This didn’t go as planned…

This didn't go as planned...

Escape Jacket Underwater

This didn’t go as planned…

One two: three: they once lived a YouTuber who had no clue how to edit his Vlog and for some reason, thought narration was the best course of action. It seemed like the only appropriate way to string together these chaotic pieces of video. What are you doing? A little straight jacket Escape underwater. Is it cold?

That’s pretty cool. This looks cool and stupid. At the same time, this looks cool. Having met these kind gentlemen, donut operator and Eli double tap him and his cohort are cordially invited to attend a podcast real max. You want to hand it over make sure it’s available.

I don’t want to touch it. It’s your reminders. Okay, it’s real! I picked it up, so I can verify that is a very real milk. Hold it up a bit.

What’s like a magic word, we can invent three. What the [ __ ], you demon, he’s a demon. Why are you a dick yeah, [ __ ] glass? Where did the sunglasses come from they’re more confused every next day they were brought to a gun range. If you would like to comment on set activity, please do so in the algorithm machine below.

Thank you. I heard they checking for me. No one checking on me, so I had to go run up a check. I got the message home again, no flexing on me. My attorney gonna call and collect yeah.

That is wild respect, and I heard you know so, and so you not a threat cause, I really know so, and so they like my family, so they go pretend that they cool to their back Wesley yo. We officially made it to Texas. How do you feel what are we doing out here all right, we’re hanging out with uh, Eli and Cody today they brought us out in the middle of nowhere and we’re gonna fire, some guns, I’m not I’m, not a big gun guy I’ve. I think I shot a gun once in my life like 12 years ago. These guys are gonna show me the rugby bubble bath, Mr Wes Barker.

What’s up, this thing was originally meant to take out like armor uh, light armor in World War one-ish and like anti-aircraft during World War II about 30 pounds. All right go, oh my God wow! Oh my God, that’s crazy! Like it hit me. I was about to feel it here see I missed these reactions.

It’S like I I to us. This is like every day but, like I remember what it was like the first time, shooting a 50 cal and it just like words can’t express how I immediately started sweating dude. They fire, okay, fire. This is gonna rack it, and then it’s just literally aimed this is how I hold my guns here and you just yeah and just never touch that suppressor turkey. So I was running around here.

Okay, all right folks, uh Wes has challenged me to a good old-fashioned, Texas duel. Well, not that type of doable a different type of duel dueling tree. So what we’re going to do is staying side by side, we’ll flip over uh. Those should have three on each side, so we’ll just set three on the green three on the orange. Whoever clears their side.

First wins. This is great. Let’s go, I’m gonna beat you. I can’t wait so fast, that’s the sound! It makes right and go yay.

Okay, we’re aiming at the little guy right there until Chris hits the head foreign all right. Well. This concludes our gun range day. Uh dude! This has been so much fun.

I did not expect to have this much fun. I knew it was going to be fun but, like I get it now, uh so shout out to Eli double tap over here and shout out to Cody guys. Thank you so much. What was your favorite gun ooh? You know what yeah well I mean the 50 was probably really hard to top, but I think just like in terms of like you’re hitting the Tannerite was my favorite part yeah yeah.

Surprise Tannerite is amazing. Yeah thanks guys uh the next day our hero encounters the one and only Brian Brushwood, famous from Scam, School and modern Rogue. He is an absolute Legend on the platform and this collaboration has been a long time coming. Please enjoy this magical effect from Brian himself, known as a book test. Foreign asks you to think of a word off the top of your head, there’s only a few words you’re most likely to come up with right.

So I grabbed three books everybody’s heard of, if not actually read, so that we could pick one totally at random, make it as Fair as possible. First off some people like scary books, so I got Stephen King’s The Shining. Have you read it? I’Ve, not I’ve. Seen the movie Close Enough all right, that’s that passes for literacy.

Nowadays, some people like mystery, so I got The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. You read it. I don’t, but I’m very familiar with puzzles. Did you see the movie? Finally, some people like fantasy, so I got Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – I’m told you’ve read it which of these three books.

Chris, do you want to use we’ll? Do the Harry Potter right now, I’m going to be very clear, you’re not going to get the chance to change your mind. This is your last chance to change your mind. Harry Potter, okay, go ahead and grab that book Ripple through the pages make sure it’s exactly what it seems to be. It’S not some kind of fake tricky book and, as you Ripple through the pages, I want you to stop whenever you want.

Let me know once you’ve found a page you like, but don’t say what it is got one you got it excellent now, let your eyes dance up and down that page until they land on a big fat. Gigantic three dollar word not an easy word, but something that’s going to stick in your mind. If you got one, I got it excellent. Remember that word close the book. This is the first way I can think of to pick a word three books, hundreds of thousands of words.

You picked a book. You picked a page, you picked the word. Yes, I’m gonna try to figure out your word. I want you to focus on that. First letter, I want you to think of an animal that begins with the same letter.

Okay, does that work? You got it yes, okay, focus on that animal good got it got it for the first time, prist. What animal are you thinking of a giraffe, a giraffe, correctly predicted it’s about the word totally committed, no way for me to change my mind. What word were you thinking of grandfatherly, very nice wow? That’s really [ __, ], good right, uh.

Take a look! That’S really good Brian, then generously invited our hero to his Ranch and his Warehouse to where they would also film a podcast. Welcome to a very interesting and special episode of bottom of the barrel podcast. My name is Chris Ramsey. This is Wesley, Barker, say hi to our guests, Howdy Folks, I’m Brian Brushwood.

I used to tour as a magician and now I do YouTube and podcast stuff. You know um Justin, Robert Young, great night podcast with uh Brian Brushwood and a bunch of other stuff, not for this podcast was a grand tour of his estate. I just realized that Scam School was one of the first 1000 channels in the history of YouTube to to break a million wow yeah. I think we’re like 800, and something do you have one of these. I can’t I can’t I can’t get one.

Yes, it’s not! Miami this is John Stossel’s Emmy host of uh ABC’s, 2020 Why do you have John Stossel’s Emmy uh because uh, it’s a you know what let’s keep going when we do our comedy podcast uh? This is where we did a Green Room, pre-show stuff, it’s all kind of pre-formed. This is definitely a living set yeah. So we said we set up two areas, one for just general podcast.

If, when I do, my uh movies and TV show podcast it’s over here uh and then when we do our comedy show. We set it up to look like every comedy club in America and then there’s uh, there’s three bedrooms in the back uh named after a gentleman Warrior on the scoundrel, so uh one of the tricky things is some of the people who stay here are Talent, like You guys some of the people are patrons uh, who are just in town uh. Some of the people are uh uh, you know it’s late and they want to crash, but the trick was how to figure out how to make sure the equipment was safe and that people didn’t wander into the wrong zone right. So when you show up uh all over the front, two acres, there’s a Wi-Fi nodes and also uh home network nodes. So basically you pick a code and uh it automatically you could get in anywhere.

You should go and not anywhere that you should oh cool. So it’s like a super high tech yeah. So none of that that’s cool, go wandering into rooms or anything yeah. I just don’t let people into my office. Okay.

This whole area at one point was a nudist colony uh. It was a martial arts studio. It was at the same time, what are the challenges of shooting in the field is always to, like argue with the managers, to turn down the volume or find in the right people and all that stuff. So, finally, during the pandemic, we started putting together uh. Just just our own bar Set uh, it’s a little bit uh Shaggy right now, but it looks like every bar in Central Austin yeah.

So this way we have full control over everything um over there we’re putting in a workshop once we get the Loft up there. Oh yeah, I see this is cool yeah, like 50 seats down here another. You know 10 20 up there or what like this place. This is like a compound dude. This is sick, yeah, speaking of which I’m gon na need you guys to take off your clothes.

Yeah, I was gonna say all right, we’re currently at Brian brushwood’s, uh, scam, Nation Warehouse. Slash compound this place is dope and we’re about to teach some things on scam, Nation, so Wes and I are going to be teaching some things. This is the setup that they have right now, it’s pretty dope. How cool is this definitely check out uh the links below to their channels? If you want to watch videos like the ones we’re gon na film, these guys are working really hard and they’re doing such a service to people out there who want to learn cool [, __, ], so check them out.

I got ta go they’re waiting on me. Last, that was one of the funnest things I’ve ever seen. I haven’t laughed. I haven’t cackled so much in a long time. Something about wasting people’s time is so beautiful.

It’s a good point that was one of the most fun seconds of my life. Oh, that’s! My entire dignity, yeah, it makes one. This is like the how to get down to 100 subscribe and, while you’re at it subscribe, subscribe to West or don’t thanks Wes. Thank you.

We are grateful, thank you and to end his Adventure. Our hero attended one of his favorite comedy venues, the Vulcan gas company and was brought on stage by his friend David Lucas, to perform a series of magic tricks, and on that note I will let you watch this last clip and hope you’ve enjoyed today’s chaotic. Yet distinguished Vlog we’ll see you on the next one well see I I stole this. You know this is like anybody wants their phone unlocked. Five bucks yeah seriously, uh who’s got who’s got an iPhone here.

You got an iPhone. You got passcode on it, yeah. How many numbers four four numbers? Do you know the numbers you wan na go home on stage? Sure all right remember give them around Applause August nice to meet you dude, give it up for August.

All right! You want your phone unlocked all right. Take your phone out, let me try something here. Is that your girlfriend? Does she know your passcode yeah she’s Latina?

Who says that, of course she knows she doesn’t know. She knows basically well she’s gonna find out after this ends. For two reasons we choose passcodes. One is because we want to get into the phone quickly and two is because it’s like a personal number to us. Girls usually choose personal numbers by the way and guys usually just want to get a phone as quick as possible Right.

Actually, this might be like a mix of two things right. It’s like a personal number, but it’s also easy to get into. Is that fair, sick, yeah? Okay, all right, we’ll walk your phone here, phone’s locked! I want to think of the first number of your passcode.

Just in your head screaming out loud over and over in your head in your head and your head, six of the second and six again: okay, 666 Damn but it’s not it can’t be that easy. It can’t be 6666 dude you’re way smarter than that is this 6667. Thank you.


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