This is What a BRILLIANT PUZZLE Looks Like!!

This is What a BRILLIANT PUZZLE Looks Like!!

This is What a BRILLIANT PUZZLE Looks Like!!

Radar, unfortunately, still stranded here on Tatooine looks to be a faulty coaxial regulator. That’s what I thought tell me. You got some good news. If you make your way to the cantina and moss island, there’s a man named java bite java the pirate. He runs a local Sabbath game.

There should be easy enough to find looks like I have to beat him at his own game. This should be fun. Travel safety, my life thanks for the info. Oh indeed, what say you for one more game of Sabbath, a Jedi? Well, it’ll cost you more than that to sit with Jollo, not enough.

No, no. Let’s raise the sticks, no, my lightsaber! How about now lifesaver? Oh! I don’t want your money, but what do you want?

I hear that you might have a coaxium regulator, I’m just so happy to have one actually here she is [ __ ] it off an imperial cruiser one hand: you got it, you deal fine, but no tricks Jedi, I’m pretty sure I have. You beat jello time to pay up. Oh no freedom and wheat padawan. You pay up. That’s impossible, wait what no!

I said, no tricks, Jedi, no, no yo! What’s up and welcome back hope you enjoyed that intro. We worked super hard on it. As you know, I’m a Star Wars fan: don’t have to explain that to you after seeing an intro like that. That being said, this puzzle isn’t really a coaxial regulator.

It is the piston puzzle by Felix you’re, probably gonna. Take me a little while so grab yourself, some coffee, also before we get into the video really quick. You want to cop yourself a deck like this. This comes complete with my escape game 29.99 and you get this deck of cards, plus an entire escape room in a box.

It comes complete with a web app and in that web app. You actually have videos of me helping you guiding you as well as some Easter eggs and some really cool things so check that out. Secondly, almost sold out of these guys. These are signed and numbered, as you can see, this one’s number 10 We’ve only got about 10 or 15 of those left, so you can check those out the link below and don’t forget, to check out, Felix’s stuff as well without any further ado, let’s get into solving the piston puzzle. Here we go the coaxial regulator, uh the piston puzzle by Felix you’re uh, don’t know how hard this puzzle is.

It does leave a lot to the imagination, as there is uh. Nothing really to do other than listen to sounds and there’s this here. I don’t know what that is on the bottom, so without any further ado, there is something on the inside. You can hear it wiggling around. Let’s try sure if anything opens doesn’t look like it all right, no instructions by the way, oh the bottom sort of comes out.

Oh weird, listen, everything’s, so precisely made with Felix’s puzzles, are so precise, uh, [, Music, ] everything lines up this bolt, unscrews, I’m guessing! I can unscrew this bolt because it unscrews fairly easily, so I’m going to go ahead and do that there’s like a it’s like a little bead in there, a little metal bead. You can kind of see. Sometimes, when I wiggle it wondering if this tool is used for something else, oh that came down. Well, that’s good!

Oh it’s attached to that! Okay! There we go. We can now see on the end. Oh there we go.

What does that mean? Is that solved? There’s just a giant hole in there now, hmm. What does that? Do?

I don’t know what that does. I still hear the bead, I don’t know there we go so I noticed the bead doesn’t move when the uh the sort of wall here is in the down position, when it’s up, you can hear it rolling around and when it’s down it gets stuck. Hmm. Let’s try it screwing it. I did there’s not much to do so.

I don’t really know what to do see. That’s stuck again. Now it’s open, it’s kind of wiggling around wildly. I mean it’s cool at the same time, I’m just I don’t know what to do. There’s a seam here, so I thought maybe but then there’s screws here that you know there’s screws here, so I don’t think anything really comes undone.

I feel it tapping against this thing when it comes down, there’s something blocking this from coming out. It’s stuck now. Oh there we go, there seems to be a bead in here and I feel like I need to push that bead down, but I can’t do it with this, like it doesn’t reach or something and there’s a hole inside there. There’s like a disc and there’s a hole, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some type of maybe magnet or something pushed through that hole. Eventually, oh got it.

Okay, there it is. Oh wow look at this little device, so this was what, in there here’s the inside a little spring or something is that the end of the puzzle is that it? I feel like there’s another ball in here. So there’s like there is a compartment up here. Uh, which goes to about here, there’s another ball in there, there’s a hole right above there that leads up here, and you can see that there is a ball stuck in that hole and that ball needs to drop down um.

This, I don’t think, will help it drop down. It’s not long enough is that it so there’s like there is a compartment up here to about here and there’s another ball in there. It’s not moving or anything it’s in the hole. So, there’s a there’s, a hole right above there that leads up here, and you can see that there is a ball stuck in that hole and that ball needs to drop down um. This, I think, will help it drop down, or will it okay push that into the compartment?

No, because I need to push it down needs to come out, but now it’s stuck in that hole this by the way is really cool. So what I figured from this is uh. This is really actually really genius um the ball. The ball here creates a weight if it gets caught in here. It can only go down so far because it gets stuck with this right, see what I’m saying um and if it goes here same exact thing.

It can only go down so far, which is the reason why I was coming down in increments earlier. But if you get the ball to and if that’s obviously like that, it’s going to get stuck as well, but if you can balance the ball on top, then you can extract it. There’s no magnet here and the way that you can balance it perfectly is pretty cool, so basically uh. This was upside down right. We had this like this.

We then pressed. We balanced the ball perfectly in the center. We pressed down flipping it over. That would then drop keep pressure on it now. I can extract it straight forward because otherwise gravity will just kind of have it tilt.

So that’s a really neat feature. I’M just wondering how to get the other ball out um, because it’s stuck in that top compartment and I know it has to fall through there’s just nothing pushing through. So my guess, because there are three compartments here, there’s one compartment under there’s a compartment in the middle and then there’s a compartment on top. I think I need to put this ball. No, if I put this one in there, does that ball even fit in there.

It should right that ball’s stuck right now here, let’s see that ball stuck on the inside, but there is a hole in there and I’m trying to align it in that hole. Okay, that is now on the bottom. If I can push that up straight actually can I use this to push it up, but then this will get stuck. Let me just check his website real, quick, okay, so seven stages. This is something I probably should have read before.

Uh seven stage sequential discovery find the brass ball okay, so we have the silver ball. We need to find the brass ball and the brass ball, like I said, is stuck in that top compartment up here or up here, but it’s stuck in this groove. It’s not up here. This is uh, it’s hurting my brain a little bit because I can see it like you. Can you can legit see it, maybe the just the tip of it there right about there before it slides down it’s right there.

I can kind of make it out, but it’s stuck there. It has to come down okay, so what I’ve gathered is that the screw is too short to push that down. I need something else in that compartment to be able to push that down and what that will be. I’M guessing is this. This has to go in there.

I got to then push both in there trade this one for the brass. One then use the screw to push it out. So, first, first and foremost, let’s get let’s get the aluminum ball in there. What are we at we’re at about 40 minutes? Is there any way to just simply lift this?

I don’t push it in too far and get it locked in there, but there is a spring. You can feel that spring right here. I feel like it’s lined up in the middle as well. Ah, but why would it go through? It should just go through.

I’M just gonna go for it here. Oh I’ve done it. Oh, we got both balls up there now, okay, but now this one is stuck: oh there we go. Okay, both balls are now in the upper compartment. The brass ball is now loose and the silver ball has taken its place in that compartment.

Now we’ve got a I’ve got to trade positions because now, if I line this up, you can see the uh. You can actually see the ball there. That’s the silver one. The brass one is underneath stuck in this tiny hole. You know what let me draw it out I’ll, be right back.

I’M gonna do my best to draw what I think is going on here. We go top compartment. Uh has a small cylinder, all right. That fits a ball, then there’s this compartment here. Okay, in here there’s a ball as well swinging around.


We have this compartment and we have this compartment. Originally the silver ball was in here we used this thing we pulled out which balanced on the edge of that teetering thing, and when we extracted this, that ball was on top here and came out. Okay, now, we’ve reinserted this ball in here placed it here. Use this to push this up and pop the other ball out in the ring, so is it the brass ball or silver ball? That should be the brass ball?

Actually, yes, so, right now we have silver ball and brass rolling around. If I take the screw, if I take the screw and push it down, it’s going to press down on this ball and push this one back in. So the idea here is, I want to swap these two so that the silvers on top the brass is on bottom. I can then use the screw to push that through and extract it, but how to trade? Oh, how do these two switch places?

I’M guessing the only other thing I can do is take this and maybe push it through, get it into like an upright position. Is that even possible? Does it need to be an upright position? I need to stand this up. What, if I don’t stand it up?

Oh, it does need to be standing up because there’s a hole so that hole that’s there. This needs to be sort of positioned like that, so that I can then push it through switch. Those balls out take the screw, push it back down. That’s the game plan here: okay, how the heck do I stand that up in there? That is a feat in itself: Jesus how in the world how in the world is that supposed to stand up in there, and I can’t tilt it upside down, because then this whole thing slides in hmm.

Oh, so it goes down more. If I pulled it all the way out, okay, this is now doable. Yes, is standing up, I’m just gonna knock it into the middle. Ah, I’ve done it. Yes, there’s the screw the end of the screws there, so both balls are now in this compartment.

All I need to do is roll the brass ball. There get my screw out, push it back through. Okay, that’s what we’re going to do right now, we’re going to look for that brass ball! That’s the that’s! The silver ball we’re gonna pop that out again, we need the brass ball.

Come on baby, just a game of luck. At this point there it is that’s the brass ball. The brass ball is down the hole, I’m going to lower it into that compartment. That is now done, but now I have to get this thing out and remember that thing is teetering and locking on the inside. It was much easier to get out once the ball was in there.

Now I have to sort of shimmy it around because that screw still stuck there. I have to get it down more, oh screws out good okay hold on now the screws out. I should be able I mean I should be able to would that work. If I just push this down, no, no because it needs. Oh, my god, I need to wait hold on.

I need to balance now. I need to get the that’s right. I need to get the aluminum ball over the steel ball. Okay, did that oh wait is that that’s it right there, that is it. It is now lined up perfectly.

It is sitting over the brass ball wow, what a genius puzzle and now, ladies and gentlemen, you’re, going to hear the sound, the very satisfying sound of the brass ball dropping through there. It is the brass ball: let’s go huh, not bad! That is insane. How much time uh about 55 minutes 55 minutes total to get this out now I’ve got to get everything back. Wait.

Is there always gonna be one ball there? Can I only have one at a time I actually can, because now the only way to get the aluminum ball out is to put this back up. There switch them push it down. That’s the only way. That is the only way huh.

How clever is that constantly one ball suspended in an impossible location is absolutely wild. I’M just going to leave that ball up there. You know and just try and extract the aluminum ball next time. Now we got to put this back up in there. That’s the other thing right.

This is. This is actually a very hard part. It’s just getting this out without the ball being inside on how to do it. Last time you just got to find the right way to swing it. It has to come straight down right.

I’M having such a hard time getting this back out without the I know, it’s on one side it swings and on the other it doesn’t. I just don’t know what side is which, ah finally, just jiggling it around until it finally made its way out. So now that that’s out that was that took away so much longer than I thought it would now. That’s that we can throw the brass ball in there and absolutely lock it up. Brass ball is now on the inside.

That is now screwed. We’ve exchanged the two that is the piston puzzle, solved uh, all in all, probably about an hour 10 hour, 15 hours 20. Even just to put back together, but what a delightful puzzle so much fun kind of feel like taking it apart, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to break anything on the inside, but uh man, that is, that is just a gorgeous puzzle. So precise, very cool that I it’s been a while I’ll be honest um, since my brain has gone to something like this.

Actually a lot of Felix yours puzzles are built. That way, I definitely recommend you check them out. Oh yeah, the flask one. This reminds me the flask one. There was a lot of you had to just imagine what the solution was and then follow that path, and there aren’t a million paths.

It’s pretty clear with what’s given here, just the right amount of visuals to let you know. What’s going on and the right amount of like discovery and those discovery moments, those aha moments are just so beautiful and uh. Just really well-crafted and really well thought out. Amazing, seeing that little mechanism in the bottom of the dangly thing never seen that before you know the fact that we had to push and exchange, and its just really brilliant man. This guy’s brain is on a different level and I appreciate it so much so check it out uh.

You can check it out on his website. Felixyour.Com, I think or .uk or I don’t know I’ll leave it in the description. You guys check it out. Thanks for watching and leave a big fat like and subscribe, we’ll see on the next one.

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