This RETRO MAC is a Puzzle?!!

This RETRO MAC is a Puzzle?!!

This RETRO MAC is a Puzzle?!!

So you’re thinking of getting a family computer, should you get the computer that more kids use in schools, or should you get the computer that runs all the most popular business software, or should you get the computer that’s easier to use than any other personal computer in The world! The answer is yes, Macintosh does more costs less! It’s that we simple two jokers here for you. Let me show you something real quick, I introduce the Retro Mac Puzzle! We’ll leave the jokers here and all the cards are indeed different. I need you to go ahead and select any card now it doesn’t matter which one as long as uh you remember it so go ahead. Let’s say this one here now, I’m going to show it to you briefly.

I need you to remember it got it all right, keep that card in your mind, because that’ll that card is going to do something pretty incredible in a second uh. We have these two jokers now here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna leave. These two jokers over here and hopefully your card – travels [ Music ] over here. The ace of hearts: hey, not bad. Okay.

How sexy are these cards check these out? These are my brand new playing cards that come only with the escape room that we’ve released. If you haven’t seen the last video we posted last week before i got, a hundred thousand dollar escape room in my office. I’ve been playing this for a year and we also released uh a deck of cards that comes along with the game, so you have an escape game and at home adventure I’d recommend watching that video first purchasing the escape game. With that, you get a deck of cards again only available with the game, but the deck’s kind of cool leave a like below.

If you want to see like a deck review of this particular design, which I’ve grown very very fond of, I’m not gonna lie. I’M a bit uh sweaty right now, dude. I got Covid um like 10 days ago and let me tell you it’s no joke. I had fever for like four nights and still now I’m getting sweats when I cough uh by the way everyone is gone from the office. So basically that’s if you saw the intro that was courtesy of my team.

You had lee who obviously filmed that and edited, and you had Antoine and my brother who were in the video. I told them to go ahead and do the intro without me and then they can clean up leave. And then i can come into the office and do uh and do the puzzle solve so sick or not we’re still getting it done, no excuses here. Guys, I’m really excited to be back. I know it doesn’t sound like it.

I feel, like I feel, like absolute dog water, but I’m really really excited to be back here and just to chill with you guys for a second and uh. Take a look at some really cool puzzles. Courtesy of Lego, nerd puzzles Andrew Parr. Who’s delivered again check this out. How cool is that retro mac looking puzzle?

Super super dope even got like a little logo that resembles the mac uh very cool, as well as a bonus puzzle. He sent me for being such a loyal customer. This is the crayon box and uh very vibrant cool colors, the colors kind of match, they’re kind of beige. I think they’re really dope. I think these uh look like really sick puzzles and, if you guys agree guys just leave a like.

That’s all I’m asking leave a like comment subscribe all that stuff. I miss you guys. I miss you and I’m glad I’m back without any further ado. Let’s solve these puzzles, let’s go here. We are look at this thing.

How cool is this? I mean, if you’re a fan of vintage tech. I mean this is uh. This is the puzzle for you by Andrew Parr. Got it off Etsy Lego, puzzle nerd, you guys can check him out I’ll have to link below he’s, got a lot of really interesting puzzles that we’ve done in the past.

So let’s try and see how this one, how this one opens. So we got a little spot for a floppy disk here and we got the power button which doesn’t seem to do anything yet doesn’t seem to be any moving parts on the inside, which i always like man. This is cool all right. We got some like plugs in the back, maybe an extra power button. Oh no yeah.

The thing is that these puzzles. You never know man there’s, because they’re Legos, the uh, the components are like hidden in plain sight, I’m just kind of I’m just kind of feeling. The back of it here don’t mind me trying to find one spot that uh that may open here jeez. This is okay, you you would think like I mean I don’t know what this looks like, but I’m sitting here just feel in the box. I mean I don’t know what to do like.

This is the only thing you can really do, maybe give it a spin. I love the simplicity of this. It looks so good like definitely something that looks cool no matter what and I like that, he incorporated these little plugs in the back. Okay. This looks like it moves.

I don’t know how maybe it comes out, but I feel like this is where we start. Oh, no, oh no! There we go almost broke that piece off. You got to watch it with these Lego puzzles nothing’s glued down, so you know enjoy my coffee here. You guys having coffee you, coffee or tea drinkers out there, I’m definitely more of a coffee drinker.

I enjoy tea, but coffee is where it’s at coffee game maybe has something to do with the power button here, like even that little icon is like like resembles the apple logo back in the day, nice little detail, I’m sure something slides out to the side, and It’s got ta be it’s got to be. Is this even a puzzle? Oh did not mean for that to happen again. You got to be careful with these things. I am no I’m not that gentle, I’m going to be honest with my puzzle.

Solving I’m always pretty rough and uh only because I think sometimes that I’m not moving it hard enough, and maybe it’s stuck but uh. You know I’m not the not the most gentle puzzle solver in the world, but I’m sure you guys can relate okay. Oh, the screen does move here like it slightly shifts up and down. What would you guys do right now? I’M curious right now, at this very moment in time, stop what you’re doing type.

What would you do right here? We got ta open the computer. This is, this is very much like a mac where they do not. Let you open the computer to see what’s inside you guys, mac or pc fans out there, I own, both pc for gaming mac for editing. Definitely apple products are better for editing.

That’s uh undebatable, as someone who makes a living off of making videos and editing trust me mac is better. I don’t care, there is no argument out there. Well, you know you can you can essentially copy a mac onto a pc yeah, but don’t just get it back. I know they’re expensive, but they’re made for editing, but if you’re gaming don’t game on a mac. Shame on you!

Oh! Is that supposed to happen. So I think it was supposed to happen because look there’s only one um. I don’t know what you call these knobs uh attached, there’s only one of these knobs attached and as I press down it forces it to move out of place. So I’m guessing, although normally you’re not supposed to take anything apart, I’m guessing that that is actually part of the solution.

But what does that do? What does that do? Is that the floppy disk hold on? Oh, let’s go! That’s so cool all right now.

What do I, I guess, I’m gonna press in one of these? Oh and there you have it – that is the solution, wow. Actually how elegant how the analog of a solution? How long did that take, but nine minutes, not bad. That is really really cool man.

I really love the use of the floppy disk in this solution. That is, okay, so three steps pretty simple that last one here. Basically it just dislodged this knob here that was attached to the back of this and just kind of pushed it forward and uh. It’s a cool little box, so that goes back into there. This then goes back here which then probably oop, which then probably uh ejects the floppy disk and the floppy disk goes back on top and we are done what an awesome puzzle really really cool.

I really wish there was more steps to this, just because i really enjoy this particular puzzle, but I do also appreciate the simplicity of it uh very, very cool, um, okay. Well, that leaves us time for the second one, so he did send us a second one. Crayon box or the coloring box hold on. Let me see uh. In addition, I’ve included the crayon box as a thank you, and this one’s got all sorts of things happening on the inside all sorts of things.

So, let’s uh all right. Let’s stop this and reset it so that took about nine minutes in the first one again we’re just going to kind of fondle the box. Oh here we go that shifts okay, so we’re in a shifting game here something preventing that from shifting over. So we’re going to see which colors now move, my guess is that that would release uh another color to start shifting around seems like the yellow wants to go, but it is definitely stuck. Oh, the yellow is attached to this.

I think that’s the final piece, because that looks like it comes right out. Oh and that’s not stuck. Why is that stuck? Oh and it goes the other way, oh, and then that goes this way. Okay, are we making our way up here?

Give it a good spin, you never know you never know what a good spin might get you. Maybe now I’m moving on that side. Oh, oh, that was it and there are your crayons on the inside. So it’s just a one two! I I guess these!

Don’t really need to move. Is that the end of the puzzle, I’m guessing? That’s the end of the puzzle, took a whole about two minutes. Oh there were these pins on the inside. That’s what was going on so these little pins.

Here they go on the inside compartments here and that’s basically, what was locking things into place. Let’s see if we can get these back in here, it’s a little bit tricky, there’s one and there’s two so those pins. Oh, I see so you move those out of the way the pins actually lock these into place, so we’ll get the crayons back in there now. If i turn it upside down, that should put those back into position. I mean there we go there, we go and now they should be locked.

Well, this one isn’t, but this one is very cool that is the crayon box. So two really cool Lego puzzles super simple, uh, fun, little lock boxes. This one is really i mean it’s close to my heart. I I love. I love the analog sort of look to it in the retro.

You know i wish you know what I wish. The button had something to do with it. The power button that would have been cool, like this seems, like you can add, on to this. You can add, like a keyboard, maybe um extension to it or something that can plug it. I don’t know this is very, very cool, but leave a like.

If you guys enjoyed this well hot dang there you have it two really dope Lego puzzles solved. This one takes the cake. I think it is super dope, really love the look of it very clever solution. Again I wish there was like 10 steps because I’m absolutely in love with this puzzle, you can check out Lego nerd puzzles I’ll, let the link to his Etsy page below. If you want to go ahead and support him, uh Lego, puzzle building is one of the most interesting and I can say even cheat even though Legos aren’t cheap, it is like a cheap way of engineering that doesn’t require CNC or woodworking, or you know Any type of metal work, it’s just plastic blocks, it’s kind of the Minecraft of puzzle building and i really enjoy it.

So anyways guys check out the new playing cards and the game below leave a like. If you want to see a review of these and we’ll see you on the next video peace,

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