This pawn contains a secret!

This pawn contains a secret! 🤫 #shorts

This pawn contains a secret!

Believe it or not, this seemingly ordinary chess piece is actually a cleverly designed puzzle. Known as the T3, it holds a hidden golden coin inside, but getting to the treasure requires some finesse.

At first glance, this pawn appears to be nothing more than a regular chess piece. However, the secret lies in the ability to rotate the head of the pawn. While this in itself doesn’t make it much of a puzzle, the real trick to solving it lies in the hidden mechanism.

To access the golden coin, you first need to unscrew the head of the pawn by rotating it. Once the head is detached, you’ll notice that there are two parts to the screw – one hidden part that’s longer than the other. The next step is to reattach the head using the shorter part of the screw.

Now comes the crucial moment. As you screw the head back onto the pawn using the longer thread, you’ll eventually push a hidden button inside the piece. With the button activated, you can slide out the sleeve and reveal the hidden golden coin.

This sneaky pawn puzzle offers a unique and surprising challenge for those looking for something out of the ordinary. Perfect for chess enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike, the T3 is a delightful brain-teaser that will leave you feeling triumphant once you’ve uncovered its secret.


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