These 3 Simple Objects Will MELT Your Brain!

These 3 Simple Objects Will MELT Your Brain!! 😳 #Shorts

3 Simple Objects Will MELT Your Brain

These three simple illusions will absolutely melt your brain this first one. They call the wide and long puzzle notice how this one’s longer and this one is wider. I pop this one out and i pop this one out they now perfectly fit into the other part. Both of these pieces are the exact same size, this one’s one of my favorite illusions, and it’s so stupid and simple, there’s a little key here and you can actually see it goes all the way through the magic sword somehow travels through. How does that work?

It’s actually going all the way around kind of fools you because of the speed of it. This last one involves a chain and a ring, and if you put the ring up through the chain – and you hold it here and that’s like really in there – basically spins around and loops into the chain like this video and subscribe for more cool things.

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