here. Somehow, no definitely not here, possibly yes, that one fits there, which frees up this one, which now might be able to accommodate one of these guys. And if that’s not the case, then we’re in trouble and it doesn’t look like it’s the case.

So it definitely looks like we’re in trouble. How is that? For a start? Oh god, [ Music ], not cool dude, not cool, no, so close, [, Music ]. Now we’re kind of going backwards here, oh man, i’m losing track of which ones i tried out triple one see, that’s the one that we said wouldn’t move, because there doesn’t look to be any other place for that triple one, but there might be so what we Need to fill in one of these triple ripples.

A triple ripple is uh like a double and a single beside, because there is no triple opening, so double no singles besides, so it doesn’t, it definitely doesn’t fit there. Um really. I think that’s the only place that one can go unless it goes here and it does not fit there indeed, so that that one’s got to stay there. Unfortunately, they really do look like they could fit in certain parts. Until you put them down, you realize they did that they don’t.

I don’t like this one. I don’t like this one at all. I think this one could go somewhere else. Maybe i’m wrong about that. There are a certain number of pieces that only fit in one place: i’m a firm believer in this uh that they don’t all interchange.

Obviously this would be an easier puzzle, but there are some that only fit in a certain place that one only fits there. I believe allowing this one to fit somewhere else, possibly here no possible here. Also, no, possibly here no like, i said i don’t think this one fits anywhere. This one doesn’t fit there yeah, so this one’s got to go here. That’S the only place i found for this one unless maybe it would go here.

It also fits there great, but this one then doesn’t fit there. So this one has to go here, which means this one then has to go here unless it also fits here hold on which it doesn’t great good, that’s good progress and the only way i know that is because i’m looking for one of these double openings with A single beside like offset – and maybe here actually flip it around – no see it doesn’t fit there either perfect. That’S good! That’S good! These two good, this one kind of a perfect fit here kind of a perfect fit, but for argument’s sake we might see if it fits elsewhere, it doesn’t fit there and it definitely doesn’t fit here.

There’S no room for it there! Okay, so this one looks like it very well. Goes there: okay, oh man, so these two are good. This one. Let’S try this one up.

Does this one fit anywhere else possibly might be able to fit here somewhere? Oh no. I think we tried that out. Actually yeah, it doesn’t fit there all right this one, maybe here yes, that one fits there, leaving us this one, which could maybe help us out um by the way it’s been 14 minutes so that time challenge is uh. Isn’T that generous?

I feel sorry, if i’m not chatting my way through this, i’m just trying to focus here and find some type of free space, [ Music ]. Once i get it down to one it’ll be easy once i get it down to one piece that doesn’t fit, i think things should be going a little more smoothly. For me, this one is very tricky. This one, i don’t believe, fits anywhere. So i think the moment i find where this one goes.

It should help me free something up, help me free this up which might fit here. Oh, i thought for sure here. Oh no here, oh that one can go here, but then this one doesn’t fit anywhere. Wait actually no yeah anywhere again. This one looks to be there’s only one configuration where there’s a double opening and a single opening, and i think that’s the only configuration that would allow this.

So that has to be there. That is a given because that one’s that gap’s too wide here yeah. So now we need a double opening with a single double opening, with a single beside it kind of like this, that’s a little offset it doesn’t fit. Then it would be kind of like this right where this is where it was initially, these two inner switch between those. But if i put this one here, is there a double and like this?

That would have been so good. Is there? Is there another place for this one to fit, and if so, then that one definitely belongs there? We can say that for sure so, [, Music ], let’s go okay, one left this is good. This is good all right.

This is good. I like this. All we need to do is find out which one of these fits in here, that this one could replace. If that makes sense, so let’s say, for instance, that one obviously doesn’t fit there. But if that one fit there and this one fit here, then we would be good.

Actually, we could just figure out a replacement for this one now, so we need two single gaps: two single gaps anywhere kind of like the one we took out here. I feel like that would work, but then that one wouldn’t fit anywhere right. That would yeah this one kind of fits everywhere which really bugs me. It really bugs me because it could also fit here. No, no, it can’t okay, so really here that goes there.

We’Re still looking for something to fit this one, but this one remember it was. This was like the only place it could fit this in like another place. So for now. I believe that this one needs to be swapped out somewhere, [ Music ] – that one can clearly fit here. That’S a that’s a clear fit, but then we’re stuck with this ugly configuration love the creativity behind this puzzle, though so this one and this one these two switched out.

We got no room for this one anymore. Finding another place for this one other than here would be great other than there would be great. I think that’s a fit here wait. This is the one that wouldn’t fit anywhere else right actually would fit here, but then we come up with the same problem which doesn’t really help us. It doesn’t fit there.

Okay, i can’t nope that one uh – no here no [ Music ] here, yes, okay, different dilemma, always something always something going on going on 25 minutes now, uh, so anything you asaga says about time is irrelevant to me. Apparently i am no genius. Clearly. This man is all i need to do is find out which piece fits here. That’S my next move here.

There we go okay. Now all i need to do is find out, which piece goes here simple as that folks. This is as simple as that that one can fit here. So what if this one could actually fit over here and that would be game over ah got it. Let’S go all righty flush and plumb.

Look at that! That is a beautiful little solution. You asaka you son of a gun. You’Ve done it again. That is the okay that took me a total of like 27 minutes uh, so double the time that they said it would right roughly they said 15 minutes and it took 27

Um, so let’s move on to the harder one which says 30 minutes, which should take me an hour wow.

I love the color of this one. Look at that that matte sort of beige with that lustered white in the back just absolutely pretty pieces only really come to life when they’re on here, because you can barely see them on this mat. Okay, this one looks a little more difficult for some reason, but let’s just give it a go, i guess i’ll start a timer. I don’t know why. I didn’t start on the last one, but here we go boom, i’m guessing a lot of them just kind of fit anywhere, and ideally there would be some perfect matches right.

Ideally, that’s the uh, i think that’s. The main goal here is to find like a perfect match, because once we find that there’s no disputing well, there really is disputing, but for the sake of argument, there’ll be no disputing that that goes wherever it was meant to go. Take a look at the pieces here. I know you guys have a hard time seeing them, but [ Music ]. Let’S take a look at what we have, so this is one that seems to be popping up a lot.

You know, and again it doesn’t necessarily mean because it fits somewhere that it goes there. You know, we all know how this guy operates and it isn’t well without the lines of logic, i assume there’s some type of trap somewhere. Let’S just get one piece of fit, you know just one, because a lot of them can go kind of wherever we don’t want that. We want like the perfect matches, noticing now that there is none that is like this shape. There is none that is that shape.

Okay, that’s good and there’s none. That is this shape, okay, so closest one to that would be like this or something right which doesn’t fit. Also this, which is an interesting piece in itself yeah. I can start understanding how difficult this is. I can appreciate that all right, let’s just get something, to fit somewhere, that’s a good start.

Okay, that’s a fit for now should be a lot of trial and error. That’S all this is going to be just going to attempt every single configuration for this puzzle piece until something sticks and then, if we need to rearrange it later, we will do so later fits okay, trying to get the more complicated pieces out of the way at The moment it’s tricky because there’s a few ways that they fit in you’re going to make sure you’ve attempted all the solutions before you move on again much like the other one, the more pieces we have that fit the easier this is going to get progressively when We’Re down to one piece: that’ll be the ideal situation, because then we can really eliminate a lot of the options that we’re left with you know for down to three pieces. It gets a little bit more tricky, so let’s just continue trying to fit the pieces. The best we can a process of elimination and obviously there are some pieces that fit in different ways and that’s going to be the tricky part – is to figure out which ones those are and which ones only have one unique place that they can be put in. That’S what we’re looking for.

Ideally, we just get lucky just a bit of luck on our side. You know that’s all. We really need all right. This one looks to not fit anywhere, which is concerning which means i’ve overlooked. One possibility at one point start again, so we’ll go like kind of do this, and the only other possibility is that it fits in.

One of these that we’ve already taken in which case would be good, in which case that would mean there is only one possible place that this could go, which would help us eliminate one of these squares. But i just want to make sure before i move on to those squares that it really doesn’t fit anywhere else. This is very vital that we don’t mistake this piece being a piece that could fit somewhere else, so just for funsies. It does fit there. Now that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit here here, but i’m going to assume that that’s the only place for that which then brings me to this one again.

Hopefully this one ends up popping in somewhere else. There we go. Okay, that’s good right, move on okay, the fact that that fits right away i do not like, but we will just move on corners – seem to fit a little easier kind of anywhere piece like this is interesting because it has two ends. Two male ends like that. So there’s only a few spots that it could go like it can’t go here here right.

This is just the longest part. Here is just trial and error, so this one uh needs to go somewhere where there’s already another square, because these options we’ve exhausted yeah, which definitely means it goes somewhere that we’ve already placed something which is never good but ultimately gives us more information. So do that aside, one of these is incorrect. [, Music ] all right, we’re down to four pieces that do not fit anywhere cool all right now to figure out which ones don’t go under um. I think the corners like i said they kind of fell into place a little bit everywhere, so i think we just take the corners out and try to figure out where the other ones go.

First makes sense to me and that’s all that matters. Obviously, none of them fit perfectly. That’S just one thing like never am i going to get a piece that’s going to like fit absolutely perfectly in one of these things. Those are really just to throw me off there don’t appreciate. I don’t like that at all.

Not one bit, let’s try to fit these corners in. I guess a little bit anywhere that’ll be great! Oh, that fits there. That’S a good fit, oh so that one and that one are like identical, except for no. They are absolutely identical.

Oh, except for that line. There, okay, maybe this one fits here – would be great if it did fit here. I’Ll tell you that right now, [, Music, ]! Sorry, if i’m not talking a lot going on here in my head, we’ve been on this one for 23 minutes. It seems to be going all right, but then again you can never be sure all right, we’re down to two pieces.

That’S actually huge. Let’S go, let’s go final, one. Ah, let’s go 24 minutes. This one actually took me less time than the other one um i mean i’m gon na attribute it to blind luck. Um there’s no way, there’s a few there’s a few moments where my head was kind of working in the right direction, where i knew that certain pieces had to go somewhere.

But honestly, i was just kind of blindly putting things there and switching things out. I’M very happy that that didn’t take as long so under 30 minutes for this one uh, which is interesting, because that’s actually what it says here, 30 minutes. So you know what i did this one just in time. The other one did take me twice as long as it should have, but i feel like that is fair um and that’s what happens with some of these. I guess you just get lucky a little bit and if you have a little luck on your side, it’ll take you less time, you’re, not constantly switching up pieces like i did on the other one there you go hot dang there you go.

Ladies and gentlemen, those are the two new usa puzzle solved a lot of fun uh i got ta tell you uh, not as satisfying as is the small packing ones, there’s something about that. That uh looks nothing like a puzzle, which is why it’s fun. However, i did enjoy this a lot uh, but it’s just kind of blowing my mind that the easier one took me more time and again it’s just a testament to putting the pieces in the right places a little bit of luck involved. There obviously you’re on the wrong track. It’S going to take you so much more time to figure out

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