This Puzzle is DESTROYING Kickstarter!!

This Puzzle is DESTROYING Kickstarter!!

This Puzzle is DESTROYING Kickstarter!

What’s up and welcome back uh before we get into today’s video a quick announcement, I will be the official mc at the very first cardcon. it’s a convention for people who love playing cards, not unlike myself, whether you’re a cardist magician collector, whatever it may be uh. I hope to see you there October 16th to 18th in Irvine California. I left the link below for tickets.

Today we got a very special puzzle. My friends, over at art of play, have released this amazing puzzle alongside Craig Hill. I’M an avid fan of both companies. Craig Hill does a lot of cool, desktop items, uh and sort of everyday carry items, and art of play. Well, as you know, it is probably the best shop in the entire world, so they have collaborated on this. The wavelengths the wavelinks puzzle, it is heavy, it is beautiful and it is apparently extremely satisfying and we’re going to check that out today, but if you guys want to grab your copy of wavelinks while it’s up uh it’s on kickstarter right now, I left the link.

You guys can go check it out on kickstarter and I cannot wait to see how this goes so guys. Uh, if you don’t mind, leave a comment and let’s get into solving the wavelengths puzzle, wavelengths puzzle designed by rod, bogart uh rod bogart. I guess from Craig hill four identical pieces, one surprising motion don’t give up Greg you mentioned. If you want to check out Craig hill go, do that they got a lot of cool, interesting stuff that I literally oh this.

I had this for it’s so tarnished. Right now, but i’ve had this, for we use it to like open the thing for the camera. It’s a letter. Opener we’ve abused it. I know I’m filming this before the kickstarter is released.

So here are the two beautiful pieces. We have to lock them both up. Now look at this, so this one has to fit. Oh, my god look at that! This one has to fit in there.

These have to go together. Oh, how cool is that look at this little move here? How do I do that, like this? Oh okay, so when they’re assembled there’s something like this, oh what? If this oh, like a mega structure, could it be?

Is there any way we could do that, you think? No, let’s try getting one in here. How about that I’m just trying to get them back to where they were begin with? No forcing should be required either. Hmm interesting!

I like this idea of putting it in from here and then trying to connect the other one as well. I just don’t know how that would play together. Don’t know how these two would sort of interact here, oh okay, that one’s done. These are really heavy by the way, because I can’t pass. I actually can’t pass this through here for some reason. The problem I’m having.

Oh there we go okay, but see now that’s going to be that’s not going to be very helpful, so I might have to undo these for a second huh yeah. There’s no actual way that I can get that on there now whoa. Oh, I can replace one with another whoa. That’s trippy, okay, interesting, very interesting! Oh man!

Oh, we got a silver donut, so I’ve got an idea here. Thinking all right. I’ve got two of these now. My idea is somehow linking these two together. Somehow, as far as I know, all four of these pieces are identical.

it’s something like this. Oh my god, there’s so much to look at here. It’s quite challenging. I don’t know what level of puzzle this is. This is quite challenging.

Okay, I can do what, if I can align all of these, it’s so hard to hold all these. Not all right, and then here goes nothing and this it’s like an absolute test of dexterity here: okay, okay, now that one goes through here, but then that one has to go through there at the same time. Yes, yes, oh my god. Okay, almost there! Halfway that one has to go through wait, wait!

Wait, yes, whoa! How crazy is this? Okay, and now this one? Yes whoa, that is insane that is insane what a solution that is crazy. That is absolute nonsense.

Are you kidding me? Okay? I want to redo this look at that, come on impossibly linked. How do you get them unlocked if you like to line them up again? Okay, so this one lines up here just to make sure they’re lined up on the right ends so that when you untwist everything can come out.

Let me see here: that’s there that should be like that. There we go boom, you have to line it up perfectly, and then you go this way and now only one of them is connected, and then you gotta keep going nope that’s backwards. Hold on this is so trippy. This is insane here. I thought this was going to be like yeah, just pretty run of the mill and nope super creative solution, oops line it up perfectly.

There we go huh. Are they just switching places? What’s happening here? Okay, now it has to keep going one more time going to make sure that top part fits in right there, like look at that giant, corkscrew right there. How cool is that and then everything should just come apart here: okay, you gotta keep pushing on boom. What a puzzle one more time to put it back together, just because it’s super satisfying. I guess the hardest part is dexterity about losing it.

It’s crazy! So many little things going on. Okay, this one’s got to push down. I knew there was a crazy move here, somewhere back up there, a little bit yep yep, oh my god, it really feels cool in the hands. It feels like something’s like morphing together here, one last step.

How cool is that moment? This is actually a lot of fun to take apart and put together, not too frustrating once you know how it’s done, but definitely just enough dexterity involved, just enough tactile, sort of stimulation involved and also it gives the other hands a bit of a workout. This is very heavy uh and after all of that, moving and bouncing around they’re not that tarnished there’s a few nicks and grazes here. But you know it’s metal, that’s what you expect, but you’re left with a cool object that you can leave sort of on your desktop. It looks like a really great Craig hill and art of play.

I mean to play one of my favorite companies, the world and Craig hill, one of the companies that has the most beautiful sort of uh desk items. I would say my keychain actually is from Craig kill and I’ve been using it for years to check them out as well, and if you want to support the kickstarter, I left the link below thanks for watching well hot dang. Look at that beautifully linked man. These are so pretty to look at. The light hitting this matte black and silver finish is just stunning, and I mean it reminds me of that puzzle from hanayama. The heart puzzle that links together is just so smart, so brilliant – and I know you guys – are gonna enjoy this.

If you pick it up, I left the link below. Let me know what you thought in the comments guys and uh we’ll see on the next video


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