This is The BEST Puzzle of 2021!! – Level 10 Angry Walter 🤖

This is The BEST Puzzle of 2021!! - Level 10 Angry Walter 🤖

The BEST Puzzle of 2021!

Hey guys welcome back, i just wanted to interject on this intro first of all say thank you for the amazing year and, secondly, to say that this puzzle right here is, without a doubt, my favorite sequential discovery puzzle of the year. I appreciate all of you guys who, like this video and subscribe, so thanks for that and enjoy the video [ Music ] yo, what’s up and welcome back bit of a different situation today, um normally we’d be sitting at the desk uh to solve a puzzle, but I don’t know i just feel like chilling on the couch solving a puzzle today and i’m really looking forward to the puzzle that we have today. This is angry walter. Here’S. What angry walter looks like this is absolutely amazing, uh designed by deadwood crafts uh.

Thank you for purchasing a prototype of angry walter from deadwood crafts rules, no force necessary, no spinning, no prying, no striking, hitting or whacking no crying or whining unless necessary. The goal is to find and remove walter’s black power cell before he dominates mankind. So i, like the look of this puzzle, i found it on an auction uh for about a grand you can check it out. I don’t know if he has any for sale right now, but i left the link below.

If you want to help support another puzzle creator, it looks nice and it looks well built it’s sturdy, and this is my kind of puzzle right here. This is a sequential discovery puzzle which not only means that there’s a sequence to it. Hence the sequential, but there’s also discovery, meaning there are tools hidden in this puzzle, so there’s a sequence plus tools that makes a sequential discovery and those are my favorite type of puzzles. I think without any further ado, let’s, let’s chill figure this out like this video and subscribe. If you guys, like my videos, appreciate all you guys are doing, let’s just chill on the couch and have a good time solve this puzzle all right.

So here we are on my couch um, i don’t know. I just thought this was an interesting setup for the day. What’S also fun about this angle is that this is how i actually enjoy solving puzzles when i’m by myself, like i am now in the office. Um i like to chill on the couch and a lot of times, while i’m watching tv or just on my phone i’ll, have a puzzle beside me and i’ll i’ll tinker with it and today’s a chill day, everybody’s gone out of the office and i’ve. Really.

I’M really really looking forward to solving this puzzle. As i mentioned, i found it on an auction. It was a prototype, so ran me about a thousand dollars usd 1050, which is quite a bit for a little wooden puzzle. But as you guys know, you know these handcrafted, sequential discovery puzzles that are out there. I mean they go from anywhere from 500 to 2500 uh.

So it’s a good market if you’re, actually good at woodworking and uh ingenious enough to come up with an original solution to a puzzle. I highly suggest getting into the puzzle market because a lot of money be made, but there is a lot of work put into these, so you know you’re getting paid for your time pretty much so first things. First, i got ta get used to this weird angle, because the camera’s also upside down. So it’s kind of throwing me off here. It is angry walter look at angry walter.

He doesn’t seem so angry to me. Uh seems kind of actually maybe a little bit angry. Here’S what it looks like so on the back uh there are barely any seams, the seams don’t seem to be, don’t seem to be uh and there doesn’t seem to be any opening to them. There’S this cog wheel inside which does not move, is fixed. I believe it’s glued there on this side same thing, another cog, wheel once again glued the nose as well is stationary and does not move.

I feel like i can give you a better angle, so my monitor is upside down right now. So it’s hard for me to okay, let’s get into solving this um. The other thing i noticed is that on the bottom there is this tiny little hole uh and there seems to be just solid wood on the other side of that hole. My guess is that we will be given a tool that needs to be inserted here. Possibly the other thing is that this eye rotates does not come out uh.

This eye does come out and it has a little. It’S got a little compartment on the inside, but nothing in that compartment and on the inside here there is almost looks like his eye was put in backwards and i think that’s where we’re gon na start is uh doing something like that. Pretty much all we got to go on here. Look at this puzzle no force, no spinning, no spinning necessary, no prying, no striking, hitting whacking no crying or whining unless necessary. When is it ever necessary to cry and whine and my guess is to get the uh the mouth open would be like the final step, so i’m gon na try to rotate the eye.

Sorry, if you can’t see i’m just basically rotating the eye and letting gravity, because it does come out a little bit, letting sort of gravity maybe make it fall out and that’s a no-go um and the oh. By the way, a bunch of noises coming from the inside, so there is like a there’s like a slant, probably in the mouth like a groove area, and there is a bead there like a little bearing. I believe there is another noise, but it’s hard to tell with that one clunking around like that. Okay, let me try. I’M gon na take this eye, slowly rotate it.

While i rotate this one upside down to see, if uh see, if anything happens, um nothing seems to be happening there either. Oh, we should probably start a timer. We just got started anyways right, didn’t we. Maybe this has a magnetic part to it. That would actually be kind of smart, so um right here, there’s another magnet on the inside and there’s a magnet in here.

The reason i can tell uh that it’s a magnet on the inside because it’s repelling, as you can see there, is a magnet on the inside of this there’s a magnet here. I don’t know if i have to work those two magnets together, maybe to spin this around. I’M also spinning this. While i do this, all right doesn’t seem to be working, so there is a magnet here right here. Oh did you hear that?

Listen! Oh there there’s some type of switch okay. Let me hold on to that [, Music. ]. Aha, wait what oh, oh cool!

But how would it unlock that? Okay, so that this little groove here this little groove slides – is what allows this to come out. But how did that get retracted in the first place because it doesn’t attract it? Oh because it’s already pushed in because of that thing’s there, and so i just had to hold it in place like that [ Music ], because then that would allow me to take it out of there. I see.

Okay, that’s pretty clever, that’s pretty clever! Now! Does this come up? This does come out now we’re we’re left with a little tool, as you can see a little magnet in there. This is where that magnet was sort of attached to down there.

Okay. So we have this magnet. Let’S try not to lose these pieces. Can we this should probably stick to this yeah. There you go boom.

Now there was a magnet back here right here. Yeah look! So i don’t know what that magnet is necessarily for, but i have a feeling that we’re going to find out. Maybe another switch mechanism – there’s a maybe there’s another magnet somewhere. Oh, maybe i got ta grab the bead, that’s in here and sort of like stick it to this end of the magnet that might actually be.

That may actually be a solution here. If i do that, huh, oh see what up? Okay, here’s! My train of thought really basically so these lines, maybe there’s some type of map, maybe there’s like an internal labyrinth or maze and like this, is like maybe the different traps or something maybe that would make sense. It’S got to figure out if that bead goes anywhere, because, right now it’s sort of in this groove.

You can hear it warbling around and now it’s on the front side, and now it’s above the mouth yeah. It seems to be just a box in there. Unless there’s like a hole here somewhere, it seems to be just like a a little box in there, but i don’t know if there’s like some type of opening for the marble to fall into that may actually be. What i need to do is get that marble in there somewhere like find the hole, [, Music ], it doesn’t seem to be attracted by the magnet. I don’t know if the magnet, maybe isn’t strong enough.

Maybe i got ta use this magnet or was it who’s here? [, Music, ] right now, i’m just kind of tilting it side to side holding the magnet in different places. Hopefully the uh little bearing inside will uh will stick to it. Somehow, oh no! I need some type of tool to poke into that [: Music ].

Why is this compartment empty? This happens sometimes, but i have a like a weird suspicion that there might have been something in here and when i maybe took it out of the box, because this fell out when i received it, because it’s just kind of loose in there and i was holding It and it fell out, and i’m wondering if there wasn’t a tool that was in here that fell out that i may have needed, maybe even to poke that open. This is uh, it’s funny because, like when you’re solving puzzles, it happens often that if you like, your brain, starts rationalizing um and justifying why you can’t come up with a solution. It’S it’s quite funny because most the times you’re just wrong, but sometimes you’re right, like sometimes i’ll play with a puzzle for hours and hours and hours. Now i’ve only been doing this one for like 15 minutes or so but i’ll play with puzzles for hours and then my brain’s like well, it’s got to be broken because i can’t come up with a solution and so then i’m thinking – oh, it’s broken.

I’M missing a piece: something’s stuck uh and most the time i’m wrong, and i just didn’t fall on that. So my brain right now, it’s just this is a process that my brain’s going through right now. My brain is telling me that there might have been a piece here now it’s going back into my memories to see. If oh, was there a piece that i might have dropped, this did fall out earlier, so maybe they’re what you know what i mean like i’m rationalizing right now, but i can’t 100 be sure that there wasn’t something in here um. So, for now i mean we’ll just move along without it.

Oh, listen, there’s something else! That’S magnetic in the back of this hmm [, Music, ]! There’S still this part here that repels this magnet don’t break anything either. There’S a little seam here, [, Music ]. It could just be this like an expansion of the wood, there’s like a pill bottle where you got to press it and open it.

Everybody’S first level. Three puzzle was a pill bottle. He had to push down and turn before you opened. It surprised they haven’t gotten more clever. With those i mean, everybody knows how to open those [, Music, ], okay, nothing seems to move here.

Oh, is this magnetic, maybe no magnets on here either: hmm, okay, interesting, i’m trying so hard to not give up. I know it’s only been it hasn’t been that long, but, like literally my my brain is like hey man, i think you’re missing a piece, and it’s really hard for me to uh go forward thinking that i’m missing a piece um. It’S just kind of this weird justification, your brain does our brains, you know as smart as they are they’re also bad for us sometimes, and i know that doesn’t make any sense, but your brain will often convince you that something is wrong or bad if it doesn’t Have an answer for it and uh and will reward you as soon as you find the answer. So it’s pretty hypocritical of the brain to do that, but it does that it’s like no, no, it’s broken it’s broken and then you solve it. It’S like hey man, good thing you stuck with it.

I was with you the whole time. You did a good job. You know. Maybe that’s all this guy needs is a brain or a heart. Oh there’s!

Definitely something back here. Listen to that! Oh, maybe i got ta move it into this magnet [, Music ], it’s right here! Maybe this side. Oh it’s behaving weirdly because there’s a magnet right there and it’s hitting this one.

So it’s repel i was like. Oh maybe i found something what a great clue. This was that there’s a hole there and so instinctively it tells you to go. That’S see, that’s simple! Yet pretty ingenious.

If you ask me because he could have easily um, because this thing going in all the way doesn’t actually unlock this pin. It actually has to be like that and for that to be the case that hole. That’S there didn’t have to be there and it would have fit perfectly, but who would have so? He gives you a little. He gives you a little hint saying it has to go in there, even though it doesn’t have to go fully in there.

It’S like it’s a clever hint. These are the small little clever touches that i appreciate all right walter. That is your real name, angry walter. I’M always so angry he’s he’s looking for world dominance, we got ta unplug him come on and the mouth is loose. This is like has a little bit of give, but nothing uh, no prying.

So all i can seem to do at this point is just move. The magnet around that is, it would be cool if, like this whole box, just like shifted, open or something which i don’t think it would but maybe worth a shot. Um, i’m okay, i’m just gon na be straight up with you guys. I’M gon na write this guy an email and just like i’m, not gon na. Ask him for a solution.

I’M just going to ask him if there should be a tool in the first eyes, compartment. Okay, so give me one sack i’ll bring it back. I just actually i can do it from here. I got my phone. I’M feeling too comfortable right now, like this, like solve mode right now, is like making me incredibly comfortable that i just feel like chatting with you guys.

Instead of solving and yeah, i kind of like it and i got ta, not gon na lie that email is sent. Hopefully he gets back to me no banging because, like my mind again is just telling me, you can’t do anything like it’s impossible to find a solution at this point without that missing tool, but i might be completely wrong and just completely look like an idiot. You know be like hey: is there supposed to be a thing here and he’s like? No, there isn’t i’m like okay. Thank you, i’m dumb.

What if this cog does turn no the nose, maybe the nose, slides or shifts it seems really glued in there, like all of this seems like there’s no give whatsoever, so it tells me it’s just uh. It’S steady. I really feel like this magnet back. Here has something to do with something: how long have you been at this all right about a half about a half an hour in got ta love the simple looking puzzles that have clever designs, this probably my favorite type of puzzle. Ever i’m enjoying this a lot.

I actually don’t feel pressured right now, just because i’m kind of lounged on my couch hanging out with you guys, i’ve got this insane setup by the way. This is currently my setup. So, as you can see, i got the camera overhead. I got the mic stand. I got a monitor uh over here and i’m just sitting on my couch.

I could get used to this. My job wasn’t amazing enough, and now i get to lounge on the couch. That’S okay! It’S okay! To it’s!

Okay! To to relax! Sometimes you know not always uh life doesn’t always have to be stressful. I deal with a lot of stress, believe it or not, not complaining, but you know going through things like every other human on this planet and uh whatever i can do to lighten the load. Sometimes uh is worthwhile, it has to maybe has had something to do with this nose.

It’S got to go back in the eye. Socket [, Music, ]. Oh it’s now stuck there. Oh, that’s the magnet in the back. Okay hold on [ Applause ]!

That’S the sound of me blowing into this hole upside down. You laugh now, but that that’s been a solution in the past actually twice. I think twice once for the donut hole and actually no once and once for a lock puzzle, but it was uh. You had to put your finger on it and then retract something and then it got stuck and it would dislodge but not uh, not the case here. I don’t think because that hole isn’t uh.

There’S air passing through the wood somewhere going through all of the old solutions in my head right now, just trying to rack my brain. You know if this guy may have found some. You know. Maybe it’s just hard because nothing moves. There’S and the one thing that’s frustrating with a lot of these sequential discovery puzzles is always like.

If there’s an internal maze, the internal maze drives me crazy, like i, i don’t enjoy internal maze but like when you do get it it’s very satisfying, but i do not enjoy just like trial and error. You know, because i’m listening this thing, i’m really hoping it’s not like [ Music ], and i fear that i, it is one of those things and it’s just. I don’t understand how, if there’s a bearing in here, and i find the hole where it goes into, that it will magically open this thing. The only thing that i could think is uh hear me out. So if there was like a lip on the inside of this okay and basically, if that bearing is halfway on this side halfway on this side, that would prevent the mouth from going out, and so in my head, i’m thinking there might be a pocket for that Ball to go into so that this comes out.

If that’s stopping it, however, i can literally move it like up and down past here. I can move it like in a circle. There’S no there’s nothing there! That’S like the bearing is not locking this mouth that i am almost certain of the bearing is not locking this mount. Why is the bearing there?

I don’t know, but it’s probably a some purpose. Oh that’s interesting! Oh aha notice. Oh, this is cool notice. The bottom layer, the bottom ring you can kind of see a little seam.

Can you guys see that you guys see that seam right there? You see it better there on the bottom ring here. I can push up on that seam. Look at that! Oh [, Music, ], there’s like a little handle what hold on.

I can push that sorry if my [ Music ] my fat fingers, are getting in the way. Okay, i’m pulling, but there’s nothing. Oh, what that a magic trick! Look what i just found hello hello! Where did that come from?

Was it in there because there’s like this small groove in there uh it’s hard right there um, that’s, probably where it came from it actually doesn’t fit in that small groove. Weird also, it was on the top. Oh there’s like a hidden compartment up here. Look at that hole where my index finger is there’s a hidden compartment and that’s where that was stored. That is insane.

That is insane all right. Well, we know what to do. Aha, we have retrieved the mouth. Oh, my god, what did i tell you guys? What did i say the bearing had?

No bearing for lack of a better word on how this mouth opened. It was a red herring or, in this case, come on a red bearing okay. He did that on purpose. A red bearing let’s go that is really smart, so this has nothing. I’M not gon na lose.

I’M gon na put this aside, so i don’t lose it, but that had nothing to do with the puzzle. I think i think, and there we have the creator’s signature right there and once and the goal here says – to find and remove walter’s black power cell black power cell. Oh, this is definitely not a black power cell. Is this okay, so there’s uh what seems to be there’s like a small crevice in there right here that doesn’t move. Am i sure this is not the solution?

Well, how does that open? No banging, i’m really wondering see what that little lip is for in there. There’S like that, little lip in the uh in the eye socket here. You can see it right there, so maybe i’m supposed to put this in there. It fits in there – maybe oh, maybe i just have to like wedge it like that.

So i can do something else. Maybe walter, where is your black power cell, has something to do with this magnet back here. Let me put this red, bearing here still can’t get over the play on words. Come on [, Music, ], hmm, currently stuck. I thought that was it no idea what to do at this point this uh little wedge, that’s in there right here.

It does not move what so it is like completely stuck. I don’t force it um and i’m thinking. Maybe this you know, switch mechanism has something to do with it, but then again impossible to to really know, because i can’t see anything also uh. The magnet is drawn to this little switch mechanism uh. But i think the reason i think the reason for that is is because, on the bottom of this ring that goes up and down, there is a magnet, and i think that is the very same magnet that is attracted to the back.

So i think you know this that, and that is all interconnected with one magnet and i don’t necessarily believe that that magnet has anything to do with moving this little piece of wood out of the way. So the answer right now is or the question is: how does that move? Does it come out? Does it go in? Does it slide side to side?

That’S where the that’s, where we’re at right now and i think it might drop down and if it drops down that means something’s holding it either by magnet or there’s a piece. But there are no more moving pieces like the inner rings. I tried even moving the inner rings of this eye socket here, but none of them move in any direction whatsoever. What would you guys do right now? If you had angry walter on your lap?

What would you do i’m quite at a loss right now and it’s only been wait. Did that move? Is that just my fingernail being pushed in, i think so? Uh it’s been about 42, plus the initials almost 50 minutes. What’S the secret here walter tell me that pin does it have anything else to do with anything?

Did i just lose that pin it’s here close one close, but no cigar right, um, it’s about dinner time, i’m actually gon na go, have some food and come back to this in a while. I my brain kind of is saturated right now, after about an hour of puzzling, and that happens – and i just need some food so before i get too hand great with this puzzle, i should uh. I should definitely get some food to me so i’ll be back in a sec um, so i got an email back from the creator of the puzzle, saying that indeed there was no tool in this compartment, so my fear has subsided but as well um. Now i’m back to squares because had he said hey, there was a piece in there, then that would give me a reason why i’m being stuck at this point but because there isn’t now, i don’t know why. I’M stuck.

Let’S start the timer up again so um that if i, if i place it in the eye socket it kind of like stops the eye socket from going down. As you can see right here, i’m not sure what that, because we still need to, i think either extract or push in or slide this little block of wood. But right now it’s not moving. Is there so i’m wondering if there’s something inside the you see where that magnet? Is there there’s like a button or a hole or something in there?

Let me try something what if this red bearing and we’re gon na try to place it in the eye socket here? Oh, oh! No! Oh! No, as it turns out there’s a what i can’t see a hole in there, but apparently there’s a hidden hole in here.

I’M not sure if putting the red bearing in there was the proper move or not, but you can hear it rattling around. Oh, my goodness check this out. Okay, there’s a compartment in the nasal cavity, okay, um, the eye socket lifts up and down the bearing has now rolled here. Lifting up the eye socket has now placed the bearing right about here, underneath the eye socket and in between what i think is the final compartment. So hopefully, if i press down [ Music, ], [, Music, ], no [, Music, ], oh get out of town, so the red, bearing was not a red herring.

After all – and here we go is the final piece and as mentioned in the beginning, we had to find the black power cell and extract it, and here it is, can we extract this uh-huh [, Music ]? This is well there. It is the black power cell. The only thing preventing angry walter from taking over the world has now been extracted. What a journey time so about an hour.

It’S pretty good! I am not only pleasantly surprised. I am in awe right now about the simplicity, yet where your brain goes to get like. This is a really good puzzle. Dude.

This is a really really good puzzle. Now this was a prototype, these weren’t for sale yet other than a few, and i found one uh, but this is a really really good puzzle. I highly recommend this if you’re into puzzle solving. Obviously, if you’ve seen this video, then i don’t know, maybe you want to get it for a friend or just have in your collection, but this is a really good puzzle, dude, just a fantastic play on simple mechanics, but also you know it has. That toy feel feels like a little toy like a simple toy, but lo and behold it’s it’s evil and uh ingenious an evil genius.

So, let’s put this back together: first off power cell must go back into the power cell, is now locked in with a magnet that magnet was also what was triggering that back there, and probably also what was holding this eye socket here, so the metal rod. I need to hold okay okay, so this needs to go up there and i think the best way to do that is just to push it in disappeared, gone. That goes in there, a very vital piece of the puzzle. What we thought was a useless piece, the red, bearing goes here. We got ta push that little button, there’s a little button on the bottom locks into place.

Now that is locked next. We have this little eye piece which goes in here uh. We now need to put this one in so that we can lock that eyepiece [ Music ] just like that, that is now locked. It is not no longer protruding this. We line that up and take this out place it back in and a voila.

We now have a completed uh, angry walter and man. What a ride this has been angry walter. I absolutely love you wow! Well, hot dang, baby, [ Applause ], what a wild ride that was so much fun. This is actually my camera’s actually propped up on a pillow right now, which is why it’s all right so hot dang there you go, that is angry walter.

What a way to end 2021 been a crazy year for a lot of people after this channel included. I think it’s a perfect way to end the year, because this i would i could comfortably say as far as all the sequential discovery puzzles i’ve solved this year. Walter, i think, takes the cake. I think this is my favorite i’m trying to think back on all the puzzles. I might be wrong, but i think this is my favorite sequential discovery puzzle of the year.

It is absolutely i i think, without electronics, i’m trying to think no. I think this one takes the cake man anyways, if you guys enjoyed this video appreciate a like and a sub, consider it a christmas gift to this channel. Merry christmas, happy holidays to everybody and we’ll see you next week, thanks for watching guys,

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